Haaaaaaah,you fell in my trap, this story is lame!

*two girls walk in, one with pink hair and blue eye's and one with purple hair and brown eye's*

Pink: I don't think is lame.

Purple: me too

Me : Thanks...What is your names?


Purple: Susan

Me:OK, I don't own nothing . Girls, lets go .Oh, and by the way:

-ww=Wonder woman

Diana=ww jlu


Shay=hg jlu

-BC=Black Canary

Dinah=BC jlu

Wally P.O.V.

It was a normal day( as much normal you can get being from another universe hero) until my aunts appeared from a blue portal(my Au).They are , unconscious,so I did the most logical thing to do I put them in the gest room.

That's why I'm, after 5 hours, waiting to my aunts figures to wake up.

Until the bed room door hits the wall.

"Who are you?!" Questioned ww.

"Um...you see its -" I tried but I was interrupted by hw.

"Fast, what was the first thing you did when you meet the league?" she tested

"I said that was awesome being there and I didn't stop talking." I said, wow, I really talked to much, I though.

"Wally!" they screamed while puling me to a smother hug.

"Guys I-" my com buzz"Flash here".

"Huh?" They said.

"Flash,we are getting very radiation from your house, something happened?" Ask Mr. Terrific.

"No, every thing his fine here. Flash out." I lied, putting my com off.

"Flash?" Asked WW.

"Well, in this dimension I'm the flash." I said

Me:This is the end of the first chapter of this story, RR if you want more.

Lucy: Oh, they will l, or I will do them.

Susan: Lucy, just...Stop.

Lucy*Singh *OK.

Three:RR and BYE!