Top Harry Tale: Harry/John Winchester(SPN, Season 1)

Chapter Summary: Harry and his flock of vampires get a rude awakening in the middle of the day. Specifically AU of "Dead Man's Blood"

AN: this probably qualifies as dubious consent

Harry jolted awake at the scream from his family and stared up at the human man who had dared wake him up. His slow surprise was quickly followed by a pleased smirk, a rumble of a growl leaving his throat as he shoved John Winchester away. He reached out with senses, both magical and visual, and nodded to Neville, who sat a few feet away and had woken up just as quickly as he had.

John went flying back, falling against the wall of the wooden barn, and Neville stood up within a minute and ran off to alert the others. He could already hear Hermione and Ron making sure the others were okay, making sure the hunter and whoever was with him hadn't hurt anyone.

He could hear John's blood race in his body, smell the adrenaline rushing through the hunter, and licked his lips, hearing his own stomach growl. John's blood smelled delicious and he sat up on the bed, staring right at John, predatory instincts telling him to corner his prey.

"Hello, John," Harry remarked, letting his voice purr a little bit, dropping a hint of fang. He could tell it was still daylight outside, probably only an hour or two after they had fallen asleep. None of them suffered under the daylight but they still needed to sleep.

John stared back at him, rubbing his head from where it had hit the wall, and glared at him. "Potter."

Harry ran a hand through his hair and sighed wistfully, his undead heart staying still. He stayed on the bed he had slept on and smiled. "You didn't give me a chance to say goodbye, darling. And what am I supposed to think about this? You coming back to finish what you started?"

John's eyes flashed with anger as he struggled to stand up, using the wall behind him as leverage. "What I started? You fucker. You're not human. You lied to me."

Harry snorted and stood up slowly, stretching out his body, his back, hearing his spine crack. John flinched at the noise as he managed to stay standing.

"I lied to you?" Harry asked, lifting an eyebrow as he took a step towards John lazily. He could hear John's heart skip several beats and his smile widened, widened even more as he heard yelps from upstairs. Yelps that were not from his own people. "Isn't 'helped' the word you're looking for? You were just a man on the bloody road to revenge and were in over your head. The fact that you didn't notice that I wasn't human isn't my fault."

John's breath hitched in his throat as he watched Harry stalk over to him, the vampire a good four or five inches taller than him. His messy black hair didn't take away from the intimidating sight at all and the hint of fang made him grab for his machete, his heart pounding in his ears and ringing. Harry had thrown him several feet away and that was just when he had woken up.

"Oh no, I think not," Harry murmured, zipping towards him fast and knocking the machete out of his hands. John stumbled at the force of it, feeling his hand tingle.

Harry's green eyes darkened and John watched as the vampire licked his lips, hungry amusement in those familiar green eyes.

"I want the Colt," John sneered, glaring at Harry and trying but failing to hold back the shiver at the vampire's closeness. Harry watched him before smirking, taking the last step towards him and looking at him, unafraid.

"I don't think you're in any position to be making demands," Harry offered slyly, winking at him before reaching out, quick as a snake, and grabbing both of John's hands.

John yelped as Harry shoved him back against the wall, pinning his hands up and over his head. He could feel Harry's strange power dance over his skin, the coolness of the vampire's skin making goosebumps roll up his arms. Luckily, he was wearing a long sleeved shirt and his jacket over it so Harry wouldn't be able to see how much he was affecting him.

His stomach lurched and rolled around like a ship on a stormy sea as Harry looked him over. John swallowed and Harry smirked, withdrawing one hand, leaving one to hold him in place.

"Who's with you?" Harry questioned, his mouth opening a little bit to show John bright white teeth and fangs. He watched as Harry's tongue licked out of his mouth, curving around one fang, and let out a choked sound. He remembered Harry shoving his tongue into his mouth years ago, back when he had just lost Mary. Remembered…

"I came alone, Potter. I wanted to kill you."

"Oh, you did?" Harry asked, tilting his head at John's expression, his nostrils flaring. "You wanted to kill me. Then what's this?"

Harry's hand went right down to cup his cock and John jolted as electricity shot through him. Heat echoed through him as his cock hardened in his jeans, making him groan, wanting to unbuckle his jeans.

John stiffened and tried to kick out with his legs only for Harry to move his leg right up against his cock.

"Naughty boy," Harry whispered, leaning in and brushing his lips against what bare skin he could find on John's neck. A hint of fang brushed against his neck and John nearly let out a whimper. "What shall I do with you, hmm?"

John bucked against him, trying to find a way to make Harry lose his grip, and Harry sucked in a sharp breath, his pupils blowing with arousal, black edging out the green, before he squeezed his cock. John grunted as pain and heat spiraled out through his body, his nerves on edge, flight or flight becoming more…

"You want to kill me. Hmm. No."

John groaned as Harry stroked him through his jeans, slow, deliberate pressure designed to make him go crazy with need. Harry looked at him, taking a long, deep breath before stilling his chest. Vampires didn't need to breathe, John remembered. Back before this, when he had just been a newbie hunter and had fallen in with Harry's crowd, Harry had intentionally imitated a human man in his late thirties.

"You want the Colt," Harry continued, pulling his hand away and pushing John's coat off, pushing his shirt off. John winced as he heard the tell tale rip of fabric, his heart skipping beats as his shirt was shoved off and away, and Harry smiled, brushing his fingers against John's bare chest. Goosebumps rolled up his skin, down his arms, and Harry eyed him thoughtfully. "You could beg for it, I suppose. You'd look so pretty on your knees."

"Hell no, Potter," John croaked out, even as he swayed on the spot. Harry brushed his lips against his bare shoulder, licking up the sweat that had rolled down John's neck. "I am not going to my- fuck."

Harry brushed a fang against John's pulse point in his neck, sucking a bruise into the crook of skin there. "I am hungry though. Wouldn't take much to drink from you right now. Just struggle a little bit more, test my patience."


Dean's voice echoed from upstairs, high and scared but not for himself. John flinched as Harry froze against him before the vampire gave him a look. "You brought your sons with you on a hunt."

"They're not my sons," John hissed, glaring at Harry even as he tried to hold in his reactions to what the vamp was doing to him. "I don't know them."

"Oh yeah?" Harry asked quietly, pressing in even closer to John's neck, brushing his lips against his ear. "Then why do they smell like you? Why'd they call you dad? And why… may I ask… were you hunting with them? You hunt alone these days."

John froze against Harry's body even as he tried to think about his options here. He had a knife in his boot and a gun at his waist but Harry was still holding on to him with a steel grip. He had to assume Dean and Sam were compromised but he hoped… he hoped they had gotten out. This pack of vamps were… He knew at least one could imitate a voice, knew that hunters around the country had noticed this flock in particular.

"Ah, ah, John," Harry murmured, using his one free hand to curl around his hip, yank free the gun at his waist and throw it away. Harry moved his leg further north, digging in a little deeper, pressing into his cock and John groaned, arching back against the wall as pleasure was coaxed from him. "I could keep you, you know. Every master vampire needs a human to drink from these days."


"You sure?" Harry asked idly, pulling away, rubbing his thigh against John's still clothed cock. "I'd take care of you and your boys."

John whined unwillingly as sensation overwhelmed him, as pleasure began to grow at the base of his spine. He could feel Harry's smirk against his skin and he jolted, headbutting the vampire. He recoiled back from it, his head pounding from it and his forehead aching.

Harry reeled back from the blow, his eyes still blown, still dark as ever, but there was something there. Something that hadn't been there before. Dark and lethal. His mouth turned down into a grimace and he reached up to brush his knuckles against John's cheek as if they were lovers. "I had been willing enough to let you go before. Let you and your two boys leave here alive. My offer is only good for another few minutes."

"Most master vampires don't have control over their flock," John retorted, smiling, half smirk, as Harry watched him intently. "I can't believe you're the exception to that rule."

"Run into many vampires?" Harry asked, tilting his head before considering. "Daniel Elkins did. I killed him for that gun and for killing many of our kind."

John's breath stuttered in his throat, points connecting in his mind and… "You.."

Harry smiled widely, showing more teeth, more fang than he had previously. "I know what the Colt is, John. You need it to go after the Yellow Eyed Demon. You're not leaving without it but I may just not let you out of here alive."

"Dad! Hold on! We're coming!"

Silence came from upstairs after that and Harry's smile widened, turning into a smirk. "Your boys aren't going anywhere either. I could let them go of course but they'd be coming back for you, wouldn't they? Good little soldiers. Now either get on your knees or I just might take advantage of that delightful looking neck of yours."

John swallowed and lowered down to the floor like his strings had been cut, his knees shaking against the dirty floor of the barn cellar. Harry's hand on his wrists followed him down, sneaking down to his left boot and digging into it to find his knife. John's heart skipped several beats and his stomach lurched before he choked back emotion and memories.

Harry hummed under his breath as he flicked his wrist, throwing John's knife far away from him, and then brought his hand up to cup his neck. John shivered at the hold, feeling Harry's fingers rub circles over his skin, and then Harry used his other hand to shove down his sleep pants. Revealing a hard cock, hard and huge, red and painful looking.

"I wanted to see you on your knees before you left the first time," Harry murmured, tugging him in.

John groaned and finally breathed, giving into the inevitable. They had jerked each other off over the month he had known the guy, not knowing he was a vampire, but never… Heat echoed through him, setting him on the edge. John peered up at Harry, seeing predatory instinct in those green eyes, but Harry wasn't moving beyond stroking fingers at his neck. Waiting for John to make the first move.

John shuddered and opened his mouth, licking at the head of Harry's cock tentatively, licking up the length of him. Harry groaned out loud and tightened his hold on John's neck, squeezing in warning, looking at him pointedly, then John swallowed him down to the base. Nuzzled into Harry's thighs, rubbing his head against Harry, almost choking on that big cock.

Harry smelled of blood, of leather and of gunpowder and of that strange woodsy scent, crisp and strong. Loud for a scent, almost overwhelming him as he tongued over the slit of the cock in his mouth, licking all over that hot skin. But it made him remember those first few weeks after meeting Harry, after the man… now vampire… had picked him up at a hunter bar.

"Ooh, good boy," Harry murmured, one of his hands moving up to run through John's hair, tugging a little and making his nerves light up. His own cock hardened even more at the fullness of it, of having a cock in his mouth, filling him up. "Yeah, just like that, darling."

John moaned at the praise, at the prickly sensation of having Harry's fingers in his hair. He could already taste the bitter flavor of pre-come in his mouth, as he sucked more of Harry's cock into his mouth, taking him deeper down until there was no more.

"Is this your first time sucking cock, John?" Harry muttered, his voice rough, his accent low, holding him still. "Cause you're a natural. Just look at you. You're getting off on it. Fuck."

John groaned and rocked into it, into the vampire that had taught him so much about the world of monsters around him. Harry didn't move as John swallowed around him, licking over the hot skin in his mouth, tasting the bitter fluid of Harry's release. He didn't even notice how hard he had gotten, how painful his own erection had gotten.

Shame bubbled up in him as he sucked the vampire off, hoping the man wasn't lying about his sons… about…

"Don't think about it," Harry muttered, tugging harder at his hair, a sharp, painful reminder of where he was.

John shivered and tongued the underside of Harry's cock, rubbing his cheek against the vamp's thighs, hearing a moan that he instantly recognized as his own. Harry made a noise low in his throat, almost a growl and pulled out of his mouth, only to jerk himself off, finishing and spilling right onto John's bare chest.

John flinched at the sight and smell of it, feeling it dribble down his chest, watching as Harry willingly breathed, maybe for his own benefit, maybe for John's. Probably not for his benefit but as soon as he was done, Harry just looked at him, his eyes softening a little, his gaze going pointedly to where John was still hard, straining against his jeans.

"I let you go now," Harry began, his voice low and quiet, his voice at odds with his sharp expression, kneeling to look right into John's eyes. "And you do not come back. You stay for a night and I will give you the Colt in the morning."

"That wasn't our deal," John retorted angrily, glaring at the vamp, trying to ignore and will away his hard on. He looked at Harry, at his one mistake, at the one monster who he had left in the middle of the day like a coward.

"I never told you about the terms of any deal," Harry remarked steadily, half a smirk on his face. "I was the one who killed Elkins, knowing you would come. So… what's your answer?"

John swore and stayed on his knees, his throbbing cock painful and red in his jeans. "What about… my boys?"

"They can go. Knowing you, they'll probably insist on staying," Harry offered, reaching out to smear a finger over his own come on John's chest idly, making him shudder at the touch. "They'll be safe though. No one will touch them, assuming they do not make trouble."

John met those intent green eyes, seeing Harry open his mouth to show a hint of fang, before shivering. He… They needed that gun if they were going to kill the demon and… "Wait. Did you say the Yellow Eyed Demon?"

Harry's lips twitched up in amusement. "I know more than that, darling. If you stay, I will tell you all I know."

"Fine. I'll stay. Fuck."

Harry let out a sound that was all content purr, dark contentment and reached down to jerk him off, pushing down his jeans and wrapping his fingers around John's cock. John jolted and bucked into him, meeting Harry's eyes as the man moved his fingers around him, curling around his cock smoothly, quickly. Pleasure bloomed in his body and his nerves lit up with heat as Harry's cool fingers stroked him easily up to the edge.

John shuddered against the wall at his back even as one of Harry's hands went up to a nipple, to tug and pinch, and… John grunted as he came, spilling his release all over Harry's hands. His toes curled and his vision greyed out as his head hit the wall, pleasure making him keen and twist.

"Good boy."