Monday, July 3rd, 1989

Frustrations at the Wizengamot and the Ministry have been running high whenever someone mentions the upcoming elections for our next Minister of Magic—coworkers who have always gotten along are getting into fights, rational discussions end in raided voices and people storming out, and it seems the majority of the people are just in the "I'm not interested in any of them" camp, (outside the Ministry, most people are not that interested, or are quick to point out the period for nominations has not yet closed, so they aren't paying attention to the candidates yet.) The sheer frustration levels resulted in something extremely unexpected today—while heading to a meeting with a number of Wizengamot and Ministry members about the village love charm incident, someone brought up the dissatisfaction with the options again. Mr. Obara threw up his hands at the comment, snapping "No one is satisfied with the options. They would rather vote for the random Joe on the street than their options. In fact—" he paused, looked around the lounge area we had just entered as we waited for our meeting room to empty of its former occupants, and zeroed in on the one wizard walking past who was not involved. "You! Yes, you, get over here! I nominate you for Minister of Magic! Chief Warlock, you have witnessed the nomination. What is your name, by the way?"

And this is how a precedent that has not been used in many a year became relevant again and a very confused Cornelius Fudge, Junior Minister of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, has ended up as our Fourth Nominee for the Minister of Magic.