Chapter 4

For the first few minutes the animals couldn't believe there good fortune. There first act was to march in a body around the zoo, both inside and outside the walls, to make sure no human being was hiding anywhere upon it. Then they all raced back to the center to confirm the news.

"We haven't seen a trace" said Franklin. "The humans have truly left". Once again there was a silence that was followed with shock.

Soon Clayton lead them to the harness room and opened the door.

"If the zoo is now truly ours we must make it a first priority to destroy all that remind us of Percival." He said before he and the other animals started grabbing supplies. Soon they all came out with supplies in their mouths and put them all in a pile. Using some rocks Tarzan lit up a fire and watched along with the others as it consumed the reminders of man. Gone where the cattle rods, the extractors, the chains, the knifes and needles used to euthanize, and the whips, everyone catered with joy when they saw the whips go up in flames. While this was going on everyone was singing Beasts of the World. The sea lions barked it, the Bisons grunted it, the macaws squawked it, and the zebras brayed it. Soon the fire died down and Clayton lead them all back to the food storage and gave them all double rations of sugar. Then they all went back to their enclosures and slept like they never slept before.

But they awoke at dawn as usual. And suddenly remembering the glorious thing that had happened. They all race out to the tallest hill in the zoo and looked over all they could see. Yes it was there's, all theres. Everything they could see was theres. Some of them leaped into the air in excitement. Others rolled around in the dirt, the birds flew around, the elephants threw dirt all over themselves, the tortoises rolled down the hill, even Ike couldn't help but smile even though he knew the happiness wouldn't last. They then made a tour of inspection. The large fountain, the picnic area, the agora, the large pavilion. It was almost as if everything they saw they have never seen before. And now they could hardly believe it was all truly their own.

But yet Tarzan was nowhere in the group. A little while later Hathi & Rachel, with Kaa riding on her back, found Tarzan near the entrance with a gorilla holding a large piece of wood that he was painting on.

"Hello Tarzan"! Called out Rachel

"Ah Rachel, you Hathi and Kaa are just in time. I have a glorious surprise for all of you." With this remark the Gorilla hung the piece of wood where the sign that said 'Central Park Zoo' used to stand. But this time something else was written on it.

"What does it say?" Rachel asked.

"That is the zoos new name". Replied Tarzan. "And as the zoo now belongs to us. What words have I painted?"

"Ass Zoo?" Asked Hathi.

"Animal Zoo". Corrected Tarzan

"Animal Zoo". Echoed Rachel.

The sign was nearly painted. And aside from the fact the the N, L, and Z where spelt backwards the spelling was all correct. There was a few seconds of silence before Kaa broke them.

"So if you could write you also must be able to read."

"Yes we primates have taught ourselves to read and write."

After a while they meet back up with the group who were standing outside Percival's house. All seeming terrified. It was there's to but they were hesitant to go in. But a small kick from Hathi swung the door open. They all started to walk inside single file. All except Tarzan who carried the bucket of pain the used before and stopped in front of a wall. The other animals all walked through the house, silently almost afraid to speak above a whisper. Until Clayton broke the silence.

"Look at this!" He said angrily. "The humans steeped themselves in luxury while we lived in squalor." As they kept on walking he noticed something. "A horse hair chair! animals have to die for humans to sit in comfort!" They soon went upstairs and found the bedroom. "And this bed. Filled with feathers plucked from animals!"

After a little bit of walking they came across a room that had a strange looking object in the middle playing pictures. This seemed to distract most of the animals.

"What is that?" Asked someone to Julien.

"It's a box where humans watch humans." He replied.

Clayton watched for a bit and thought to himself. 'Keeps them quiet. could come in handy.'

Soon they came across a room with a giant metal door. After opening it all those in the room gasped. It was the room where they killed the animals to old, or to ill to survive, and skinned them to put their bodies on display, and sell or eat the rest. Molly covered the flamingo chicks eyes with her tail and a penguin fainted when it saw the skull of another one.

"We must burry them all." Said Hathi who like many others was having tears in his eyes.

"That we shall." Replied Clayton. And aside from a barrel of beer which was stove in by a push from Hathi nothing else was touched. They were just coming out when Joseph was discovered to be missing. Going back inside he was found fooling around with some ribbons he was struggling to keep in place without hands to hold them. The others reproached him sharply.

"Joesph you know that ribbons are a form a clothing and are against the law!" A crocodile yelled at him. Three bats grabbed the ribbons and dumbed them into a river not to far from the zoo. It had been unanimously decided that the house would be preserved as a museum. They all agreed that no animal should ever live there.

Soon everyone was outside when Tarzan called the over.

"Comrades over here!" The others went to where he was. Which was a giant brick wall behind the place Busara lived. Except now there seemed to be giant white letters covering the whole wall which could be read thirty yards away. "These are Busaras thoughts". Tarzan explained. "The principals of animalism. We must always remember what he taught us." He than began to read the commandments out load. They ran

The Seven Commandments.

1: What Ever Goes Upon Two Legs Is An Enemy

2: What Ever Goes Upon Four Legs Or Has Wings Or Scales Is A Friend.

3: No Animal Shall Wear clothes

4: No Animal Shall Sleep In A Bed

5: No Animal Shall Drink Alcohol

6: No Animal Shall Kill Another Animal

7: All Animals Are Equal

This lead to a cheer among the crowd. And aside from the fact that friend was spelt F-R-E-I-N-D and a few letters where backwards the spelling was still perfect.

Meanwhile the mayor of the city, Alan, was visiting the local bar for his daily drink. He just sat down when he heard the chatter of some men.

"This is an outrage"! Replied one of Percivals men.

"At the Bronx Zoo animals know there place." Said another one.

"Know there place." All eyes turned to Alan. "Well of course they know their place, their animals dear boy." Percival tried to say something but was cut off by Alan. "Oh you poor fool. You got no money, no place to live. The treatment of your animals had lead them to sezing power. And uprising which could spread to all the other zoos." He turned around and began to walk away. But not without saying. "You've done enough".