A/N: I do not own Tranformers. This is just a small one-shot about Optimus Prime's thought process behind giving Jack Darby the Key to Vector Sigma in the Season 1 finale of Prime.

On a side note, I'm working on wrapping up Avenging Angel and rewriting Reunited. It should be within the week. Enjoy!

Forgive Me

Forgive me, Jack, for the burden I am about to give you.

These words ring through my processor as I stand in my quarters, a small box open on my recharge berth. Within the box are my most treasured possessions. A framed image of myself and Elita. Several small data rods containing some of my favorite Cybertronian literature.

The Key.

This is a dark hour for this little planet, Earth. Unicron- a figure from our oldest legends- is actually real, and is beginning to stir, causing… unnatural phenomena to plague humanity. Sigma-17's aid would be invaluable, but Griffin Rock is proving to be challenge enough for them. I will not burden them with the whole planet.

So many thousands lost…

Unicron must be placed back into slumber, and quickly. This, regrettably, has forced me to agree to a brief ceasefire with Megatron. Dark Energon is the blood of this ancient titan, and it courses through the warlord's veins.

I know, without any doubt, that Megatron is up to something. He's only in this for selfish reasons. He could make a move to acquire any of the relics we possess.

And few would be more valuable than the Key to Vector Sigma. I know that this key must be protected, but I cannot give this to any of the other Autobots. Megatron would expect that.

So, it must fall to a human to carry this burden, in case something happens to me. Megatron is not as familiar with the humans as I am. Only two candidates come to mind: Cody Burns and Jack Darby.

Cody is too far away, and too innocent to be brought into our war. Jack, however, is not.

But should I? Should Jack take this Key, he will forever be intertwined with the Prime lineage. Should something happen, it will fall to him to go to Vector Sigma, retrieve the vast knowledge and power of the Primes, and carry it. In effect, Jack will be a Prime.

It is a burden most difficult to bear.

I glance once more at the image of myself and my beloved, before closing the box, putting it away, and walking out.

Forgive me, Jack.