A raven haired girl with a straw hat, blue jeans that went to her knees and a red t-shirt was skipping home, humming a tune with a bag slung across her back. The people in the town smiled, waved or said hello to the young girl.

When the girl known as Luffy arrived at her home, which was a white two story house on the outskirts of the town, she ran up the stairs after closing the front door and yelling 'I'm home'.

Then she ran into her bedroom and jumped into her chair located in front of a desk shortly after discarding her bag by flinging it across the room where it landed on her bed. She pressed a button to boot up her computer, she logged in and clicked on an icon which said 'One Piece', which opened a tab where you had to enter a username and password.

She entered her details and waited for the game to load. When the game opened. up she was on a ship, all her crew was online too! How lucky was that?

"Hey guys!" I said happily waving at them all and bouncing around. "Strawhat? You're not usually on at this time." Three-Sword-Style muttered, but I could tell he was happy that I was on.

"Hey!" Tangerines-and-Money said and smiled. "Dumb Mosshead! Be happy he's on!" I-Love-Cooking said and then a fight broke out between the chef and the firstmate. "

"What's up SUPERR captain?" Cyborg22 asked as he leaned to the side and put his hands together.

"Strawhat!" BlueNosedDoctor exclaimed happily grinning at the said person.

"I the great Captain Sniper says hello!" Sniper-King said confidently putting on leg on a box that appeared out of nowhere, BlueNosedDoctor's and Strawhat's eye's sparkled at his actions, they both cheered.

"Let me play a song to welcome our wonderful captain! Yohohoho!" Afros._.Are._.Life said as he brought out his violin and began to play 'Bink's Brew'.

"Hello." Archeologist smiled mysteriously like she always did. Strawhat gasped and then grinned an ear to ear grin, "Everyone's on!"

Brook began to sing a different song, "For the first time in foreve-" Tangerines-and-Money cut him off "NO! ANYTHING BUT THAT SONG."

BlueNosedDoctor giggled at this. "FOR ONCE I AGREE WITH THE WITCH! ANYTHING BUT THAT SONG!" Three-Sword-Style exclaimed after her putting his hands on his swords to show he wouldn't hesitate to cut down brook if he dared to play anymore of the horrible music.

"YEAH! I AGREE WITH THE DUMB MOSSHEAD! FROZEN. IS. POISON!" I-Love-Cooking yelled. "What song?" Cyborg22 asked, "I've never heard this one before."

"You've never seen 'Frozen' before?" Archeologist asked. "Nah." Cyborg said, "If I haven't seen it it means that it isn't SUPEER enough."

"Frozen is this Disney movie that came out in around 2013." Sniper-King explained to Cyborg.

"I don't like Frozen, but you gotta admit, Olaf is fabulous." Tangerines-and-Money said nodded her head.

"True." Three-Sword-Style agreed. "I agree with anything you say Tangerine-swann~" I-Love-Cooking said.

Strawhat had been silent throughout this whole conversation until she exclaimed, "FROZEN IS FREAKING FABULOUS GUYS WHAT YOU ON ABOUT?"

"wHAT" Three-Sword-Style almost shouted as he fell to the ground in shock, "I KNEW YOU WERE CRAZY BUT WHAT"

"It's not that bad.." BlueNosedDoctor said trying to comfort Strawhat. "Hmm... I'm going to have to watch this SUPER 'Frozen' and see what you guys are on about." Cyborg22 said.

Strawhat shrugged, "Anyway, Cooking!" "What?" I-Love-Cooking asked. "It's almost dinner time! I want meat!" Strawhat exclaimed hopping around in excitement.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Dinner's cooking and should be almost ready. I'll go check on it." I-Love-Cooking said.

Three-Sword-Style blinked then furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, "What did you mean by 'For the first time in forever' though?"

"Well," The-Best-Sniper informed, "All of us are like never on at the same time..."

"Yeah.. that's true.. This is the first time in awhile we've all been online." Three-Sword-Style replied.

"Enough talk about that, We're all on now, right?" Strawhat grinned. "Yeah that's SUPER right!" Cyborg22 exclaimed.

Before any more could be said I-Love-Cooking called them all, "Dinner's ready! Tangerine-swan, Archeologist-chwan! and the rest of you idiots too."

Luffy smiled at her computer screen. Even though she didn't know any of these guys in real life, it was nice to know people like them. They were all so.. cool. She felt so lucky to have met them.

The strawhat crew made their way into the kitchen and began to cook the delicious meal their amazing chef had prepared for them.

"So guys.." Tangerine-and-Money started," You know how we've known eachother for a long time now.."

"Mhm Tangerine-swan." I-Love-Cooking said showing he was listening. "Yeah?" Strawhat asked.

"Oh I think I know what you're saying." Archeologist said. "Well... want to properly introduce ourselves? You know like.." Tangerines-and-Money trailed off rubbing her shoulder.

"Oh!" Strawhat exclaimed, "Like how we would introduce ourselves in real life?"

"Yeah..." Tangerines-and-Money nodded. "I've been thinking about that too actually." BlueNosedDoctor nodded. "That would be SUPER!" Cyborg22 said.

"Doesn't sound too bad." Three-Sword-Style smirked. "Great idea Tangerine-swan~" I-Love-Cooking said. "I have no problems with it." Archeologist smiled.

"I don't mind either I guess..." Sniper-King said timidly. "Let's do it then, Yohoho!" Afros._.Are._.Life said.

"That would be cool!" Strawhat exclaimed standing up and grinning an ear to ear grin. "So.. Who wants to go first?" Tangerines-and-Money asked.

"I will!" Straw-hat grinned, "My name is-" in chat the message 'Strawhat has been disconnected from the game' appeared. "Well.." Three-Swords-Style said.

"His wifi probably stopped working while he was mid sentence or something stupid like that." I-Love-Cooking said shaking his head.

"Then.. while we're waiting I'll go next. My name is Zoro and I'm 19, almost 20." Three-Sword-Style introduced himself, or well Zoro introduced himself.

"NO WAY!" I-Love-Cooking yelled. "Is something wrong cooking?" Archeologist questioned. "HOW CAN THAT IDIOT BE OLDER THAN ME?! IT'S JUST NOT POSSIBLE!" I-Love-Cooking exclaimed.

"Wait I am?" HAHA SUCKER IN YOUR FACE!" Three-Sword-Style taunted. "Argue later guys." Tangerines-and-Money sighed.

"Okay Tangerine-swan~ I'll go next. My name is Sanji and I just turned 19 recently."

"No way" Cyborg22 gasped. "What is it now?" Tangerines-and-Money sighed. "There's this SUPER fancy restaurant called the Baratie, and I think my brother mentioned something about one of the best chefs that work there are called Sanji.."

"Oh, I've ate there before, It was certainly delicious." Archeologist smiled. "Archeologist-chwan, You've eaten there before?" Sanji asked. "Yeah, it was around a year ago." she replied.

"Wait, Sanji's cooking in real life? I'd love to try that!" BlueNosedDoctor said his voice full of excitement. "Same! It always looks so nice in the game, I've always wanted to try it in real life." Sniper-King agreed.

"Umm... My name is Chopper and Im 15.." BlueNosedDoctor stuttered. "Nice to meet you Chopper! I'm Brook and I'm 24! Yohoho!"

Robin looked slightly surprised,"I thought I'd be the oldest," she chuckled, "My name's Robin and I am 23."

"SUPEER! I'm Franky and I'm 22." Tangerines-and-Money laughed, "Your name legit says your age."

"Franky, I have a question." Chopper asked. "What is it SUPERR doctor?" Franky asked. "Are you actually a cyborg in real life?"

"Nah, but I'd like to be one!" Cyborg said, "Or am I one..?" Chopper giggled while Sniper-King asked, "Are you..?"

"You'll SUPPER never know, Bahaha." Franky said. "Anyway," Sniper-King cleared his throat and did one of his heroic poses that he did while telling his lies- I mean amazing tales of true adventures, "I am the great captain Usopp and I just turned 18!"

"Usopp, Are you the best sniper in real life?" Chopper asked and tilted his head. "Duh! I the great Captain Usopp, Is the best at sniping in real life and in game!" Usopp replies and does another heroic pose.

Chopper's eyes sparkle as he yells, "AWESOME!" Sanji fake coughs and mutters, "and the best liar in real life," and fake coughs again.

"For once I agree with you curly brow." Zoro nodded. "HEY!" Usopp said in an offended tone.

"Oh yeah, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Nami and I'm 18." Tangerines-and-Money said. "So everyone's introduced themselves except Strawhat..." Zoro said.

"Nami-chwan, such a beautiful namee~" Sanji complimented. "Thank you Sanji" Nami smiled.

"So where's Strawhat?" Usopp questioned. "When he logs out he usually logs back in pretty quickly.. It's been around a half an hour now.." Cyborg22 said.

Luffy was about to finish typing her sentence when her screen went black. "Ehhh?!" She exclaimed looking around. "Sabooo!" She whined as she spotted a curly blonde haired boy with her computer plug in hand.

"Lu, you've been playing too much One Piece lately, I'm worried about your health. Even if you don't see it, Trafalgar-san and Eustass-san are worried about your health too." The blonde known as Sabo said in a concerned tone and sighed. "But I was about to tell my crew my real name!" She said and pouted while using her secret technique: the ultimate puppy dog eyes.

Sabo looked away quickly so he wouldn't be influenced by her ultimate secret technique and said "Luffy you never know who the people you meet online could be like in real life! It's dangerous." Sabo said scolding her slighting while still averting his gaze so he wouldn't fall prey to her secret technique.

Luffy gave up and said "But I've known them for a couple of months know.. And I trust them, plus I could ask them to Skype and you could see their faces and listen to like a minute of our conversation so you'll believe me when I say they're good people." "Not that I want you to though.." She muttered after.

"..we'll see but anyway Dad has to go on a business trip and he's taking us along with him. It's in someplace in Japan I think he said." Sabo said. "wHATT?! But my friends will be wondering why I just logged out and didn't come back on for a week!" Luffy complained. Sabo sighed, "I'm sure they'll understand when you come back on in a week."

"Can't I log in real quick right now and just tell them?" Luffy suggested hopefully. "Sorry Lu, but no. You've got to pack right now because we are leaving at four to drive to the airport, the nearest one is a couple of hours away so we gotta pack now." Sabo said and turned around to leave the room so he could pack his own bags.

"Why didn't Dad tell us about this sooner?" Luffy whined. "He forgot apparently." Was the last thing Sabo said before leaving the room so Luffy could pack her bags.

Luffy sighed and got her suitcase from underneath her bed and started packing. She was hoping her friends didn't think that she didn't want to tell them her name, because she did but just her dumb dad having to go on a business trip when she was about to properly introduce herself to her friends.

Luffy sighed as she looked out the window of the car. She wanted to bring her laptop but Sabo forced her to leave it at home because he said she needed a break. Pfft Break? What? She only played it for like 10 hours a day. She didn't need a break.

Okay Okay.. maybe she needed a little break.

She feels bad for not hanging out with Traffy and Kiddo lately though, she's got really into One Piece and hasn't really been doing anything else besides homework and school.

Believe it or not she actually really cares about her grades. Why? She doesn't really know, she just does for some weird reason. Even though she doesn't show it she's pretty smart, the top of a lot of her classes.

She took her phone out and opened the chat room with her two best friends.

Luffy: Hey, Traffy~? Kiddooo~? Are any of you guys on? :D

Kidd: I said to call me Kid :v and Yeah I'm here.

Law: Its Tra-fal-gar Law.. can you at least spell it right please?

Luffy: Nah~ Traffy is a way more fab name. 3

Law: Why did I even ask in the first place.. ;-;

Kidd: idk cause you're dumb?

Law: ..those are fighting words ketchup head.

Kidd: Wanna go ?


Kidd: Sorry we won't do it again, Please spare my life

Law: I apologise, we won't do it again please don't kill me

Luffy: Ok. so I've been playing One Piece a lot lately and..

Law: You shouldn't play it so much Luffy-ya... I'm worried about your health.

Kidd: For once I agree with . -w-

Luffy: ;-; I know.. Mah dad's going on a trip to Europe so he brought me and Sabo along with him and I have no laptop so I can't play it.. You guys can stop worrying about my health. Ty for the concern tho :D

Luffy: Oh yeah, I'll spam you with pics of things that I think are cool from the Europe! :DD

Law: Nahh! You don't need to.. plsdontpls

Kidd: Y-Yeah! Just enjoy your time there!

Luffy: Aww! I will :D and I will send you guys pictures :)

Kidd: oh no..

Law: rip my phone. died of too much spam.

Luffy: xD

Kidd: The last time you went on a trip I had to replace my phone because it broke because you spammed it with so many pictures. ._.

Luffy: hehe.. sorry?

Law: you should've turned notifications off then ketchup head.

Kidd: stfu bread-hater

Luffy: Guys don't fight D: or i will personally come and deal with you two myself.

Law: Yes Ma'am ;;

Kidd: Yes Ma'am.

Luffy: Good. :

Law: I forgot to ask where in Europe are you going too?

Luffy: Uh.. I think it was... Japan?

Kidd: Luffy.

Luffy: Wut?

Kidd: Japan isn't in Europe.

Luffy: IT ISN'T?!

Law: ...i seriously don't understand how you're so bad at geography when your the best at every other subject.

Luffy: i dunno. I just don't like geography. Its boring.

Luffy: Oh I'm at the airport, I'll see you guys later!

Kidd: Bye.

Law: See you.

Luffy turned off her phone as the car she was currently riding in stopped in front of an airport. She grabbed one of her bags and hopped out of the car, Sabo came out shortly after carrying all his bags and the rest of Luffy's bag.

"Seriously L-Luffy.." Sabo panted, "You need to learn to carry your own bags." "Nahh!" She exclaimed and winked at him while making a peace sign. He sighed and gave up because he knew it was no use arguing with her.

Their dad came out of the car a few seconds later and told their driver he could return the car home. Luffy and Sabo's father was a tall man with black hair the same colour as Luffys. He had a red tattoo over one of his eyes. He was pretty laid back and easy going most of the time.

Luffy, Sabo and their father walked inside the airport and waited inline to board their plane. When they finally got onto the plane it took ages to take off.

- Le magical timeskip brought to you by Zoro's fab grass coloured hair -

Luffy jumped off the plane as soon as it landed and was safe to get out. "That trip was so longg!" she whined, " I was bored."

"We're going to be meeting an old friend," Luffy and Sabo's Dad said, "He has a son about your age and a daughter that's a bit older than you, so you won't be bored once we arrive at his house" "Huh? I thought you were going on a business trip." Luffy said and tilted her head in confusion.

"Yes I am, But we're going to be staying with my friend." "Oh! That makes sense! I'm excited to meet them!" Luffy said with her voice full of excitement.

"Maybe they'll like One piece too and we can pla-" Luffy continued, "Luffy. We're not here to play One Piece!, You promised to take a break remember?" Sabo said shaking his head. "Oh yeah.. well.. we could still become friends even if they don't like One Piece I guess!"

"Oh yeah, Luffy." Dad began, "My friend's kids have weird hair colours and they aren't dyed so don't judge them or say they are weird because people can be kind of sensitive about things like that."

"Hmm.. Okay? Why would I say someone's hair is weird though? It's just mean! I know I call Kiddo ketchup head sometimes but he knows I'm joking." Luffy said.

"..Yeah, Yeah. Just don't insult their hair. or anything else for that matter" Dad sighed. "Okay~!"

It wasn't long until the taxi driver pulled up infront of an house on the outskirts of town. It was a massive house! Luffy knew her Dad could afford something like this, but the three of them preferred living in a house that was just big enough for them.

They thanked the taxi driver and walked to the door and it wasn't long until it was answered by a tall man with black hair and yellow eyes that kind of looked like a hawks. "Dragon, It's been awhile." the man said stepping aside as to invite them in. "Yeah, it's been what? Like a few years Mihawk." Luffy's dad who was also known as Dragon replied to the guy now known as Mihawk.

Sabo stood there awkwardly while Luffy exclaimed "Hello! My name is Monkey D. Luffy and it's nice to meet you Hawky-guy!" Mihawk lips slightly turned up at the sides in amusement and said "You're the first person in years besides my kids to have the guts to call me anything besides my name."

The family of three stepped inside, Dragon closed the door behind them. "Zoro, Perona, The old friend and his kids who i told you about earlier are here." Mihawk called. Shortly after they heard him say that a girl with pink hair in pigtails that looked around 21 emerged from a room. "Hello. My name is Perona Dracule." the pink haired girl now known as Perona. Before Luffy had the chance to introduce herself to Perona a green haired boy came down the stairs of the house, He looked around 19. "Yo, I'm Roronoa Zoro."

"Y-Your hair.. It's..!" Luffy started. Zoro closed his eyes and awaited the insult, he shouldn't have expected anything.. "It's sO COOL!" she finished. Zoro opened his eyes and looked at her in shock and confusion. When was the last time someone called his hair cool? He's heard weird, grasshead and lame plenty of times. But... cool?

"I- U-uh um.. thanks?" Zoro barely managed to get out in all the confusion he was in. "Oh Yeah! My name is Monkey D. Luffy! It's nice to meet you Cool-hair guy and Perona!"

"You kids play nicely now." Dragon said as he and Mihawk walked into a different room. Perona dragged Sabo away saying something about how he wasn't cute and she was going to make him cute. So that left Luffy and Zoro just standing there awkwardly. "Um wanna do something?" Zoro suggested."Sure! What do you wanna do?" Luffy asked. "Is there anything you like..?" "Hmm. Anime? Do you like anime?" Luffy asked. "Uh yeah.." Zoro scratched the back of his neck nervously. "Really?! I like it too! Wanna watch some anime then?" Luffy said bouncing up and down.

"Sure." Zoro said. Zoro led Luffy into a room which she decided was probably the living room. After awhile of discussing which anime they should watch they finally decided on Tokyo Ghoul, they had both seen it before but decided to re watch it anyway.

Luffy didn't know why but for some reason Zoro reminded her of Swordy from One Piece. Like they both had green hair and seemed pretty confident, even though Zoro was kind of awkward at first. She decided that it was just because they just met. Hmm.. maybe Zoro and Swordy were long lost brothers! Or maybe they were the same person.. Then she might've just met her first mate and online best friend!

Luffy was contemplating on asking Zoro if he played One Piece, but then again Sabo said to not bring up One Piece during this vacation.. well vacation for her and Sabo but a business trip for her dad.

She sighed and decided to go against asking him. After all just because Swordy has green hair in the game doesn't mean he has it in real life.. Little did she know that Zoro was thinking something very similar..

Luffy is super similar to StrawHat! She even wears a straw hat too.. But that couldn't be possible, right? Strawhats a boy and Luffy's a girl.. Then again it's summer and lot's of people wear straw hats in summer..

He was thinking about asking her if she had a brother that looked like her but in the end decided not too.. after all StrawHats avatar might not look anything like what he actually looks like in real life..

So this is the edited version.^^ I didn't really change much besides changing the game chat and putting chapter 1 and 2 together. I hope you enjoyed the edited version as much as the first one even though I didn't change that much.