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Chapter 1: Prologue

Hello. If anyone is reading this other than me, then it is most likely I was not able to leave Mt. Ebott. Heh what a cliché to start off with this journal that I brought with me, but I wanted to record all of the events during my explorations of Mt. Ebott. I guess I should introduce myself, just in case whoever is reading this happens to be a police officer or something along those lines.

Well to start off my name is Yumi, I am an eleven-year-old Asian girl. I live in a town called Quiet Waters. It is the next town over from Ebott village. I have long-straight black hair and light brown eyes. I am currently wearing a purple sweater with light purple stripes and black jeans with black and white tennis shoes. I'm an only child and I have a mom and a dad, who I really hope aren't mad that I ran away from home to a cursed mountain.

I should probably explain why I decided to climb Mt. Ebott. Well a few years ago, there was a report that a child from the village; located at the base of the mountain, had went missing for several months. The villagers told the authorities that the child must had fallen down into the caverns and was killed by the monsters who lived in the mountain. Supposedly one of the monsters had come to their village with what appeared to be a lifeless child in its arms. From what the legend says, the only way for any monster to escape from the underground they have to have a human soul to cross through the magical barrier. The human could have been alive or dead to achieve this goal. So when the monster arrived, with the lifeless child in its arms, they believed that it wanted to seek revenge for all the monsters being trapped underground. Some of the villagers thought it brought the body as an example as to what was going to happen to them, others thought it brought as food. As a result, the villagers fought back at the monster before it could do any harm to them and retrieve the child from its clutches as a last attempt avenge the fallen child and give them a proper burial. But the monster managed to get away with the child in hand.

The authorities of course did not really believe their story the magical monster, but instead someone posing as the monster in the story and using it to terrorize the villagers or some unknown animal attacking people in its territory. So they launched an investigation to find who or what was behind the child's disappearance.

After some time passed with no luck of finding the child or the individual responsible of the child's disappearance, the local authorities banned anyone from trespassing on the mountain until they can solve the mystery. Unfortunately, this did not stop people from trying.

Ever since the child's disappearance, rumors about the supposed monster lurking around a mountain killing people had spread all around town and in my school. Thanks to those rumors, there had been people trespassing onto Mt. Ebott trying to find "evil" monster, but instead four more children had mysteriously disappeared. No traces of the children were left behind; it was as if they just vanished from existence.

Out of those four children, my friend Kimberly who went by as Kimmy, was the first to disappear. I can still remember the day when Kim accepted that stupid dare and it's the day that I'll soon regret. Heh heh look, more clichés!

Flash Back:

Kimmy and Yumi were sitting together their lunch table talking amongst themselves, until their conversation was disrupted by two other kids bickering at one another.

"I'm telling you Rachel! It had to be a monster! No one just goes up and vanish without leaving something behind!" said a boy with short-dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a red t-shirt and beige cargo shorts and red sneakers. "Plus they had found some weird foot prints that didn't belong to any known animals with in this area!" as the boy continued his ranting only to be interrupted by the girl he was arguing with. "John, you idiot! That stupid story that your grandpa told you was a stupid lie to keep idiots like you from going near the mountain and getting yourself hurt. It's quite obvious that there is some kind undiscovered animal living within the area and has yet to be studied." As she replied in condescending tone in her voice. The girl wore a yellow floral dress with white sandals, she also had light brown hair that was braided into long pig tails and hazel colored eyes. Another boy was with the two, he was wearing a dark grey under armor hoodie and black shorts with black and white Jordans. He leaned in between the two with his messy black hair moving along the side of his face as he tilted his head to Rachel and said with a goofy smile on his face "Yo! Maybe John is right. What if it is the monster! Heck for all we know it could have been slender for all we know!" Rachel rolled her eyes and John glared at the boy started to laugh at his own joke. "Honestly Ryan, that was crappiest joke that you could have said… "

Curious to what they were talking about Kimmy went up to the group and asked them. "What's all this talk about a monster?" Kimmy was a Caucasian girl with light brown hair and blue eyes, she wore a light blue sun dress with brown flip flops. The group looked at each other and back to her with confused mixed with astonished faces. Ryan was first to respond, "Jeeze where have you guys hiding?! For like the past couple of months or so the police had been searching for the person who probably kidnapped and killed one of the kids that lived in that old village near Mt. Ebott. It had been all over the internet and everything!" To which Rachel butted in and said "Yea cites that are the equivalent of the enquirer! You can't trust those cites for accurate stories!" as she explained, but only for John to pop in and say "My grandpa was there when it happened! Are you really trying to tell me that a whole group of people were imaging things?!" to which she replied "Oh please give it a rest! Those villagers are so narrow-minded and backwatered; they would have probably mistaken a bear for being monster in the right circumstances!" Wanting to know more, Kimmy then asked "Has anyone tried going up Mt. Ebott?..." "Yes, but they all got caught by the patrol men that monitors the entrance to the path that leads up into the mountain." John responded. "From what my grandpa has told me those who go up there won't comeback. For they will be trapped in, because of the barrier which keeps the monsters trapped down there. You can only get out if you possess a human and a monster soul… " as John continued with the story. "Oh my god can we change the subject or something? The whole thing is stupid anyway!" Rachel groaned. This caused John to turn to her and exclaimed "Well if you think it's so fake and stupid, why don't you climb the mountain?!" "Ugh no way! Why would I waste my precious time with a stupid fairytale! Besides I don't want to get caught by no cops and damaging my perfect record. And suppose we figure out a way to get pass the cops, how are we supposed to get there in the first place?" to which Ryan simply replied "Easy! Well stay at John's grandparents' house during the weekend and sneak out at night." "Yea well I'm not doing it." Rachel replied with a huff. "I'll go." Kimmy replied nonchalantly. This caught Yumi's attention and immediately ran up to her friend. "Are you crazy! Do you really want to risk your life with this?! Monster or not there is something on that mountain that is extremely dangerous if the government had to close it off from the public!" Yumi told Kimmy in a hushed tone. "Maybe the monsters are not actually as bad as people are making them out to be. I mean we don't know the monsters side of the story. For all we know the monster could have done it by accident and wanted to bring the child back out of guilt." Kimmy tried to rationalize the situation. Kimmy then turned back to the group and they all with exception of Yumi to climb Mt. Ebott and arranged the date when they were going to go. Kimmy turned back to her friend and tried to comfort her. "Hey don't worry, I know how to defend myself and I'll bring my toy knife to scare them off just in case." as Kimmy looked at her friend with a smile.

The group had decided to climb Mt. Ebott during their spring break. Yumi couldn't attend with them since her family was going to visit grandparents who lived in Japan.

Once spring break had rolled around, the group had managed to get pass the guards and climbed Mt. Ebott, but only to have disaster to destruct them.

Kimmy had gotten separated from the rest of the group. Assuming that whatever had caused the last child to go missing, the rest of the children had fled from the mountain and told the authorities and their parents what had happened. The police scanned the area of where Kimmy was last seen, and just like the last child, the police could not find any sign of what could have happened to Kimmy. The police informed Kimmy's parents to what had happened and that they are still searching for her.

Three years had passed since Kimberly's disappearance. Still with no leads to what happened to Kimberly, the missing person case ran cold case as well as the previous child that had went missing beforehand. To make matters worse, over the course of the three years three other children had climbed Mt. Ebott and went missing as well with the same results. No traces of them were left behind they just vanished.

End of Flash Back:

After waiting for so long standing around doing nothing to help, other than telling the authorities what I knew about the plan that the group came up with to climb Mt. Ebott, I decided to do my own investigation about the mysteries about the mountain. I started by researching about the history around and the folklores about it. I also came across a book that entailed about what kind of monsters that had resided within the area of Mt. Ebott. I don't think it will be much help, but it might give me an idea what the person was trying to disguise them self as or what possible creature might have resembled the descriptions of the monsters within the book.

I want to find some kind of closure for myself and her family by finding out what might have happened to Kimmy. It won't bring her back but it will give us some peace of mind. And yes it might seem impossible to find out without any leads, especially since the police couldn't find any, but I will persevere and find out what happened to my friend that I had failed to save.

I decide to execute my plan during the summer. I told my mom that I wanted to go to a summer camp for the summer, to which she agreed. Although she was skeptical with the summer camp I wanted to attend and I wouldn't blame her. The camp I "wanted" to go to was a military boot camp, and knowing me as the more timid and quiet type, my mom couldn't imagine me wanting to go to a military camp WILLINGLY. I told her I thought I should learn on how to be more confident and how to defend myself. After a couple a seconds she bought into my lie and signed me up. The actual reason why I chose that particular camp is because it was the closest camp to Mt. Ebott. And it is very easy for me to sneak out due to the fact nobody hardly notices me because of my quiet nature. So when the day did come I managed to sneak out of the camp grounds and made my way towards the mountain.

I packed all the essentials that I needed. Food, water, a map of the mountain region, a compass, writing utensils, my journals, and….and…. oh crap! I forgot the hatchet! Ugh! Well I can't go back for it now. It was hard enough trying to slip pass the camp counselors and the mountain patrol officers. I'll just have to make do and gather some stones and a good stick to use as a weapon.

Ok it has been a couple of hours and I have made it to what looks like to be a cave. It's kind of nice in here, I can use it as a resting spot. There appears to be a lot of vines in this cave, which is kind of weird since I didn't see a lot of vines within the forest while I was climbing up here. There is also a huge hole in the ground, I'll have to make sure not to fall in it seems to be very deep. Just to figure out how far it goes I picked up a stone and dropped it down and measured how long it took to reach the bottom. I waited for over a minute and never heard a thump. Eeeyup not going near that-….

Narrative Pov:

As Yumi turned away from the hole, one of the vines somehow wrapped its self around her ankle and pulled her toward the gaping hole.

"Whoa whoa!" Yumi started to flail her arms around trying to regain her balance, but no avail. Yumi fell into the hole and plunged into the inner caverns of Mt. Ebott.

As she was falling, Yumi's life started to flash before her eyes and she mind started to fell into despair.

"Is this how I'm really going to die?... Plunging to my death with no one knowing where I am? Without knowing how I die? Just another statistic of the missing children who had vanished after climbing this mountain?... No no no… NO! I'M NOT READY TO DIE YET! I CAN'T DIE I WANT TO LIVE! " as Yumi screamed into the abyss, but as she continued to her descent she felt something glowed inside of her something that gave her the will to PERSEVERE.

End of Chapter 1