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[October 31, 20XX]




"Oh Boogie, didn't you know? I already spared you once for calling me Junior without my consent, and only a hand full are allowed to be exception to that rule. Sadly, you were never one of them." He said obliterate any and all traves of Halloween town's resident Bogeyman with a Gaster blaster that blasted a hole through the roof of Boogie funhouse, and probably the club house?

As he stood atop of a handle from one of hundreds of bone swords that were stabbed into the destroyed Pumpkinator, a Gaster Scythe rested on his right shoulder as the light of the moon shined down upon him as his scarf blew gently in the air. As the the other occupant stared at him, three in shock and fear, one in shock and awe.

Minnie had always known her brother was powerful, she had known he was stronger then her, but she had never would have thought that the gap between them was so large.


Within mere seconds

Grim Jr. had decimated the large mechanical pumpkin with a hail of bones and swords followed by blasts after blasts with Gaster Blasters. He would appear and disappear with his ' short cut's ' slashed at it with ease with his scythe and occasionally wielding a sword that was either scattered around or simply summoning one.

She had never seen her brother fight up til now. She hadn't thought he would have fought with such precision, grace, speed, power, and ferocity. He never stopped moving, never gave his opponent space, or the opportunity to think he just rained down attack after attack.

"You doing alright down there Minnie?"

Minnie eyes widen when she saw that her brother now stood beside her his white eyes watching her, how did he? Oh right, teleportation she had forgotten, just like how she had forgotten that she had be torn to pieces …and was dying.

"Co…cold…it h-hurts…brother" was all she could real say, she had been so fascinated watching her brother tear apart the Pumpkinator that it had distracted her and forget she had been dying. She could feel her conscious slipping, her very life force slipping.

"Shit! Minnie hold on, I'lll-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Junior shouted as he heard his sister speak in nergal before gouging out her right eye.

"Dammit, Minnie what did you do." He knew exactly what she had done, what she had said, and what it was she intended to do. Minnie with the last of her will placed the eye within her brother right eye socket causing his white eye to vanish.

Her dearest brother was so strong and with her power and knowledge of them she was sure he will become something great, greater then she could ever be with them… and beside at least a part of her will be by his side and that she was able to at least die knowing that her brother really did care about her.

Junior can feel his consciousness being pulled, he closed his eyes for a moment and opened them to find that he now stood in…space? 'Strange, could this be the Realm of the Alternate Dream?' Junior thought having heard and read of the Realm that was thought to be merely a legend.

"Fascinating, a Realm that only dreams, memories, visions, and premonitions existed." He said with mild amazement, before his white eyes fell on the only occupant besides himself. "Its been quite sometime since I've seen you, Mr. Nergal even if it's a projection of you. How's it been?" He said to the father of all Nergals.

The demon man had green sclera eyes, black hair skin, and dressed in a red and black business suit. With sigh the man wore a small smile, " As clever as always, Junior my boy. I've been better, since my beloved Sis passing, a tad bit lonely though. Even still, projection or not, I am still Nergal. But that isn't of important at the moment. You know of this Realm and your reason for bing here, don't you?" He said holding the right eye of Minnie up between his index finger and thumb.

"Yeah, Minnie may have had transfered her Nergal power's to me, but from what limited knowledge I have of Nergals that you had provided to me. I'll be given knowledge of her experience using it?" He had been trying to get some knowledge of the Nergals species what with his sister being one and finding them a rather interesting species.

Though what information he had of Nergals was limited, books were few to none and his sister was young and didn't possess all a Nergal abilities being only 1/4 Nergal. A Nergal can take up to three months to be born the same can be said for Nergals with born from a secondary specie. Though they can still be born within three months should the mother choose to make the child take more of either her or the father then it would take a full nine months.

Minnie had been born a full nine months instead of the average Nergal three months making her 3/4 human when compared to Nergal Jr. who was half Nergal and half human. The reason for that was simply.

Mandy was NOT going to lay a god damn egg.

With little known information of the Nergals existing within books. He had decide to pay a visit to the earth core to get any unknown knowledge he could from the father of the Nergals while hoping the man would cooperate peacefully, fortunately he had agreed to share some secret because Junior was "Family".

Nergal chuckled a bit, " Close Junior my boy, very close. But it isn't just the knowledge of Minnie Knowledge of her uses of her Nergal abilities, no what you'll inherit from her. You'll gain everything that was Minnie, all of them whatever they might be."


"Her thoughts, her feelings, her joy, her discomfort, and her secrets." As he said that eight small TV screen appeared and began to show images of verse parts of Minnie life.

"And most of all…" He paused for dramatic effect as seven of the screens vanished leaving only one that showed a memory of Junior giving Minnie a piggyback ride as snow gently fell around them.

"Her love."


Junior eyes watched the screen, he remember that memory it was right after he had finished speaking to his parents regarding his 4th Knight, 'Heh, damn was mom pissed.' He was a bit stressed and had decided to go and chill at Grillby's, he had decided to walk there over simply taking a 'shortcut' on the count it had been snowing which didn't really happen very often and decided to take in the site.

As he was about to go Minnie had asked what had happened, when he replied it was nothing she had been quite saddened and was about to head back to her room. Junior had felt bad and decided if she want to come along to Grillby's with him, as a sibling bond trip. She had ran to her room and gotten a coat so fast she must have forgotten she could simply make one.

They had been at Grillby's for quite a while, he had introduce her to many of the regular, Grillby himself and his thirteen year old daughter Fuku. When it came time to leave was beginning to snow Minnie had gotten tired from the day events, half way home Junior had saw that she getting sleepy and told her to get on his back she had tried to denied but was to tired to fight back, so he had to carried her back home.

"So, now what?" Junior ask.

"Why that simple, Junior my boy. Your sister is in terrible pain, she'll need your help, weather you choose to keep the power of the Nergal will not change anything." Nergal said smiling at the boy with pride as he push the eye back in Junior's right eye socket.

"Your destiny, is your's to make."




Those where the feeling that Minnie felt compared to the feeling of the cold floor and the pain she felt mere moments ago.

"Minnie." She could here a familiar yet unfamiliar voice call out to her. "(sigh) Come on sis you going to sleep all night, or am I going to have to go get bucket of water?"

Minnie dressed in short white dress with white panties underneath and white angel wings. Opening her eyes as she did realized she was in the arms of a black armored figure. He had long black hair with bright green highlights and a long red scarf with bright green flame pattern in the center around his neck. He had bright green eyes on his armor face, the center of his chest glowed bright green and in the center was a small gold heart.

On each side of his ribs a row of six dark green eyes to his waist, one eye on each of his back hand, four on his knees to his feet, the pauldrons also have eyes two on each with dark green teeth and black horns like those on his head, there were green glowing crystals on his hips. (For a better description see BlazBlue black Susanoo.)

Minnie eyes widened in realization, "Br-brother?"

"Yeah, it's me. You know, you're a real big idiot you understand that right?" Junior said with announced, Minnie looked away in shame as Junior put her down. He sighed before patting her on the head getting her to look at him, "I'm glad to see you. Come on let's go, dad must already be coming with mom and uncle Jack, might as well meet them half way." Junior stretch his hand out, but before Minnie could take it a beam of light shone down from the hole in the ceiling.

They turned to see a figure descend from the light. The figure was clad in blue and gold armor descended down towards them, 'Shit! A Redeemer, now damn!' Junior step in front of Minnie.

"I did not come to the Nether-Realm with any ill intention, young reaper." the Redeemer said as he walked towards the two children.

I have been sent by god to bring this young creature of utmost divinity home child… your selfless sacrifice and willingness to endure such tormenting anguish and suffer the most crude of fates…has granted you a place in the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven." He spoke with praise as he gently lifted Minnie.

"Such a soul dare not pass into the Nether-Realms…" " I'm afraid I can't allow that, seeing as I am the current acting reaper within the area. A soul may only pass on so long as either an angel or reaper are present to guide the soul to their final resting place…or force them into their eternal damnation." Junior stated, the day he had awoken he's reaper power's he had officially became a reaper. Though there were things he couldn't do that his Father could seeing he was the Grim Reaper, even still he was a reaper and there were rules when dealing with the dead, one being though to be honest it was a glorify way of saying 'first come first served'.

Normally reapers and angels didn't really interfere with one another but on occasion blades do tend to cross path with one another.

"While that may be I have been order by god to escort this young one to heaven for it is where she belong. I understand your feelings young reaper for she is your sister, while you may have claim to be her guide to her final resting place. I can see you have no desire to part with your sister." The Redeemer said speak from experience of an older brother trying to protect their young sibling.

"Young reaper I know your action are pure, but you must understand the holy Father only wishes for this girl to peace, so please allow me to fulfill it." The Redeemer pleaded he didn't understand why the holy Father had sent for him to escort the girl but he wouldn't question it.

"…" Junior eyes moved from the Redeemer to Minnie as she looked at him with confusion, worry, fear, sadness, and hope. "(sigh) While I understand your in predicament perhaps this could be better handle by my myother and Father less we would end with us having to draw our blades. For now…(sigh) perhaps you can take… take Minnie with you, only as far to the Gates of Heaven and information your superior of the meeting and give Minnie an observation of her surrounding, should she choose to remain there, do you agree?." Junior said he would allow the Redeemer to take Minnie as a show of good of trust. He may have been a reaper, but his father was the Grim Reaper he would have more say.

"Very well young reaper, I shall take us as far as the Gates of Heaven and no further, you have my word." The Redeemer nodded to him before turning to Minnie he gently placed her down. "Go, bid your farewells before we depart."

Minnie walk towards he brother "Brother, I fear that my eyes may never gaze upon thee ever again." She said rest her head on Junior chest, his new from making him a head taller then he originally was.

"Hey come on sis no need to be so blue, we'll see each other again soon. We'll even go to Grillby's and get some fries and a couple drinks once this is over,…promise." Junior smiled behind his helmet as Minnie smiled back at him before turning back to the Redeemer.

The Redeemer gently took Minnie hand before turning to Junior, "We shall be depart to Heaven now young reaper. I shall inform of my superior of our agreement and shall be waiting for you and your Father." He said as a beam of light shine down upon the the Redeemer held Minnie close as he flew up the light before they disappearing.

Junior stood watching as his sister be taken off to Heaven, before the light vanished leaving only the night sky as Minnie and the Redeemer had vanished with it. He stood alone within the rune remains of the deceased Oogie Boogie with nothing but his sister dismembered corpse's and her killer, Trick-or-Treater having escaped when his attention was focused on the arrival of the Redeemer.

He was left alone with his thoughts on whether or not he should had fought the Redeemer to allow Minnie to stay. No, that would be needless violence, could he had even won if a battle were to break out, yes. But sometime the greatest battle were won though our words rather then our blades, or large floating laser shooting dragon skills.

As he was about to shortcut to his parents to informing them of the situation. He halted before his left eye flared blue as he turn to where he had last seen Minnie and the Redeemer vanished, something was wrong he knew it, his brother sense were tingling.

Well it was more like Mr. Nergal sending whispers to him through the Nergal. The guy was in a place where visions and premonitions can be seen.

'Damn it, what do I do.' Junior thought he couldn't just pop in to Heaven only his Father the Grim Reaper was one of few beings that cane enter and leave Heaven. While he may not be capable of entering physically, but spiritually he was still human.

Closing his eyes he got into a meditation stance and slowly clearing his mind of all thoughts and released his soul. Once completely released, Junior opened his eyes as he stood now in front of his physical body that was still in it demonic state, "Damn, I look badass!" He said with a smirk.

Junior soul was dressed in his normal clothing as he looked like what he would if he was a normal human boy, well almost. He had healthy tan skin, the small tuft of brunette hair he had had grown all the way to his head. His right eye was gray do to Minnie transferring her own eye to him, his left eye was the thing that would draw attention to him as the sclera was black instead of white and his iris was white.

"Whelp, better get going." He said before shortcutting, he missing the the eyes of his physical body reopen and release bladed tentacles stab into the rune Punpkinator.

[Heaven Gates]

Junior arrived at the entrance of Heaven, the Gates of Heaven. He looked around and saw white puffy clouds, the golden gates, a podium and the an young man that seem to be in his early twenties with blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin and whit angel wings. He seemed a little afraid and panic, he looked like he was about to run only for him to flashed blue before being pulled back then down so he was at Junior eye level.

'Sup my man, say you wouldn't happen to have seen a little blonde girl about yay high, grey eyes, in a white dress and oh yeah, accompanied by a large man in blue tight and golden armor, and both with white wings like yourself good sir, would you?" Junior asked even with a smile on his face his tone held a edge to it.

"You…are not an average mortal soul. It feels somewhat incomplete and there something else there infused into-" The angel said when he saw Junior blacken and white eye before he was cut off "Okay, man listen I'm normally a patient guy but I'm kind in a hurry to find my sister, who was suppose to be waiting right HERE. So if you don't tell me where she and that Redeemer are, well then buddy your going to be having bad time, now talk." Junior said as his left eye turned from white to blue as it released wisps of blue flame frightening the young angel.

"Yes, I saw them arrive but just as they took but a few mere steps upon arriving, I'm afraid they were attacked I was just about to go and inform the higher up that a demon had manage to make it this high up to Heaven and have them send-" "Don't, just tell me where and who took them." Junior said his patience running thin.

"V-very well, it was a demon I-I didn't get a good look seeing as the were a bit far, but I did see claws… dark red claws that can only belong to one being that resides within the underworld." The angel said with a hint of fear. "A being of great evil who's name, of great fear, goes unspoken and is referred to as simply HIM."

'HIM, so the ruler of the Realm of the Tainted Souls has my sister. Why?" He didn't know why HIM would want his sister for and honestly didn't care. He kidnapped Minnie and if he wasn't planning on giving her back then he was going to have a bad time.

"Well looks like I'm going to have a little trip to the Realm of Tainted Souls I wonder if they have a gift shop there?" He said before he could shortcut to the Realm, a hand grab his shoulder. " If your going to try a save your sister by going to the Land of Tainted Souls, then you'll be waisting your time, Junior. They were sent to the Realm of Flesh and Blood." Junior smile grew.

"Much obliged to ya, Mrs. Rock." He said before vanishing.

"Oh no, I-I have to go inform the higher up before that child get hur-" "Don't bother newbie I know that boy well enough to know he knows what he's doing ,so there no need to panic like a little bitch." the panicking male angel turned to the calm and annoyed female angel. "Do really think a mere child can survive in a place as dangerous it is, Miss Anarchy?" Male angel ask worriedly. " Please, that little monster is anything but a 'mere child' he'll be fine. Now if your done with all your bitching, I'll be going now." She said as her wings spread out.

"W-wait Y-your leaving, why!?" A demon had manage to reach Heaven Gates unnotice and one of Heaven strongest was just leaving? The blue and pink hair angel turned to the male with an annoyed look, "If you haven't noticed today is Halloween, a day were people give out sweets as treats, for FREE!" She said before decending from Heaven to the human world as she did she licking her lips, 'Though, there is a…special treat I'm looking forward to tasting." She was not thinking about the candy.

[ Realm of Flesh and Blood ]

Junior arrived to the Realm of Flesh and Blood was a place of snow and darkness, a place where the light may never be found, a Realm of Trials and Redemption, and a realm under the control of HIM.

Even as the wind and snow assaulted his skin he paid no attention to, both his scarf and hoodie had been made to protect him form temperature change whenever he entered his human from. While his Father was capable of taking human form, but at his core he was still the Death unable to give life like a human can. Though there was a time his father could, where he could have been capable to impregnate his mother, was it was when he had contracted a rare disease "Encroaching Doom Syndrome" and was turned into a full blooded human.

He had read in his Father diary that he had tried to catch the disease so he could impregnate Mandy, but his body had grown a resistance to it. Junior had manage to fine the sentient slime monster 'Slimey' so he could catch the disease, ignoring the fact it was his father snot. He had broken his soul in half, which hurted like a bitch, before allowing himself to be swallowed whole. He had spent a few days in his lab away from his family under the care of his 1st and 2nd Knights.

Once he felt better and alive he re-fuse both halfs of his soul which hurt just as much a it did separating it, like a bitch. It was a bit strange at first but he had gotten used to it. He haven't told anyone save his Knights mainly because no asked and he had no reason to, though if they ever go to the beach he would.

"I feel a disturbance in the force." Junior said with a smirk not even turning around. "Really? Star War reference and here I thought you were mature for your age." A voice said behind him. "Need I remind you I am only eleven, but enough with the pleasantries why are you here to see me because if you hadn't known, though we both know you had known, my sister needs me. So what is it that you want, Clockwork." Junior said as he turned and face the small child ghost of time, being a ghost he has a turquaise skin and red eyes, under his left eye there was a small scar. He wears a purple uniform with a big clock on his chest and a smaller clock on his black belt. He had darker shade of purple gloves with many black watches around them. He also wears a dark purple cape with a hood over his head, the cape is attached to his uniform by a black gear. And like other ghosts he always has a spectral tail. In addition he carries his time staff.

He had met Clockwork at eight after that 'incident' and had met one another from time to time after that.

Almost three years ago something had disrupt the flow of time and space, it had been brief and time had manage to repair itself but Clockwork had felt something had been changed, that something was missing and not even he knew but he know one thing. Whatever happens and whatever was missing, Junior knew and wasn't planning to tell him anytime soon.

"As always Junior, straight to the point with you. Very well then, I simply wanted to let you know that your Demon-Reaper is going to be making this Halloween a night to truly remember." He said with a small smile from the look of surprise on Junior's face. Clockwork was one of very few that was allowed to call I him Junior even if they weren't friends they did have respect for one another.

"My what?… Oh! My body, kinda forgot about that." He chuckle forgetting that he was a soul and not in his body at the moment. "Wait, what do you mean it's about to making this Halloween a night to remember, I mean I've been gone for like three minutes!?." Really how much could it do? 'And I just jinxed myself, I just know it.'

"Why not take a look for yourself."He now a young man with a wave of his staff he made a portal to show him that the Nergal had fused both him/itself with the remains of the Pumpkinator and had manage to combine its power with his reaper power i.e. his soul ripping abilities before absorbing them, seeing it was ripping the souls of the horrified Trick-or-Treater.

"Well shit this is bad, I better make a few calls. Hope I still got-! Yes, still got it!" Junior said as he pulled out a cellphone in the shape of a skull its eyes glowed orange and blue it was his skullphone. Flipping it he texted his only two available Knights of the situation.

K2: I'm on my way, my lord!

K3: As wish, Sir.

Junior's 2nd and 3rd knights were the only ones that were currently residing in the Underworld, where as his 1st and 4th were currently residing in the human world. After the fall of Megaville a year ago humanity lost many of its heroes so he sent both to help assist them.

While he was confident that those two would be enough to subdue the Demon-Reaper, he wanted to make sure the odds were in their favor by call in some extra fire power.

D: I'm on it.

"Well I did my part am I to assume you have your piece's you'll be adding to assist in this as well?" He said turn way from the ghost of time to continue his search for his sister. "I'll be enlisting two of the Underworld mightiest warriors to aid in the battle before things can take a turn for the worse. Farewell, and luck on your journey Junior, you'll need it." were the ghost of time final words before disappearing.

'Two?' He was pretty sure the Underworld two greatest warriors were his 1st Knight and Nergal Jr. in that order so that begged the question, who the other?

With a shrug Junior continue onward to find his sister.

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