Chapter 2

3 nights later Busara died peacefully in his sleep. His body was buried at the foot of his enclosure. That same day the other animals came over to his exhibit to pay their respects.

The zoo rarely if ever had any visitors so they could leave their enclosures and not worry to much about humans. The zoo used to be successful and Percival while not nice was a capable keeper. But as of late he and the zoo fell on evil days. Percival turned to drinking more than was good for him after losing money in a lawsuit. As a result he started taking less and less care for the zoo, and soon visitors stopped coming which only made his drinking worse. His fellow keepers were dishonest, and lazy. The water wasn't cleaned, the bushes weren't trimmed, the trash was never removed, and the animals were underfed.

Once at Busaras enclosure a wolf sniffed the ground and gave a howl once he found Where Busara was buried. Molly came forward with a piece of ribbon in her mouth. She dropped it on the grave and nuzzled Rachel, who was holding her fathers trunk in tears. In fact all the animals had small tears in their eyes minus Ike.

"There are no rewards after death". Said Tarzan on a platform that he and Clayton were standing on. "There is only the here and now. We must work to make this life better". Than Clayton began to speak. "Friends we must always remember that Busara died for every one of us. And now we each have a duty to him. Revolution!"

The weeks following were full of much secret activity. Busaras words seem to have inspired the primates and given them a new outlook on life. They had no idea when the rebellion would come. They had no reason to believe it would come in their life time. But they saw that it was their duty to prepare for it. Leading them were Tarzan, Clayton, and Julien. The three had elaborated Busaras words to a way of thought they gave the name of animalism. Every night after the gates were closed they would have secret meetings to extend the principals of animalism. Of course at the beginning they were meet with much stupidity. Some animals asked questions like 'Percival feeds us if he is gone we will starve to death' this one was mostly popular with the carnivores. Another frequently asked questions was 'why should we care what happens if we are dead' or 'if this rebellion were to happen in our time what difference does it make if we prepare for it or not?' And the primates has difficulty showing them that this was the spirit of animalism. There most faithful decibels where the elephants and Molly. Once they excepted their teachers they absorbed what they were told and helped spread it to the other animals.

Though one of the most challenging parts was the lies spread by Tobias. Tobias was a dolphin bought from an aquarium and like Hathi was not as intelligent as his species is said to be. The others disliked him since he did nothing but tell tales that were mostly fake. His most famous story was the tale of the land called Sugar Candy Mountain. It was were animals went when they died. In Sugar Candy Mountain it was Sunday seven days a week. Clover was in season, rivers full of chocolate, and sugar floating through the air. While most of Tobias tales were considered false a good portion of animals believed in Sugar Candy Mountain and the others had real difficulty convincing the other animals their was no such place. One such example was about three weeks after the meetings started. Tobias was talking to a crowd which consisted of Rachel, a panda, 2 camels, the warthogs, a cobra, and a few penguins.

"Just beyond that cloud". Said Tobias "it is the perfect place for all animals pure of heart". This lead to an 'oooh' and an 'aaah' from the listeners.

"Alright break it up" the animals turned and a large snake came up to the tank and glared at the dolphin. "Your lies do nothing but fill their heads with nonsense. No animal is ever pure of heart, especially if they eat meat". Kaa said angrily.

"Silence non believer! What I speak is the truth!" Tobias replied with a similar tone.

"Kaa is right Tobias" Tobias gulped and saw Tarzan standing next to her looking very angry. "We have a rebellion to prepare for and I don't need to have there minds clouded with false hope! Now buzz off before I let Kaa into the tank."

"You land creatures are sick!" He replied before swimming into the reef he had in the tank. The other animals realizing story time was over began to head back to their homes. Rachel walked with her head down as if she was depressed or something before she bumped into a tree. As she did a screech was heard. She looked up and saw Franklin the Eagle fly down and land in front of her.

"Is there something I can help you with?" He asked. While he looked like a fierce killer he was actually just a big teddy bear (or bird in his case) and was only angry when it was impossible for him to feel anything else.

"It's nothing, sir". Rachel replied using the manners Her father taught her. Franklin looked at her for a minute not convinced. But then flew back into the tree to continue his conversation with a snowy owl.

At the same time the two lion brothers were teaching some of the other cats what they learned from the primates. They, being one of the most successful students, taught some of the other animals to help lay pressure off the primates.

"Remember comrades that it is immoral to animalism to kill another animal." Kion told the audience with Kopa nodding in agreement. One of the two Cougars raised her paw and asked. "If we cannot kill than how shall we feed? We cannot eat leaves and fruit could we?" This caused a bit of panic amongst the others.

"No my friend. We are simply forbidden from eating our comrades. Their are still the wild creatures which are brainless and almost have no feelings at all." Kopa assured them. "My brother and I used to live on nothing but what instinct told us to do. And I'm sure many of the other animals also had a similar experience if they were not born in captivity. Just remember that once we have all the space to hunt the squirrels and rabbits, they don't feel anything or think anything so you won't be killing a sentient creature." This confused some the audience, while the others were watching the Cubs play with a rope. Kopa face pawed and Kion put his paw on his shoulder and gave his brother a sympathetic look.

Though the whole concept of humans being gone was not happy news for everyone. Ike seemed to show no expression so it was unknown if he was anticipating the rebellion or not. In fact He seldom talked period, and the few times he did were for cynical remarks like God had given him a tail to keep the flys off, but that he sooner would have had no tail and no flies. The Sloth seemed to have very little interest as well. She seemed to be more interested in sleeping than the rebellion and felt all this talk of freedom was simply disturbing her naps and wished it would just come so she could sleep in peace. Another problem was Joseph the Dromedary who pulled a cart around the park. His first question to Tarzan was "Will their still be sugar after the rebellion"?

"No comrade". Tarzan replied. "We have no means of making sugar. Nor would you need it. You'll have all the grass and hay a camel would need.

"And would I still be able to able to wear my saddles?"

"Comrade, your saddles are a form of clothing and is the badge of slavery. Can you not see that liberty is more important than some silly saddles". Joseph agreed but he didn't seem convinced.

Now of course the rebellion seemed to be achieved much quicker and easier than was expected