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Running through the hallways, Jack knew he did not have much time to get to his objective, retrieve it and get the hell out of the battlefield before the Decepticons found out he had managed to break in. Rounding a corner and taking cover quickly, Jack peeked passed it and saw two Vehicons guarding the door.

Grabbing his EMP grenade, Jack pulled the pin out of the canister and threw it in-between the two Decepticons. Hearing the sound of short-circuited Decepticons falling to the ground, Jack ran like hell passed cover and between the two knocked out Vehicons and entered the vault that they were guarding. Opening the door, Jack quickly scanned the room until he found what he was looking for. The Forge of Solus Prime.

It was pretty much a giant golden hammer that had the ability to create anything when wielded by a Prime, or one appointed by a Prime. The hammer was massive, easily towering over most Cybertronians, with the exceptions of Megatron and Optimus. And from what Optimus said about how it was created utilizing the power of a miniature neutron star at its very heart and how it can create anything out of raw elements, combined with the sheer size of it, it would definitely be useful in any situation one could come across.

While normally Optimus would have sent either Arcee or Bumblebee for this, he chose Jack due to the fact that with every Autobot attacking Megatron and his forces, he would not think to have his ship be on high alert. Added to the fact that Jack is a human, he could easily sneak past most of the Decepticons and retrieve the Forge.

Using the exosuit to his advantage and jumping onto the table, he placed his hand above the handle and let the key to Vector Sigma do the rest.

His chest began to glow a bright blue, and blue lightning began to arc across his body, down his arm, passed his fingers and onto the handle of the hammer. The Forge then began to shrink until it was the size of a woodshed hammer.

"Human!" a voice shouted.

Turning quickly, Jack saw a Vehicon aim his blaster at him. Thinking quickly, Jack threw the hammer so hard at the Decepticon, much like how Thor would in the comics and movies that it totally smashed through its head leaving only its headless body to crumple to the floor. Jack jumped down and ran to where the hammer was and grabbed it, running as fast as he could towards the exit.

Once he made it to the exit, Jack quickly put as much distance as he could from the Nemesis before finding cover. Once there, he placed two fingers where his earpiece was and contacted the Autobots.

"Guys! I've got the Forge, let's get out of here!" Jack said.

"Understood Jack! Autobots! Fall Back!" Optimus commanded.

Tightening his grip on the Forge, Jack grabbed a piece of rock and smashed the hammer down upon it, imagining a blaster rifle. Upon hitting the rock, there was a flash of blue and under the hammer was a black blaster rifle. Placing the hammer on his back, Jack grabbed the rifle and started to provide cover fire for the Autobots, who were quickly making their way towards him. When they reached him, they too took cover and continued to fire at the Decepticons.

"Jack to base, we need a GroundBridge at our coordinates immediately!" Jack said into his earpiece. All he could get was static on the other end. Trying again he called out to Ratchet, only to get the same results. "Comms are down, I can't get to anyone at base."

"Then we'll hold out until Ratchet sends the GroundBridge." Optimus ordered as he took out two more Vehicons.

"JACK! ON YOUR LEFT!" Jack heard Arcee scream.

Snapping his head to the left, Jack saw a massive purple shot come straight at his position. Jumping away from cover, he landed and rolled on the ground before taking cover again and continued firing. Looking at where the shot came from, Jack saw the furious face of Megatron glaring straight at him. Adding insult to injury, Jack gave him a two finger solute before grabbing a flashbang and threw it at Megatron. The resulting flash managed to blind the Decepticon leader and send him into a frenzy, firing everywhere around him.

Smirking, Jack went back to firing at the Decepticons, not noticing the danger he was in.

Jack did not turn his head when he heard the sound of a GroundBridge opening behind him as he continued to rain blaster fire at the Decepticons, taking out his fair share of Vehicons. Unfortunately that cost him as he was suddenly picked up by Starscream and held at blaster point.

"I'd lower your blasters Autobots, or you little pet will be blasted to smithereens!" he taunted, grinning as he placed the blaster closer to Jack.

The Autobots did as Starscream said and lowered their weapons. Jack however was not about to become leverage against the Autobots and fired into Starscream's blaster, causing it to overload and explode, taking his entire arm with him. Starscream dropped him and grabbed his fallen limb and ran off, like the coward he was.

Landing on the ground, he started firing at every Decepticon, while the Autobots also returned to combat. Bulkhead against Breakdown, Bumblebee against Knockout, Megatron against Optimus and Arcee against the Vehicons. This lasted for well over ten minutes, until the Autobots and Jack heard Ratchet's voice on the commlink.

"Optimus, I have the GroundBridge ready and waiting-." Ratchet was about to continue when Jack cut him of mid-sentence.

"No time Ratchet. GroundBridge. My coordinates. Now!" Jack said as he continued to fire upon the Vehicons, occasionally distracting Megatron by getting a few pot shot to his head.

The sound of a GroundBridge opening, had Jack call out to the Autobots. "Our GroundBridge. Get in!"

As the Autobots broke off their fights against their opponents, Jack ran next to the GroundBridge and grabbed his final Flashbang and waited Optimus to get closer to him before throwing it at the Decepticons, blinding them all. However, just as Jack was about to get into the GroundBridge, he was blasted into it by a powerful shot from who he believes to be Megatron. The blast did not hit the ground and throw him back, but rather full on, and sending him crashing into the wall on the other side of the GroundBridge.

The last thing he saw before he blacked out was his wife, Miko Nakadai and his mother, June Darby.

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