Once the words "I'm pregnant" finally came from Rory Gilmore's lips, it was time for her to face reality. It reminded her of the one and only time she got a D on her paper in high school. She had stressed herself out trying to correct it. It wasn't until she told her mom that it was real to her.

Over the next two weeks, she talked to Lorelai and Luke and came up with the courage to finally tell him. Logan was the father after all. He'd already gotten married by the time she had missed her period and was on his honeymoon when she was sitting in the bathroom at her grandmother's house staring at a digital test that read "Pregnant 2-3 weeks" with a million thoughts running through her mind.

It was time now.


Logan was on his third day back at work from his honeymoon and in his office in London when he got the call. His secretary told him that Rory Gilmore was on the line and said it was urgent. Just the fact that she called was cause for alarm since they'd ended things cleanly this time. "Thanks Daniela, you may patch her through."


"Hey Ace, what's up? Daniela said it was urgent."

"Logan, I have to tell you something. You deserve to know."

"You can tell me anything, Rory. You know that. Are you alright? Did you need that key to the house after all? Is something wrong with your family? Lorelai again?"

"No. Logan, it's fine. Everything's completely fine. Better than fine in fact. I'm… well, I'm pregnant. Due in July."

A pause and then… "well I'm not a math major but if my calculations are correct then…"

"They're correct. You're the father Logan. I would have told you sooner but I didn't know until you were on your honeymoon. I just wanted you to know. You have a right to know. I don't expect anything; I want you to know that. We had a tryst and we should have cut it off with that phone call but we didn't. Now, I'm pregnant."

"Ace… Rory, I don't know what to say. I will do whatever I can. I can come out there and transfer, but I just got married. It's not that simple. When's your next doctor's appointment? Have you seen one yet? I'm sure you have if you have a due date. I can try to make it out there. I'm sorry, it's usually you that has an epic monologue before breathing."

"I have an appointment in a couple of weeks. I can send you the information but it's no big deal. I can just email you what happens from it if you want."

"Rory. You know I want to be there."

"I know. It'd be hard to see you though Logan. You're married now. And you're processing. I don't want you to commit to anything or fly out here before you think about what you want. It took me a few days to process and tell my mom about it. You deserve the same. Why don't you take a few days and then we can talk again?"

"I don't want to take time to think about it. I'm going to be there. But I could use time to figure out the details… and… you know."

Rory did know and it put a lump in her throat to say it but she did. "Because of Odette."

"Yeah… that."

"Take your time. I have to go. Bye Logan."

"Bye Ace."

Hearing him call her Ace through that conversation was difficult. It was downright painful. It reminded Rory of better times. She didn't know how she felt about Logan and she wasn't ready to see him. She thought she loved him but it wasn't about her anymore. She'd started to realize when the word pregnant came across that test how self-absorbed she'd been.


Logan had an awful rest of the day back at work. He hardly accomplished anything at all. Mitchum happened to be in one of his meetings and noticed his son was off, but Logan lied saying he was just tired still since it was only his second day back from the honeymoon.

On his way back home, he really thought about it and had all but made up his mind that he was going to break it off with Odette even though they'd just wed. She deserved better than him anyway. He hadn't been faithful to her from day one. Rory wasn't his first or last affair. When he got back from his Life and Death Brigade trip he bedded his secretary, Antoinette, trying to get the Gilmore woman off his mind. That's why he now had Daniela and truth be told, he was already contemplating bedding her this morning before he got the call.

The only person he ever managed to be faithful to was Rory. That had to mean something, didn't it? They weren't monogamous now but only because they were both otherwise entwined before they even met. Logan knew Rory only kept Paul around to keep herself from demanding more of him. They loved each other. They were meant to be. This baby was a sign, he decided as he exited his driver's car.

He opened the door to their place "Odette," he called- wanting to talk to her before he lost the nerve.

"Logan! I'm in the kitchen. I have a surprise for you."

Oh great, she's had the maid make a romantic meal. That's going to make me an even bigger ass, he surmised. But he still headed into the kitchen to find her standing there, in a t-shirt that said "Baby on Board".

It wasn't a t-shirt like you'd find at Wal-Mart. It was obviously custom made and fit her thin frame as if she'd had it tailored for her.

Logan's jaw dropped.

If Rory's pregnancy was a sign, then what signal did Odette's pregnancy send?