CH 1: Announcement

On Corusant in Emperor Verax's office:

Emperor Verax stood at the window of the Empire Complex, looking at all the speeders flying by, as happy as one can be on a sunny day as this one.

The door opens and in comes Grand Admiral Screa.

"Is the games announcement prepared?". Emperor Varax asked his leading Admiral.

"Yes my lord, and not a better day for it." Screa replied.

True it was a pleasant day, for Corusant standards anyway.

"Good. Have you selected a world for the arena yet?" He asked now turning to face Screa.

"No my lord, we cannot use any of the 24 worlds we have already used." Screa replied

"Why not?" The Emperor asked.

"To surprise the contestants and the people hate repetition".

He said

"And when we run out of uninhabited planets and moons?" He asked, his yellow eyes staring straight into Screa's grey eyes.

"By the time we do run out of worlds the people will have forgot the previous planets and moons." He responded with a bit of fear.

"Very well. Find a suitable moon or planet before I make the announcement."

Varax said.

"Yes my lord". Screa said with a bow and walked out the door".

As the door closed a miniature blue figure appeared on his desk.

"My Lord, the 24 tributes have been collected and are being transported to Corellia where they will travel here." The commander said

"Very good commander". The Emperor said ending the hologram.

A new hologram appeared no sooner as the other ended.

"Emperor, the citizens are ready for you". Screa said

"I'll leave now". He said turning the hologram off.

Emperor Varax walks out of his office with his two body guards behind him. He arrives at the hanger and boards a speeder and flies to the senate.

He arrives in the front of the senate where a giant screen is placed in front of a crowd of millions, where he will appear to announce the 25th Galactic Games.

The Emperor walks into his preparation room and stepped on his platform. His bodyguards stood at his side as the platform rose to face the senate.

"Ladies and gentlemen". Varax began. "Today is a remarkable day for today is the anniversary of are defeat of the New Republic and First Order, for 25 years ago we, The New Empire, destroyed them both. And as a remembrance of their traitorous ways, we created the Galactic Games. The rules are simple, we gather two citizens from each world that supported The First Order and The New Republic." He said looking straight at the camera orb floating in front of him.

"These tributes will be pitted on a uninhabited planet or moon where they will fight to death."

"The winner will be rewarded with riches and will be appointed governor of their system!" The Emperor yelled signaling the fireworks outside to go off.

The senators cheered as The Emperor's platform slowly lowered beneath into his prep room.

Now all he had to do was wait for the 24 tributes to arrive and then the people would be reminded what will happen to those who conspire against him...