brought to the world of Tamriel by the goddess Mara for his own safety the Boy-Who-Lived is blinded, determined to make his own way in the world, he leaves the home he had known for years and embarks on a journey with the Dragonborn to save Tamriel, stop a civil war and fight off some vampires. why did trouble always seem to find him. Pre-Hogwarts harry around age 13.

How I portray Jarl balgruuf I always liked him and his portrayal makes sense remember this man sent hundreds of guards to the various towns in his hold to protect against dragons not caring how either side of the civil war might take it. Also I see Farengar being around thirty when the game begins maybe twenty eight so I assume he has worked for the jarl for about five years.

Also Harry is about seven or eight at the start of the story and around twelve when skyrim begins. And remember in a world like this you are a man at age sixteen and a young man at age thirteen so while he is young there is an excuse.

The men and women of dragonsreach immediately jumped on guard when a bolt of lightning struck down in the great hall. "Farenga-" Irileth began to call before she was cut off by the very sorcerer she was calling for.

"I sensed it!" Farengar called rushing into the room from his quarters. He clearly had just awakened as his robe was thrown on haphazardly. "Get back, get back!" he ordered of the guards who surrounded the point of impact for the lightning bolt.

"Is it magical?" Jarl Balgruuf asked after a moment, as he sat back down on his throne, like the rest of the people in the hall he had jumped into a defensive position as soon the lightning had struck.

"Hmm?" Farengar said looking up from his inspection. "Oh yes." he nodded. "Most definitely magical though I doubt it is harmful."

"Not harmful? It blasted a hole in the roof of Dragonsreach!" Proventus exclaimed.

"Oh yes what a surprise, the highest point in the city being struck by lightning in the middle of a storm." Farengar said in dull voice barely listening to the ranting aid of the Jarl. his eyes widened as he saw what was in the smoke. "Call for a priestess of Mara!" he ordered, and in second the rest of the hall saw why at the center of where the lightning struck was a small child curled up in ball covered in injuries.

"Don't bother I am already here." In strided in the head priestess of Mara for Whiterun while she didn't have her own temple in the city she did have a place of worship in the temple of divines. Alongside her were two fellow priestesses.

"What are you doing here in the middle of this storm?" Balgruuf asked sitting up and looking at her strangely even if they somehow knew Dragonsreach had been hit it should have taken them at least twenty minutes to get here and considering the lightning had only struck about two minutes ago, something didn't seem right.

"We received a vision from the goddess Mara about this child." Balgruuf raised an eyebrow at that, while it wasn't unheard of to receive a vision from a divine it was rare normally reserved for events like the coming of the dragonborn or the rising of an army of the dead, not something as frivolous as an injured child.

"Why would you receive a vision about a child?" the High Priestess ignored him and went to tend to the child, instead one of the other priestess answered for her.

"He is under the goddesses protection, and he was brought as the fulfillment of a deal."

"What kind of deal?" that sounded like something a Daedra would do not a divine.

"His mother gave her life to power a protection when he was an infant and it draws power from Lady Mara."

Farengar looked up from his inspection of the area at which the child arrived he would only get in the way of healing now. "But such protections only last a day at the most, it is why they are so rare there are a thousand ways to give similar protection with less cost."

"That is true but her teacher used her blood to set up a stasis on the spell allowing it remain strong for as long as he is around blood family and a child."

"He desecrated her body!" the Jarl snarled. "What gave him the right!"

"He did so to protect her child, one which she gave her life for I do not think she would care that it was harmed in order to make sure he remained safe." Balgruuf leaned back in his seat with a frown. He understood why it was done but that didn't mean he had to like it.

"Clearly the protection did not work." Irileth growled, indicating to the wounded child.

"It did but you should know all magic has flaws." the priestess said not bothered by the tone they were using. "It protected him and all who shared blood with him, but how is it supposed to know who to protect when they attack each other?"

"HIS FAMILY DID THIS!" the Jarl growled slamming his fist into the arm of his chair. "Where are they?" he growled he was sure he could spare a guard or two to bring them in, he also knew that while plenty of nord families could be harsh on their children to make them stronger there was a limit on how far you could go, breaking an arm while training them to sword fight is fine but out right attacking a small child so much that they curled up in a small ball to try and hide.

"You will never find them, they are in a land beyond Tamriel." Balgruuf frowned but accepted that it wasn't unheard of for such places to exist.

"How is the boy doing?"

"He is strong that is for sure most children would be dead from the injuries he bares." the High Priestess said before frowning. "But sadly there is only so much we can do."

"He is going to die?" Balgruuf asked it seemed that protection wasn't good for much after all.

"No but-" she cut herself off with a sigh. "He will never see again. So kind of acid was poured into his eyes damaging them beyond repair."

Months had passed since the young boy had arrived at first he had flinched away from everything often grabbing the covers and curling up in a ball under them. But slowly he had opened up a small amount, possible to the person who wanted his attention the least Farengar. He had stayed in Farengar's room for the first couple of nights and had grown attached to the young mage much to his chagrin. The boy was blind true but because of that he quickly learned how to identify people by many different factors and while it was perfect it was a lot better for him. So he quickly identified farengar as the one who let him stay in his room and helped heal him. Plus his voice was always calm unlike many of the guards and nords around the keep who reminded him of his uncle with their loud boisterous tones.

Though he still refused to tell them his name scared they would throw him back to his relatives if he did. He did have the strange tendency to be able to tell when someone was in the room with him though. Farengar said it was his magic trying to adapt to his lack of sight and did so by casting a rudimentary form of detect life.

And he still had trouble believing that magic was real, as the saying went seeing is believing and he was blind. he couldn't see the magic being performed so he couldn't tell if they were lying to him or not.

He stood next to Farengar as he gave his report on an incident involving a drunk mage and a guard. "He was clearly drunk most likely he tried to brew a sobering potion but messed it up causing the incident." the court sorcerer said bored clearly eager to back to his own personal work.

He wasn't really listening though looking at the ceiling instead he had never felt a person up there before he wonder what they were doing.

One of the servants brought the Jarl some paperwork to sign involving the incident when the Jarl caught sight of a blade in the hand of the servant. "Assassin!" he called before hitting the assassin in the chest with the scroll he had been handed, the metal finials strong enough to push him back. Before the assassin could react further Farengar hit him in the chest with a ice spike piecing him through the chest and killing him.

Harry fell behind the Jarl in the commotion hiding behind the throne. "It's done boy you can come out." the Jarl told him causing the boy to tentatively walk out from behind the throne. As soon as he had walked out from behind the throne the Jarl's voice boomed throughout the chamber. "I want to know who would dare try and kill me and I want to find out yesterday!"
As the hall exploded in a flurry of motion the man in the ceiling jumped down right on top of the Jarl. Harry already scared by the assassination attempt and the order from the Jarl reacted in fear in a thunderous boom he teleported away taking the Jarl who had just place a hand on his shoulder with him.

A split second after he vanished the assassin came down with a blade which had been poised to strike the Jarl. the guards nearby who had gone right back to high alert as soon as the Jarl vanished immediately attacking the second assassin.

Balgruuf stumbled as they appeared wherever the boy had taken. At first he thought the boy was working with the assassins until he saw him curled up in ball once more with his hands over his ears. Than he took note of where they were it looked like Farengar's room. Drawing his battle axe he opened the door and peered out into the room beyond. It was he was still in dragonsreach. He walked out of the room and back in the hall, where his guards were questioning the assassin on his location.

"Calm down I am fine." Balgruuf said the guards sighed in relief at the return of their Jarl but Farengar was not so easily convinced.

"How do we know you are not an imposter?" he asked summoning his magic to his hands, "Jarl Balgruuf disappears only to reappear moments later prove you are him." the wizard challenged, the Jarl was slightly impressed that he did not take his appearance at face value but was to annoyed at the assassination attempt to care.

"After your first day you said to me 'I'm i going to have to spend all my time healing these drunken idiots?'" the sorcerer lowered his hands and bowed to his Jarl.

"Sorry my lord I had to make sure."

"Do not worry Farengar you were doing your duty." Balgruuf dismissed.

"I must ask my lord what happened to you?"

"It seems your little shadow saved my life, in a fit of panic to seems he moved us from the great hall to your room."

"Teleportation!" the sorcerer gapped. "That is impossible especially at his age it take decades of practice to learn how to teleport and even than there was no oblivion portal that comes with teleportation." he trailed off muttering about how the boy could have done it.

"Farengar!" the Jarl called snapping his sorcerer out of his musings the first time he saw the previous court sorcerer do that he had been insulted at being ignored but over time he realized it was common for them to do so.

"Oh right sorry my lord but I have a request to make."

"What is it?"

"I would request to take the boy on as my apprentice?"


"I swear my lord he will- did you approve?" the wizard had expected to have to do a lot more to convince the Jarl to let him take the boy. But someone who could teleport and didn't go through oblivion to do so was well worth the effort it would take, only the psijic order was known to do that and they vanished a while ago.

"The boy saved my life and besides most of what you do does not require sight correct?"

"That is true why sight is useful we mostly use our other senses for performing magic and spells." Farengar quickly confirmed eager to get to work with his new apprentice.

"Good then bring the boy here." he commanded.

Said boy was now standing shyly in front of the Jarl or to be more accurate Farengar was standing in front of the Jarl and he was hiding behind him. He had done something freakish, he knew he was going to get punished.

"How did you know?" the Jarl asked, normally he would have told the boy to stand up straight and stop being a milk drinker but considering his circumstances around him he was willing to ignore it.

"H-how did I k-know what? Sire?" he asked remembering to tack on the would sire at the end.

"About the assassin." Jarl confirmed not used to dealing with children and dancing around a topic was not truly his specialty.

"I saw a man on the ceiling he jumped down and with everything going on I panicked and I-I-I" the boy buried his head back in Farengar's robes trying to hide.

"What do you mean you saw him?" he was blind.

"Well I can sometimes see things." the boy confessed. "But they look really weird." he quickly added nervously.

"How do they look?"

"Well they're glowing and the brighter they are the easier they are to see." the boy shrunk in on himself a bit before he continued. "Farengar glows the brightest and I can always see him and-and that thing on your side is really bright too. Mililord." the Jarl smiled slightly at the mistake in his pronunciation. Before he focus on the first part of his statement, it almost sounded like.

"Tell me can you see this?" the Jarl pulled out a normal dagger. The boy shook his head no. "what about this." the Jarl pulled his axe off his belt and the boy nodded. "Point at it with your finger." the Jarl commanded, as he moved the axe the boy's finger followed. So he was right the boy could see magic, but then how could he see the assassin he had no magical abilities nor any magical weaponry.

Voicing his question quietly to Farengar. The young man explained that magic was in every living thing and that magic users were just those that had learned to harness it.

"Boy-" he stopped he had sat back down on his throne now and the boy despite still facing the front door to the great hall was still pointing at the axe.

"Can you still the axe?" Farengar asked. The boy nodded still not moving. "By the gods." he muttered, he wasn't limited to what his eyes were able to see he could see in any direction at any time. Further test showed that he could only focus in one direction at a time.

"Boy-" as soon as Jarl Balgruuf said the word boy he flinched. "You saved my life as a reward you will become Farengar's personal apprentice." the boy perked at hearing he would be Farengar's personal apprentice. "But to do so I must know your name."

The boy shifted uncomfortably clearly wanting to run over to Farengar. "H-harry it's Harry sir." he stuttered out.

"Harry short for Haldar?" the Jarl asked, he did need to know to make the boy's apprenticeship official.

The boy shrugged. "I don't know." the Jarl sighed and wrote Haldar he didn't blame the boy he doubted his own son knew what his name was short for.

"Well than Haldar you should begin learning with Farengar tomorrow." the boy nodded and walked over to his new teach before he tripped on a stool, he got up with a small blush and walked over to his teacher.

A month later the court wizard gave the Jarl his opinion on his new student. "The boy is learning at an incredibly fast rate, though I think part of it is because he is scared if he doesn't do well he will be kicked out. But he seems to thrive when it comes to potions, and predictably he is not doing so well at illusions." that made sense how could cast illusions when he could not see. "Another surprising skill of his is conjuration something that is good as he can have something to defend him."

The Jarl chuckled. "Yes I heard he has taken to using the wolf summon as a guide dog."

"I will remember to tell him to be more careful." the sorcerer nodded. "But we have hit something of a problem when it comes to self study but I sent for one of my friends at the college he is making a magical ring that should allow the boy to read."

"So he is learning?"

"Yes my lord in fact in a few years I have doubt he will surpass me in potions his ability to see magic is useful there as he can see if the potion is going right or about to explode."

"Have you heard what they are calling him in the guard?" The Jarl asked.

"I do not listen to rumors of the drunk." the sorcerer said with some contempt for the guards.

"They are calling him stormborn after how he appeared and how he vanished in the attack. A flash of lightning and a crack of thunder." as far as nicknames went it was a very good one.

Four years past and the boy thrived under the apprenticeship of Farengar, he was well known to be friendly to anyone regardless of stature or race, claiming that he was blind he literally could not tell the difference between a beggar and king. Then came the news of the dragon attack in Helgen.

"Haldar get in here!" his master called from in his study Haldar was in his own room studying, the ring Farengar had gotten allowed him to read by making it so every word his finger passed over was whispered into his ear only he could hear it and it allowed him to read.

"What is it master?" he asked rushing into the room and following him into the great hall for the last hour or so a kind of soul he had never seen before had entered the Whiterun. All species had a general color for their soul and while their souls could be any of thousands shades their souls still were the same color at their core. Nords were purple and different shades of that while imperials were orange, Altmer or high elves were dirty dark brown something that the Jarl found hilarious for some reason. Bosmer or wood elves were a light brown while Orsimer were a steel gray and Dunmer were an ashen gray, Red Guard were unsurprisingly Red and Argonians were green, Khajiit were yellow and Breton were blue. Of course to him these were all just colors he had no idea what the races looked like at all so he didn't treat them any differently than he did anyone else. The inner circle of the companions all had the color of moon white, streaked through their souls for some reason.

But this new soul it was gold a bright shining gold like the sun, and he would know, it was one of the few things he could see. A giant ball of gold that he could always see, though he admitted it was weird to see it under his feet at times.

AN I know the sun doesn't revolve around the earth but remember it isn't flat it is a sphere which means at certain points at night the sun is technically under them.

"I would like you to meet Haltan and Morzan. They will be taking you to bleak falls barrow to find the stone tablet." one of them was an Orsimer and the other was unknown.

He nodded and could barely contain his joy. He was finally leaving the city, now don't get him wrong he loved whiterun and was extremely grateful for what the Jarl and Farengar had done for him, but he had never even been outside the city Farengar was surprisingly over protective of him when it came to wandering around on his own.

"I do not wish to rude but why is a child coming with us." the golden one asked.

"Because he knows what the magic of tablet feels like as we have a small portion of it here, he is to make sure it is not fake." Farengar explained.

"Are sure? because if this place is as dangerous as you say will he be safe?" the Orsimer asked.

"I have trained in how to defend himself." that was true he could conjure golems to fight for him and cast wards to protect.

"If you are sure then we will be off my lord."

"I must grab my things first." Haldar said walking into his chambers and beginning to pack. Luckily he was bag was magically expanded to hold more. He was getting quite a bit of experience making these as his master hated wasting his time with 'frivolous requests of people to lazy to merely buy another chest.' which was a fairly good point if you paid attention, most of the chests didn't contain more than a an item or two over max capacity. Of course for the Companions it was entirely different they did need it as they often went on long quests in the wilderness and it was counterproductive to have to stop in every town to resupply.

He picked up his staff and began to head outside to meet up with them. The staff was meant to help him perform a single spell, one he and his master has developed and were still developing. It was similar to how bats saw, by screeching to 'see' what was in front of them. It was a small weak spell that sent out a wave of magic to tell him what was ahead of him. Of course the spell was crude and rudimentary he couldn't see more than five feet and the information came back like a child's drawing. it only really told him if there was a hill, a wall or a body of water in front of him. it couldn't even tell the difference between a hill and stairs or tell was on the ground so he was constantly tripping over everything. But that was easily explained as him being clumsy.

The Jarl turned to his court wizard as he left. "Are you sure the tablet is there?"

The court sorcerer actually glared at his lord. "Do you think I would have sent him there if I wasn't absolutely sure?" Balgruuf knew that was true by the gods it was the only reason he actually considered sending someone to the Barrow.

Morzan looked as the boy once more tripped as they went up the hill on the way to Riverrun. "Lad can't you go five minutes without tripping, or are you blind?" he asked annoyed, he was still jumpy from the dragon attack, but who wouldn't be? It was a DRAGON! Something out of the tales of old.

"Yes I am." it took a second for that to register in their minds and when it did boy did he feel like an ass.

"Oh! by the gods I'm ass." the orc sighed just his luck to make fun of a blind person.

But his companion was more focused on something else. "Wait they not only sent a child with us but a blind one!" Haltan said in disbelieve either things were a lot more desperate than he thought or they didn't take the threat of DRAGONS! Seriously.

"I can take care of myself and besides I can see just not like you can."

"What do you mean?" Morzan asked.

"I can see magic for example that plant right by your foot is magical I can tell you are an orc by the fact that your magic looks like it is the color of steel." he said indicating to the plant on the ground than the orc. "That is why I am going with you I can tell if the tablet is the real thing or not." he than began to walk onward. "Are two coming?" He asked as he walked off.

"Yes, but I think you should know that is the way to Riften, Riverrun is this way." Haltan said walking in a different direction.

Haldar blushed. "Hey I am blind don't judge me!"

"Weren't you the one just saying that we shouldn't care that you are blind?" Morzan asked confused.

"That was when it was working against me. now that it helps yes I am blind and it does matter." Haltan laughed at the childish answer.

Later as they set up camp for the night Haltan decided to ask about the boy's skills. "So Haldar what exactly can you do? I mean I heard from a friend that there are dozens of different kinds of mages."

"Well there are but all of them fall under one or more of the six schools of magic seven if you count alchemy. They are Destruction, Conjuration, Restoration, Illusions, Alteration and Enchanting. I am pretty good at all the schools except for Illusion for obvious reasons." he indicated to his eyes and the other two had to wonder what happened to him and why he was so easily able to crack jokes about being blind, even ignoring the occasional slip up the two had made.

"My specialties are conjuration, restoration, alchemy and destruction. Though I am best at conjuration and not half bad at enchanting. What about you two?"

"Well I practice the classic sword and shield approach to combat and am not half bad at archery I do know some minor potion making not much enough to know what not to eat and maybe make a healing potion or two, nothing too big. Morzan is a smith claiming that the best weapons are the one you forge with your own two hands."

"And it's true that's why I always win Falt." the orc added with a smirk.

"Really because I remember a certain orc landing on his ass in our last spar." Haltan teased with a smirk.

"Clearly I must have hit you too hard on the head because I won that spar."

"I didn't know the winner was decided by who landed on their ass the hardest."

The three of them burst into laughter. Haldar slowly gained control of himself. "I'm sorry but." he let out a few more chuckles. "I thought his name was Haltan not Falt?"

"It is but this Horker here insisted on call me it."

"I call you that because it's true."

"What does it mean?" Haldar asked.

"I call him Falt because whenever we get into trouble it's always his fault." Haldar laughed and Haltan immediately objected.

"It is not!"

"We got into this mess because of you, sir 'let's cut through darkwater crossing what's the worst that could happen!'"

"Wait you said what's the worst that could happen?"

"I know I know rookie mistake."

"Yeah if I had a choice we crossed in from the Hammerfell border but no we had to stop by his village!"

"It's been a few years! And that reminds me we never did stop by my family's house."

"We can go to Ivarstead after all this horker shit is over!" so he was a nord that still didn't explain why his magic was gold.

It took them a week to reach riverrun they decided to stay in the inn in town before they headed up to Bleak Falls Barrow. Haldar was surprisingly quiet at first they thought he was just aloof as many wizards were in skyrim given how their craft was looked down on here but they soon realized he was just shy.

When the reach the Barrow it was just their luck that there were bandits outside of it. "Damn they are on guard it seems they saw us coming. Got any tricks for this Haldar?" the boy seemed to have a trick for everything on the way here for hunting animals to fending off bears most of those solutions involved the typical nord thinking of kill it with fire and hit it till it dies.

"Yeah one." purple magic appear in his hand and a few feet away from the a spectral wolf appeared. "In this snowy weather shouldn't be able to tell the difference between my familiar and a normal wolf right?" he asked the two of them reading the weather unsurprisingly not one of his strong suits.

"Yeah it looks real enough I can barely tell I know it's fake."

"Good." waving his hand the wolf howled and began to make it's way quickly up the steps. The guards were caught of guard by the wolf allowing it to kill one of their archers before it was killed by another. When the body vanished back to Oblivion the realized they were under attack.

Haltan swore. "Damn plan B."

"What? We have a plan B?" Haldar asked why didn't they tell him this.

"Yeah attack!" the orc and nord charged out from behind cover and Haldar rolled his eyes he didn't know what he expected. The horrible weather favor the close range fighting styles of the two adventurers rather than the bows the wind knocking most of the arrows off course. Haldar sighed and conjured another portal to Oblivion this time summoning a fire atronach which immediately began attacking. Throwing powerful fireballs that sent the bandits flying far enough that if the blast didn't kill them the fall probably would.

Morzan slammed his giant war axe into the side of one bandits killing him but turning around he saw another about to attack him when a bolt of lightning slammed into the criminal sending him flying backwards against a wall with enough force that a sickening crack was as he hit it.

"Watch your back." Haldar warned him. "I can see now why Haltan always wins your spars." he smirked as he walked towards the entrance now that the last of the bandits had been dealt with, at least the ones outside.

"He doesn't win!" Morzan objected before he followed.

"There are three bandits up ahead." Haldar warned as they approached. "I have a plan." he pointed ahead and his flaming atronach moved ahead. Haltan stood up to peak over the edge of the pillar they were hiding behind, he saw the bandits pull their weapons on the atronach and hit her repeatedly. After a moment it fell to the ground. "Get down idiot!" Haldar said pulling him back down right as his atronach exploded taking out the bandits.

"Your plan was to send in your atronach like a walking bomb?"

"Like yours was any better?"

"Well he's got us there." Morzan admitted, their plans were general attack and run either one of the two.

"There is a fourth person ahead." Haldar told them, aware of the fourth person they snuck up to take him out but it was proven to be unnecessary when he was killed by the trap he triggered. "I can't help with the puzzles." he told them as they entered the room.

"Don't worry about it, I met an adventurer who told me about this. Apparently these places weren't meant to keep the living out but rather the dead in so the puzzles are real easy." twisting the pillars to match the carvings he opened the door without a problem.

Haltan picked up a few of the coins on the stone table on the other side. "Man this Idiots must be some pretty crappy bandits to leave all this stuff lying around." he said as they grabbed some jewels and coin of the table.

"Hey lad know what this is?" Morzan asked tossing the purple stone to the sorcerer forgetting his handicap for a moment.

The stone bounced off his chest and the boy sighed before bending down to pick it up. "You know I'd rather be blind than have a brain like yours honestly I'm surprised you remember that you carry an axe."

"As long as I remember which end goes where I think I'll be fine." Morzan chuckled.

"And yes this is useful it's a soul gem it can be used to enchant objects."

They began to walk down the stairs and the boy had to hold on to the arm of Haltan to make sure he didn't go tumbling down off the edge. "Skeever." he said just before several of them jumped out to attack. Haldar held out his arm to cast ward causing one of the skeever to bounce off and fall to it's death. Morzan dealt with the other two by chopping one in half and slamming the other against the wall.

"Thanks for protecting me lad." Morzan said sarcastically.

"You know I think he just likes me more." Haltan said with a smile as he put an arm around the boy's shoulder. "He knows I'm the more useful person to have in a fight."

"More like you will make a better meat shield. But you know whatever helps you sleep at night."

Morzan laughed as they continued on. "In that case carry on."

"Something ahead I don't know what it is." He whispered as they edged along they hadn't run into any trouble yet so were likely to run into it soon.

"we do." Haltan said looking around at the surrounding area.

"Aye frostbite spiders." Morzan agreed with a small shiver, not the most dangerous creatures around but definitely the creepiest.

"Spiders!" Haldar squeaked out.

"What are you scared?" Haltan asked with a smile it was funny to see the kid acting his age.

"Yes those things are creepy I remember seeing them when I was a kid." seeing? So that meant he wasn't born blind. "Let's just go." He said as they entered the crypt.

The clicking of the spiders sent shivers down their spines and Haldar lashed out by sending a wave of fire upwards burning the webs of the spiders and sending them crashing down. He quickly conjured a flame atronach which tore through the spiders with ease. He 'saw' one sneaking up behind him and lashed out with a wave of lightning. Nothing happened for a moment and then he saw Morzan get close and the spider's light vanish. "Lad can you see solid objects?" Morzan asked the young man had attacked the spider but he didn't notice their was a rock between them and hit the rock instead.

"Well kinda- I mean if it's close enough." the boy sighed. "No not really if it is more than a three feet away it extremely blurry like trying to see in a blizzard and if it's more than five feet I can't see anything." he confessed.

"Hey lad remember you are not here to fight that's our job." he said putting a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder. "your job is to find that tablet so you let us nearly die while you just laugh. okay Lad?" he asked.

"Aww that is so sweet!" came a voice from inside one of the webs. They turned and Haldar saw a man suspended in air while Morzan saw that he was encased in the webs. "But could you get me out of here before the mother returns!"

"Why should we?" Morzan asked picking up his axe. "We know you are the leader of the bandits."

The man growled before he took a deep breath and answered these people were his only hope for survival. "I am blocking the path to go further into the cave, I have the key for one of the locks and it is one of those claw keys and third I have a book on me that is worth a fortune and if you help me I'll pay you handsomely." he told them trying to appeal to their sense of greed, he doubted they would kill him no if they had a child with them most likely they were here for a reason. "Hell you can take me to prison just don't let that thing EAT ME!" he begged.

"Fine alright. But you try and run and I will gut you where you stand understood?" Morzan growled as he hefted his axe to set him free in a single swing he had cut off about half of the webs holding them but he gasped in pain.

"Watch it!" he growled.

"Sure I take it nice and slow maybe invite that spider for tea too." he snorted before swinging his axe again and cutting the bandit free.

"Oh thank the Tribunes!" the dark elf sighed on being free. "That was close thank yo- it's back! Run!" the man cried running off not caring whether or not they were following him. They had served their purpose anyway.

A giant spider easily as big as all of the other spiders combined came down from the ceiling facing them with a hiss it spat poison at them hitting the both of them. Haldar's Atronach attacked the spider by throwing fire balls at it infuriating it, it hissed at the atronach before trying to stab it with it's leg only to pull back with a hiss when it was burned instead.

Haltan swung his sword cutting off one of the legs and causing it to stumble he followed up his swing by stabbing the Frostbite Spider in the abdomen or whatever that thing was Morzan followed up his partner's swing by swinging his axe right into the head of the creature.

Morzan looked at the twitching corpse of the arachnid, "you know if he spent hours waiting for that thing to eat him, I don't really blame him for running." he began to walk off when he stumbled to his surprise Haldar caught him.

"Not so fun being on the other end is it?" he asked with a grin before holding out a vial. "Here drink this it should purge the poison." Morzan grabbed the potion and in a swift move drank the entire thing in one go. He grimaced at the taste that was worse than how they normally tasted and considering one them tasting like hundred year old bread was considered tasting good.

"That was terrible boy why does it taste like that time I ate a stables shit hay." Haldar frowned at the word boy but otherwise didn't react.

"Because when I first started making potions I didn't know what recipes were and I couldn't read them or tell which ingredient was what, so I have to go off how the magic of the potion looked and try and get it to look like that. So I don't use conventual ingredients but rather whatever I have on hand. Besides mine are better than the one you get at apothecaries, I am an expert at potion crafting I having been doing so for years." he explained before he pointed to the spiders holding out several empty vials. "By the way would you mind grabbing some venom from the spiders we're running low." the orc and nord rolled their eyes but obliged considering he was their potion maker they decided it was probably for the best that he didn't run low on anything.

"What do you mean an expert? the people at the apothecaries are masters." Haltan asked as he filled one of the vials.

"No they are masters at potion making not crafting, making while difficult is following a set recipe while crafting is experimenting and finding out what works for yourself. Both are difficult but Crafting is a lot harder."

"Here you go." Haltan said handing him about a dozen or so vials. "But what about that other guy didn't he run off with the key."

"Hmm" Haldar looked confused for a second before he realized who they were talking about. "Oh the guy from the web he's dead set off one of the traps or something."

"How can you?"

"I can't see his magic it just went out which means he is dead."

With that said they made their way down the Barrow further and further until they reached the crypts. "Shit draugr!" Morzan cursed as soon as they entered the crypt area several of the bodies rose from their resting place and began to move on them.

With a strong swing he took of the head of one before another cut through he leather armor and cut him across the back. With a growl he slammed the hilt of his weapon into the Draugr before he buried his axe in it's back.

Haltan took out the nearest draugr as soon as they attacked it was an archer and was easily killed before he brought up his shield to block the glowing blade of another one this one was dressed different and he felt why as cold slowly spread across his arm and his shield gain ice patterns. "Fuck their weapons are enchanted!" he called as he bashed his shield into the draugr's head the shield shattering on contact. He hissed in pain as icy fragments of his shield cut into his arm. He finished the draugr by stabbing it in the head with his sword.

"I noticed!" Morzan growled as his own weapon snapped from the cold of blade with a snarl he buried the top half of his weapon in the the draugr getting slashed on the arm for his efforts. He picked up the weapon of the draugr he had just killed it may not have been as good as his axe but it was better than nothing. He then swung his axe into the nearest draugr and began to fight again, enjoying the feeling of his blood pumping in the thrill of combat.

The roar of fire let them know that some draugr got past them, they turned to see two of them advancing on Haldar. His flames quickly sputtered out and they saw the boy looked exhausted. He wasn't like them he wasn't used to situations where you would fight for hours on end on and off. He slammed his staff into one of the draugr and it pushed them back but the other swiped it out of his hands. The boy fell back onto his butt and fumbled around blindly till his hands landed on the bow and quiver of the draugr Haltan had defeated earlier. The boy grabbed both and moved backwards as fast as he could getting about five feet before he turned around and with clearly practiced ease drew the bow back and fired an arrow directly into the chest of one of the draugr causing it to crumble to the floor. He drew another arrow and shot into the head of the second draugr once again taking it down in a single move. He then turned to the two of them and fired three arrows into the draugr killing one and injuring another.

The two quickly finished off the remaining draugr with help from Haldar and his new bow. When the finished they turned to him and even though he was blind he could feel their gazes burning into him.

"PLEASE DON'T TELL FARENGAR!" he begged quickly.

"Tell him what that you can use a bow better than some people Archers I know." Morzan asked not understanding to an orc if you were blind and could still wield a weapon like he had that would be celebrated and your skills praised.

"Look it's late we should set up camp and rest for the night before we talk about anything." Haltan said and the trio went about both gather wood while collecting the weapons and moving the bodies of the draugr. Haldar picked up his staff and fiddled with it in clear sign to anyone that knew him of his nervousness.

"Okay now why don't you want Farengar to know you can use a bow Lad?" Haltan asked and Haldar sighed.

"Look when I was growing up everyone treated me like I was made of glass that would shatter at the slightest touch and while it may have been true at first I can defend myself now. But no sees that they just see the little boy stumbling and tripping over everything who was scared of every little noise." he pointed to the two of them. "You two see me and you don't see that little boy but a wizard you naturally assume that magic can compensate for my blindness because there are a thousand tales of sorcerers regrowing limbs or conjuring creatures from the depth of Oblivion." he sighed. "Don't get me wrong I love whiterun and Farengar especially, he took me in and raised me but he is so over protective, you know I wasn't allowed outside the keep until two years ago and the lower town three months, Farengar is extremely over protective this is my first time out of the city and most likely the last for a long time."

The went quiet for a moment before Morgan slapped him on the back. "Well then we better make it count huh runt?" He said with a smirk before he shoved a quiver into the boy's chest. "If your magic fails you then you should have something to fall back on." The two adventures then crawled into their sleeping rolls and went to sleep half at offered to take first watch and pointed out with his ability to see magic nothing was sneaking up on them.

The entire time he was on watch he kept glancing at the bag that held the stuff of the bandit from earlier they found on him a golden claw covered in magic and a large black book with a type of magic on it that he had never seen before he curiousity kept gnawing at the back of his mind. For one reason and one reason only it was black not he couldn't see it but that it was visible to him and it was black a paradox an impossibility, he swore that there flashes of green every now and then but as quickly as he saw them they were gone.

Without even realizing it he had grabbed the book, if Haldar was older and more experienced he would have realized there was a spell on the book and that opening could kill him. But he was a young naive child despite his knowledge of magic he still knew very little about many of the dangers of the world. So foolishly he opened the book.

For a moment nothing happened there were a bunch of lines that his ring couldn't make heads or tails of before the magic of the book surged. He let out a cry of panic as he tried to drop the book but it wouldn't let go.

The two sleeping adventurers shot up at the sound of his cry and drew their weapon clearly expecting an attack, but were surprised when the black book that the dark elf was carrying had wrapped Haldar in inky black tentacles.

"Shit!" Haltan cursed and drew his blade to cut him free.

"Don't!" Morzan warned as he was about to cut the tentacles. "That is a Black Book they are portals to the realm of Hermaeus Mora."

"A daedric lord?"

"Yeah prince of knowledge especially the forbidden kind. Supposedly if you can find your way out of his realm he will give a great gift and knowledge lost to time."

Haldar looked around at the place he was in he couldn't believe he had found a Black Book what were the odds there were only about fifty of them in the world maximum and most of those were owned by the various elven houses.

He looked around in amazement everything from the ground to the walls were full of magic. The entire area was visible to him it was beautiful and he turned around and fired a spell into whatever had come up behind him the beast stumbled back before it split into two more just like it. But Haldar could see that much like a conjuration spell they depended on the one who summoned them to continue existing. He blasted the center creature with flames and winced as he was hit with some kind of wind spell he fell to the ground and growled before lashing out with Gust the wide spread attack pushed them all back he threw out a lightning bolt and slammed the middle one with enough force to banish it with the original gone the other two vanished as well.

Haldar stumbled up either a hill or a staircase he couldn't tell which and really didn't care but once he reached the top he fumbled around for a second in his bag grabbing one of his healing potions he popped it and drank it all and sighed in relief when he felt his injuries heal a small amount. He looked around at the table in the small niche at the top of the staircase and grabbed one of the books there if this really was the realm of Hermaeus Mora than the only way out was the same why in through a book.

The first book he opened turned out to be a the spell rapids a rare water spell he held his head in surprise as the knowledge of the book flooded into his mind. Reading those books always gave him a headache, the books worked by pouring the knowledge into the mind of whoever was reading it at the time. The main problem with that was sure you got the knowledge but none of the practical experience. It basically cut out learning the how to preform the spell and jumping straight to hours of practice.

The second book turned out to be a spell he already knew and the third a history of the empire.

"Having trouble?" Haldar froze at the slow drawl that came from behind him, turning around he saw the magic of being who existed throughout the entire realm.
"Hermaeus Mora." he mutter in shock.

Hermaeus Mora found something strange in his realm not bad in fact it was quite enlightening so far but strange nonetheless. It started when the boy Haldar of whiterun appeared, he knew of him of course. In fact the spell that allowed the boy to see was quite ingenious. Something that always bothered him about the boy though was that he didn't know his past, for someone who prided himself on his knowledge of everything, that infuriated him. But he didn't know where the boy came from and the only one who did was Mara and he doubted the high and mighty Aedra would tell him. The boy had such interesting information in his mind common knowledge in his home land that was unheard of here but he could only ever skim the surface thoughts before Mara sensed him and pushed him out. So rather than risk the boy dying here and being driven insane in Nirn possible losing the information forever, he decided to approach him for the information he want.

"No Lord Mora." the boy said his voice shaking slightly in fear, he could see Hermaeus's true power or at least more of it than the average person and what he saw terrified him.

"Are you sure I can offer you a way out if you wish?"

Before he could stop himself he retorted with. "At what cost my sanity?" his eyes widened in fear as soon as he said that daedric lords could be famously short tempered.

"I have no wish to destroy such a bright young mind, my young follower especially one who truly understands the value of even trivial knowledge." the daedra drawled confusing Haldar.

"I do not follow any of the daedra Lord Mora." he said remembering to be respectful.

"Ah but you seek knowledge and all who do so are my followers." the daedra said a tint of amusement entering his drawl.

"Than what do you wish for me to do in exchange for you sending me back my lord?"

"Knowledge I do not have." the Daedra said surprising him, he didn't think there was anything the daedric prince of knowledge didn't know.

"What could I possible know of Tamriel that you do not?"

"No not of Tamriel but rather of the land where you come from, the land of your native tongue." Haldar felt his blood run cold no one knew he couldn't speak the common tongue upon landing in Skyrim no one they just assumed he was shy and scared, not that he didn't know the language.

"What do you wish to know?" he asked cautiously and the daedra's answer did not surprise him.

"Everything." the boy swallowed nervously and began to explain everything he remembered from his world from cars to TV's from the Moon landing to the nuclear bomb, he had to stop many time to clarify something for the daedric lord and he felt weird teaching the history of his world he was only seven when he left so his knowledge wasn't the most comprehensive but he did have a general overview of world history and basic technology.

"Why did you make no mentions of magic? In all the tales you told me you said many things that could make even mages balk in disbelieve but you have not yet mentioned magic." the daedra asked for many reasons the chief being was he wanted to know everything possible about the world and the second being he knew it was impossible for life to exist without magic.

"I never saw any instances of magic."

"Are you sure?" the daedra growled slightly losing its patience it had spent the last three hours learning new knowledge and to suddenly be cut off because of how young the boy was annoyed him.

"Well strange things did happen around me growing up, I turned a teacher's hair blue shrunk a shirt so small it wouldn't fit on a doll and jumped onto a roof." he stopped but the daedra pressed him for more.

"There is something else isn't there?" the daedric prince asked.

"I remember my mother begging for my life and then a man holding up a stick some kind of focus I assume there was a flash of green light and she just fell to the ground no injuries she was just dead."

"Yes exactly what else?" Hermaeus Mora asked eagerly, oh he had not found such a wealth of unknown information in centuries.

"That's it that is all I remember."

"Nothing else?" the daedra growled oh to have such information within reach only for it to be yanked away.

"Well there was one thing, I remember the murderer saying," He closed his eyes and focused the words had always given him the chills there was something strange about them. "With your death my immortality is assured."

"Repeat that boy." Hermaeus commanded it was impossible.

"With your death my immortality is assured." Hermaeus couldn't not help but chuckle oh he had to thank Mara for the gift of this boy an entire language he didn't know.

"Boy I am willing to offer you a deal." the daedric prince said making the young mage tense this either meant he was going to change their current deal or the daedric prince wanted something from him and he didn't know which was worse.

"What is it lord Hermaeus?"

"In exchange for the language you just spoke I will give the ability to use the Voice." Hermaeus Mora offered with an internal smirk a young child would naively give up how to speak a language he didn't need for a chance to be like one of his heroes. Not that he would lose the ability to speak it, he would copy the language from his mind.

"No thank you."

The single eye of Hermaeus Mora narrowed not that Haldar saw it. "And why not the Voice is a powerful tool able to destroy entire armies if one is powerful enough."

"I am already blind I don't need to be mute as well, my lord I know full well what happens to masters of the Voice their voices become too powerful for all but but the strongest to endure." so the boy was smarter than he looked or at least knew all gifts come with a price.

"And if I gave you the ability to use the thu'um without losing your voice?" he offered the boy seemed to consider it.

"Just the language that the man who murdered said before he killed me?" he asked for clarification no doubt thinking he was being smart by being so specific.

"Yes, just that language."

"Deal." Hermaeus Mora almost laughed as his tentacles lashed out and pierced the boy's body of course he wouldn't die that would draw the wrath of Mara and a small child was not worth the effort just because he was annoying. He tore all knowledge of the language from the boy's mind and all knowledge about the language, he found it was called parseltongue the language of the serpents. Then he put the language of the dragons into the boy's mind, of course he may have forgotten to tell the boy that the thu'um couldn't just be given to someone. You had to study it and meditate on it. So the boy may learn the language faster than any mortal would but it would still take him years to master it.

Before he banished the boy back to his realm he decided to give him a bit of advice about the future. "Young mage if you are wise you will let the dovahkiin slay the dragon." let the boy go crazy trying to understand what he meant.

Haldar shot awake with a gasp he looked around and felt relief when he saw the now familiar gold soul of Haltan. "How long was I in the book?" he asked as got up oh his head hurt something fierce like a giant and a dragon got into a bar fight and now he was the loser.

"Two hours." Morzan told him handing him a waterskin which he gratefully took.

"I was out for two hours?" he asked moving closer to the fire the cold of crypt getting to him.

"No you were out for eight, you were in the book for only two of those hours." that made sense having a daedric prince tear a whole language from you mind than put another one in would not be gentle.

"Well than let's get moving." he said getting and grabbing his staff feeling a small amount of relief at being able to at least be semi aware of his surroundings he realized now that farengar was right about how dangerous the world was. But despite that he loved it out here. Here he was just another adventure going through a tomb looking for glory, no expectations no pity for being blind. It was so liberating!

"Are you sure lad? Meeting a daedric prince can't have been easy." Haltan asked worried for the young boy it couldn't have been easy to meet a daedric prince. You were considered lucky if you came back from meeting one merely insane.

"I am fine." He insisted he then began to walk off. "Now are you two coming or am I going to have do this all by myself?" Haltan and morzan exchanged looks but sighed and followed, they doubted the boy was fine.

But he was besides his annoyance at the fact that Hermaeus Mora had renegaded on their deal. Oh he had the knowledge but it was constantly beyond reach several times he had tried to call up the dragon tongue only to fall short something was blocking him and he didn't know what.

On the positive side he was actually able to use his new bow so long as there was no pillar in his way he was easily able to take out any and all draugr it was also a major relief on his magika constantly casting his blind sight spell was tiring enough without also having to fight with magic as well. His reserves of magicka were actually very high as practice nearly twice the size of his master's but he was constantly casting his blind sight spell which drained half his reserves a day at least, it was also why he had his staff he found it impossible to split his attention to cast both that spell and engage combat, he may have been good but only a master of magic could cast two different spells at the same time, especially when they were not even of the same school of magic.

"Stop!" he called as they reached the final chamber. "The tablet is in the chamber but it is in tomb with the draugr and this one is more powerful than the rest." the two nodded.

"So what you get a good vantage point and take shots at the draugr while the two of us get up close and personal?" Morzan suggested.

"That might not be necessary, all the draugr have spells on their tombs if you go near it will release them, it's how they have survived for hundreds of years without running out of power."

"So can you stop it?"

"I'd have better luck killing Akatosh." he told them with a shake of his head. "But the trigger on this one is different meaning that if we are lucky we can get the stone and get the hell out before that thing wakes up." the three of them inched towards the coffin and the giant wall behind it, but both Haltan and Haldar stopped in front of the wall they were entranced by it. To Haltan it felt almost familiar like he should know the words written on the wall, his eyes were drawn to a single word on it. He could feel his blood pounding, his desire to be the best, the greatest and the strongest coming to the surface, that word was power. He would have stayed there for a long time possibly forever if Morzan hadn't snapped him out of it.

"Hey Falt you alright?" Morzan asked in concern did they get caught in some kind of weird magic trap.

"Hmm?" Haltan's eyes were drawn away from the wall and immediately awareness came back to him and he remembered what they were doing.

"You two were looking at the wall like it was the Malacath himself." Morzan told them.

"It's magical," Haldar said not looking away from the wall and unknown to either of them he kept gazing at Haltan's magic with curiosity it had changed only slightly but it had changed nonetheless, it was like before it was a sleeping bear if you didn't know what to look for you would have missed it, now it was like that bear was waking up, you didn't know what kind it was and if it was dangerous. "Not a trap but rather the words themselves contain power, it is written in the tongue of the dragons, a powerful language where a single word can topple castles. It is not strange for people to be lost in their depths and spend hours gazing at a single word trying to gain some form of understanding."
"Like the Greybeards?" Haltan asked that sounded a lot like them.

"Exactly like them, that is how they learn the voice."

This is all very interesting but can we go before the draugr-" the top of the coffin burst off in a puff of air. "Malacath take you all to oblivion." he muttered turning around and pulling his new war axe off his back, or rather one he had picked off a dead draugr after his had broken.

Haldar turned around and drew his bow from his back and took aim, draugr were easy for him to see given that magic covered their entire bodies to allow them to move but the more powerful they were the easier they were to see and this one shined brighter than Farengar for once could see the draugr in it's entirety how many fingers it had the shape of it's body he could see all of it that along with the fact that it's weapon was enchanted made it very easy to shoot the draugr's weapon out of it's hand. The other two capitalized on this and hacked away at the undead creature before it could fight back easily killing it.

Morzan walked up to coffin and pulled a tablet out of it. "I swear if this isn't the tablet I'm breaking some legs." he promised he did not go through miles of caves and crypts only to come out with nothing.

"Don't worry it is the real deal." Haldar confirmed. "Now let's go we have a long walk ahead and we need to get to whiterun soon to get this tablet deciphered." he said as he walked towards the exit or at least what he hoped was the exit. As he left he focused on the word wall they were leaving behind and for a brief moment before he left the word seemed to flair understanding came to him. 'Fus' something whispered to him. 'Force.' but just as quickly as it came it was gone along with the meaning of the word.

Holy mother of shits 11,000 words that is like four or five chapters in one! So basics Haldar is blind he will never be a close range fighter. The reason he is blind is for character development. So yes Haltan is the dragonborn and I gave him a friend because this way the armor upgrades he gets as the story progresses makes more sense. And the thu'um and harry making a deal yes he will learn it very fast but he won't suddenly be using words of power every five seconds it will still take time for him to learn a single word so he may learn faster than the greybeards but he still takes a while to learn the language. Second he is a kid he thought he had made a fool proof deal but obviously he didn't the problems with it will show up later as the story goes on. Also when I saw character development I don't mean the blindness is the character development but rather it leads to it.

And my reasoning for casting two different spells taking a master, think about it you have trouble making your hands do two different things imagine trying to do that with your magic, a wild force always on the verge of going crazy.