Life went on as normal, or as normal as it would ever be for anybody of their little team. Cooking, hacking, doing cons. From time to time Hardison had to think about what Parker said and found himself watching Eliot. The wide shoulders, the sure hands chopping away faster than the Hacker could follow, the absolute quiet and graceful way he moved. The way he was so passionate when talking about something he enjoyed, the way he taught the new helper in the kitchen what to do. The problem was you couldn't watch Eliot Spencer without him knowing about it.

"Something you want to tell me?" Hardison twitched in surprise at having the object of his thoughts materialize in front of him. "No." He tried to get his thoughts to a safer topic. "Have you tried the new cinnamon beer? It's perfect."

Eliot' s face didn't betray what he thought of the beer, instead he seemed to do this thing Hardison' s Nana had perfected, this once-over look to check what was wrong with you. Why could Eliot do that?

"You are acting weird. Is this about Parker' s threesome idea?" Eliot was cool, collected and blasé while Hardison nearly hyperventilated at the question. "Parker told you?" The hacker was embarrassed when he heard his voice go an octave higher than normal. On second thought, he wasn't surprised that Parker had asked. He had certainly forgotten to tell her not to ask. Damn, was he supposed to answer the truth, that this was the reason for his creepy and weird behavior?

He remembered that this was his friend, that he was the safest person in his mind. Not that Parker wasn't the love of his life, but she was anything but safe. Eliot however was this unmovable rock between them and everything and everybody else.

"Yes, it is." Eliot didn't seem surprised to hear that. Another Nana once-over to check his mental state. "Okay."

Eliot went back to his cooking, explaining the menu to the help.

It took Hardison some time to realize that Eliot had not asked him his opinion or offered his own thoughts one way or another regarding a possible threesome. No comment, but no denial either. That gave him food for thought.