Odette's t-shirt was now on the floor of their bedroom and she was sleeping peacefully in his muscular arms. 'Baby on Board' it read. Logan was now going to be a father to not one, but two babies. One woman was his college love and the other was his wife.

He loved Odette well enough. The man had a type and she wasn't Rory, but she was well-educated, fluent in French and English, and she had wavy brown locks just slightly less red than Rory's. Her eyes were green and not blue though and she was only 26. The age difference made it so that she didn't get many of Logan's references the way Rory did. But she was beautiful and kind; a good woman in her own right. She accepted the ways of society in a way that pleased the Huntzbergers and fit with the life Logan had resigned himself to living once his California startup went belly up. Odette supported his work with his father but never believed in him the way Rory did- that he could break the mold and be his own man.

Logan was thinking how less than 24 hours ago, he was ready to leave this situation, the stability of the privileged life he'd created so that he could create a family with Rory Gilmore. The thought saddened and angered him. He knew it was his choice to go to Stars Hollow before his wedding, but it was Rory's choice to deny his proposal. It was a joint decision to be in an affair with each other. He felt guilty for his choices, mad at Rory for hers and so sad for them both that they could never be on the same page in their relationship. From day one they were never quite in sync and this news keeping him awake was just proof of that.

He couldn't leave Odette now. He wouldn't. She'd fulfilled her end of the bargain in marrying him and doing her best to hold up the dynastic plan. She was a sweet woman and she deserved a faithful husband. Plus, this was his baby too. He would love this child. As he was thinking about how to handle the situation, a thought that gave him a sinking feeling came to mind.

"I have to consult my dad."

Mitchum had many affairs throughout his marriage to Shira (his mother) but had a vasectomy once his son was born so there were no love children out there. Mitchum knew his son was like him more than he'd care to admit and had personally handled the pre-nup and fidelity clauses with his best lawyers to protect the family money but Logan wasn't sure if there was a precedent for this. If he went to consult the lawyers on it, his father would know immediately anyway. The only way to face this would be head on. It was decided. He would call the elder Huntzberger tomorrow.

So he laid down and tried to get some sleep next to his now pregnant wife. It was a very fitful and restless sleep. Anxiety and adrenaline pulsed through him making true rest an impossibility.