Distressed feelings.

I dug myself a hole and jump into it. With my metaphorical shovel, I lie. Cradled with some dirt around me in the earth's core, I lie, still and lifeless.

Life for myself wasn't always so high alert as they say. I passed up a lifetime opportunity to become an Assistant Manager to a high-end candle shop in the mall near downtown. Figures. I wonder how hard it would be to apply for a job now that I am a convicted felon. If they ever ask for my special skills, I would (jokingly of course) tell them: "fleeing the scene without a trace" and smile half-heartedly.

Now, for the time being, I found a girl and taken refuge. With my not so metaphorical gun, I lie. Cradled with fluffy green pillows in a strange girl's bed, I lie, snuggled and cozy.

Sleeping in this strange girl's bed has given me the best sleep ever had in a while. The numerous green pillows under my well rested face felt absolutely wonderful. Waking up, to see if my hostage is still present. She is not. In the corner of right eye assured me that I am not alone, propping up to see a smelly black cat staring deep into my soul.

But no Peridot.

"Peridot!" I yelled. I jerked up from the bed tripping over a well-misplaced book on the floor. Then, my knee banged against her nightstand making my pistol fall, reflexes allowed me to catch it.

"I knew I should have fucking handcuffed that bitch again last night, I'm so stupid" I whispered. Rushing down and throughout her hallway, I heard a commotion downstairs in the kitchen probably. Tip-toeing down the stairs keeping my pistol in front of me, ready for whatever. Making it to the opposite wall, getting a quick peek at whoever is in the kitchen. Nothing could have prepared me for what I have witnessed.


She didn't notice me in the living room as her back is turned, Peridot is tinkering with pots and pans on her countertop stove. Whatever she is making it smells heavenly, it is causing the insides of my mouth to salivate. I have not had a good home cooked meal in weeks, god bless her heart.

Peridot turned around swiftly and almost jumped out of her apron.

"Jesus, Lapis I didn't know you were up!" Peridot exclaimed.

"Um, Good morning. What are you doing?" I said, with my hands on my hips.

"Making some omelets for us," Peridot said, "They'll be done in a jiffy"

I moved closer to where I stand on the edge of the kitchen floor. I never felt so confused in a while, I barge into her home waving a gun around, then the very next day, she's 'chef-ing' it up for me? I had no choice but to ask.

"Peridot, why are you being so kind to me?" I asked, "I was out like a light, you could've run?" I placed my gun on the countertop.

"You're my guest that would be rude," Peridot said while resuming to her egg flipping. "So tell me Lapis, do you like sharp cheddar on your omelet?" She said with a smile. I sat down at the kitchen table and adjusted my bundled undies for my own comfort.

"Yes, please," I said. What is her deal? Ever since I made my into this place she's just been nothing but pleased for my presence and her admiration really confused me. It seems like she really wants me to stay with her. I look up to study her. She's cooking like she is the head chef of her own french bistro, the very style of her motions flew like a symphony.

Peridot took a small plate from her cupboard accompanied with a pan full of omelet. She brought over to where I sat and placed the food on a plate in front of me. I studied her up close, she wore nothing but an apron and the panties from last night. It surprised me how comfortable she is showing her bare form around me, as much as it did last night, to be honest. I really couldn't complain as I began to love watching her petite figure wiggle around and not to mention I'm still in my underwear too.

She placed a knife and fork next to my breakfast. It smells divine as its golden and scrumptious beauty wafted fresh hot steam up to my face.

"Enjoy," Peridot told me and that is what I intended to do. Picking up the fork filled with fluffy egg goodness I gave it a huge bite. Peridot walked away towards the fridge, I kept destroying the food like a Tasmanian devil, finding it's tomato soaked core.

"Whoah! Lapis slow down it is not going anywhere!" Peridot sneered. Upon hearing those words, I stopped myself from my frantic eating trance. "I'm sorry it's just, I haven't had a meal like this in a while," I said, wiping my mouth with a single hand.

She handed me a glass. "OJ, okay?" Peridot offered. Raising my glass, I accepted the pulp-filled juice. I noticed she didn't make any for herself.

"Aren't you going to eat too, Peridot?"

"I already ate, you just finish up."

"Sorry I'm a little undressed for breakfast," I apologized.

"Oh please, Lapis," Peridot said as she pulled her apron off exposing her bare boobs, "I'm not even wearing a bra, dude, so no harm no foul!" We both shared a laugh and I sipped on my juice.

"So you asked, why I didn't run?"Peridot continued, "Why I didn't call for help?" I leaned over my now empty plate because it is a question that really interested me.

"I became 'breath-taken' when I first saw you, I knew you are special."

"You think so?" I asked.

"I do," Peridot pulled her chair closer to me, " I admit, I don't really have friends but ever since last night you became my first."

"How sincere, Peridot," I thought.

"Don't you consider me as I friend?" Peridot asked.

"Peridot, you do realize I'm here for a reason, do you?"

"Yeah I understand, you never told me exactly what you did that landed you in hot water," Peridot said.

I withheld. Looking down at my socks I spoke up, " I really don't want to get into it."

"But that's just it. And it really got me thinking, I could help you through this so you won't have to alone in this, we can do this together, I can help!"

"NO!" I said slamming my fist on the table startling Peridot, " I... I'm sorry, I just can't put you through this and really I don't want you to go through that, not for my friend."

She smiled and looked over her shoulder as we shared a moment of silence.

"There's really no helping my situation, Peridot."

Peridot stood up in front of me reaching a hand behind her to quickly remove a wedgie. Peridot hugged me, the type of hug where she nuzzled her chest against my face as she felt very still and also warm.

"That's what you think, Lapis," She said before giving a small kiss on my brow. "Oh Peridot," I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

"Follow me, there's a robe you can wear in my room," Peridot said. I nodded head in agreement and followed her up the stairs.

Our situation is very unprecedented; I mean before I came in this house I prepared for the absolute worst. You know, chaining some poor sucker up keeping the hostage on a short leash as I used their resources. Intimidating them with my gun and threatening to end their life if they ever made a run for it. But fuck, I'm starting to fall for a hostage who's head over heels with me. And it hasn't even been twenty-four hours yet.

We made it to her room again, Peridot passed me a sweet smelling robe. I immediately put it on and tied the ropes. Until I noticed it was very small due to the really high midriff.

"Umm, it does not fit dude." I groaned.

"HA! Sorry, it is the only one I have and I don't mind the view" She said and winked.

"Peridot, you are awfully cheeky," I said

"I try to be, anyways did you want to watch me while I play my game?" She took out a game controller switching on her flat screen. I noticed 2 devices on her desk.

"What are these?" I asked holding them. She gave one look at them, then turned back to turn on her console. "Oh, those are old baby monitors in case I needed extra batteries for my controller," Peridot said.

"Oh okay, well I'm going to chill downstairs okay? I turned on the baby monitor and placed one behind her desk. I wanted to listen in on her, so she won't give away my position because she is not quite on my trusting aide just yet.

"Alright I will see you in a bit, Lapis," She said as I closed the door.

I walked to Peridot's mom's room, to receive the bag of electronics. I figured If I can get on Peridot's good side she can help me get a train ticket. I grabbed a laptop and walked back downstairs.

I turned on the baby monitor and placed it on the coffee table. All I heard is the usual gun sounds from any violent video game and the occasional rage that Peridot broadcasted. "She's really funny when she's screaming at kids on her game", I thought. Then after a while, the baby monitor fell silent. It has been distracting me, from searching for cheap train tickets.

I really don't have the slightest idea of what I'm going to do when I get off that train. Maybe, I'll find some drug cartel's that is in need of a good drug mule. A girl can dream, I guess. Then, I found a cheap ticket that boards next Saturday for a very low price, upon finding it I bookmarked it.

"mMmMMM," said the baby monitor. What the fuck is that? I picked up the baby monitor and turned the knob to raise the volume. Another powerful moan came from the other end, "Is she? Playing with herself? My curiosity really peaked and I had to go see for myself.

Reaching Peridot's room her bedroom door is cracked open a quarter away. I became as quiet as a church mouse, but nothing was louder than my jaw hitting the floor. Peridot had her genitals pointed right at me. As one of her pillows covered her face, her small fingers danced around the edges of her pink slit as her thumb prodded her winking opening. I never saw Peridot like this, I mean it's only been a day, I felt my heart pound faster than usual.

I felt particularly sexy at this moment, my finger's hooked onto my jeans letting them slide down to my ankles. As I, unraveled her robe I look back in awe at her performance, she's going so fast it looked like she was scrubbing a stain from a dirty carpet. With two fingers, I pressed up against my panties letting a moan escape and looking back up to see if she caught me. She didn't, Peridot is still going to town on herself, her ass made her juice sink into to the bed. So fucking hot. I touched myself more, shifting my underwear to the side I began to ride my own finger. Bitting, my lip to conceal my peeping, I look at Peridot who is looking good by the way, she's using both hands to stretch her own caverns. Giving me a nice view deep inside her own body.

Peridot is moaning really hard now, making me leak all over her hardwood floor. The level of sexual intimacy made my mind feel numb, as my pussy swallowed three of my fingers, I feel like I'm going to burst. Peridot beat me to it with a loud screech she burst her fluids all over her bed. "Oh my god she's a squirter" I whispered. Seeing Peridot's waterworks pushed me over the god damned edge. My orgasm came in three short bursts, It felt so nice I bit my lip and drew blood. I slipped away back downstairs after capturing a mental image of Peridot knocked out in bed.

When I came back downstairs, I hid the baby monitor under a pillow. Pulling up my jeans, I felt very relaxed as one does after cumming. I sulked back onto the couch and began to feel fatigued. I watched the ceiling turning black as my eyelids sank to the bottom of sleep.

Some hours later.

"Lapis my darling, wake up!" Peridot said causing me to roll off the couch in a daze. I look up to see Peridot feeling sorry by reaching a hand out for me. I grabbed her and sat back onto the couch.

"What's going on?" I ask I would've thought the police were right at the door causing me to stumble like that but judging by the smile she always gave, that is not the case.

"Nothing, really I just wanted to see what toppings you like?"Peridot said.

"Pizza?" I ask and she nodded her head. I handed her phone back and gave her a look to not call anybody else. She reads me like a book, she knows I'm hungry, but courteous to ask for my favorite topping. As I handed her phone I decided to push tension away and grazed the back of her hand sensually and whispered,

"Extra Cheese"

Peridot shuddered, and regained her composure within the minute before saying, "Right away." Peridot calls a local pizza place. I've begun to notice, to how fun it is flirting with my hostage, she's shy and revealing at the same time. I wonder why she doesn't have friends or a lover for that matter. "Maybe, I could stay..." I halted that thought from finishing, knowing I can't stick around for too long. It's just I haven't felt this special in a really, really, really long time and it could get easy to become addicted.

Peridot sat back on the couch, I look at a blinded window broadcasting a pink hue from outside that tells me it's the end of this day. I look at Peridot reaching for the TV remote, "So Camp Pining Hearts?" she asked me. I blushed because I remembered myself saying we needed to watch together. We shared some brief eye contact, I look down at her and said, "Sure"

Peridot smiled, "You don't mind if you... I don't know...seeing that were on a couch and I didn't know if it was your thing really." Peridot said nervously with her arm on her head. I knew exactly what she wanted to do. I stood up and took her robe off because it might chafe, I'm still in my panties and so was she.

I laid on the couch, I grabbed Peridot by the hand for her to lay on the couch with me. Now, all spooned up it felt rather nice, I can feel her soft skin shake as I rested my hand on her stomach.

"You can read me like a book, Lapis." She nuzzled her head closer to my chest to feel my heart race.

"I was going to say that too," We laughed and Peridot pressed play.