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Remnant, a world filled with darkness, one of many in the multiverse.

And just as in those uncountable other worlds, life struggles for it's right to exist here.

Humans and Faunus did what they could to carve out pieces of the world for them to use and live in, doing their best to hold back the darkness of the Grimm from retaking what they fought so hard to achieve.

The discovery of Dust, crystalised elemental force, made the fight easier. Harnessing this new power, new options of combat were created, eventually leading to the creation of specialised armed forces, trained and equipped specifically to combat the Grimm.

These new fighters, Huntsmen and Huntresses, are symbols of hope for the modern world, being trained at one of four special schools, the Huntsmen Academies, they receive the best training and equipment to allow others to keep living peacefully.

But peace only lasts so long…

There are many worlds like Remnant, but it's in the small details, where the biggest change is found.

[Jaune Arc]

"Oh dust make it stop!" Why did the airships cafeteria have to have those jam donuts? Their too good not to eat! This was not worth having to stand over a garbage can and puke them back up!

"Wow, look at him go. I didn't think a stomach could hold that much!" Joy. And people find my suffering amusing.

"Hey, buddy, I totally get that the trash bins are ugly and the inside could get a nicer paint job, but I don't think you can keep that up without injuring yourself. You gonna be ok, or do you need some help?" I felt a hand on my shoulder, and after managing to suppress the latest revolt my stomach has attempted, I turned to face the source of said voice.

The first thing I saw was a girl's face. She had blood red eyes, and pale skin, more than what I've seen in my life, but not outside of what I've heard other people talk about. Maybe she didn't get out very much? Her face, set in a small concerned frown as she studied me, was framed by bangs of silvery-grey hair, the rest of it was pulled into a ponytail that reached just past her shoulders.

She was wearing a casual looking, faded white V-neck shirt and comfortable looking pants that started as the same colour, gradually fading into a darker grey, turning completely black near her ankles. For shoes she was wearing black sneakers. She had a light purple belt with a metallic buckle which held her symbol, a tribal looking, vertically positioned most out of the ordinary for a civilian to wear was an open jacket she wore over her shirt, it that extended out the back like a coat or cape of some kind, it had the same colour pattern on the back, with the interiour being a deep crimson.

"I-i think it's starting to die down." I took the opportunity to wipe a bit of vomit off my chin, while trying not to think about the disgusting taste it left in my mouth. "Thank you for the offer though…" I trailed off as I realized I didn't know her name.

"Silvia, Silvia Shade." She introduced herself with a small smirk. "Good to know you aren't dying before you even get to Beacon, but… word of advice. Take a mint, I don't think that breath is legal for a tournament fight."

"I will definitely take that advice. I guess this wasn't the best way to make a first impression was it? The names Jaune Arc. Short and sweet." I grinned, hoping to at least salvage something from this.

"Sure." She said with a small laugh and a shake of her head. "Trust me when I say that I've seen worse impressions before. Anyway, see you around Jaune." And with that she turned around and walked off. As she did, it gave me a view of a pistol holster strapped to the belt on her left and a sword on her back, which partially obscured the large red print of her symbol on the back of her jacket.

As I stared at her walking off, I felt something brush against my side as a rather short girl ran past in the direction Silvia just left in. What stuck out to me was her hair. Half of it was pink, and the other half was brown, and she was carrying a parasol of all things. Who would carry one when it was so nice out? For a moment she looked behind herself at me and winked, shocking me that her eyes matched her hairstyle. As I dusted myself off, I felt something in my pocket that wasn't there before… a package of mints.

[Ruby Rose]

'This is it, my first big step towards becoming a Huntress. Just be calm Ruby, don't panic, you can do this.' Those were my thoughts as I stepped off the Beacon Airbus and into the skydocks. Of course, having my sister by my side also helps.

Looking around I couldn't help but be speechless at the size of the Academy, and all those weapons everywhere...

"Yang, look over there! He's got a dagger-whip! And, ohh… IS THAT A SNIPER-SWORD!" As I tried to go get a closer look, I could feel Yang grabbing a hold of my hood, why? I'll never know, but the girl with said sword on her back kept looking at me weirdly for some reason. What? I just wanted to admire the weapon design.

I heard my sister sigh. "Ruby, you're doing it again…" But its sooo cool! "You nerding out over weapons in public."

… oh Dust why. Gotta hide so nobody can see me dying from embarrassment! Quick hood, hide me!

I could see from my safe place that Yang was shaking her head, I also faintly noticed someone chuckling nearby. Risking a peak, I saw the girl with a sword shaking her head with amused expression, she was mumbling something about kids under her breath… or she was asking for a rotten fish, I dunno.

"Come on Ruby, why don't you try to talk with the people instead of staring at their weapons?" Yang, you just don't understand...

"But… why would I talk to people when their weapons can already tell me so much?" I whined, while trying to assure my sweet Crescent Rose that yang didn't mean anything bad by it.

"Oh Ruby, you need to make some new friends eventually." Why is she always saying that? She already knows my answer to it.

"I don't need any new friends as long as you're here." After all, you and Crescent are my besties!

"Yeah, sorry, I see my friends coming, gotta dash, see you later!" Oh, what?! Uhh… that's so typical of her to do this.

"Wait, what? Yang! Where are you going? Why is the world spinning?" Why does this have to happen on my first day? At least it can't get any worse than this… wait, what is that white thing that's coming towards me?

[Jaune Arc]

Not even an hour here and something's already exploded. Is that going to be a normal thing here? I really hope not. Well, at least this gives me a direction to go, I'm already lost, I can't make it worse by checking it out. As I got closer, I saw what looked like one girl berating another, before a third joined in.

"...The company that is also known for skirting the law with it's workforce and dealing with people of questionable status." This got a reaction from the girl in snow white clothing, as she begun sputtering in indignity.

My sense of self preservation says to stay out of this, but my curiosity… "Am I interrupting something?" Ok, from the angry look that girl is sending me this wasn't the smartest thing to do.

"Hey! What's all this shouting? And what was that explosion about?" I heard a familiar voice coming from nearby. Looking over my shoulder I saw Silvia coming to us with a slightly concerned look on her face. But when she spotted the white clothed girl that look of concern turn into a frown for some reason.

"Hmpf. And what is it to you?" The white girl said after briefly looking Silvia over, nodding to herself in apparent satisfaction. Well, at least she's not getting angry at me...

"What's it to me? Well, I heard an explosion, followed by shouting. I just went to see if someone was hurt is all." Silvia calmly said. Way more calmly than what I could do in that situation. And it also made the white girl even more angry.

"Why you..." The white girl growled out before somewhat calming down. Who knew girls could be this scary! "As you can clearly see, we are all just fine, no thanks to this reckless little hazard in red."

"It was an accident! And I already said that I'm sorry!" The hooded girl pleaded, practically acting like she had been caught with hand in the cookie jar.

"Good for you, but 'sorry' isn't going to help you on the battlefield." The white girl dismissed. "Now, as pleasant as this was, I can't waste my time on pointless arguments." And with that she walked off. I did my best to avoid eye contact, but Silvia kept looking after her, frowning and having this… weird expression I don't know what to think about.

"Well she was rude." Silvia quietly commented before looking at the girl in the red hood. "You ok there 'Little Red'?"

"Uhh, not that nickname again…" Ruby lamented "Oh, I mean… yeah! I'm fine. I…" She verbally backpedaled, trying to deny she acknowledged that nickname was a thing.

"Hey, hey, calm down. Just take a deep breath and let's start over." I tried to reassure her, and it appeared to be working "Feeling better now? Well, I'm Jaune."


"Name's Silvia."

As we each introduced ourselves, we slowly started moving towards the Academy proper.

"Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you the guy that threw up after eating all those doughnuts?" Ruby inquired as recognition crossed her face.

"Hey! They were too good to pass up… even if I do get motion sickness easily…"

"Don't worry about it too much Jaune. As I said before, there are worse first impressions than what you did." Silvia said sympathetically.

Just as Ruby was about to say something, there was an excited shout coming from where we just were. "It came from over here! Look Ren, I can see scorch marks! But… where is everyone? Don't tell me we missed everything!"

Yeah… we picked up the pace after hearing that, not wanting to meet the one so excited about things exploding.

Few minutes of fast walking and peeking back over our shoulders later, we found and entered the room we are supposed to gather in.

"Hey, Ruby! Come over here, there's still a spot left!" Someone shouted. Gazing in the direction of the shout, I saw a… rather endowed blond waving at us.

"Oh, sorry guys. My sister is calling me. I'll see you later!" Ruby dashed off at quite the high velocity, leaving just me and Silvia.

"Man, there's always something happening with you around. Catch you later Jaune." Silvia said and patted me on the shoulder as she disappeared into the crowd. And I really mean disappeared, she was there one moment and then she was just gone the next.

I just slumped my shoulders in defeat as my only two friends in this place left me alone. "Uhh, that's just great. What's the chance that I'll find another nice girl to hang out with." As I lamented, I noticed a flash of colour in me peripheral. Turning to my right, I saw that strange girl with multicoloured hair and eyes standing next to me and looking at me with unsettling smile.

I gulped. Why did it just feel like I tempted Fate?

[Yang Xiao Long]

"How was your first day, sis?" I wonder what kinda trouble Ruby managed to get into this time?

"You mean after you abandoned me and I blew up?" She snapped back rather angrily. Oh joy. Did someone insult her precious Crescent rose?

"Seriously? You threw a tantrum?"

"What, no!" She immediately denied. "I meant it literally, if you go and look, you'll find the scorch marks… and maybe some melted ice? I don't know, I was too busy being in the middle of an explosion to notice!"

"Hey, slow down sis. Are you sure you aren't making that up?" If that had really happened, wouldn't someone have mentioned it by now?

"I tripped and messed up some rich girl's luggage. And then she started getting angry at me, before i sneezed and made stuff explode! And then she got even madder!" As my sister continued to babble on and on, I noticed someone behind her, glaring at her with a look that melt stone.

"YOU!" Oh wow, she's sure angry about something.

"Oh Dust shes back! SAVE ME YANG!" my sister literally tried to jump into my arms, leaving me no choice but to catch her.

"You're so lucky that your reckless stunt didn't break anything." Wait… oh joy, Ruby was serious.

"Wow, this has to be your new record Ruby." I teased my sis in an attempt to lighten the situation.

"Aw, come on, that was an accident." Ruby groaned as I put her back on the ground, before trying to back away from the angry girl. "And this was an accident too!"

The angry girl shoved some kind of pamphlet in Ruby's face, only getting a scared squeak from her. She then began spewing some legal speech, which I couldn't find in myself the strength to listen to it. Poor Ruby was just looking at her with this look of dumb not understanding.

She looked ready to continue, when the sound of a microphone being tapped and throat being cleared drew our attention to the stage, where the silver-haired figure of Professor Ozpin readied for a speech. "Ehm. I won't keep you in here for long. All of you came here in pursuit of knowledge, to better yourselves and develop new skills, and when you are finished here, you plan to put your life on the line for protection of others. But as I look upon you, I see only energy being wasted, unfocused and wild. You expect the knowledge you acquire here to help you overcome that, but in time you'll understand that knowledge by itself holds no such power. It's only up to you to take that first step."

As Professor Ozpin stepped away, his assistant and Deputy Headmistress, Glinda Goodwitch, took his place. "Tonight you'll gather in the Ballroom. Prepare yourselves for tomorrow's Initiation. You're free to explore and familiarise yourselves with the School for the rest of the day. You're dismissed." As she delivered her instructions, she strangely enough glanced on something, or someone, to our left a few times.

[later that night]

After wandering the school for a few hours, raiding cafeteria for cookies for Ruby and an incident with a spider, giant scythe and janitor closet, we eventually made our way to the Ballroom. I had just put my things away and was making my way back to where me and Ruby had placed our sleeping bags, when I saw Ruby writing something down.

"It looks like a giant sleepover in here!" I observed, amusing myself by seeing if anyone wore embarrassing pajamas.

"Dad wouldn't like all the boys wandering around." Ruby admitted after a few moments.

"Well, I'm not our Dad." In the corner of my eye I noticed Juane and… what is he wearing!? Is that seriously a giant onesie? Taking a moment to get my laughter under control, I turn back to my sister. "What are you working on?"

"Just something to send back to Signal. My friends wanted to know how I'm doing and what's going on around Beacon." She sighed, obviously depressed about something.

"What's wrong?" I tried to get Ruby to talk about it, knowing she didn't do very well with bottling up emotions.

"It's dumb..." She muttered, obviously trying to avoid the conversation. Well, now that won't do.

"Aw come on Ruby, don't be like that. Just tell me what's bothering you." I tried again, thankful that Ruby isn't really all that stubborn, she would be a nightmare to deal with otherwise.

"I just feel so alone here. Your friends came with you to Beacon, but mine had to stay behind. And that girl, Weiss, is already mad at me! Oh… I don't know what to do." Rubly flopped onto her back.

"Ruby, that's not dumb, it's ok to be nervous, but you can't just lock up and avoid everyone. Besides, didn't you already make some new friends? Like Jaune over there, or that girl, Silvia, that you talked about. Speaking of which, where is she?" That question prompted Ruby to look around. We came across Jaune during our exploration, but I still have to see a hair of Silvia.

"I… don't see her anywhere." Ruby muttered as she continued looking, eventually stopping on a black haired girl with a bow in her hair. "Uh..."

"And who's that? I know she's not Silvia." Not to mention I swear I saw her bow twitch.

"I don't know. She was there when Weiss was yelling at me, but I didn't have the chance to talk to her yet." Oh? Perhaps I can convince sis to make a friend.

"Well, you can do it now!" I said as I took a hold of Ruby's hand, fully intending to drag her over to the girl in black. "Let's just go over and say-"

"Hello!" Came an interruption in the form of a short and energetic girl with orange hair. Her sudden appearance shocked me enough to let go of Ruby, who fell down on her sleeping bag.

"Nora, what did I tell you?" A boy in green caught up with the ball of energy now known as Nora.

"Aw, come on Ren, they're fine." Nora loudly proclaimed as she waved Ren's concerns away. "Anyway, I'm Nora and this is Ren! Someone told us you know something about that explosion that happened outside, well, do you?!" Oh sweet Dust she's worse than Ruby on a sugar high!

"I… er… what?" Me and my sister replied in confusion.

"The explosion, the big 'BOOM!' that happened at the skydocks! Do you know something?!" She repeated herself, now suddenly up in my face.

"Uh..." I uttered dumbly. When I finally processed what Nora asked, all I could do was look at confused Ruby and weakly point at her.

Just as Nora looked at Ruby, and her face lit up with even brighter, and slightly crazed smile, another interruption showed itself.

"What's with all this racket? Can't you read the mood? People are tired." It was a girl, her pale skin looked almost bone white in the low light, and her blood red eyes, coupled with her silvery hair gave me a pretty good idea of who I'm looking at. At the same time as I was studying her, her slightly irritated frown changed into a look of recognition as she looked over our group. "Oh, hey Ruby."

"Hi, Silvia." And that just confirmed it. Apparently, the presence of another friendly face gave Ruby enough of a push to recover from Nora's excitability. "Where were you all day? We were all around the school, looking for you."

"Oh? You were? Sorry about that, I was just looking around, finding where everything is, trying to get into the Headmaster's office via the vent system." Silvia listed off what she… wait.

"Eh… sorry, what was that last one?" I asked, trying to make sure I didn't mishear what she said.

"I said I was looking for the Headmaster's office." She replied as if she said nothing wrong, before grinning a knowing grin.

"Ok… so, you're the mysterious Silvia that Ruby told me about. I have to say, words really don't do you justice. I'm Yang, by the way." She was messing with me!

"Ouuu… your eyes look scary!" And before any of us could so much us blink, Nora wan in Silvia's face, looking her straight in the eyes. "You are Silvia, Right? Well, I'm Nora! That over there is Ren. I just have to say, that you have one of the scariest eyes I've ever seen!"

"Err… thanks?" Silvia looked very unsure about how to respond, Not to mention a bit uncomfortable. "Your eyes look… energetic?"

Before any of us could react on the odd exchange, another, familiar voice sounded first. Growling with an undertone of pure irritation.

"Would you mind keeping it down? Some of us want to sleep already!" Turning to the side, I saw none other than the Weiss Queen herself. Damn that was a good one, I'll have to use that sometime.

"Oh, joy." Silvia groaned as she recognised the voice. Her face went through several expressions, surprise, resignation, understanding and finally a small smirk as she turned around to face Weiss. "Do you really have to do this?"

"Do what?" Weiss asked… well, more like demanded an answer.

"Yell at everyone? Seriously, you are louder than any of us here… except Nora, but this is probably her default setting." Silvia said calmly, the amount of effort it took to keep any negativity from her voice must be impressive. All that only seemed to make Weiss more angry.

"How dare you! People like you should really be taught their place. Who even are you?!" Wow, she really was fuming. But Silvia didn't seem affected by it in the least, in fact, she actually looked to be amused by it.

"Who am I? That's easy, I'm Silvia. Silvia Shade. It's such a pleasure to meet you." Silvia's introduction had a rather strange effect on Weiss. She was visibly surprised for a second, before she narrowed her eyes and started practical scanning Silvia from head to toe. When she was done, she seemed strangely satisfied, I really have no idea what that was all about. "Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm missing some sleep. Goodnight guys." And with that Silvia walked off before any of us could react.

"Hmph. Just keep it down from now on." Was Weiss' reply as she too left, looking after Silvia the whole way.

"Come Nora, we should go too." Ren pleaded to the hyperactive redhead.

"But Reeeeen!" Was what she whined in response.

Sucking in a deep breath, he tried to reason with her. "You can talk with her tomorrow, it's already late and if you take too long, you'll just oversleep in the morning and miss the pancakes."

"Not the pancakes!" She immediately bolted towards what I presumed was her sleeping bag and literally dived for it.

I yawned, tired from all this excitement."We should probably turn in too. Goodnight Ruby."

"Yeah, ok. Goodnight Yang." And with that, we both went to sleep.

Writing this was a heck of an experience, that I can tell you.

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