A/N: Short chapter but it's really just a continuation of the previous chapter. I didn't want anything to overshadow the birth story.

It'd been a few hours since the birth of his daughter and Logan was still right by Rory's side as she slept with the baby next to her in her bassinet. As he looked at both of them sleeping peacefully, Rory's finger still in the bassinet with little Lucy's hand wrapped around her finger, he couldn't help but feel joy and pride. But as he sat there, he began to think about the events of the day. In two weeks' time, he'd also have a son.

He wanted to be the ever present father for both of his kids. At the moment, he was unaware of the newly opened line of communication between both of the mothers of his children so the worry of how to make it work was weighing heavily. Even if he'd known, nothing had truly been resolved between Rory and Odette. It had just been laid out there.

He thought about his daughter's name, Lorelai Luciana Gilmore-Huntzberger. At first, he was wildly overjoyed that she'd carry his last name and a part of him he refused to acknowledge wished that the other Lorelai in the room also carried it. But now he was thinking of how Lucy got her name from Luke, the surrogate father to Rory for the past 23 years despite his only fairly recent nuptials to her mother. The way Rory so casually brushed off an acknowledgement to Christopher got under his skin more than he'd realized at first.

More than one person had made the comparison of the situations and personalities of Christopher and himself in the "looking for a man like your father" sort of way when he and Rory dated in college. Though he'd met the man and even bonded with him over their similar upbringings, he always thought he'd be different when it came to being there for his child… well children now. He hoped Rory didn't think of him like Chris because he didn't want to be a Santa Claus dad who arrives once a year bringing presents if you've made his nice list. He wanted to be like Luke, a constant presence whenever he was needed or wanted and even when he wasn't.

Having had a long day, his eyes were heavy and he couldn't fight it off anymore even though he had no desire to stop looking at the scene in front of him. Logan drifted off to sleep in the side chair.


Odette had heard from Logan that Rory was in labor and she wasn't mad that he left. She was however off put by the fact that even if she wanted to go somewhere herself, she couldn't leave this damned hospital. Even the premium hospital food and the brought in fast food had grown old quickly. She'd done several puzzle books and Marcus even brought her some water paints to bide time but she was bored, thoroughly bored.

As a show of trying to get over herself because she really didn't want to be "that woman" when it came to the Rory situation, she messaged a congratulations to the new mother with an added 'I hope you and your baby are doing well.'

She wasn't upset that she didn't get a reply from it because she was sure that there were a million things going on around that hospital and multiple visitors. She figured Dr. Gellar, the three stooges, and all of the Gilmore family and acquaintances would pop through.

The next day, Odette was pleasantly distracted by one of her friends from France- Viviane. While she'd pretty much ostracized herself from them after the whole scandal, her severe boredom made her happy to see her old friend.

Odette didn't know it yet, but Viviane's visit would challenge her in more ways than one.


When Rory awoke, it was to her crying little girl. The cry was actually very faint and she was surprised by the strength with which it still gripped her body and emotions and caused her breasts to ache. She still only had colostrum and would for a few days, but the sound made her leak. Logan's breathing reminded her of the early morning that her daughter was conceived. Instead of staring out an Inn window contemplating the end of their time together, she was now staring at a little face, contemplating the beginning of a brand new one for both of them.

Rory woke Logan and asked him to step outside for a moment while she fed Lucy. He didn't want to leave, but he obliged her. They weren't together after all and he could see how she would no longer want him to see her breasts even if it were for the purpose of nourishing their child.

Though Rory was done feeding 15 minutes later, the influx of visitors began so for now, the opportunity for her and Logan to talk about everything had passed.