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The universe is random. A lesson I've been given the hard way. Although, every now again I welcome chaos' savory embrace because a life with routine is not worth living.

Leading up to this whirlwind of bad decisions wasn't much to write about. So uneventful it would be to dull for NPR standards. Redundantly, a book about the fucked up shit amiss the chaos does sound rather appealing.

"I've gotten so far from the cage" I whispered.

I had my experiences with mental cages so jail is not an option for me. The law could be right on my heels waiting to catch me while my pants are down. Knowing what I've heard from pop culture, I will not last in jail. I'm quite tall so likely I will become someone's trophy jail wife bitch.

No way.

Fearing imprisonment only fueled my fire on this chase. Even at first, I promised to never get tied down to one spot. Always move like a shark.

So why am I in a coat closet with my panties clung to my knees?

A certain short blonde temptress came to mind, searching for answers. Well, I guess I wouldn't group her in the temptress category. Nonetheless, Peridot still managed to find her way beneath my skin.

Not to mention my fingers finding their way into her guts.

Her timid yet yearning appeal pleased all senses. Those goofy glasses hovering above rose-tinted cheeks completing her tight fun sized figure.

At first impressions, her vibe landed innocently. During tonight's 'explorations' her aura spiked into a sinful nature.

I must have made quite an impression on my new girlfriend. Proof could be found spattered all over her living room table. I mean I finger stroked Peridot back into the stone ages as she slurred her speech. Caused my fingers to prune as if I been washing dishes for four hours in a span of five minutes.

"Showtime I guess" Peridot whined.

I picked up on her nervous speech. This is her first test of a sexually charged exhibition. I need to know whether Peridot is serious about our previously stated agreement. Honestly, I wouldn't care if she backed out of it.

I will never belittle her, without her consent of course. Only comfort her. If she doesn't have it in her, I'll know and so will she.

Goes without saying, knowing she tried her best.

"Knock 'em dead girl!" Assuring in hopes of confidence.

Through the closet shutters, I starred at her perky butt shuffle towards the front door. I moved a few coats around as well as a few shoes searching for that sweet spot of comfort to enjoy the voyeur.

The coat room became hot. Too hot in fact, but my eyes never left Peridot's ass. Subtly found my fingers gripping on my mound when the hem of my panties hugged my knees.

The sensation of the course fabric gliding down my slippery sweating thighs caused my legs almost fail. It caused me to do a quick shimmy, throwing the underwear onto the floor.

I wondered if the lack of airflow of the closet or the impromptu trial of my submissive that created sudden waves towards a special mound betwixt my thighs. Everything just radiated around me and made my body cry out in desperation.

Back to the spectacle before me. I could hear Peridot's faint exhale from the closet. I bent over for better look by arching my back causing my ass to hang in the air.

Her hand gripped the doorknob. A slight twist to the right matched with a full twist to the left. Freeing the door from its hinge swinging it open.

#AFRO# Stop! At this very moment, only one of two scenarios could become reality. In certain stories, certain characters face certain dilemmas that could change their very fate they hold certain.

In one scenario our naked Peridot could answer the door and reveal herself to the pizza delivering Pearl.

Once Pearl marvels at nervous pudding Peridot wearing her birthday suit. She just might be getting more than extra cheese.

Or... she backs out. Now, this idea is problematic in Peridot's mind. She doesn't want to upset her dominatrix tonight by chickening out on her very first request. Peridot would face the shame of defeat when she puts on clothes. Then spend a night having a quiet dinner with the lovely Lapis.

Thus labeling her own self a coward.

That's why this chapter is called "Catch 22"


My breath hiked. As if the situation couldn't get any hotter for me, Peridot knew the delivery girl on a first name basis.

Being extra careful not give my position away I pressed my brow gently against the shutters.

"Well, this is quite the surprise. Is this part some sexy impulsive driven grand scheme of yours? How did you know where I worked, did you google my number or something?" Pearl asked.

"I uh...you, me I-I uh..." Peridot babbles like an idiot while backing away from the door.

Umm okay? I've gathered all the evidence to say that Peridot doesn't know her that all. She might be a risk to my involvement. If that's the case I need to keep my wits so I pulled my panties up to rain check playtime. Again.

That's when that girl stepped inside. Totally uninvited.

"I've gotta say..." Pearls said slamming a box of pizza on a nearby table, "this is the best tip any customer has ever given to me."

Instantly this random stranger sweeps Peridot off her feet and carries her into the living room out of sight. The irony hurts.

Then I heard a familiar thud against the couch accompanied moans followed by mini wet smacks of hungry mouths. They're making out.

"This couch is pretty damp, did you warm up without me?" Pearl said.

She's not wrong. To be honest this whole scenario worked out better when I birth it on the spot. I envisioned some twenty something guy gawking at Peridot's nakedness. He would hand her the pizza, no questions asked. Giving him a story to tell his friends.

This ordeal, however, turned unprecedented. I lost all control of the situation the second Miss "Pizza Pearl" strolled through the house. Now her hands are all in my cookie jar and I didn't have dinner yet.

I mean the only worst possible outcome I foresaw was the delivery guy grabbing his crotch. Pearl took it a whole step forward by getting a handful of my hostage.

I should've had my gun ready, but no time waiting around before this escalates.

Slipping out of the closet I made sure not to make the slightest bit of noise. With my back to the wall, I quickly stole peek into the living room.

I see the new girl straddling Peridot. In a full liplock. Peri is facing away from where I am standing. On the other side of the couch is where I left my backpack.

Pearl disconnected her lips by jerking her body up. I immediately snapped back behind the wall for cover hoping to God she didn't see me.

"Let me get this shirt off, it reeks of garlic." Pearl unbuttons.

This is a better time than any to get behind the couch once she's distracted. The gun is in the kitchen, but it holds no rounds. The ammunition is actually in my backpack. I mean I could wave around an empty gun to scare off 'Pearl' but I might need intent.

Better safe than sorry knowing she's stealing what's so rightfully mine.

Pearl flipped her shirt over head obstructing her sight, revealing an expensive frilly salmon colored bra. With grace, I ran quietly towards the back of the couch lying face down on the floor.

Then Pearl stood up and it made me scooch even closer. Sounds of her clamoring with her belt buckle, seeing her pants drop on the floor. It's a high couch. Pearl jumped back onto the couch and Peri began moaning once more.

Army crawling on this hardwood is not great for my elbows. My skin was still wet, now more than ever, so much a squeak got made from my thighs. I stopped again to shuffle to the opposite end of the couch. I now get an eyeful of the real life but yet stereotypical cheap porno scene awaiting me.

So I find Pearl eating out Peridot basically. Well 'eating out' might be the understatement of the night. I mean the way this Pizza girl performed oral is very audible, so much that I could've just walked to my bag. If you were in the other room with no idea what's happening you would've sworn someone is chewing gum rather obnoxiously.

Phenomenal I must say. Pearls even in a full arch having her coral colored panties wiggle in delight.

Peridot is a big moaning mess and obviously loving every lap and pull. Her eyes were shut tight while mouthing wide open with blonde locks matted on her forehead. Looking like she's about to burst through the seems.

Then our very eyes met. Her own went wider than my own when she sees me near my bag and gave a noticeable gasp.

"Mmph...my bad 'dot I don't know my own strength. I'll slow the tempo." Pearl states.

Peri nodded at her and rose her legs back towards the ceiling when Pearl dives back in.

Peridot looked back to my way and noticed me pulling out a box ammunition along with the very handcuffs I contained her in. I held them close to the chest to muffle both noisy items.

I took a final glance at Peridot. She adorably mouths the words 'I'm sorry'. I gave her a smile and a single finger to my lips following the universal sign for being quiet.

"You need to (unintelligible) wait, I t-think it's time to stop"

"Why Peri I was just getting started"

"It's not safe here for you. Heed this warning you got to go."

"Okay when?"

"Like now!"

" Don't female blue ball me now, I still need -" Pearl fell silent. I interrupted her with my gun to her temple, her eyes darted to me.

"You should've listened," I said forcing the barrel harder motioning her off Peri. She threw her hands up while sitting away from Peri.

Pearl became nervous and started to visibly shake uncontrollably. "Hey, I know you...you're that girl from the news they're looking for."

My grip tightened. She recognized me just like that. I know I couldn't let her leave this house. She'll bring the authorities and come in between my plans of true freedom. I have no other option.

With a wind up I slammed my pistol into her head as hard as I could. The force was hard enough for her topple off the couch like that, rendering her unconscious.

"Oh, My STARS" Peridot screamed. She's frantic like an ant in distress. "You knocked her out, dude" My reaction rendered her breathless. "what are we gonna do? This is too real right now, I can't do this, I just can't"

I grabbed a hold of her. "Peri calm down, please. She was going to snitch if I didn't do that. I need you to pull yourself together for what I'm about to ask you to do next.

Like a previously barking puppy who has been told stop, Peridot composed herself. "There was no other way, well there was but I'm not sure you would've been too keen on it. I kept it as humane as possible."

Peridot nodded. "What are we gonna do with her?" She pointed at Pearl.

" She's gonna wake up soon, I will deal with that when she does."

I walked over to her discarded pants and fished her car keys out her front pocket. "Is there space in the garage?"


"Good, then I'm gonna need you to pull her car in there, okay?"

Peridot nodded. I saw a concerning tear fall from her left eye.

"Hey, Peridot this isn't your fault honey. I'm the one who made you do this. The last thing I ever wanted you to do is to take the blame for this incident" pulling her into a hug as she nuzzles between my bra. She looks up with a glassy stare and we kissed.

"Alright hurry now." With that being said I handed her the keys and she trotted out the front door.

Everything is going a mile a minute. As I starred down at the half naked girl I began to contemplate. She might wake up soon so I'll have to act fast.

Pearl's slender frame is very light when I hoisted her over my shoulder. I sat her at the kitchen table. Handcuffing through the chair made her head fell right on the on the table.

I collected my thoughts to see how this is going to play out. If she wakes up I'm going to need her to answer a few questions now that she's going to be kept here against her will. In a few days maybe even hours they are going to start looking for her, so I'll make her disable her phone just to buy more time.

Her ginger like hair started to move as she let loose a soft whine. Her hand clutched her acing forehead nursing the blow I gave her. She looked up at me in a confused daze. A noticeable red mark could be seen.

"You didn't have to that," Pearl said. She looked at her left-hand learning she's being restrained to the chair, "Or this."

"I didn't have to do a lot of things. But I'm not the one here who can't keep it in her pants."

"Where are your pants?" Pearl asked.

"I didn't need them until an uninvited guess arrived" I sat down at the table across from her. "No more questions out of you, now I want answers."

I placed the gun on the table. A real intimidation move as I see her eyes land in a noticeable gulp.

"So. You know who I am and what I did correct?"

"Yeah. Actually, I learned about it in the local news today. Now I get to meet the Star herself. Lucky me."

"I can deal without the 'sarc' honey. Remember it's in your best interest that you need to convince me not to bury you in the backyard."

"Sounds fair. How do you know my Peridot?"

"Excuse me?" I didn't like the way she worded that.

"You mean MY girlfriend?"

"Oh please. Two days ago she left a singles party, then ran into me screaming crippling loneliness."

"Well, things change."

"If memory serves, despite my possible brain numbing concussion. She told me she lived with her mom who told her to become socially active. Despite my advances beforehand, I was actually doing her a favor"

"Oh, such a Good Samaritan. I mean you basically force yourself onto her."

Pearl began to smile, the kind of smile that would piss you off.

"Well, she did show up to the door completely nude. I didn't hear a no, only raspy moans you could only hear from someone as timid as her."

"She's not a piece of meat, princess," I said and crossed my legs showing her that she's not getting to me.

"Then why are you here?" Pearl said. No lie that really stuck with me "Judging by your crass nature, you've taken Peridot hostage and exploited her passive nature for shelter and food. You called her your girlfriend because you don't want her ratting you out. So save me the trouble of high roading me, just for tonight.

I'm fuming. Who does this bitch think she is? With that being said I heard Peridot come through the door with sounds of the garage door closing.

Peridot jumped, "Oh you're awake."

"Not just awake Peridot, she's annoying."

Pearl spoke up, "No. Not just awake Peridot, I'm confused." Peridot sat at the table between us, she handed me Pearl's keys for a deed well dealt.

"It's in there, just as instructed." Peridot cried. Peridot fumbled under the table with an object. "I also found this in her cup holder"

Peridot handed me a wad of bills mostly singles and fives with bigger bills on top.

"What the fuck?" Pearl distraughtly shook her cuffs, "Those are MY tips!"

"Well looks like our Pizza is free tonight, good work babe." I patted her on the top of the head like a cheesy anime trope. She blushed at me.

"Peridot you can't do this! I've earned that money and people are going to come looking for me."

"That's what you think. When we met you said you lived alone, and I just texted your manager saying to clock you out. Since the pizza company you work for uses an app for credit card purchases you won't need to be cashed out." Peridot placed her phone on the table. My eyes went wide at this smart cookie. Pearl's face went red in frustration.

Interesting enough how she covered bases in a span of five minutes. Very impressive indeed.

"I don't believe this. What are you gonna do to me?" Pearl asked me.

That's a good question. I need to keep a close eye on her, I can't allow her to leave this place until I'm far away.

"Okay. Here's the rub Pearl. At the end of the week, I will cut you loose. But for the next five days, you are staying put."

"You can stay in the guest room!" Peridot added, "The doorknob locks on the outside, my mom and I don't entertain a lot of company so we never fixed it."

"That's concerning," Pearl said.

"You sure it's safe for her?" I asked

"Yeah, there's no windows, even a bathroom."

"Then it's a done deal! Let's get her in there."

With Peridots help, we moved Pearl upstairs to the guest room. I checked the knob and humorously it does lock from the outside. The windowless room has a single bed with a television complete with a bathroom.

Pearl sat on the bed, I took her cuffs off but still held my gun tight if she tries anything.

"Peridot," I said.

"Yes, Lapis?"

"Would you be a dear and get my bag and pizza from downstairs and get ready for bed."

"Of course." Peridot ran out of the room.

I looked down at Pearl. She is still half-naked from her escapades with my Peridot. Her ensemble complimented her slim ballerina like form, her chest wasn't as full as mine but surpasses Peridot.

"Yeah, I get it. I know I'm adorable." Pearl's use of sarcasm irked me.

"Not too adorable for a bullet," I said.

"Nights' not over yet hun" Pearl laid back in bed managing to get comfortable in her new bed. "Get the light for me on your way out."

I went back to Peridot's room. She was on her knees stuffing her face with pizza. Half of it was already devoured by her and pizza sauce stuck to her cheeks. Wondering how all that food went into to such a small package.

She looked up at me with her cheeks full of pizza. We stared at each other for a bleak minute until she broke into tears.

She ran up and clings to my midsection and starts balling.

"Lapis there are no words to describe how sorry I am for this, I mean she came on to me so hard that it put me in a state of confusion. I feel like we have a good thing going here and I threw it all way."

She wraps her arms around my waist in an attempt to apologize to me. Her display of affection is downright adorable to me, especially how close she is to my goods. I returned her hug the best way she could.

"I wouldn't worry about it, hun. It's that girl's fault. How do you know her by the way?"

Peridot sniffles, "She was that girl I told you about, you know the one who gave me her number."

It makes sense to see why she was frazzled about the whole situation now.

"But she means nothing me Lapis. She wasn't even better than you on the couch I swear."

I brought her back up to her feet giving her a long nice hug. "Why don't you get ready for bed for me?"

Peridot broke the hug and stole a quick kiss from me. "You're too good to me." She smiled. I left her back to her pizza. I left the room when it hit me that I forgot to lock Pearl's door before she sassed me out of the room. With no time to grab my gun from Peridot's room, I ran to the end of the hallway.

It is in fact unlocked, but when I opened it she was already fast asleep. She seemed a little too relaxed being a hostage or maybe she's just tired from delivering pizzas all day. Whatever it is I'm just glad she didn't slip away, with that being said I locked the door behind me.

After a much deserved hot shower, I began to reflect on today. Two hostages to contain, then at the end of the week to disappear on. First impressions with Pearl gave me a splitting headache, she's the one I really have to keep an eye on with her mind games.

I don't really have to worry about Peridot but it might hurt a little when I leave her for good. She will have to understand those good things won't last forever, right? I bet if we didn't agree to this sub/dom relationship she would still act the way she does being naturally submissive.

I vow to make this the best week of her life both emotionally and sexually. This is partly for me as well, I need to make it right this time around.

Back into Peridot's room, she fast asleep tucked into bed. Funny, I was going to allow her to bask in my bare form under my towel. I guess I'll just surprise her in the morning when she wakes up to me completely nude in bed.

After drying off I dropped my towel and climbed into bed next Peri. The way she slept calm, collected with mouth agape only made me worst that I have plans to abandon her. I gave her a kiss on the cheek as a sign of goodnight. I starred at the ceiling and pondered to myself.

"I can do this."

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