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Relaxed feelings.

Having these feelings return to me when jamming my house-key into the door freeing myself from the outside world. The fresh air conditioned breeze greeted my welcoming body after a long day of nothing. I just came back from a neighborhood summer mingle party, but I didn't do much mingling as I'm known to be an uninviting spirit who is not known for small talk. It's really hard for me to make friends, but I dust these feelings off by plopping right on my couch to unwind. Being an only child could also be a factor, the only one that comes close is my hard working single mother. Now, here I lie in my living room in a rut all by my lonesome.

Well not totally alone.

I spotted my cat lurking in my dim-lit living room as she hopped on my stomach.

"Hey Miss Charcoal, hey girl, did you miss mommy?" My cat purred in a frenzy when my fingers danced upon her exquisite black fur.

My phone began to buzz, breaking a rather tender moment with my retreating cat. Fishing my phone out of my bag to see what my mom wanted, I knew it was her because sadly she's the only one who texts me.

Peridot, hope you made it home. The new job is awesome btw, they asked me to stay a little while longer so I might see you in a week from today. Money in your account for food, Love You.

Figures. On Summer vacation too. I can't say I did not see this coming, I mean my mom is too good of a nurse for them to let go of. She is just really good at her job. Having the house all to myself and no one to share it with.

This realization tires me. Now with nothing to do, I threw my phone onto the coffee table. In the interest of becoming comfortable, I grabbed a few pillows from the other side of the couch to rest my weary head. After a long night of video games can totally transform you into an insomniac the next day, those relaxed feelings overcame my exhausted body as I drifted off into sleep.

Some Hours Later


Snapping out of my slumber I jerked up to the to the sound of knocking outside of my door. Confused seeing the time is ten-thirty and I was not expecting anything. Wiping the excess saliva off my cheek I trotted to the door.

"I'm coming" I groaned. I stood on the tips of my toes to look through the peephole. In an instant, my anxiety sprung. A girl. With one eye behind a closed door, I gazed upon her kind cerulean eyes. She looks distraught and soaked from the fresh pouring rain outside. I unlocked the door and opened it to reveal myself to her.

My eyes scanned the girl before me. She looks my age but about a foot taller than me. Rocking a pink crop top and blue jeans damped by the rain. I observed the smile she gave me it's the kind of smile that could illuminate the night sky around us.

And, damn, she looks fine.

"Hello, I didn't mean to be a bother dude, but my car broke down not too far from here and my cell phone died and I wondered if I can use your phone to call a toe," she said.

"What…I-uhh..." I spastically blurted out. I could tell my weirdness made her uneasy by the mood switch of her face. So I pulled it together to compose myself, "Sure come in" my arm guided her inside. My sudden awkwardness can be a big turn off at times, I didn't exactly know why I am acting like this. Is it because of her, maybe I crave solo interaction.

"Nice house you have here, I'm lapis by the way" Lapis greeted herself. She rung her soaking hair and gave me a tender stare.

"I'm Peridot" I replied, "do you want me to fetch a towel?" Myself being a gracious host I began walking towards my staircase.

"No!" Lapis exclaimed by extended an arm out to me. I stopped right in my tracks upon hearing the tone in her voice. Did I do something wrong because I feel like I did and it's not really helping my self-esteem issues.

"I just need a phone; do you have one?" Lapis asked.

My compliance showed. I unlocked my smartphone and tapped the phone app handing it to her. She looked down at me and gave me a smile. Made my chest warm and gave her a tight grin right back. I noticed her cheeks becoming red and I'm pretty sure she noticed my blush.

"You are really cute," Lapis said and I let loose an internal scream of joy.

"Is your boyfriend on the way?" Lapis asked.

"Of course not I am single as a pringle," I said leaning on my wall. My lingo might have came off as a little dorky.

"Is anyone else here?" she asked, "Like, anyone else coming?"

Confused but honest I answered, "No and No, this place is all mine all the time" I threw up finger guns.

"Good," Lapis replied blatantly.

Suddenly to my surprise, I couldn't believe my fucking eyes. In an instant, this friendly stranger in my house became an actual threat to my life. She pulled a handgun from the back of her waistband and pointed it right at me.

Lapis motioned the gun to the couch, I inched my way past her and plopped my bottom on the cushions.

"Listen to me Peridot, if you move from that spot you're dead" Lapis exclaimed. Upon hearing this I immediately froze up completing her orders and it's making me short of breath. I leaned over to see where my captor is going, she is, in fact, locking the doors around the house and shutting the garage door I was too lazy to shut hours ago.

She also took my phone but something told me not to call for help because I don't think she wants to harm or kill me. I see her walking back to me so I lean back justly.

"Do you even have a car?" Lapis asked and I shook my head negative.

"Hmmph" She retorted. Lapis sat her backpack on the coffee table in front of me to rummage through it. She pulled out a pair of steel handcuffs. Lapis walked behind me clasping my wrists tighter and handling me rather roughly. But the way she smelled, the rain brought out her natural floral aroma that clouded my senses taking in how utterly attractive she is. I'm really smitten by her, and I wonder if she feels it too. Now that I'm restrained I figured it's time to break the ice.

"So did you mean it?" I asked

"Mean what exactly?" Lapis came off confused.

"Did you mean it when you called me cute?" I looked at my feet.

Lapis scoffed, "Is that really what you're worried about?"

She has a point; in this situation, any rational person would be scared out of their mind begging for mercy. I felt this moment is, in fact, special to us.

"Well Peridot looks like we are going to get comfortable for a while," Lapis said walking to the kitchen.

"Wait, you're not here to rob the place blind?" Rationally speaking.

Lapis began searching through the pantry for food I'm only assuming, "well not exactly Peridot, I need a place to stay until my heat dies down."

"Sexual heat perhaps?" I jokingly said, but not really. She popped her back at me and gave off a smile. She focused her attention back into the pantry giving off a chuckle or two.

"I'm on the lamb, you see," Lapis said bringing out a box cereal and started to tear into it.

"You must be hungry Lapis, I could whip up something if you want" I offered.

"Maybe Later Peridot," She said, "But now onto business, now I'm not taking your kindness for granted I've just been through a lot and can't release you from your bonds."

Fair enough, but I feel confident enough to let her see that I'm an ally.

"Any cameras around you know like nanny cams?" Lapis asked and I shook my head no.

"Are you sure Peridot? Because now I really don't want to hurt you"

"You can trust me, dude, I'm cool."

Lapis put her gun back into her waistband, "Noted" she took out a trash bag, "Now come with me blondie, we need to stow away all the phones and laptops in the house" Lapis said.

I stood up still in handcuffs and walked in front of her as we took a trip upstairs.

I took her to my mom's room where she left her laptop and had a landline phone posted on her dresser.

"So you live with your mother?"

"She won't be a problem she is out of town for the week," I said

"Good, I'll just leave it in here okay"

I nodded while she grabbed the laptop and unplugged the phone placing it in the trash bag.

"So you're on the run, huh?" I ask creating small talk.

"I don't want to talk about it," Lapis said, "Now take me to your room."

"Whoa, I like where this is going," I said adding in a playful wink.

"Shut up and show me," Lapis said amusingly.

Walking down the hall, we made it to my room.

"Oh my goodness," Lapis exclaimed. I think she noticed my numerous camp pining hearts posters.

"Whelp I know what we are watching on our down time," Lapis said and we shared a laugh as she tossed my iPad into the bag.

There's no denying the chemistry Lapis and I share, she laughing at my quips and we seem to have the same interests in daytime television. Then, the bomb dropped when she gave me the halt signal in my own room.

"For my safety Peridot, I'm going to need you to stay put in here for the night. I can't risk you running away so I'm locking you in the night." Lapis stated.

Something told me that needed to nudge her in the right direction, I wanted to show her that I'm not just some random nark who got picked just to be the hostage. My mind told me that I want her to think that her happiest accident. I mean the three total minutes of light bonding could be gone in a flash, I just needed something to nudge myself further on Lapis' good side.

Then it hit me.

"I'll see you in the morning, Peridot. Have a good-" I briefly interrupted Lapis as the closing door got stopped by my jamming foot.

"Lapis, I really can't sleep unless I… you know take ahem shower first," I said with my face red.

I can tell she gave it some thought; her parting eyes went to my ceiling fan. Thus, meeting my gaze, I guess I gave that impression of a harmless reserved girl who might get a 'how do ya do' once a month. But, the way she's staring right through me sent chills down my spine.

"Okay." Lapis said crossing her arms, "One quick shower and I have to be present so no monkey business." She said with a smug grin.

"To be honest I've been hoping for that Lapis" I whispered, And I couldn't believe her face turned the same color as mine.

"You are a little freak, Peridot," Lapis said stifling a laugh.

I walked past her not breaking eye contact, "Only for present company" I softly winked and made my way into the bathroom. And she followed. Jackpot.

This newfound confidence really turned my anxiety nonexistent. Well, until I fully realized what I really got myself into. Anxiety came back knocking at my door, when lapis snuck behind me, unlocking my handcuffs and nuzzled me?

She leaned over in my ear as we faced the bathroom mirror, "Don't be shy"

I gave in a deep inhale while inching away towards the shower. Looking back her, I smiled, "I do not intend to be"

Twisting the knob for hot water immediately filled the bathroom in steam. Lapis planted her bottom near my tile sink taking it all in. My arms went inside my shirt pulling it over my head. I turned around to Lapis who gave me a sly smile as I exposed my light green striped bra.

"I'm starting to enjoy the show, Peridot."

"Would you enjoy it more if you undressed me further?"

She raised an eyebrow hopping off the countertop, "With lots of pleasure" Lapis said. She went on her knees now eye level to me, with a single hand she grazed my cheek lovingly. Her wondered from my shoulder to my chest and gave my taut breasts a nice squeeze that rocked my very insides. She studied the reactions elicited and I can tell how well she enjoyed them. With her single finger, she unclasped my bra as it swiftly fell onto her shoulder.

My breasts aren't exactly as heavy as hers but they went unnoticeable. She grabbed ahold of my right tit, grazed my light pink nipple with her thumb tip which made me point my head up to the ceiling breathing out a relieved moan.

"You like that, Peri."

"Yes L-Lapis"

"Tell me something"

"Anything f-for you, Lapis"

"How wet are you?"

"Mmm..." I managed to say she gave my nipple a lot of love as her other hand hooked onto my shorts. Lapis took a step further by kissing my breast, my breathing intensified when my jean shorts reached my knees to my feet and I stepped out of them respectively.

"Wow, you are drenched, Peridot how naughty." It is true when I looked down to my green pastel panties my crotch shown through the very fabric. I needed to be serviced, badly.

"Turn around for me, baby girl" Lapis instructed. I complied with her request, as I gave out a yelp of pure affection as both of her hands squeezed my ass. I'm more sensitive around there. My body fell forward towards the shower, but my arms caught the impact as of now bending over for her. She pulled my panties up giving myself a slight wedgie, she let go of the elastic earning myself a satisfying snap. She moved the fabric touching my crotch to the side exposing my genitals and the drool that connected to them.

"You are like a waterfall right now, so very cute," Lapis commented.

"All thanks to you" I replied. "So… what now?"

She peeled my underwear off my behind, "Now it's shower time." She said smacking my butt.

WHAT. A. TEASE. I thought. She had me wrapped around her little finger and she knew it. After saying this she plopped back onto the countertop as I stepped into the warm shower. The steam on the glass obstructed my view of her and vice versa, but that didn't stop me from pressing my ass on the glass.

After the shower we rejoined once more then I began toweling off.

"I guess I'm sleeping with you tonight," Lapis said.

I only smiled briefly at her but my mind sped up like a racehorse. Wrapping the towel around myself we went into my bedroom. I threw the towel onto the floor exposing myself once more. I got under my covers and into bed hoping she would follow.

I watched her peel her jeans off her smoothly shaved legs, she wore bare hip-hugging panties and the sight I beheld is to die for. She traveled under the covers next to me.

"Don't get any ideas, I mean you are cute but I'm extremely tired." Lapis said placing her weapon onto the nightstand, "And tell me if you need anything, I really don't want to shoot you" We went into the spooning position, a position that felt new and right to me. I felt her warm breath combined with my neck, as comfortable as I was I knew I wasn't going to get sleep anytime soon.