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Chapter 1:

"Do we have to go all the way to Japan Dad?" Dudley whined at his father for what seemed to be the millionth time that day.

Vernon had gotten a raise at Grunnings and had decided that it was time for a family vacation; he couldn't leave Harry at his precious house though, so he was made to come with them. He really didn't want to go; he was still grieving over Cedric and would much rather have stayed home. However, his Uncle had been beating him more viciously lately and he didn't want to invoke his wrath, lest he be unconscious for three days again, so he agreed.

They had decided to stay a week and to go on tour over Tokyo, visiting all the major landmarks as well as seeing the sights.


"And here we are at the Higurashi Shrine" said the tour guide, gesturing to the beautiful shrine they were currently standing in front of. Harry looked on disinterested as the tour guide explained what the Higurashi Shrine had once stood for. All of a sudden, he felt a pull on his magic in the direction of a small building; he resisted at first, thinking it was some form of compulsion charm but soon gave in to his curiosity as the pull got stronger.

He went into the small building and saw a well that was glowing; as he got closer, the well pulled him in and he blacked out.


Harry felt a light through his closed eyelids and opened them to see a clear blue sky above him as he lay at the bottom of some kind of shaft, 'What happened? The well! I fell down it, but where am I now; I was in the well house, there shouldn't be a sky above me. Oh well, I should probably climb out.' He thought as he grabbed a vine in front of him. He was out rather quickly, to his surprise, 'I must be in better shape than I thought, weird.'

As he emerged at the top, he stumbled but something behind him steadied his balance and he turned to look…and almost passed out in shock. For behind the young teenage wizard, was nine fluffy fox tails that were a silvery white color, 'what the? I have tails; what else changed and where am I?'

He seemed to be in a lush green forest with only trees in sight; he felt his magic swirl inside him and all of a sudden he knew when and where he was: 1543 A.D. Inuyasha's forest.

He groaned, 'Great, I've somehow ended up in the past with fox tails, and is that Supernatural Hearing?! I've got to find out what else changed!'

He headed in the direction where he could hear the sound of running water and found a slow-moving river. He looked into it like a mirror and was shocked at what he saw.

Aside from the tails, he now had two fluffy silver fox ears on his head; his eyes were still green, but now they really resembled the killing curse and they were slitted, he also had fangs. His face had become slimmer and more feminine as well; his hair seemed to have grown out to what he assumed would be his ankles if he were standing, it was also silver. He turned to see his body to find another surprise; he was wearing a green and black kimono over a decidedly feminine form. His body had become slimmer, no, more like lithe, to the point that he could probably disguise himself as a girl if he wished; his nails had become harder and pointed and his height had gone up drastically, he was at least six feet tall now.

As he stared at himself, he realized that he didn't have his glasses on, yet his vision was perfect and very much improved; it also felt as if he could smell everything. He heard rustling behind him and went into a crouch, his tails whipping, "Who's there? I can hear you in the bushes."

Two people, a man and a woman, stepped out and revealed themselves to him with their hands up in the universal sign of peace. The woman had on combat clothes and a sword; her eyes were amber and she had two tails whipping behind her, both red, along with her hair. The man also had on combat clothes, though he had a bow and arrow; his eyes were amber and he had two tails, also red, along with his hair. Harry relaxed slightly, but did not rise from his crouch, "Who are you and what do you want?"

The man spoke, "We are Torakka and Hanto and we have been looking for you for a long time Prince Taiyo."

"Prince Taiyo?"

"Yes, that is your real name; we wish to explain everything if you would let us?"

Harry thought a moment, "Alright, but I want to hold your weapons; I've learned not to trust people right out" he said, thinking of the imposter Moody.

Hanto and Torakka nodded and came a bit closer before sliding their weapons towards Harry; he used a simple Accio spell and the weapons were sitting by his feet, 'Huh, that's weird; I didn't need a wand. Good thing because mine's missing.'

The two came and sat down next to him as he relaxed his crouched pose, "So, what do you need to explain?"

Hanto and Torakka looked at each other and nodded, before Hanto, the male, spoke, "We are fighters pledged to the white kitsune clan, your clan. Thirteen years ago, the clan was attacked by yokai-slayers and the pack leader, in an act of desperation, used an ancient ritual to send his only son away to an unknown place in the hopes that he would survive. As the alpha lay dying, he asked my sister and I to find his son. We have been searching for the past thirteen years and we feared that you were dead, because your yoki, your energy, was nowhere to be found. When your energy signature appeared early this morning, we raced to find it in hopes that we would find our missing prince. You are our missing prince; your name is Taiyo, it means sun, because the white kitsune symbolize purity and light."

Harry, now Taiyo, was shocked, "I…I am a kitsune prince?! How is that possible? I can't be; I'm Harry Potter, from the future. You must have the wrong person!"

Torakka shook her head, "That is not possible; only the prince of the white kitsune has nine tails and a distinct energy signature; you are Taiyo. You must have been sent to the future and replaced the original Harry Potter, then somehow ended up back in the past where we found you,"

"B…But, I can't stay here until I defeat Voldemort; the …original Harry Potter was destined to do that and now it falls to me if I really replaced him; plus I have friends in the future."

He thought he had friends, at least Luna and Neville; he wasn't sure about the others. After he had reappeared at the Quidditch Pitch with Cedric's body they had distanced themselves; they blamed him for it, and Dumbledore had given him a disappointed look, like he thought that Harry was going dark. The only ones that had stayed with him had been Luna and Neville and he couldn't just leave them to Voldemort's mercy.

The two fighters nodded and Hanto spoke, "When must you return, Prince Taiyo?"

"In about six weeks, but why are you letting me go without a fight?"

"There are not very many white kitsune left, but you are still our prince and we will obey you. Before you go though, we wish to train you in the use of your powers as well as teach you how to fight with some kind of weapon." Hanto said.

"Alright, I will train with you, and in return, I wish of you to come with me when I return."

"Anything, my prince" they said together, bowing with their hands fisted over their hearts.

He nodded and floated their weapons back to them, which they grabbed with surprise on their faces, "What is this?"

He smiled, "It's what you call magic; it was the art of combat I had already trained in before coming here, though it seems with my true body it comes much easier than before."

Torakka smiled and laughed, "Well, this is amazing."

"Quite so"


By the end of the week, Taiyo could control his kitsune powers quite well; it seemed that he could control anything within his range of vision. He could also manipulate earth, fire, water, wind, shadows, light, lightning, ice, and nature itself would obey him. When he asked how this was possible, the two yokai had said that with each tail came a different ability and since he had nine, then it only made sense for him to be able to control nine elements.

The next week was spent training with the sword, which he was best at out of all the weapons that they had tried; upon learning that he wielded the blade the best, Torakka had him summon his father's old sword from his palace. The sword was named Karuheiwa; it was a beautiful double-edged sword with an ivory handle carved to look like two nine-tailed foxes wrapped around each other.

He was a very quick learner due to his kitsune blood and could wield the blade more efficiently than Torakka by the end of the week.

He was currently starting a fire while Torakka and Hanto were hunting for their dinner. All of a sudden, he smelt bird-yokai and the blood of his two friends and he rushed in the direction he smelt it. He moved so fast he was just a white blur as he raced their direction; he arrived to see Hanto dead on the ground and Torakka battling with a huge flying yokai in the form of a grotesque bird of paradise. He rushed in and arrived at Torakka as the yokai slashed her across the chest and she fell to the ground. He screamed in horror and charged a large fireball that incinerated the large yokai before he ran to Torakka and knelt down by her side.

He put his hand over the gash across her chest and ripped the edge of his kimono off with the other, to cover the wound. It wasn't enough though and she bled out quickly; he was on the verge of cauterizing the wound when he felt cold steel viciously stab into his side. He looked down in shock and cried out in pain when the blade was twisted, before it was removed. Torakka pulled her blade out and dropped it to the ground.

He coughed up a small amount of blood before speaking, "Why Torakka?"

"Your father destroyed our clan when we tried to take his position; we planned to take your powers and gain our rightful place at the top as soon as we killed him, but that damn bird attacked and now we're both dead. If we are to die, then you will die with us, brat" Her smile turned ghastly and she breathed her last.

Taiyo stumbled away and collapsed next to a tree where he tried to stop the blood pouring from his wound; just before he passed out from blood loss, he smelt wolf.


Kouga was hunting a bird of paradise yokai that had been terrorizing his pack for the last week when he stumbled upon the dead body of the bird yokai as well as the bodies of two kitsune who seemed to have been fighting it. The yokai seemed to have been blown up, but the two kitsune were not the kind with the ability to wield fire, 'Who destroyed it then?'

He sniffed and found another smell which he followed until he came across the one it belonged to. At his feet lay a beautiful white kitsune covered in blood and unconscious leaning against a tree. He picked the kitsune up gently and ran back to where his pack awaited; he would help this beautiful creature get back to health.


Taiyo woke up to find himself in a cave, with bandages wrapped around his waist, on a futon. He sat up gently to see a man that smelled strongly of wolf asleep across the room. He coughed lightly to wake the man, who woke with a jump and whipped his head in Taiyo's direction. "Excuse me, where am I?"

"You are where my pack and I live; do you know what happened?"

Taiyo grimaced, "The only people that I thought of as friends betrayed me; the last thing that I remember is passing out due to blood loss."

The man nodded, "I found you unconscious against a tree a little ways away from the corpses of the other three; I brought you here to get you healed. My name is Kouga; I am a wolf yokai."

Taiyo gave a weak smile, "Hi Kouga, my name is Taiyo and I'm a white kitsune"

Kouga grinned, "I knew it! I was right."

Taiyo looked at him oddly for a minute, "Do you know when this wound will be completely healed? I have someplace to be in a few weeks' time."

"With your white kitsune heritage, I'd say tomorrow at the latest; it should be completely healed by the time today is through."

"Thank you for helping me, not many people that I know would." Taiyo said sadly.

Kouga frowned and stood, coming over, "You don't have any pack members?"

"No, for the past thirteen years, I thought that I was human because my yokai blood was suppressed. There are currently only two people, not including you, that I would trust with my life and I can't see them for another month at least."

Kouga felt for this little kitsune, he would be devastated if he didn't have a pack to call his own; he put his hand on Taiyo's hand as a gesture of comfort. Taiyo flinched but then calmed down and grabbed the hand, "Hey Kouga?"

"Yes, little one"

Taiyo bit his lip nervously, but spoke, "Will you…will you be my big brother until I leave?"

Kouga sat in shock for a moment, then chuckled, "Of course I will little one; you can join the pack, we will protect you and we will all be your brothers."

Taiyo smiled, "Thanks; I never had an actual family; it will be nice for someone to actually care what happens to me for once."

Kouga stiffened, "No one cared for you at all; you had no family?"

"No, they were murdered by a madman and then I was sent to live with my relatives; they weren't very nice people."

Kouga's eyes grew cold, "What did they do to you, Taiyo?"

Taiyo flinched again, but spoke, "They beat me because I wasn't their definition of normal; they hated me. I did all of the chores around the house and made all of the meals. At the end of the day, they would throw me in my cupboard under the stairs; they only fed me every couple days, if they remembered about me, that is. When anything didn't go right for my uncle, he would beat me for being a 'freak'; how badly depended on his mood. A couple days before I came here, he had beaten me until I was unconscious; I didn't wake up for three days." Taiyo did not know why he was sharing these things with a complete stranger, but for some reason, he felt as if he could trust this man with his secrets and he would never tell anyone without his permission.

Kouga growled deep in his throat, and Taiyo cringed backward, thinking that Kouga was angry at him; Kouga saw this and forcefully calmed himself down, "I'm not going to hurt you, I just don't approve of child abuse"

"You…You're really not mad at me?"

"No little one; you should get some rest so that you heal up quicker, I will be back."

Taiyo nodded and layed back down, quickly falling asleep in his exhaustion. Kouga looked at the young kitsune for a moment, 'Whenever you go back to where you come from, I will go; I won't leave you unprotected and I will punish those that hurt my younger brother' With that, he went to tell his pack of their new member.


"Can't catch me" Taiyo sang as he jumped through the trees. It had been two days since he had been found by Kouga and he was enjoying every moment with his new family members; currently, Kouga was chasing him through the woods in a friendly game of tag. He stopped abruptly on a tree branch as a new scent hit his nose; Kouga stopped next to him and gave a sniff, "That's dog demon, but why is there one here?"

Taiyo shrugged his shoulders, "No idea, let's check it out."

Kouga gave a startled gasp, "I don't want you getting hurt, little bro"

Taiyo smirked, "You haven't seen me fight though, and I assure you that I can defend myself."

Kouga still looked doubtful, but nodded anyways, "Just keep your guard up; we don't know why he's here."

Taiyo nodded and they jumped down from the trees; they raced in the direction of the scent and soon found themselves looking at a dog demon and a human woman. The woman spoke, "I sense more than one jewel shard nearby, Inuyasha"

The dog demon growled, "That doesn't help much, where are they?"

The woman closed her eyes for a moment, "They're right inside the tree line, all grouped together; I think that there is three."

Inuyasha sniffed the air and stiffened, "I know that you're there, come out!"

Taiyo and Kouga stepped out where the two could see them; upon Inuyasha seeing Taiyo though, he paled, "Um, Kagome, I think that we should come back for these jewel shards later"

She looked at the two in the pathway confused, "Why?"

"I've heard that white kitsune are the most powerful of all the demons and I'd rather not prove that the hard way."

"You? Backing out of a fight?"

Taiyo spoke, "Your companion tells the truth; the white kitsune are the most dangerous of all demons. Their prince is the strongest of them all."

Kagome still looked doubtful, "And who is their prince then?"

Taiyo gave a fanged smile, "Me, of course; only the prince possesses nine tails."

Inuyasha paled further and Kouga looked at him in shock, he had not known that. Kagome's voice came again, arrogant, "I think that you're lying, just give us the jewel shards and we'll leave you alone."

Taiyo scowled and lifted a clawed hand, palm up; Kagome floated into the air and he gave a dark smile, "I have powers that you can't even imagine, little human, yet you doubt me?"

"H…Hey, set me down right now!"

"If you insist" and he canceled the floating spell; she fell to the ground seven feet below on her bum.

"Ow, what was that for?"

"You said to set you down, so I did"

"You knew what I meant! Inuyasha, help me."

Inuyasha crossed his arms, "I am not fighting a white kitsune; I'll get killed and I'd rather not die."

Kagome scowled, "SIT BOY!"

Inuyasha crashed into the ground and Taiyo scowled once more, before summoning the necklace that was around Inuyasha's throat. He grabbed it from the air and melted it in his hand; soon, all that was left was a pile of goo.

Kagome stared in shock and Inuyasha grabbed his neck in disbelief; Kagome shrieked, "How did you do that? No yokai can remove that; I would have to!"

Taiyo gave another dark smile, "I am a white kitsune; I have the power to control everything in my sight. As soon as you were within my sight, you stood no chance; I could raze this forest to the ground in seconds if I so wished and you think to order me around? Inuyasha was only trying to preserve his own life and you punished him for it; when you get yourself into a problem, you better damn well know how to get out on your own."

Kagome gaped like a fish for a moment and Inuyasha looked hopeful, "You can control anything in your sight?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"I want to be a full demon like my brother and I was wondering if you could help with that?"

Taiyo thought a moment, "Yes, I could if you wished, but there would be no going back. Are you sure this is what you wish for?"

"Yes, it is"

"Conjure up your brother in your mind and hold the image"


Taiyo had discovered that he could perform legilimency and occlumency masterfully without really trying when he'd awakened his yokai heritage, and he planned to use it to discover what Inuyasha wished to be like. He was about to go into Inuyasha's mind when Kagome spoke, "No Inuyasha, what are you doing? We were going to collect the jewel shards and you were going to become human to be with me! You're mine! I won't let you go!"

Inuyasha looked at her in slight disgust, "I was collecting them to become a full demon and I never planned on being with you, you crazy wench."

Kagome jumped up and drew her bow, "I won't let you do this!"

Taiyo looked at his brother, "You got her Kouga?"

Kouga smirked, "Yeah, little bro; help the mutt out, he smells awful as a half-demon."

Taiyo chuckled, "You're right" Inuyasha looked scandalized but didn't say anything for fear that he would offend the white kitsune and he wouldn't help him. Kouga grabbed Kagome, who dropped her bow in shock, and raced away; Taiyo shrugged and turned back to Inuyasha, "Now, your brother please?"

Inuyasha closed his eyes; Taiyo gave him thirty seconds before delving into his mind where he found the hanyou's brother, 'Hmmm… he seems like a prick, but whatever, Inuyasha seems different than him.'

As soon as he had enough info on the brother, Sesshomaru, he left Inuyasha's mind, "Sit down, Inuyasha, you might feel dizzy while I'm doing this" Inuyasha complied and Taiyo began the transformation.

He was done an hour later and he plopped down on his bum, tired from the energy it had taken to convert Inuyasha to a full demon. Inuyasha opened his eyes shortly after and looked at Taiyo, "Well, did it work?"

Taiyo wordlessly summoned a mirror floating in front of Inuyasha, "Look for yourself."

Inuyasha looked in and gasped at his new appearance; his eyes had become slitted and he now held markings similar to his brother and father. His markings consisted of one ice-blue line on each cheek and a crescent moon on his forehead, also ice-blue, as well as the maroon markings above his eyes that signified a pure-blooded InuYokai. His ears had gone from puppy dog ears to pointed ones like his brothers and he had markings on his wrists, ankles, and sides as well. He had the fluff over his shoulder like his brother and father and his body had become more feminine. "I can't believe that I'm finally a full-blooded demon; Sesshomaru's gonna hate me for this." He looked over at Taiyo once more, "Can I control my powers yet?"

Taiyo thought a moment, "You will be able to transform into your true form instinctively and how to access your poison, but the light whip and flying cloud will take some practice."

Inuyasha grinned, "Cool, now I don't have to listen to that wench anymore."

Taiyo looked at him appraisingly, "Would you like to stay with us and train with your new powers? I can surely help you more than doing it on your own."

"Yeah, sure; I have nothing else to do right now anyway, except surprise my brother."

Taiyo grinned, "Nothing?"

"No, I have no idea what I'm going to do for the time being."

"Hmmm… I'm leaving in three and a half weeks for the future to attend a magic school and fight a dark lord; you want to come?"

Inuyasha spluttered, "A magic school? The future?"

"Yup, you don't have to believe me but I swear that's I'm telling the truth; you can come if you wanna work on your new powers with me and you can help me destroy the dark lord Voldemort; he wants me dead. Three yokai are better than two anyway."

"Who's the other one?"

"Kouga wants to go with me, so I figured why not? As long as you guys don't get yourself killed then you can come."

Inuyasha sat in contemplation for a moment, "Yeah sure, why not; at least I won't be bored."

Taiyo smirked, "That, you won't."


"You missed me Inuyasha; you got to be quicker than that!" Kouga yelled, dodging the InuYokai's blade by a hairs width. Inuyasha growled and went again with new fervor in his eyes. Taiyo just chuckled in amusement as he watched the spectacle from the sidelines.

It had been a week and a half since Inuyasha had joined their pack and they were fast becoming like brothers. It also seemed that with Inuyasha's demon blood fully manifested, he learned almost as quickly as Taiyo had at first; he could already manifest the light whip and control it somewhat, they hadn't managed to help him fly yet though.

He was sitting in the tree when the wind wafted past his nose and he stiffened in alarm; there was the scent of a dog demon that was coming closer. He took a deeper breath and recognized the scent as that of Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru, from Inuyasha's memories. "Oi! You two!"

They stopped their spar and turned to him, he smirked "You mentioned wanting to surprise Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, so I figured I'd tell you that he's coming this direction"

Inuyasha gave a fanged smile, "Really, he'll be in for quite the shock then"

Taiyo and Kouga laughed, and Kouga spoke, "Is he a prick like Taiyo said?"

Inuyasha made a face, "Yeah, he's a stuck-up asshole"

Taiyo chuckled while Kouga burst into full blown laughter again at the face Inuyasha had made. Inuyasha shrugged and looked over at Taiyo, "Will you help me work on my swordsmanship again? You're even quicker than Kouga."

"Sure, why not? Your brother won't be here for another ten minutes, anyways." Inuyasha smiled and they started.


Sesshomaru raced through the forest, sniffing for the scent of wolf that he had smelled on Rin when he'd brought her back to life. He didn't know why he actually cared for the human girl enough to track down her killers, but here he was. He caught a whiff of dog demon and immediately stopped his run; that scent was in the direction he was going, he might as well find out who this dog demon was while he was at it.

About three minutes later, he found himself watching as the mysterious dog demon fought another he did not recognize, with great skill. He took a sniff and froze, the dog demon smelled of Inuyasha and the other demon in the clearing looked and smelled of a white kitsune. Their match stopped and the white kitsune looked in his direction, "You can come out Sesshomaru, I've smelt you for the past ten minutes, we've been waiting"

Sesshomaru stepped out and the dog-demon growled at him; the white kitsune put a hand across the growling demon's chest, "Calm yourself Inuyasha; he cannot harm any of us with me here."

Sesshomaru's eyes widened fractionally, 'Inuyasha?! But that's impossible! Inuyasha is a filthy hanyou, not a pureblooded demon!'

Taiyo gave a smirk, "So, I heard you were a prick, but I would be a prick too if my arm had been cut off by my half-demon brother." He looked at the frozen InuYokai in concern, "Are you okay dude?"

Sesshomaru snapped out of his daze, "You said Inuyasha, but Inuyasha was a hanyou last time I saw him so how is he a full-blooded yokai now?"

Inuyasha rose from his crouch, "It was Taiyo here; he helped me so that I wouldn't have to deal with that human wench, Kagome, anymore"

Taiyo gave a smile, "You act like it was easy!"

"It was…for me."

Taiyo punched him lightly in the shoulder, "Of course it was easy for you! You only had to sit there! I had to transform all of your human blood into yokai blood; it was bloody exhausting!"

Sesshomaru gave a light cough to draw their attention, "You are a white kitsune, aren't you?" The question was directed at Taiyo.

"Yeah, my name is Taiyo; I am the prince of the white kitsune clan, though I don't know if any of them are still alive. I'm the one that gave your brother full-blooded demon blood."

Sesshomaru stared at him a moment and then shifted to show that he meant no harm; even Sesshomaru knew of the power of the white kitsune. All of a sudden, he got a strange feeling at the stump where his arm used to be and gasped in surprise. When he looked down at the stump, it was no longer a stump; his arm had somehow regrown or been replaced. Taiyo spoke and he looked up at the grinning kitsune prince, "Consider it a gift for realizing that not all battles can be won."

Sesshomaru gave his new hand an appreciative look and squeezed his fist a couple of times, "This Sesshomaru thanks you; I should go. I left an incompetent in charge of the girl I found."

Inuyasha looked surprised, "You have a kid traveling with you?"

"Yes I do, Inuyasha, why?"

Inuyasha shrugged, "Just didn't seem like you to carry a kid around with you, doesn't matter."

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and turned away from his half-brother, jumping into the trees and leaving. He contemplated going after the wolves but then turned the idea down; the white kitsune, Taiyo, had the scent of the wolves on him and he did not want to fight the prince of the white kitsune.


A week later, the three yokai stood at the well ready to go to the future; they had decided to go a week earlier than the school year started for Inuyasha and Kouga to get used to the world of the future as well as get the two enrolled in Hogwarts with Taiyo. The three looked at the lush forests one last time, before jumping into the well and going to the future.