Top Harry Drabbles: Harry/Chuck Hansen(Pacific Rim)

Chapter Summary: Harry has had it up to here with Chuck's fighting with Raleigh Becket.

Raleigh watched as Chuck smirked down at him, picked up his tray and walked off.

"You can blame me for that one," Herc offered, lifting his shoulders in a small shrug as he dipped his head back down to eat. "Don't know whether to give him a hug or a kick in the ass."

"With respect sir, I'm pretty sure which one he needs," Raleigh commented, watching as Chuck passed by one of the last tables in the mess hall only to get waylaid.

One of the guys at the table struck out with his arm, yanking Chuck over and down onto the seat next to him. The noise that left Chuck's throat was startled, loud but not loud enough to sound over the general noise of the mess hall. Raleigh's eyes widened only a little bit, seeing the guy whisper things into Chuck's ear.

"Who's that?" Raleigh asked, turning back to Herc, who watched his son for a moment before turning back to look at Raleigh.

"That would be Harry Potter, the dome's current head doctor," Herc answered, sighing. "Don't know what he's got against Chuck."

"Probably the same thing I do," Raleigh said, shrugging in thought and then turning back to his food. He spared one last glance at Chuck, seeing the younger man's ears turn red. The guy that had tugged Chuck down onto the bench was clothed in a mix of working clothes, pants that were worn from use and a long sleeved shirt that wasn't out of place here, amongst jaeger pilots and mechanics. Both sets of clothes were dirty, like they hadn't been clean in a while.

"I swear to Merlin if you start another fight with Becket," Harry hissed, letting his hand dance up Chuck's arm to curl around the other man's neck. He grinned when he saw the tip of Chuck's ears turn red, following his cheeks.

"Harry. He's just…" Chuck muttered, his eyes flashing with disgust and embarrassment.

"Just what, Hansen?"

Max whined from underneath the table and Harry felt the dog rub up against him.

"He's just everywhere now and everyone's praising him and he's the hero and…" Chuck trailed off, yelping as Harry stood up, hauling him up as well. "Fuck, what are you… I'm not going to do anything."

"Yeah? Why do you have that look in your eyes then?" Harry hissed, tugging him past the last table and out of the mess hall. "He's been here for two days, okay? The next kaiju attack will be soon so just… cut him some slack."

Chuck scowled and led Harry the rest of the way, into a mostly unused corridor and pushed him right up against the wall. Harry looked at him, met his eyes and crossed his arms expectantly.

"He's a coward!" Chuck exclaimed angrily, poking Harry's shoulder, trying to get him to see what Chuck saw. "He ran away! Who's to say he won't run away at the worst moment, when I need someone to watch my back under there?"


"I looked up to the motherfucker, okay? I was young and hero worshipped the fuck out of him and Yancy," Chuck continued, holding up his arms and taking a step back. "I just… fuck. He's hot shit, okay? My dad and I saved Sydney in the nick of time, have been fighting kaijus while he was what? Building a wall that doesn't work?! And everyone treats him like-"

"Chuck, I'm right here," Harry interrupted, reaching out to grip his chin, meeting his eyes easy. Harry's thumb was rough but warm, sending heat shooting through Chuck's skin and body. "I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere."

Chuck let out a strangled noise. "It's not… I don't have a problem with you. Fuck. It's-"

"Raleigh Becket is not a coward," Harry broke in, tracing a heated line with his thumb, making Chuck shiver. "He was still in the drift when Yancy died. He probably heard Yancy's last thoughts. I wasn't in Alaska at the time but... "

"That's no-"

"Chuck. Raleigh Becket is not your father," Harry said, dropping his voice an octave and dropping his hand from Chuck's chin. Chuck held back a whine by sheer force of will, not ready to admit he wanted Harry's touch back. "I'm pretty sure you've never hero worshipped your father like you worshipped Becket, am I right?"

Chuck could feel his cheeks redden almost instantly and his heart skip a beat. Harry grinned at him, half sly, half amused, as he laid a hand on his chest. "Besides… Raleigh stayed where it counted and piloted Gypsy Danger alone. I'd want to fuck him too."

Chuck shook at Harry's words, all of his blood flowing south, and Harry smirked. Chuck swore under his breath and tugged Harry into a kiss, hard and hot, feeling the other man smile into it. Harry's hands came up to frame his face, angling him up for a better approach, to slip his tongue into his mouth.

Chuck whined even as Harry slipped a hand down to tug him closer, leaving no space between them. Harry's tongue brushed against his, making heat trip and fall into him, setting his nerves on fire. His cock perked up at the attention, making him whimper with it, feeling too tight around the edges. His legs shook and almost didn't hold him upright, as heat shook through him, coiling in the pit of his stomach like one of Harry's snakes.

Harry pulled away first, breathing uneven, cheeks red, a glint in his eyes that Chuck absolutely did not like. Harry slipped a hand out and curled his fingers around Chuck's neck, rubbing a thumb over the hairs at the nape of his neck then yanking his hair. Chuck groaned out loud, his cock hardening even more and he tried to move, wanting more of that heat, more of that friction.

Harry held tight though and licked and nipped his way up Chuck's throat, sucking a bruise into the crook of his neck. Chuck could feel Harry's breath against his skin and he shuddered, feeling goosebumps roll up his arms.

"Or would you like him to fuck you, hmm?" Harry murmured, slipping his other hand down to cup him through his jeans. Breath hot against Chuck's skin as he squeezed his cock, making Chuck let out a strangled moan, bucking against his fingers. Harry grinned and sucked another deeper bruise into his skin, licking it almost but not quite apologetically.

"Fuck, Harry!" Chuck yelled, arching into him, bucking against him, all hot, sweaty skin.

"Open you up, get you all nice and wet," Harry continued, using a bit of magic to shove Chuck's jeans down so he could get at the younger man's cock. Chuck was hard and already wet, his breathing hitching, his pupils blown, his lips kiss bruised, cheeks red. "Maybe I could use that vibrator I bought last week, get that hole of yours all red and gaping."

Chuck whimpered and his eyes fluttered closed, as if he was imagining it, thinking about being fucked by Raleigh. Harry shuddered at the sight of it, heat curling in the pit of his stomach thinking about it too. He glanced down to Chuck's cock and stroked it lightly, scratching his fingernails over it, just the way Chuck liked it.

Chuck moaned and thrust into his fingers, his hips rolling without effort, like he wasn't even thinking about it. And Harry swallowed, his own dick aching, pre-come making his pants wet. He felt Chuck shiver again and steered him around, tightening his hold on Chuck's neck to guide him against the wall opposite them. Backing him up so that the wall held him up.

Chuck moaned even louder and Harry grinned, rubbing over the head of Chuck's dick, using some of the pre come that was spurting out to ease his way. He leaned into the man further and licked up his neck, tasting sweat and Chuck. "Leave a plug in you and show Raleigh into your room, let him make up his mind. Just picture it, Chuck. Would you like that?"

Chuck shuddered and thrust into his fingers again, opening his eyes as he threw his head back up against the wall, baring his neck delightfully. "Oh, baby boy. Just look at you."

Chuck arched and gasped, his mouth opening. Harry grinned and leaned into kiss him again, swallowing up a yell as Harry slipped his fingers down, past Chuck's dick, right to his hole and slipping a finger in. Crooking just right and seeing Chuck stiffen before shaking to pieces.

Chuck's legs shook and buckled as he panted through his release, his eyes wide, pupils blown. He was on his knees before he came back to himself, his tongue peeking out and his spent cock limp against his stomach. Harry swiped a hand through Chuck's hair and slowly pulled him in, pushing down his own pants, boxers, and slipping a finger into Chuck's open mouth.

Chuck whined as he stared up at him, lifting an eyebrow before sucking on his finger.

Harry groaned and pushed Chuck down, seeing that cocky glint in Chuck's eyes. "Brat."

Chuck grinned and opened his mouth fully before swallowing Harry down in one move. Harry cursed loudly, feeling a prickle against his neck, before shrugging it off, thrusting into Chuck's mouth. Into that wet slick heat and meeting Chuck's eyes as he did, slipping a hand around the man's neck to hold him there.

It didn't take much for him to come, thinking about Raleigh fucking Chuck, getting to see how red Chuck would get, hear those noises. Harry thrust into Chuck's mouth deeper, harder and then came, seeing Chuck swallow his come, sucking it down eagerly. Harry shuddered and slipped his cock out of Chuck's mouth finally, brushing against his cheeks with his knuckles.

"You'd let him?" Chuck asked, tilting his head in thought, speaking out loud.

"Let him what?" Harry asked, taking a breath and helping Chuck up, cleaning them both up. Chuck leaned against him, breathing hard, slightly hitching, and Harry stroked over his back.

"Fuck me. You're a possessive bastard," Chuck muttered, his left hand going up to his neck where Harry had left bruises. His eyes darkened and Harry smirked at him. Chuck flipped him off.

"Pentecost already knows," Harry offered, shrugging. "And please. I'm not a bastard."

Chuck stuck his tongue out at him and Harry snorted. "Yes, I'd be all for it."

"He's not going to," Chuck muttered. "Besides, I don't want him and he doesn't want me."

Chuck pushed him away and Harry rolled his eyes, already knowing Chuck was in denial, watching as Chuck walked off, headed to his quarters. Harry turned to walk off in the other direction only to run into Becket himself.

"Oh, speak of the devil," Harry muttered, taking in the sight of Becket with…

Raleigh's blue eyes were wide, his pupils blown, his fists clenched. The pulse point at his chin was thumping rapidly. Harry lifted an eyebrow, letting a corner of his mouth twitch up into a smirk.

"You want some of that?" Harry asked, idly, bluntly.

"He hates me," Raleigh returned before swiveling on his feet and heading back towards the jaeger bays. "What makes you think I want him? He's a cocky asshole."

Harry scowled and threw up his hands, watching as Raleigh walked off too. "Uh… the past two days? What the fuck is it with you two boys?! Do I have to lock you in a room together and have you fight it out… Wait."

Harry paused at his own words and then slowly smiled.