Ethan Morgan was stuck in his house, which was in flames.

He didn't know what caused the fire, but the only thing he knew was that he was home alone, and the fire just began. He searched everywhere for a safe place to exit, but no matter what he did, he couldn't get out. He was trapped in flames that surrounded him, smoke covering every piece of land that he could see. There was fire everywhere, and he tried to run to the door, but smoke was covering his vision.

When he eventually got there, his attempts of opening the door were foiled by the amount of fire. In a blur of panic, he tried to yank on the door handle to open it, but it wouldn't open no matter how hard he tried.

Ethan began to cough, realizing that he couldn't take it anymore. He choked on smoke as he breathed in the smoke and he began to feel weak and faint. He stumbled over his feet as he covered his mouth, trying to block out the smoke that surrounded him in a blurry cloud.

Everything around Ethan began to spin as he took one final breath and before Ethan knew it, everything around him went dark.

Meanwhile, Benny was walking down the sidewalk on his way back to his house. As he walked along, he began to smell smoke. He stopped, backtracking to where he could smell it and his eyes widened.

A house was on fire,
and it was Ethan's.

He dropped everything in his hands and rushed to the house, screaming Ethan's name.

He covered his mouth with his sweater as he ran inside, nearly tripping on the burning pieces of rubble on the ground. He looked through the flames and saw the silhouette of his friend. His eyes widened and he rushed towards him.

"Ethan!" he screamed as he saw Ethan, unconscious on the ground. He went on his knees and shook him, yelling, "Ethan, can you hear me?!"

Ethan remained knocked out and Benny lifted him up bridal-style and ran out of the building. He could already hear the sirens of firetrucks and ambulances that were called from people who noticed. He ignored all of them as he laid Ethan softly on the grass and shook him again, tears running down his face.

"Ethan, please wake up," he said again desperately. "I need you here, and I love you so much. Please come back to me...I can't live without you...please..."

He let out a loud sob, and then it happened.

Suddenly, Ethan's eyes opened. He blinked, trying to figure out where he was, and saw Benny crying.


Benny looked down and broke into a smile. "E-Ethan?"

Ethan weakly smiled, and Benny hugged him as hard as he could.

"Oh, Ethan," he moaned in his shoulder. "I'm so happy you're awake. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am," Ethan said, coughing slightly.

"I was...I was so worried that you were gone," Benny mumbled. "But now you're here, which is all that's important."

"I would never leave you," Ethan said honestly, "because I love you."

Benny's eyes widened. "You do?"

"I've wanted to tell you from the day that I broke up with Sarah," Ethan answered.

Benny smiled shyly. "So after you are checked up by the you want to go on a proper first date?"

Ethan laughed. "Of course."