We all know that Luffy is gonna be the pirate king. So let's find out in this fic what kind of twists that are added to his life, I bet that it will amazing and wonderful I hope for you to enjoy.

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Chapter 1:

Wealth, Fame and power all are obtained by the Pirate King Gold D Roger

"My fortune is yours to take it... but you'll have to find it first. I left everything I own in one piece!"

Those words that started the Great Pirate Era.

Well let's go to Foosha village in Goa kingdom in the east blue (East Blue) we find a 7 years old boy in a bar eating a pile of meat while conversing with a red-haired pirate.

"Shanks, take me with you on your next journey." Said a raven-haired boy hopefully.

"No, Luffy you are too young." Said Shanks with a sigh

"I am gonna prove it to you that I am a man." Said Luffy with determination.

"Yeah yeah whatever you say hammer boy." Shanks joked mischievously.

Then the entire crew laughed at Luffy's nickname while drinking sake.

"I am not a hammer." Luffy shouted with a red face from anger and embarrassment.

"Yes you are since you can't swim like the other kids." Shanks continued while laughing with his crew at Luffy.

"I said I am not." Luffy shouted back while tears in his eyes.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." Said shanks while drinking sake.

Then Luffy turned to Makino and jumped across the table to hug her, Makino gasped as luffy hugged her all of sudden but smiled nonetheless.

"Makino, Shanks is mean to me." Luffy complained to Makino.

"Shanks, you should be ashamed of yourself and I thought of you as a good person!" Makino shouted at Shanks.

"But Makino, you know that we were joking right guys." Shanks said while waving his hands defensively.

"Right, captain." The crew shouted.

"If you don't apologize now, then no Sake for you." Makino threatened.

"I am sorry Luffy." Shanks apologized with bow.

"It's alright Shanks, friends?" Luffy said with a hand extended.

"Friends." Shanks grabbed his hand and shook it.

After they shook hands, Luffy ate meat and was trying to hold back his laughter, then suddenly they heard a loud laugh coming from Luffy and they looked at him confused.

"What's so funny Luffy?" Shanks said with a raised brow.

"Nothing." Said Luffy while continuing to laugh.

Then Luffy couldn't contain himself and let out the loudest laugh and rolled on the ground while his eyes had tears in them. Everyone looked at him with a question mark above their heads wondering why Luffy is laughing.

"Oi Luffy, why are you laughing?" Makino said in concern.

After five minutes Luffy calmed down.

"Well, the looks on Shanks face when you told him no sake is priceless." Luffy said with a smile.

Then everybody laughed at how Shanks looked when he was scared from Makino, and the crew cheered for Luffy for getting back at their captain and throw a party in his honor.

"Luffy?" Said Makino in a demonic voice.

Then Luffy suddenly stopped laughing and turned around to look at Makino Scary's face.

"Yes, Makino." Said a shaking Luffy.

"I thought I taught you better than this but I guess I was wrong."
Makino said in a scary-sad tone.

"No, you taught me better I will take any punishment." Said Luffy with regret.

Then he turned to Shanks.

"I am sorry Shanks, you call me hammer boy anytime you want." Apologized Luffy with a bow.

"No, it's alright I forgive you." Shanks said in pity for Luffy.

"Makino, I want to eat some salad please." Said Luffy with determination.

All eyes are on Luffy bulging out of their sockets.

"Ehhhhhhhhhhhh!" All of them shouted at the same time.

"What?" Luffy asked confused.

"Really, Luffy." Said Shanks not believing Luffy's words.

"Are you sure about this Luffy." Makino asked hoping that he is joking.

"Yeah, I must take responsibility or all I will be alone?" Luffy said with a sad tone.

All of them stood there, like statutes, looking at the boy, Makino quickly hugged him and cried.

"Why are you crying Makino?" Luffy asked her with a puzzled expression.

"Oh, Luffy." Said Makino while sobbing.

Then Luffy pulled out of the hug and hold her shoulders and looking straight into her eyes.

"Don't cry Makino, you're beautiful when you smile." Said Luffy with a beaming smile.

Makino just froze while still staring at Luffy, in her mind there was a single thought running and it was (since when Luffy can talk like that) after that she got back to the real world.

"L-Luffy" Makino said while smiling

And then all of them had their jaws to the floor, Luffy the idiot boy who wanted to become a pirate just complimented a woman who is like a mother to him.

"Just what the hell happened?" Shanks exclaimed angrily.

Well after that the mood returned to normal. After a few days the crew sailed to the new world after their stay finished, after two hours Monkey D Garp came to visit Luffy and check on him. While Garp was talking with Luffy and Makino another figure approached the bar smiling then he entered the bar, the three occupants turned to the new person.

"Welcome to our humble bar, how can I help you?" Makino greeted-asked with a smile.

"It's been a while pops." Said the figure emotionlessly.

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