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Chapter 16: Near Death Experience?

Yumi finishes her entry and shuts her journal. She looks around to see if the short skeleton came back.

"Guess I'll meet up with him ahead." Yumi says to herself.

She begins making her way to the next area to meet up with Sans.

Yumi enters another snowy area with a straight pass. While she was walking, she hears rustling sound from behind.

Startled by the sound, she gasps and turns towards the source of the noise.

"S-s-sans If that's you? This isn't funny!" Yumi exclaims with nervousness in her voice.

Yumi waits for a couple of minutes for a response, only to be met with silence. Seeing as there was nobody else around, she decided to continue.

"Probably was just a branch falling of a tree or something…" Yumi tried to reason with herself.

Suddenly, a rush of footsteps came up behind her. Yumi turned back toward the noise, but was too late to defend herself.

The area turned black and white, and a box appeared around Yumi and the opposing monster.

"Finally, I found someone to practice my jokes with!" shouted the excited monster.

Yumi took a good look at the monster. It was a small bird like monster with an enormous head and snow like features.

Yumi used ACT, CHECK. Snowdrake; ATK 12, DEF 7, a comedic who fights to keep a captive audience.

"Don't worry! My ice puns are snow problem!"

"Ah jeeze, I don't have time for this right now." Yumi thought to herself.

She tries to escape from the battle, but the snowdrake refuse to let her go.

"Hey! You can't leave just yet!" Agitated, the snowdrake launched one of his attacks to keep Yumi from running away.

She successfully dodged the first barrage of crescent shaped bullets, but took 7 damages to the second barrage when they rolled back towards her.

"GAH!" Yumi squealed in agony.

"Crap… where did I leave off?" The snowdrake appears to be oblivious to the harm he is causing on the young girl.

In a desperate attempt, Yumi tried to run away again while the snowdrake was distracted, but the monster noticed this and blocked her escape, and attacked again.

"You seriously need to chill out! My jokes are not that terrible! Hey… that was a good one!" said the snowdrake as he laughed at his own joke.

Yumi took another 7 damages to her health after barely being able to block most of the attack at the last second.

"If I don't think of something soon, I'm not gonna make it." Yumi thought to herself.

In order to appease the monster, Yumi used ACT and selected JOKE. "Maybe if I tell him a joke, he'll might be friendlier towards me." Yumi tried to rationalize with herself.

"Hey! What do you call a pig that does karate? A Pork Chop!"

The snowdrake didn't seem to be entertained. "Pppfft… I've already heard that one before…" He then flicked his wing dismissively and sent a few crescent projectiles at her face. Fortunately, shes sees this coming and dodges. The snowdrake appears to be losing interest in her. She takes this opportunity to escape by selecting MERCY and ESCAPE. Yumi manages to weave past the snowdrake and runs away.

Still feeling the rush of the adrenaline from nearly getting killed by a small monster, Yumi continues to run frantically toward the next snowy area.

"I need to …gain as much distance… as I can!" she says while gasping for breath.

Yumi managed to get to the next area, but unbeknownst to her there was another sentry post within the distance with a more formidable monster. A dog like monster, equipped with two katanas.

At the time the dog monster was relaxing in his chair smoking on a dog…biscuit? Anyway, the dog monster starts to hear something approaching his station. He jumps out of the post and gets into a defensive position.

"Who's there! Whoever it is, they need to get past me before they can continue!"

Once Yumi reached to the post, the dog monster drew his katanas and attacked.

"Hey! Who goes there!" The dog monster demanded.

"W-what?!" Yumi answers in alarm.

The monster beings to sniff the air. "Is that a human I smell?! But I don't see a human!"

Yumi was completely confused to what was going on. "Wait… I think he's blind? I'm literally right in front of him!" Yumi thought to herself. "Maybe if l just move quietly, I can go around him." As Yumi tried to sneak past him, the dog monster instantly spots her.

"HAH! THERE YOU ARE HUMAN!" shouted the monster. With a slash of his blade, the dog monster landed a devastating blow to the young girl's chest.

"GUHHH!" Yumi falls on to the ground with her hands covering chest. She starts to cough up blood and her body begins to weaken. "Oh no… no, no, no! My body… It won't… m-move. I can't-I can't die here… I'm not ready to die… My family… My friends… I-I-i…" Her vision begins to black out, until she ultimately loses all consciousness.

Yumi wakes up floating in a pitch-black void, completely dazed and unaware of her surroundings.

"Ugh… W-where am I now?... It's… so dark. Am I dead?..." She looks up and sees a glowing sign floating right in front of her. It read "RETRY?". She didn't know what it could possibly mean.

"Retry?... Like as in a start over button?...If that's the case then it's probably my only way out of where ever I am."

Yumi reaches up, then touched the glowing sign and a bright light washed over the entire void.

Yumi was transported back into the crossroad where she had previously talked with sans. She lied there unconscious, sprawled out on the ground with her book in her hands.

End of Chapter 16

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