The Two Empire

Alright this is a first story of Star wars crossover with Stargate. It's about 2 empire fight amongst the galaxy to conquest it. Galactic Empire and Goa'uld.*WARNING! THIS STORY IS GALACTIC EMPIRE'S ACTION.* the timeline is about 2 ABY (After battle of yavin).or It's easier to tell you the timeline is between Star wars EP 4-5. I hope you enjoy my first story

Chapter 1: Invention of Goa'uld

-At Mustarfar-

At Vader's castle. Darth Vader is finding where Luke Skywalker is. He's in his meditation room now. But instead he felt the Luke Skywalker. He felt the new enemy. The system lord called Yu

Darth Vader (think): This guy is quite strong. But He's big boss.

Then an imperial officer detects unknown ships. It's like a pyramid. Yes its Ha'tac ships… about 10

Imperial officer: Vader, incoming transmission

Darth Vader: Upload picture to a screen

Transmission of lord Yu received. It's a live video of lord Yu

Lord Yu: I'm lord Yu the system lord of goa'uld. You're the person of this planet?

Vader knows immediately that Yu is who he felt a several minutes ago. But Vader realizes that Yu is weaker than He thought. But because of technology, such as shield and his army is strong. And lord Yu has strength more than many human and heal faster. Vader thinks Lord Yu has 1/6 power of Vader but he didn't sure of his unseen army and navy.

Darth Vader: I'm Darth Vader, Dark lord of Galactic Empire. Empire of the Galaxy

Lord Yu: Galactic Empire? I didn't know it, but the Goa'uld of this Yu will rule the Galaxy. Send this planet to me immediately or I'll use military (I can't say force because Yu isn't force user.)

Darth Vader: You think you can rule the galaxy? Then DIE WITH MY FORCE

Vader said angrily. Vader begin to use the force. Lord Yu can't breathe for several seconds. But then transmission cut off, Vader release him, because it's might too far away.

Darth Vader: Send the fleet to defense

6 Imperial Star destroyers have sent to defense goa'uld fleet. Vader bord his TIE Advanced starfihter and fly it to orbit of Mustafar.

A lot of TIE fighter and Death glider are fighting in space. Star destroyers fire A lots of turbolaser to destroy Ha'tac and Ha'tac fire energy beam too. Soon, Vader arrive

Vader Start to fire the death glider. Which his skill is professional. He destroyed a bunch of Death Glider and one of Ha'tac. Ha'tac is better as shield but Star destroyer has a more fire power and larger size. Soon Vader arrive at Yu's ship. He begins to fire at Death Glider as the best pilot in the Galaxy.

Death Gliders come in front of Vader. It fire and Vader reply. Death Glider explodes and then Vader come to behind the Next Glider. Log on and fire, It cause Death Glider explodes. Then 5 Death Glider come in front of Vader. Vader call his supporter and fire back. TIE advanced is an advanced TIE/LN star fighter and that's why Vader take low damage and he can dodge too. Afterward, all 5 Death Glider are destroyed. Lord Yu sees this fighter and wonder how it can do thing like this.

Vader come to Yu's ship and begin to fire on shield. But it's too thick for star fighter's firepower but it deals damage. Soon Vader call something from the surface of Mustafar.

A moment later. There's something from the surface. It's planetary gun cannon! It hits Yu's ship and its shield shut down. Vader fire his blaster to blast ship's hull and it works. Turret is firing but they miss Darth Vader and Vader continue attack with his group

The space was in conflict for a long time and Vader lost 2 Star Destroyer but Yu lost 9 Ha'tac, left only him and his ship

Jaffa in Yu's ship: We have no ship left!

Yu: Continue fire!

Then the ship hit a large amount blaster and quake.


Yu: Prepare for hyperdrive. We need to run

The Ha'tac start its engine and It's going to leave

Vader fire the tracker sensors at Yu's ship before it go Then Yu has gone

Afterward, Vader arrive in front of emperor and tell what was happening at Mustafar

Emperor: We need to wipe Goa'uld out from the Galaxy before they accompany with rebels and show who is mightiest in the galaxy. Send the ship to attack and wipe them out

Vader: As you wish

Soon, Empire will show their strength and Destroy all Goa'uld. Vader decided to follow detector.

War just begin.