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Lloyd stomped into the room, green eyes blazing in pure anger, muttering profanities under his breath.

This took the red ninja by surprise, for he had never seen his pal so upset before, unless you count his father's death. But even after that, he had accepted the fact quite frankly; his dad was no longer living among the rest of humanity. Kai stopped what he was doing and turned to see what was up with his buddy.

The master of energy was pacing around the room in a small circle, a hand held his chin with his lips pursed. He seemed to be fuming about something, so the fire master took a few wary steps towards the green ninja.

"Hey, buddy? What's up? You okay?" Kai asked as he placed a hand on Lloyd's shoulder, peering down at the younger teen for an explanation.

The green ninja's only response was a grunt and a few other muffled curses.

"Hey, you gotta speak up if I'm going to help you. If I don't know what's wrong, I can't help you. Believe me, it's hard enough talking to Jay because he never listens. But talking to people that bluntly ignore me and refuse to tell me what's wrong; that's just plain infuriating. C'mon pal. Tell me what's up with ya."

Lloyd's bottom lip quivered as he tried to speak, but instead burst into tears, wrapping his arms around the unsuspecting ninja of flames.

Kai was dumbfounded as Blonde boy buried his face into his shoulder, wailing softly as his body shook.

The spiky-haired brunette tried to calm him, "Hey... shh, shh... I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories or reopen any old wound-"

Lloyd shook his head vigorously, his eyes squinted shut, cheeks streaked with tears.

"...n-no..." Lloyd mumbled into the crook of the fire master's neck, "...i-it's not t-that..."

Kai was unsure on what do say or do next, so he ruffled the boy's platinum blonde hair playfully, "Then what is it, pal?"

Lloyd shook his head once more, this time much slower. He took a deep breath, exhaling it in a huff of warm air, "...i-it's J-Jay... H-he left... I-I couldn't s-stop him..."

Kai's brows involuntarily furrowed in confusion, and he scoffed. "Wait, What? What do you mean, 'left'?"

The energy master sighed, pulling away from the torso of the older ninja and looking into his concerned brown eyes. Lloyd's eyes were puffy and bloodshot, tears still streaming from them and plopping onto the red fabric of Kai's gi. He lowered his voice down to a whisper, voice hoarse, "...Jay... H-He quit... He left the team... y-you were right... one of us would leave eventually, a-and he just h-happened to s-speak up first..." He hiccuped, voice trailing off.

Kai was in a state of utter shock, mouth gaping, eye brows raised in astonishment.

So he actually went and and did it... And I told Cole he was foolish for having such speculations... But it was even Jay too, just as he predicted... I should have believed him...

The red ninja's train of thought broke as he heard Lloyd sniffle, Kai being dragged back into reality for a brief second.

Perhaps I could've prevented this...

But Kai didn't have time to worry about that. He had to try and patch up his broken comrade's state-of-mind first.

The master of fire pulled Lloyd in for a hug, patting the green ninja's back.

"E-Everything will be fine... You'll still have me and the rest of the team. Sure, it won't be the same without ya-know, but-" Kai broke off as a sob escaped from Lloyd's throat, and the fire ninja found himself squeezing Lloyd tighter.

"I-I know that it'll be hard at first, but we'll get through this... as a team... So what if Jay thinks he can walk out on us? We'll show him that we can be just as strong, maybe even stronger without him. Trust me. We'll make him feel like he's missing out..." The brunette said reassuringly as Lloyd nodded into his chest.

"...t-thank you..." Lloyd exhaled a shaky breath, "...I-I guess we'll show 'em..."

Kai's eyes began watering, but he insisted on them being nothing but a mere allergy. He hastily wiped them away before anyone could see, pretending to brush his hair out of his eyes instead.

But Lloyd, with being as perceptive as he was, noticed that too. He kindly returned his brother's embrace, looping his arms around Kai's torso.

Thank you, brother... It was almost as if Lloyd sent him a message telepathically, earnestly awaiting a response.

But Kai said his reply aloud, "No problem..."

And the pair kept hugging, until they heard the other ninja approaching.

They pulled apart, Lloyd wiping the dried tears from his face, Kai, doing somewhat the same.

They'd just have to make do with one less ninja on the team, or two, considering the information they later received from Cole and Zane.

Apparently Nya, and Jay had run off together, Jay somehow convincing her to leave without saying goodbye to her brother and the rest of the team.

Soon, all four ninja were embraced and crying to themselves. Except for Zane. He was just there to comfort and console the remaining members of his team.

But Sensei Wu later discovered them in a hugging/crying-fest and delivered them a tray of steaming hot tea, Misako later arriving with a plateful of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.


Over tea and cookies, the ninja and their mentor discussed the explanation for the lightning and water master's absence within the monastery.

Sensei Wu listened intently to their heated discussion, but silenced his students when they began putting down their fellow blue counterpart. He added in his two-cents worth and a few words of wisdom, before sending the ninja off to bed.

"Goodnight!" Sensei Wu called, his gravelly voice echoing throughout the narrow foyer.

"Good night..." His team replied in unison unenthusiastically, due to the tiring day.

Sensei Wu left the hall and entered his quarters, lighting a few candles before settling down into a meditation position, bo staff laying before him. It was a long day, and the ninja's master needed to clear his mind.

But soon he was fast asleep, hat tipped down over his face.

Even Sensei's need sleep after an exhausting day.

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