Klayton burst onto Seneschal's ship in a hurry. He still wasn't getting any replies from Rí, mentally or through the commlink. It didn't take long for them to find her.

"This is her?" Edigan said, bending over Rí studying her. A telekinetic shove sent her backwards.

"Don't touch her," Klayton warned skidding to a stop in front of Rí.

Edigan put her hands up. "Wasn't going to." She kept her distance watching him warily.

Klayton knelt in front of Rí and put both of his hands on her cheeks painfully aware that he was leaving himself exposed. "Rí? Can you hear me?" Her eyes were closed and she was slumped backwards against the wall with her head falling forward on her chest. Her hair had come loose partially covering her face, he pulled the blue and brown strands away, listening to her steady breathing.

"Meditating?" Edigan guessed.

Klayton glared at her. He left Rí and went to the cockpit. He could fly the ship in a pinch but it was larger than what he was used to. Rí would have been able to do this much faster. He started keying in a sequence that would take them to Coruscant. It was going to take quite a few jumps, but the sooner they started the less of a trace any Sith pursuing them would have. He plopped himself in to Rí 's seat and fully engaged himself into the launching of the ship.

"Small ships are launching off the planet," Edigan said staring out of the viewport.

Klayton swore and felt the ship shudder as it rose off the surface. But the ships coming towards them were small and not ships designed for long space travel. In short they wouldn't be following them through any hyperspace jumps. They were scouts and not sure of what they were looking for just yet.

Seneschal's ship moved away from the moon into view and seemed to hang into space as all the ships seemed to spot it at once and changed drastic course.

It launched forwards suddenly and hyperspace blurred the stars across the screen. Klayton leaned back and sighed in relief. At least for the moment they were safe.

"Steer." He ordered Edigan coolly as he rose from the chair.

She rolled her eyes and took his place. "How do you know I won't betray you?"

Klayton glanced between Rí lying unconscious on the floor and Edigan sitting in her chair. "I'll take you apart piece by piece," he threatened. "I'm fully capable of a mind wipe, and worse. There won't be anything left."

Edigan shuddered and kept silent, watching as he scooped up the unconscious Jedi and fled the room. She wondered if he was trying to save the galaxy from the Emperor, or just the girl. It didn't matter at this point. The only thing that mattered was the Emperor had to be stopped. Klayton had been right about one thing, Edigan did care about her own hide more than anything else.

Klayton carried Rí into her room and laid her out on her bed. Rí, where are you?

For a moment he thought the Emperor had somehow reached her mentally but then dismissed the idea entirely. He took her hand and placed his left hand across her forehead and reached out with the Force through their bond. He could just sense her presence but not her emotions. He ran into her barrier which was normally strong, but when he pushed against it, he felt it give way.

He didn't force himself through this time, but moved slowly.



Where are you?

I don't know...

Everything shifted and for a moment Klayton thought he was going to be sick as he found himself suddenly standing next to her on a hill. Looking out from the hill it was as if all space and time were there at her fingertips. He could see why she might feel as if she were catatonic. The scene was enough to take his breath away.

It was the galaxy spreading out forming, dying, being reborn again. Things he would never see otherwise. He suddenly understood why the Emperor would want such a gift under his control. Why the Jedi would want to keep her under their control.

And he also understood why she would hate everything about it.

It was too much for one person.

The scene shifted. This time instead of whole galaxies being born and dying, being reborn, something happened, a tide turned and everything started to wink out. The stars snuffed out first one by one, and a blackness consumed everything.

All will be mine...a voice carried through. Suddenly the emptiness of the void filled the vision. It was like Dagelos but on a bigger scale. There was no Force, everything had been stripped away. They both fell to the ground as their life was stripped from them.

Klayton opened his eyes, he was no longer standing next to Rí 's bed but sitting slumped in a chair laid out over her stomach. He jumped back suddenly and glanced at her. She too was awake and eyed him warily.

"What happened?

"You tell me...that was your vision."

"So you were really there...I wasn't sure..." She tried to sit up and groaned, her head ached.

Klayton pushed her back down again. "Take it slow."

"Well this is adorable." Edigan's voice came from the doorway.

Klayton's head whipped around. "What is it?"

"Sorry to interrupt. You've both been out for about an hour."

"An hour?" Klayton tried wrapping his mind around that. The vision seemed to happen so quickly.

He stood and offered Rí a hand, after a moment she sat up more slowly this time and tentatively put her feet down.

Edigan eyed her. "I hope this is worth risking my life for. You may want to come to the cockpit. We've come out of hyperspace near the border. The ship didn't continue to make another jump..."

Klayton moved towards the door and stopped. Rí ran into him from behind, surprised.

"Well go on," he said to Edigan.

The tall Sith woman grumbled and turned around.

"You don't trust her?" Rí whispered.

"Not with your life, I don't trust any Sith to not hand you over to the Emperor."

They followed Edigan to the cockpit. Their ship had stalled.

"It's just wire short circuit somewhere." Rí said. "There are fail safes in place to bring it out of hyperspace."

"Can it be fixed?" Edigan said. "I don't like being an easy target."

"You're only a target if someone knows you're there." Rí went to work scanning the system. Klayton admired her from across the room while keeping an eye on Edigan. The fire haired woman was the complete opposite of Rí in every way. She was tall and Rí was shorter barely making it to Klayton's shoulder. Then there were the differences in their circumstances.

Obviously Sith and Jedi tended to be as different as night and day.

He was still deep in thought when he realized that Edigan had spoken to him.

"I said, what will happen to me at the temple when we get there." For the first time since Klayton had met her, he noticed Edigan appeared on edge. Nervous.

He glanced at her. Her hands were screwed up into two small fists that she kept at her sides. Easy access to her light saber. "Probably nothing."

"Nothing? But they're Jedi."

"Yeah, well I had a room with a view and some fans." Klayton shrugged. He'd let her see for herself what the Jedi had become. There were a few he might respect, but the majority in his own mind were destitute. Weak. Easy prey.

"Long story." He hesitated. His gitar was laying forgotten in his room right now.

"Is there somewhere I can be dropped. I don't want to go to the Jedi Temple."

Klayton hesitated torn between being tired of keeping an eye on her and wanting to keep any potential allies close.

"You'll be fine."

"How very kind..." It was supposed to be sarcasm but it came out in a high pitched whine. Probably because of what she had seen. Edigan wasn't a loner by any means. But the vision had frightened her. Frightened her enough to make her realize that it was in her best interests to change loyalties...even if for a little while.

The vision of an entire galaxy just winking out of existence for the ambitions of one. All those lives snuffed out just because one wanted it? Every part of him hated that idea. It made a kind of sense if you were the one controlling it. But Klayton was not in control of such power, nor was he interested.

He stopped to consider his own thoughts. Just what was it he was interested in? Where was he going in all of this? Ri was so sure he was supposed to be with her.

What did it mean?