It was a cold rainy night. and the Rose household was eagerly waiting, the arrival of the new family member.

August Rose, father, and husband to one Briar Rose, passed in front of the bedroom door. Hearing the sounds of agony his wife cried out as she gave birth were terrifying to August. He couldn't tell if she was dying or if it was normal. compared to the last time she gave birth it sounded ten times worse.

Briar's cries soon stopped and a newborn' cries were heard.

August rushed into the room to find The doctor putting a sheet over Briar and gently holding it out to him.

"Sir, you have a beautiful daughter." She said quietly.

He had been just about to take her when he saw her tiny little ears. "No! Take that monster away! It's no child of mine!" August snarled. Angered that his beloved wife died to give life to vermin.

The doctor was disgusted by him and walked away with the tiny faunus.

The Doctor stayed for a moment to hear what the vile man you tell his oldest daughter.

"Papa! Where's mama? can I see my baby sister yet?" A tiny Summer Rose called out.

The man reeled in his temper somewhat. "Summer, Mama is gone and so is Rubellite."

"They both died...?" She quietly asked.

August being the angered man he was snarled quietly. "The little monster might as well have..."

Summer being the exceptional bright child that she was quickly put two and two together and got a four that pissed her off.

Enough that she used her semblance to pop up in front of her father.

"Where is my baby sister?!" She yelled at him.

August didn't care for the tone his daughter used. "Young lady it matters not where the monster that killed your mother is. Go to your room!"

Summer being only ten years old, did the only thing she could.


Yelled at the angry man and ran off.

The doctor having heard all of this began to plan, she quickly fallowed Summer and knocked on the door.

"Ms. Rose? I have someone that I think you'd like to meet..." The doctor kindly stated.

He head snapped up and she finds her Mother's Doctor holding her baby sister.

"Rubellite!" She quietly cried. Ran up to the two of them and asked to hold her sister. Summer looked down to the baby in her arms and found a dark-red tuft of hair and tiny red bunny ears and from what she could feel a tiny tail as well.

"Now Ms. Rose I don't have much time. Yes, your father wants to send Little Ruby away, but I wanted you to see her. I'll be going to be taking her to Menagerie so she won't have to deal with too much bigotry. Go there to find her when you can." The doctor explained.

Summer gave a nod. "When my Father is gone, I'll search for little Ruby." She promised.

Rubellite then opened her eyes to show off her little silver orbs.

"I love you my, baby sister. You will always be Rubellite Rose. Never forget!" she whispered to the baby faunus.

the doctor then took the baby from Summer and ran out from the Rose home. summer disliking her Father more and more the farther the two went.

"I will find you baby sister. That's a promise!" She whispered fiercely.