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The TARDIS made the quick hop across London and while it was only mere seconds, the Doctor felt each and every one of them. His lives were about to change, forever. He knew the coming moments would stick with him through his remaining regenerations.

As he departed from the TARDIS, he took a glance around and saw the Tyler estate. One would never guess looking at it now the destruction that had rained down on it during his last visit to Pete's World. It was pristine, and considering the treasures it held inside, he relished the sight.

The Gallifreyan presence in his mind grew stronger this close to the source. His son or daughter was inside and not only was he going to meet him or her, he was going to lay eyes on Rose for the first time in what felt like forever, even to him as a Time Lord.

The Doctor was crossing the lawn in long strides when the door to the mansion flew open. A flash of blonde came racing for him, but unfortunately it wasn't the blond he'd been been thinking of constantly for the last year.

Jackie Tyler came to a stop in front of him, and scowled, her hands on her hips. "So you returned. Impossible, you told her." She gave a quiet snort. "Not like either of you knows the meaning of that word. I knew one of you would eventually do it."

The Doctor gaped, speechless for a moment and confused at the implication. "I thought it was, Jackie. I tried, I tried so hard but it didn't work." He swallowed. "The TARDIS brought me here, just like last time."

Jackie's face softened a bit and she sighed. "Of course, Rose never would've been here in the first place it not for you. I never would've known my grandbaby either."

She gazed at him for a moment as if waiting for something but then continued. "You're not surprised. You knew, Doctor?"

He shook his head. "Not before today. The moment I stepped out of the TARDIS, I felt it. Rose and I…" he trailed off, not wanting to shed tears in front of her.

"C'mere, Doctor," Jackie said, as she pulled him into a hug. "There's a part of me that doesn't like this. They're both safe here and Rose is doing okay, but." She paused as he pulled away to look at her. "There's not a day that goes by she doesn't miss you or work to get back to you. You and your lifestyle isn't what I would choose for them, but I just want them to be happy. I've known for quite a while I was going to have to say goodbye eventually. I just wish it wasn't so soon"

The Doctor was intrigued by this information, but also extremely anxious to be reunited with his beloved. "Jackie, I promise you, it's not what you think. I'll explain later, but please, let me see Rose."

Jackie nodded and led him inside. "She's in the shower. Just give me a mo' to get her."

She motioned him towards a sitting room off of the foyer and the Doctor walked into it. It looked nothing like it had the last time he'd been there. Instead of the gaudy and pretentious furniture it had once held, it was tasteful and homey. A Christmas tree sat in the corner and the room was lined with memories of the life Rose had been living here.

The Doctor walked over to a bookcase. There were books on the lower shelves, but most of it was dedicated to picture frames. He drank in the images with rapt attention. Some of ones of Rose he could tell were taken of her just after their separation. Others though, showed her as her pregnancy became evident and progressed. She had always been gorgeous to him, but she was absolutely stunning in the pictures that showed off her rounded belly where his child had grown and he felt sorrow that he hadn't been able to experience that with her, to place his hands on her belly and feel the miracle it contained. It was something he would look forward to, if they decided to have another child.

Then, a lump caught in the Doctor's throat as he saw his child for the first time. There were three frames that said Family, Love, and Faith. The Family frame showed Pete, Jackie, and Rose. There was no sign of pregnancy so he guessed it was taken not long after Canary Wharf. The Love frame showed Jackie cradling a baby in her arms (so Rose had a baby sibling after all?). Then there was Faith. In that frame was a picture of Rose with a little pink bundle wrapped in her arms. She was gazing at their child with a look of absolute adoration and he felt the same awe that was reflected on her face in the photo. He had a daughter.

The Doctor let the knowledge wash over him. His eyes swept to the next shelf, eager to see more, but then a startled gasp made him tear his eyes away from the photographs in front of him.

Turning around, he saw Rose at the top of the flight of stairs, a hand on her mouth in shock. She stared at him for a timeless moment, drinking in the sight as he did the same, and then they were moving as if one. He ran across the room as she raced down the stairs. They met in the foyer and he swept her up into his arms, hugging her tightly as he spun her around and laughed with joy.

When she pulled back slightly and they were face to face, the Doctor's mind went blissfully blank except for the sight of his beloved. Her whiskey eyes, her rounded nose, and the smile that had lightened up some of his darkest days. All other important things were put on temporary hold as he was reunited with the woman he loved.

"Rose Tyler," he said, cupping her face. But once again, the sentence went unfinished as she grabbed his lapels and crushed her lips to his.

The Doctor met her kiss enthusiastically, lips sliding against one another and tongues caressing softly in a joyous kiss of reunion, until she pulled back to suck in much needed air. Taking his own breath, he finally, finally, spoke the words. "I love you."

Rose nodded. "I love you too, Doctor. I have for the longest time."

"So have I. Since 'run,'" the Doctor confessed as he hugged her tightly one more. Her wet hair was damp against his cheek and dripping onto his suit, but he couldn't care less as she returned his embrace, breathing in his scent. He closed his eyes in pure happiness.

Finally sure that this wasn't a dream at last (nothing had ever felt this real), he pulled back. "Long time no see."

Rose gave him a tongue touched grin. "Been busy, you know."

"I saw that." The Doctor titled his head towards the sitting room. "I felt it. Rose… we have a little girl."

"We do." Rose's voice was soft as she took his hand and gave it a squeeze.

Then she bit her lip and looked him right in the eyes. "I didn't lie to you. On the beach, I didn't know. I really thought it was just mum, but we found out a few days later I was pregnant too. I've never been regular since I travelled with you and thought it was just taking a while for my body to adjust to this universe, but that wasn't it. I was pregnant for 13 months. Best we can guess is the biological differences kept it from giving a positive display on the tests I took. But one morning I woke up. I felt…" She paused, tears in her eyes at the memory.

"I thought it was you, Doctor. I thought you'd come for me, and I rushed out of bed. But you weren't there and I finally realized. What I was feeling, it was inside me. I just knew and then Pete took me to Torchwood and they confirmed it. It's a different company here, under Pete, and they helped me deliver her two years ago."

"It's okay, love," he reassured her. "I didn't lie either. I couldn't get through. But apparently the TARDIS was keeping secrets from me and today she told me it was time. She brought me here."

Rose blinked back her tears, accepting his words. "Would you like to meet your daughter, Doctor?"

He nodded eagerly. "I can't imagine anything I'd like more."

Rose led him up the stairs and to a room at the end of the hallway. She opened the door and the first thing the Doctor saw was stars shining across the darkened room. Rose turned the lights on a dim setting and the stars disappeared. She walked over to the crib and picked up their little girl.

"Hey there, sweetheart," she whispered to her. "I have a surprise for you. It's your Daddy. I told you he'd come for us or we'd make it to him."

She walked back to the Doctor, and he finally saw his little girl. She was the spitting image of her mum, but instead of whiskey brown eyes, hers were chocolate brown. His daughter had his eyes! He was captivated and reached out his hands for her.

"Doctor," Rose said as she handed her over. "This is Faith. Faith Jacqueline Tyler."

"Hello, Faith," the Doctor said softly. Faith studied him intently and then pushed her teddy bear towards him. "Paddy," she said, showing him off proudly.

"Paddy. That's a brilliant name for a bear. Hello, Paddy!" His daughter seemed pleased with his reaction and snuggled into his arms. As she nestled her head against his shoulder, he opened his bond with her, rejoicing in the telepathic contact. I'm your daddy, little one. I love you so much.

"Faith?" He asked Rose, as he rocked the little girl in his arms. He knew she and her mum weren't religious.

"Yeah," Rose confirmed. "I knew I'd make it back somehow. I believed it. I couldn't not or I didn't know if I could go on at first. Then I found out about her and I knew we had to make it back. You had to know about her and she needed to have a daddy. We're working on a dimension cannon at Torchwood and it hasn't worked yet but we keep trying. So I went with Faith. Jacqueline is in honor of mum so she always has that, even when we're back home."

The Doctor was instantly in love with his little girl's name. "It's perfect. And Rose, we can come back any time you want. The TARDIS showed me how. She knew how to get here the first time and how to get back but she couldn't let me know. But now I do and we can make as many trips as you want."

Rose hastily wiped away tears that had formed in her eyes as he spoke. "Talk about the best Christmas present ever."

"Indeed it is, Rose Tyler, indeed it is." He glanced down at his daughter, asleep in his arms. He set her down in her crib and took Rose's hand once more.

"We have so much to talk about, love, things the TARDIS shared with me just before I arrived at the mansion, but I think it's time we shared the news with your mum. She thought I'm here to take you both away forever."

Rose smiled with a nod. "Then let's share the happy news." She squeezed his hand.

"Happy Christmas, Doctor."

"Happy Christmas, Rose, with so many more to come."