"We should have sex with Eliot."

Hardison re-run the sentence in his head before he knew that Parker had really said that. She was sitting next to him, her focus divided between her cereal and the cameras showing what was happening in the Brew Pub. While their relationship had started at a slow pace Hardison thought they were at a good place. As different as it was to any other relationship he ever had, he thought that if Parker would think he wasn't enough for her she would have told it to him differently.


"We should have sex with Eliot." Matter of fact, like it was the most logical thing in the world. The hacker wouldn't be surprised if it really was the most logical thing in Parker' s head. Also, he finally registered the "we", so she included him in her plan. He didn't know if that made it better or worse. He was just happy that she hadn't just said this while Eliot was actually there. At least they needed a long talk about what she actually meant so he could make sense out of that statement.

His mind supplied him with graphic images of what he imagined it meant. Eliot was his friend, he had never consciously thought about him in a sexual context. As much flings as the hitter had over time, he kept it pretty separated from them and work.

Following the ideas in his mind both with just himself or Parker and himself as a couple with Eliot certainly got his body interested. The idea of Parker and Eliot together brought the possibility of some really athletic positions that normal people or even Hardison himself would probably not manage. Seeing that first hand would certainly be another bonus.

It took him a few moments to realize that Parker was looking at him, her cereal gone. She smiled. "You are thinking about it." and went back to watching the cameras.

Damn woman, now he couldn't think of anything else.