Top Harry Tale: Harry/Chuck/Raleigh

Chapter Summary: Harry makes good on his threat and locks Raleigh and Chuck in a room. (Pacific Rim)

AN: Direct continuation of previous chapter.

"You want to take out your anger on an actual human being? In a safe way?" Harry questioned, looking over at him as Chuck undressed for the night. He could see Harry's eyes follow his every movement, see those green eyes darken at a few of the bruises that dotted Chuck's neck. Dark approval flickered in Harry's eyes and Chuck flipped him off.

"Yeah? You volunteering?" Chuck asked, his heart skipping a beat at the way his boyfriend looked at him. "Mate, there's a lot of… this to go around."

"This?" Harry echoed, amusement in his eyes and voice from their bed. "I was under the impression that there wasn't a lot of that to go around. I'm pretty sure I put those bruises there."

Chuck snorted and reached down to pat Max's head as the dog wove around his legs. "Yeah, you asshole."

Max whuffed and nuzzled against him before walking over to their bed and jumping up. Harry grinned at the dog and stroked over his fur, letting out a noise of consideration.

"Traitor," Chuck muttered before pulling his shirt off.

"Hey, I've seen you sneak him things too," Harry retorted, rolling his eyes fondly at Chuck's annoyed expression.

"You're gonna get us all killed!" Chuck yelled, his eyes flashing with anger. He took half a step towards Raleigh and Mako before Harry threw out an arm around his waist.

"Chuck." He was only distantly aware of Harry's hot breath against his ear, against his neck, the warmth of the other man's arm invading him slowly.

Chuck snarled against his hold and felt Harry's fingers dig into his coat, only straining a little bit. He could see Mako's eyes narrow at him, her shoulders tense.

"Babe, I need you to meet me at the qwoon." Harry's words went right in one ear and out the other and Chuck continued to stare at Raleigh and Mako, the coward and the amateur.

"And here's the thing, Raleigh, I wanna come back from this mission because I quite like my life. So why don't you do us all a favor and disappear? It's the one thing you're good at."

He flicked Raleigh's shoulder easily, flicking that muscle, and smirked.

"Stop now!" Mako exclaimed, her nostrils flaring, her fists clenching.

"Yeah, that's right. You just hold back your little girlfriend. One of you bitches need a leash," Chuck jeered, his blood roaring in his body and-

"Now, Chuck," Harry interrupted hotly, his arm instantly veering up to cup his neck. Chuck froze at the touch, his breath hitching as Harry held him there. "Go the fuck to the qwoon and stay there until I come get you."


"Fight or fuck, Hansen?" Harry hissed, swerving to step between Chuck and Becket, flexing his fingers on Chuck's neck. His eyes were dark and flashing with exasperation, his magic sparking behind his eyes, making the hair on Chuck's arms stand up. Harry's magic had always felt like a kind of pressure to him, otherworldly and wild sometimes, curling around him like a warm hug at other times. "Your blood's up, I get it. Now go. Or do I have to swat you on your arse like a kid?"

"Alright!" Chuck exclaimed, practically shaking in Harry's hold and shoving the other man off. Shuddering when Harry flexed and tightened his grip for a minute. "I'm going! Fuck! Just get this guy away from me!
Chuck shoved Harry away again, noted that Harry just seemed to casually take a step back at the motion, like it didn't really affect him. He turned and stomped away, scowling, his heart racing.

"Chuck, repeat what I said!" Harry yelled at him, steel in his voice. That voice went straight to Chuck's dick, grabbing him up immediately and making his blood fall south full tilt.

"I'm going to the qwoon! Fuck off!"

Raleigh scowled as he watched Chuck walk off, his fingers flexing and turning into fists. He could see Mako look at him out of the corner of his eyes and then Potter cleared his throat opposite him.

"Mako… Mind if I steal your drift partner?" Potter asked, with a pointed look at Raleigh, something dark flickering in those green eyes of his. That scar on his forehead drew Raleigh's attention the way it had the first hour he had arrived here. Potter hadn't been around before Raleigh had left but he apparently knew Mako. And could put up with Hansen easily. The way Potter had ordered Chuck off had made something hot twist in Raleigh's gut but he refused to acknowledge it.

"What the fuck for?" Raleigh questioned, glaring at Chuck's ass right before Chuck disappeared down a left turn. If it wasn't for the way Chuck left him so annoyed, so pissed off, he'd enjoy watching Chuck walk away solely for the way it let him watch Chuck's ass.

"He wants you both to fight each other," Mako remarked quietly, crossing her arms slowly, taking a breath.

Raleigh stiffened at her words and met Potter's eyes. There was nothing but seriousness in the guy's eyes, no hint of laughter in that very vibrant shade of green. "Mako…"

His heart raced in his chest at the look in Potter's eyes, seeing the guy give him a slow once over, lingering pointedly at where his dick was. Raleigh's breath stuttered in his chest and he felt naked under that gaze. Like Harry could see his scars through his shirt, could see that Raleigh still heard Yancy's last words, last thoughts, even now.

"Chuck gets under your skin very easily, doesn't he?" Potter asked, taking a step towards him. "I'm offering you a chance to work this out, whatever this is."

"The Marshal said-"

"The Marshal can wait," Potter said, shrugging. "I'm sure Pentecost will understand. Becket, I know you don't know me very well but…"

"Chuck and I don't have anything between us," Raleigh tried, glaring at Potter, who had an inch or two on him. "He's the one who disrespects the Marshal, who said those things about Mako and I. He said I'm a coward!"

Potter just looked at him, a hint of a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Don't fucking look at me like that!" Raleigh muttered, his scowl deepening. "Hansen's young and cocky and doesn't know what I went through and I would have- Fuck!"

Potter smiled and turned to look at Mako, whose mouth turned up in a small smile.

"Go ahead, Dr Potter. I'll tell my father that you three have business," Mako offered, a hint of mischief in her voice. Her eyes sparked with amusement as she shook her head. "Don't let them kill each other."

"Will do," Potter confirmed, reaching out to grasp Raleigh's elbow. "Come on, Becket. Let's go sort this thing out."

"It's not a thing!" Raleigh exclaimed, his eyes tight as Potter tugged him forward, following the same path that Chuck had taken. "I just want to kick his ass!"

Harry snorted at Raleigh's words as he felt the man's muscles flex and twitch under his hold. Becket was a warm, sturdy presence next to him as they walked down the tunnels, taking a left and then a right and ending up at the door that opened up into the qwoon.

Raleigh paused at the door and turned to meet his eyes. "You have something with Hansen?"

"Yeah, but that's not the point here. This thing between you needs to be solved one way or another, Raleigh. Before the end of the world, preferably."

Raleigh flinched, hearing the man's English accent flavor his words more definitively than before. "There might be a kaiju attack while…"

"You leave that to me. Go work this thing out," Harry said, pushing the door open and gesturing him in like a butler. He waited for Raleigh to step in and then closed the door behind them, hearing Chuck pace across from them.

Chuck looked up when he heard the doors open and then his brown eyes darkened, flashing with anger. "What the fuck is the meaning of this?"

Harry frowned, a corner of his mouth tilting up in sly amusement, and gestured to Raleigh, who glared at Chuck. "I'd think it was obvious."

"I told you to get the fucker away from me!" Chuck yelled, his arms at his sides, his fingers curling into fists. He was shirtless, shoeless, his knuckles wrapped as he held a wooden staff. He threw the staff down on the floor of the qwoon and began to stalk off, heading for the other door. "This is bullshit."

Harry twitched and tapped his hand against the wall behind them, stretching out his magic around them. Magic spread out around them, making the walls shine with blue light, encompassing the whole qwoon, shining and cocooning the room in power.

"The kaiju might be drawn to the big usage of power but this is small," Harry offered, at Raleigh's side, watching as Chuck's scowl deepened. "But… this… neither of you are going anywhere until you get this out of your system, one way or another."

"Harry," Chuck hissed, his eyes flashing with heat.

"Yeah?" Harry questioned, watching as Raleigh began to strip down to his shirt beside him.

Chuck snarled and began to pace like a caged animal, his short dark hair sticking up. There were no scars on Chuck's skin, no evidence of the battles he had fought, like there was on Harry's skin or Raleigh's. Chuck was young and cocky and…

"I told you to apologise to her," Raleigh retorted, taking off his shoes at the door before walking over to the center of the qwoon. Where jaeger pilots sparred between each other. Harry had come here once or twice to work off steam though he had taken an hour or two and just let his shields drop, letting his magic go.

His magic had left a few burns in a few spots, the burn of raw magic leaving a mark that would never disappear.

"I'm not gonna apologize!" Chuck yelled back, his fingers flexing and curling into fists. "The two of you should never have been made pilots now! You're gonna get us killed!"

Raleigh's whole body flinched, his shoulders tensing as he began to circle Chuck. Harry twitched then sighed, his heart skipping a few beats at the looks on the two men's faces. He idly walked over to one of the walls and slid down, settling in to watch.

Chuck's gaze flickered over to him and he flipped him off. Harry snorted and waved cheekily, a corner of his mouth tilting up into a smile.

Raleigh stayed silent, pausing in place, shifting his weight between feet for a moment before glaring at Chuck. "I lost my co-pilot, you fucker. You know what that's like? Oh, I'm sorry. You don't. Just because you have daddy issues doesn't mean you're the center of attention."

Chuck glowered at Raleigh. "I do not have daddy issues!"

"You do, Chuck," Harry offered, keeping his voice light.

Chuck turned to glare at him and Harry shrugged, trying to look innocent and mostly failing.

"They all treat you like you're hot shit but you're not!" Chuck yelled back. "Her first drift went wrong! I won't have her in the pilot seat and have to watch-"

Raleigh struck first, hitting Chuck's face with a thump. Raleigh's dirty blond hair was shorn short and his blue eyes darkened as he pulled back, glaring at Chuck. "You're gonna apologize to her!"

Chuck snarled and punched out only for Raleigh to dodge, swerving around him easily, despite being the sturdier of the two. Seemed like Raleigh had had training somewhere along the line. Harry could see sweat drip down Chuck's back, making his shirt darken.

Heat coiled in the pit of his stomach and he ignored it as best he could, watching as Raleigh swept out with a kick. Chuck swung out wildly with his arm and Raleigh's kick connected, the thump filling the room. Chuck grunted and took a deep breath, trying again to land a hit, moving towards Raleigh. Moving… and then charging towards the other man, grabbing him up in a bodylock, throwing both his arms around him.

The air left Raleigh's chest in a hurry and Harry could practically hear the grunt leave the man's throat. Chuck shoved Raleigh all the way to the ground and tried to pin him, straddling his waist. Only for Raleigh to kick up with a knee, kneeing Chuck right in his stomach.

Chuck yelled out in pain and struck out, throwing his arm towards Raleigh to punch. Their grunts and yells filled the room and Harry stood up, watching as Raleigh bucked up, throwing Chuck off with the momentum.

Chuck damn near let out a growl as Raleigh flipped up with a light jump, stretching out his shoulder with a crack. Chuck's movements were like a bull in a china shop, jerky and wild and full speed ahead, while Raleigh's were slower and more calculated, sturdier.

"Good thing I can heal all that," Harry muttered, scowling, shaking his head.

"I fucking hero worshipped you!" Chuck yelled, punching out at Raleigh's face and that thump echoed in the room. Raleigh pulled back a little bit before swerving around and striking in, pinning Chuck against him with an arm against his chest. Chuck grunted and yelled, struggling to throw Raleigh off, his cheeks red, his breathing fast and shallow. "And then you ran off!"

"Hansen!" Raleigh exclaimed, tightening his hold on the man in his arms, holding Chuck's arms with his own. Chuck's back was to his chest and he could feel Chuck's heart race in his own chest, see his pulse speed ahead at his neck. "Stop!"

Harry hurried over, ready to yank Chuck away, and only left a foot of room between the two men. He was about to reach out when Chuck thrust back, trying to find purchase enough to get away, his hips jerking up against Raleigh's. And Harry watched the instant Raleigh froze, watched Chuck freeze too, Raleigh's cheeks reddening with heat.

Chuck let out a strangled yelp, trembling, as Raleigh let go of him like he had been hit. Chuck turned around and faced Raleigh, his eyes wide, his pupils blown with arousal, no mistaking it for anything else. Both men's breathing was fast and shallow, their eyes sparking with something that made Harry's breath catch in his throat.

He didn't know who moved first but the thump that echoed in the room this time was of a different sort and Harry let out a groan, as Raleigh and Chuck's mouths met. It was frantic and hot and wet and he could see, his gaze flicking down, the way that Raleigh was hard and Chuck was… very, definitely hot, his jeans tenting in a way that was probably painful. The very room ratched up a few degrees, the combined heat of the fight and the stink of sex hit the air hard and Harry almost choked on it, smelling sweat and the faint hint of blood from where the two had hit each other.

Chuck's left eye was bruised black and he was holding himself in a way that suggested one or more ribs were bruised as well. Raleigh's cheeks were bruised from Chuck's hit and his left shoulder was pulled at an angle that didn't make sense but neither man was paying any attention to their injuries or bruises right now.

Heat coiled in his own gut and his cock hardened at the sight. His blood roared in his ears as he watched Raleigh deepen the kiss, brushing his tongue against Chuck's mouth. Chuck moaned out loud, rocking his hips into Raleigh, thrusting into the older man.

Raleigh let out a sound as the two rutted against each other, sweat dripping down their backs. Chuck shoved against Raleigh hard, hard enough that Raleigh stumbled back, his eyes widening, hitting the wall behind them with a step. Harry swallowed on a dry throat and idly reached a hand down, unzipping his own jeans and spelled a bit of lube into his palm. His cock was hard and aching, pre-come spurting out already as Chuck fell down onto his knees like he had planned it.

Raleigh's eyes darkened as he gazed down at Chuck, like he'd never had anyone go to his knees for him before. Chuck grinned up at him, his heart beating hard in his chest, his blood roaring in his ears, and unbuckled Raleigh's jeans, letting them fall to the man's feet.

The cock in front of him was big, as big as Harry's, and Chuck hummed, smirked up at Raleigh as he swallowed him down. Raleigh let out a strangled gasp, his head hitting the wall behind him with the force of the pleasure.

"Oh, fuck."

Raleigh shuddered at the voice, trembling as Chuck sucked him down even further, swallowing him to the base. He caught Harry's eyes, seeing his black pupils dilate with the shock of arousal. "I…"

"Don't stop on my account, Raleigh," Harry offered, his voice low and rough and going straight to his cock. "If you could just see yourself. Both of you."

Chuck whined around his cock and tipped his head up, arching a little bit.

"He likes it when you grab his hair," Harry offered, taking a step towards them, his hands abandoning his own cock. His jeans were unbuckled, revealing his hard dick, hard and long. He stopped right behind Chuck, boxing him in, reaching down a hand to stroke the younger man's back, before leaning in halfway, a question in his eyes.

Raleigh groaned and met him halfway, shivering as Harry curled his other hand around his neck. The kiss started slow, teasing, warm, Harry testing boundaries, testing him, and Raleigh sighed into it.

Chuck took that moment to use his tongue, licking the length of his cock and swirling his tongue at the tip. Raleigh jolted and moaned into Harry's mouth, his heart pounding in his ears and heat coiling in his gut. He was distantly glad for the wall at his back, for the magic that wrapped the room up in its hold. Just the thought of how they all looked, Chuck between him and Harry, on his knees, red to the tips of his ears…

His cock jerked and spurted pre-come, pleasure stirring in his nerves. Harry pulled back a moment later, his cheeks red, heated arousal all over his body as Raleigh reached out to curl his hand over Harry's cock.

Harry's mouth opened up and Raleigh curled his other hand into Chuck's hair, tugging slightly. Chuck groaned and arched into his fingers, shuddering and swallowing around him, smirking up at him. Raleigh jolted right over the edge, spilling right into Chuck's mouth, feeling Harry's fingers tighten at his neck, as his toes curled and his vision greyed out. His knees almost buckled and the only thing holding him up was Harry, as he shuddered through tiny little aftershocks.

As soon as he was sure he was still standing, still on his feet, he reached down and yanked Chuck up, getting his own fingers on the younger man's cock. Chuck whined and bucked into him, all that heat leaning into him, rutting into his fingers.

"Chuck. Come on, kid. Come for me," Raleigh murmured, not recognizing his voice at all, rough and low and full of pleasure, seeing Harry stroke his cock, pumping it, twisting his fingers. Harry came a second later, his eyes fluttering closed, a hint of pleasure leaving his throat.

"Come for us," Harry corrected, meeting his eyes and crossed his arms smugly as Raleigh jerked him off. "We've got you."

Chuck let out a strangled yell and came, spilling right onto Raleigh's palm. White strands of come spilled from his cock as Chuck shuddered in his hold, his eyes widening, his body going relaxed. Raleigh reached out to pull Chuck into a kiss, easy and quiet, and tasted himself on Chuck's mouth.

Chuck grinned into it and curled his fingers into Raleigh's, meeting his eyes steadily, no challenge in them now.

"See I knew there was something between you two."

Raleigh flipped Harry off. Harry laughed out loud and held out a hand, seemingly calling his magic back in. Chuck turned around to charge right at Harry, who yelped in surprise, and rolled with it, letting Chuck push him to the floor.

"Chuck, babe, there's nothing stopping people from walking in now," Harry hissed good naturedly, as Chuck rolled over and straddled his waist.

"No more meddling," Chuck muttered, poking Harry's chest.

"Ah, but it's the end of the world. Where's the fun in not meddling?"

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