Chapter Summary: After Arthur takes his throne, he invites a group of mages into the city. (King Arthur:Legend of the Sword)

AN: If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend it. It's fun and entertaining with a Lord of the Rings vibes to it. It also stars Charlie Hunnam, who plays Arthur.

"Care for a challenge?"

Arthur turned to look at the newcomer, a guy who looked for all intents and purposes like an outsider. Messy black hair, bright green eyes, a halfway hidden scar on his forehead that Arthur couldn't really get a good look at and shirtless to boot. Arthur inhaled sharply at the sight of that chest, bare and scar covered. Or at least he thought scar covered. That bright green thing on the man's chest could have been a bruise or it could have been a tattoo like the Vikings had. Watching the man's muscles move underneath that scar, seeing the play of muscles was something. And that was perhaps a knife wound on the man's right shoulder, old but faint.

"My eyes are up here," the man remarked, his accent strange but not the strangest Arthur had heard before. His voice though had a hint of a tease to it, half challenge, half amusement, and Arthur smirked. "See anything you like?"

"You talk to your king like that?" Arthur questioned, half amused, half intrigued. It was still new that, being called king, being called anything but Art… but he'd get used to it, if Goosefat had anything to say about it. His lips curled into a grin at the thought and watched as the man approached him, bringing the blade at his back out of its sheath and out to play.

"I talk to any man who stares at my bare chest like that," the man offered, returning Arthur's smirk with one of his own. "I hear you have a magic sword."

"Everyone and their mother has heard that rumor," Arthur said, shrugging and began to circle the guy. "Darling, I'm sure you've heard that my sword can cut through any plain metal."

The man's lips twitched in heated amusement, his gaze searching Arthur for something. The way the man's gaze went to Arthur's bare chest mirrored the way Arthur had looked the man over and Arthur smiled as the man licked his lips. "Alright. How about we find out for certain then? That sticker of a sword vs mine."

"I just said-"

"I know. You have your magic sword. Doesn't it get tiring having to deal with people though? You're king. You got someone to challenge you?"

Arthur heard someone snicker on the bench by the field, his eyes finding Goosefat Bill. The older man sat next to Blue as they both watched him, watched the newcomer with more than a little amusement. "As a matter of fact, I do."

"In this field? Or are they all too scared of that metal cock?"

Was it just the bright sun or did the man's green eyes flicker with just a bit too much light? Arthur drew his sword with both hands on the hilt, snorting at the man's words. "In your own words, you have one too."

"You're smart then," the man said, smiling as they continued to circle one another. He was still looking Arthur over, looking him over for what, Arthur didn't know. Maybe it was just an attraction towards another man. He had seen the like growing up in a brothel, had done things too, enjoyable things. Maybe this man would be willing enough to share in more than just sword play. "I hear the lords are getting a bit hasty with deciding whether or not to accept you as king."

"Aren't you a bit too in the know." Arthur looked the man over, tilting his head in slight confusion, trying to decide if he knew the guy.

"You don't," the man spoke, taking a step towards him and letting his blade snap out towards Arthur suddenly.

Arthur brought up the blade to block, letting the metal take the brunt of the hit. The clang that sounded was loud and eerie and he could swear that he saw smoke waft up from both blades. The blade shuddered in his hands and hummed in his mind, like it had just… Arthur twitched as the sword almost seemed to lean into the other blade, towards the other man like it was alive and it was just now seeing an old friend.

"I don't what?" Arthur echoed, lifting an eyebrow at the man and wondering… He pulled away his blade and began to circle the man again, taking him in a new way.

"You don't know me," the man commented, staring at him, his eyes lit up with heated excitement. And just a bit of curiosity.

"Then who are you?" Arthur asked, sweat starting to drip down his back, his heart stuttering and racing and trotting. Heat danced through his body at each point of the man's gaze and judging by what he could see in the man's eyes… he felt the same way.

"Darlin', that would be spoilers," the man teased before skipping up close and striking at Arthur's right, his green eyes bright with heat.

Arthur snorted and met the strike with one of his own, blocking the guy's strike and feinting to the left. His sword chimed with power, a blue glow shimmering into existence, rippling over the sword's blade. He knew now that his eyes glowed with it too, shimmering blue, matching the sword, like they were of one form, one body.

The guy smiled like a fox, like a cat who had gotten its bird, and struck hard and fast, dancing in and out of Arthur's reach fluidly. The guy's sword shimmered too, the metal on it rippling. Arthur only had a moment to see the guy's sword, see the way it sparked and he instinctively knew… could feel the way the blade hungered. He could also see the old scarring on the man's right hand, smudged over skin and faint.

The guy swayed towards Arthur again, striking their blades together and sticking his head close to Arthur's ear. "But you can call me Harry for now."

Arthur was close enough to the man that he felt his breath over his neck, making goosebumps ripple up his arms. His cock twitched with interest and he could quite clearly see the tent right where Harry's cock would be, large and hot underneath those pants. Arthur withdrew and struck again, bringing all his force to bear, and Harry met him with a counter, moving his feet in such a way that… made him have to quickly step back in order to keep his balance.

The shrill cry of a hawk echoed in the air and Arthur moved, blocking Harry's next blow with a strike of his own, feinting to the right and striking left. Harry dodged it gracefully, as if he had had much more time to practice. As if he wasn't entirely… human, his limbs moving fluidly.

Arthur grinned and stepped up close, flicking his wrist and making the blade move with him, letting it ring out loudly as both blades struck one another. He wanted to see if he could get Harry off balance, get him to slip up, and there… The faint nudge came and he moved as one with the blade in his hands, swerving around Harry and throwing up a block. It would have worked had Harry not been where he was, dancing around him as he did, throwing out a leg and tripping him up.

They tumbled to the ground and Harry ended up on top of him, those green eyes lit with arousal, with hot want, and Arthur groaned.

"My king," Harry murmured, grinning all snake like. Or was it cat like? Arthur couldn't quite decide as Harry moved, brushing his leg against Arthur's clothed cock and making him gasp. "Having a little problem?"

"Fuck off," Arthur muttered, seeing the Mage's hawk friend fly up and off the roof of the stands. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see that everyone else had vanished. Goosefat had suddenly decided to be elsewhere. Blue had probably realized he had something to be doing, elsewhere. The various guards had suddenly, probably, gone somewhere else, possibly to a very real threat to the city. For all Arthur cared right now.

The sword hummed in his mind as something… rippled over the field, magic or something else. In hindsight he should have known who it was that was challenging him but he knew the mages were sending a group to meet him, two weeks after his coronation. He should have known it was a mage who had challenged him. The presence of magic here was unsurprising after all. He knew that Merlin was amongst them, at least allegedly. No one had seen Merlin in ages, apparently the man was busy protecting his own people. And King Vortigern had made it clear that the purges against the mages would continue so long as he ruled.

"You sure? There are so many ways that I could fuck you right now," Harry whispered, his voice hoarse and full of desire. Those green eyes were edging into black, desire making appear almost black. Or was it something else? "Pin your wrists to the ground and take you. That is… if you're interested."

"Oh, fuckin' try me," Arthur retorted, bucking up into that warm leather and letting out a strangled moan as Harry reached down to cup him through his pants. "Fuck."

Harry smirked in amusement, staring down at him, watching him and then stepped up and back. All that lovely heat and friction vanished and Arthur cursed out loud, sitting up and glaring at the man, who threw up his hands.

"I could command you not to stop," Arthur said, reaching his hand down to stroke himself through his pants. His heart stuttered and stopped and then trotted ahead, going with the rhythm of his fingers. It wasn't half as good as having someone else jerk him off but…

"You could. I would have to say that that would be my first act of disobeying the king that I have yet to swear an oath to," Harry remarked, his eyes watching Arthur's movements like a hawk would prey. Harry licked his lips and then met his eyes, a daring glint in them that Arthur hadn't seen yet. "You want me to fuck you, stop stroking yourself."

Lust hit him like a goddamn punch to the gut and a raw noise left his throat. Arthur froze, stilling his fingers quite abruptly.

"You look absolutely gorgeous like that," Harry finally said, approaching him again and kneeling, reaching out to curl his fingers around Arthur's wrists and yanking them up, above his head. "Keep them there."

His cock hardened so much at the touch, at the manhandling that it was almost painful. All his blood raced south full tilt and Arthur moaned, loud and sure and… Harry bent down again and traced his chest with a finger, pushing his pants down and then shoving his own down. Those fingers trailed downward further, tracing a path past his bare cock and slipped inside him, making him gasp out a curse. They were both already sweaty and Harry was close enough for Arthur to see sweat dripping down his forehead.

Somewhere Harry had found something to ease the way for his fingers slipped inside easily enough then curled into him. Stretching him out even as a third finger joined the first two and Arthur arched into them, trying to keep quiet and failing. His hips bucked up as one of Harry's fingers pressed against something inside him, pressed against heat and made his nerves light up.

"Fuck… it's… fuck, right there," Arthur swore, keeping his arms above his head with sheer force of will. He curled his fingers into the dirt underneath him, the dirty, filthy sounds that were coming from his mouth, Harry's mouth, the only noises in the field.

"You're loud," Harry offered, curling his fingers into him further, deeper, and then withdrawing. Arthur saw him reach out for something, some piece of clothing and then Harry slipped the material underneath Arthur's hips, lifting him up briefly. "For a king."

"Part of the…" Arthur stopped, closing his mouth on a yell as Harry lined his cock up and slid into him, opening and closing his mouth again. "Part of the… job… fuck… description."

"Oh?" Harry tried, his voice hoarse, his eyes… pupils fully black. There was sweat riding down his forehead and now… Arthur could truly see the scar on his forehead. See the lines of it branching down Harry's skin like lightning. Or like branches of a tree. He wanted to trace over it but he kept his hands right where they were.

Harry bent down over him and dug his own fingers into Arthur's hips, curling into skin-marking him up- and fucked into him, filling him up, chasing away any other thought or memory. Heat filled him up just as much as the cock inside him did and Arthur bucked down and into Harry, wanting more of that heat and pleasure and…

The hiss of a snake echoed between the sounds of flesh hitting flesh but Arthur didn't give a single fuck, as Harry pulled out and then shoved back in, hitting that spot and setting his nerves on fire.


Harry's breath hitched as he thrust in again, into that tight, wet heat, seeing Arthur tremble beneath him. His magic had coiled within him even as it reached out, stretching out and invading the sparring field, keeping people out, keeping people from seeing the two of them. He reached up with one hand and smoothed over Arthur's heated skin, bending down to lick a path up that chest.

Arthur gasped and moaned under him, bucking up into him as Harry pushed in deeper, further, hitting that spot that sent Arthur's eyes fluttering closed. Those muscular arms of his were still above his head, rippling with the desire to move but staying put regardless, his fingers digging into the dirt beneath him. Heat echoed throughout Harry's body at the sight, his nerves lighting up with pleasure, sucking in breath after breath as all that wet heat surrounded him, clenching around him.

"So you do follow orders," Harry murmured, laving a line of heat up Arthur's chest, up his bared throat. Arthur moaned at the words, low and long and utterly filthy, shuddering with it. His heart skipped several beats as he lifted out inch by hot inch then pushed in deeper, making Arthur moan loudly. The sounds leaving the man's throat made Harry shove in deeper, hotter, faster, reaching down a hand to curl around Arthur's hard cock.

Arthur let out a strangled whine, his eyes jolting open, even as Harry slipped a hand underneath one leg and crooked it up, letting him shove in deeper. "Fuck. Fuck me."

Harry snorted and twisted his fingers, lifting up and biting a mark into the crook of Arthur's neck, pushing the man over the edge. Harry moaned at the sight before him, feeling Arthur's muscles clench around him and seeing his muscles ripple, seeing those drops of sweat fall down his sun and exertion warmed skin. He came too, his breath catching, his toes curling in his boots, his magic reacting with the magic of Arthur's sword and chiming brilliantly.

He could see Arthur's eyes glow blue faintly, for a minute, as the sword's magic entwined deeper with the man.

Arthur lay there panting as he shuddered through his release and Harry stroked over his skin, smoothing overheated skin, gentling him through it.

"What the fuck."

Harry snorted and withdrew, letting his cock slide out of the man, the wet sloppy noise echoing in the quiet. He let his eyes wander, from Arthur's boots to the pushed down pants-pants that were clearly meant for sparring, for getting dirty, and yet were well tailored anyway- to the bare but sweaty chest, muscular and well formed, and to that still bared throat. Arthur wiped over his face with a hand, wiping away sweat and dirt, and peered up at him, his eyes wide.

And finally to those bright blue eyes, dazed from pleasure still. "You'll do."


Harry slowly stood up and reached an arm down, helping Arthur up. "I'll see you later, your Grace."

"So you are a mage. I thought you were," Arthur remarked, his arms flexing as he stood up. He ran a hand through sweaty blond hair, peering at Harry curiously. "What can you do? Are your powers anything like the Mage who first assisted me?"

Harry dipped his head in a nod and scooped up his blade, Gryffindor's sword, and picked up Arthur's. It hummed in his hand, glowing faintly blue, as it seemingly nestled into his fingers. "I'm glad to see you've finally accepted the blade."

He handed it back to Arthur, hilt first, and saw those blue eyes narrow in thought. "And in answer… My powers… That's for me to know and you to find out."

Arthur blinked and sheathed the sword, a bit of blue outlining his pupils. "Is it true then? Is Merlin really coming to visit? Is he still alive?"

Harry's lips curled into an amused grin. "Possibly. I saw him on my way here."

Arthur stood up as soon as the great doors opened, revealing a large group of people ranging in age from old to young. Some looked to be younger than he was, with two girls who were at least ten, to a white haired man with wise looking grey eyes. That had to be Merlin, didn't it? He spared a glance to Ser William or Goosefat Bill to him in private, and Bill shrugged. No one had seen Merlin in ages and-

Gasps echoed throughout the hall as the group walked in, as a large black cat the size of a horse padded in. It was almost like the giant snake that the Mage had sent to aid him in the final battle, an enlarged animal that was magnificent. Though if Arthur was being honest here, he preferred the cat to the snake. No one he knew liked snakes. The cat padded in with green eyes that seemed to glow as it took in the long tables on the floor, the people eating at them, and finally locked eyes with Arthur.

Arthur stared right into the cat's eyes, seeing flecks of black in those pits, and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Maybe this cat was being controlled by Merlin? If so… the man must be even more powerful than he thought.

"Welcome," Arthur began, watching as the cat stopped next to the white haired man. The Mage that had first assisted Arthur stood at the back of the group, her face no longer covered with a cloak. All of the mages were finely dressed but none of them were showing signs of titles or the like. No gaudy jewelry like the lords wore. There were no outward signs of arrogance that Arthur could see, just the faint motions of people who were wary. "It is a pleasure to finally meet with your people."

Blue stood behind him, his eyes wide as he watched the mages. Tristan and the rest of the knights were also watching with keen eyes, eager to see what kind of power other mages had.

Arthur stepped down from the dais and walked towards the group, keeping an eye on the various lords who he had invited tonight. A few of them had wary, suspicious frowns on their faces, their minds poisoned by Vortigern, already unsure who Arthur would be as a king. The fact that he had invited mages into their city, into the palace… had not made him popular.

He held out his hand to the white haired man, seeing the guy's grey eyes narrow. "You must be Merlin."

Silence echoed throughout the hall as Arthur looked between the mages and the big ass cat next to them, taking in the paws on the cat.

The man in front of him stroked his beard before he laughed. "King Arthur, I am not Merlin and I would take care to not pretend that I am."

Arthur blinked and surveyed the rest of the group. "Did Merlin not come?"

A few quiet snorts echoed in the hall, some from the lords and ladies on either side of him, and some from the group of mages. A quiet huff came from the horse sized cat and then it stepped forward, keeping its eyes locked on Arthur.

Arthur swallowed and watched as the cat stopped in front of him before it… changed, flowing upward into… Harry stood before him, dressed in fine robes, his arms at his sides, amusement in those green eyes. Harry smiled at him and Arthur's heart skipped several beats at the sight.

The old man sighed irritably but Arthur could hear faint amusement behind the words as he gestured to Harry. "King Arthur, might I introduce Merlin?"

AN: We only see the movie Merlin for a hot minute so I figured... why not have Harry play this 'verse's' Merlin?