AN: Welcome to Dumbledore's Journals. Fair warning:there will be a lot of OCs in this: ICW and Wizengamot members, the DADA teachers before the 1991-92 school year, and a lot of students.

I'm trying to keep this canon, so if you see any glaring inaccuracies, please let me know!

Saturday, February 4, 1989

Bagnold announced her intention to retire around the end of the year today. At first I thought this was a good thing; she was a war minister and good at both that and leading us back to normal, but she does not lead as well in this time of politics rather than clearing conflict. Then, less than two hours after the announcement and only half an hour after I returned from listening to Bagnold's address at the ministry, Undersecretary Perks showed up in my office to ask that I submit my candidacy for Minister of Magic. I would not even need to take the time to campaign for the job because "no one would seriously run against you!" Like that is some form of incentive to take on even more work. I'm a teacher, that's all I ever wanted to be. I now have to juggle work as the Headmaster, Chief Warlock, and Supreme Mugwump; when did Kenneth Perks think I would gain the time to take on more responsibilities? Why was that not thought of by any of those who accosted me before or after today's Wizengamot meeting? I already have to depend on Minerva for far more than I would have dreamed of willingly setting aside when I accepted the office. I've had to set aside even more in the past years, more than I did even during the leading of the Order of the Phoenix! Really, when would I even get the time, without turning one of my positions into a purely ceremonial one?

Most people at age 99 are considering retirement, not being asked to take on more work.