"Right this way, M'lady," Peridot told.

The full moon illuminates through the crowded overcast, lighting the path of the sidewalk. "I love the lake up here. This is my first time seeing it in the moonlight and I have to confess, I love it even more now," I commented.

As we walk to our destination our heads glued to the dark and shining lake adjacent to us. The thick fog settled over the body water due to the increase in humidity, until it was out of our line of sights.

"Okay this way," Peridot ordered and motioned a swaying hand for me to stop dragging my feet behind her.

We shared a seven-minute night walk up to Peridot's neighboorhood clubhouse where the community pool resides. We aren't here for a night dive per se, but a night dip in what Peridot describes as a recreational hot tub. I explained my confusion on the walk here, stating my case on why we had to walk all the way here to sit in some hot water when we could've saved a trip and sit in the bathtub at her house.

Which cost me a playful blow to the ribs while holding hands.

"Put your hoodie up, there are cameras at the entrance," Peridot advised and I followed her to the club gates.

Neighborhood clubhouses are always so flashy and this one has a palm tree in every direction. Also housing two pools one for recreation and a lap pool. Peridot waved a keycard towards a sensor on the gate with a red light transition to green when the magnetic lock disarmed.

Typical neighboorhood clubhouses are always so flashy being the crown staple of any suburbian hideaway. This one happens to be right on the money with a row of palm trees centered between a lap pool and another just for recreation.

"Doesn't seem like anyone's here," Peridot whispers.

"What about the gym? I noticed the light were on."

"Don't worry about them, they won't bother us tonight," she said grabbing my hand once again, "It's to our left, Lazuli."

"Roger that! Lead the way."

I'm starting to feel better seeing Peridot warm back up to me by revealing small portions of affection like hand holding. Glad to see her in a better mood than before. After that whole snafu with Pearl, I could sense she still feels bummed out about it, even after proposing the first date idea. I really had to beat myself up about it when no one else could, knowing fully well I broke her heart and made things much worst then they needed to be.

Peridot needed space after discussing where our relationship stands. Asking for her seclusion in that weird shaded area beyond her backyard, I complied and went back inside. But, that burning question still floundered in my mind, how does she feel about this? Peridot stayed out there for a half hour, I watched her through the living room window watching her hold her face. I got my answer and I deserve all the displeasure in the world for it, not her.

She practically saved my life, willingly and I misused her trust. I practically had to tear myself away from the window.

Later, Peridot returned inside with puffy eyes catching me scarf down the subpar pancakes she got me. She came in unnoticed on my part after shutting the door, startling me to the point of choking on the thick griddlecake. I was reduced to a gagging mess that seemed to fly over Peri's head.

"It's okay Lapis keep eating. I'm going to bring this one to Pearl and I'll join you in a minute," she said in a monotone voice I've never heard her use before.

I reach a hand out to the remaining bag of food, Peridot snatches it away, "don't worry yourself, I got it," she said sternly and gave me an unfamiliar look. She grabbed a breakfast platter with a plastic spork and exited the kitchen.

When she was out of sight, I ran under the sink faucet to position my mouth under the spout to take in as much water needed to clear my airways.

"Peridot's so far gone she didn't notice me kissing death on the temple," I said to myself and I don't blame her in the slightest. I could've washed it down with orange juice but my unfaithful actions landed the juice to soak in Peridot's bedroom carpet.

After finishing breakfast for lunch, I ran upstairs to see Pearl sleeping away in the guest bed. Probably knocked out from the sex we had. Then I started to feel lingering shame having knowledge that Peridot had to have uncuffed her and escorted her to this room. No one should have to help the strange woman who just fucked your girlfriend out of their own bed.

I walked towards Peridots room to find her stripping the sheets and comforter off of the bed.

"Oh, peridot you don't have to..."

"Oh, I kinda have to! You two left enough evidence to ruin my linens," with two arms holding her bedding, she lifts it all up with one swoop and walked towards me standing in the doorway, "But if you really feel sorry, you would carry those pillows for me."

I nodded and she walked out prompting me to follow but not without those pillows.

Doing the laundry with peridot really helped me break the ice again after making some dumb joke about tide pods causing her to snort in laughter. I always seemed to forget the nonsexual pleasure she gives me during the simplest things, her laughter is the reason why my heart beats the way that it does.

"Okay, Lapis prepare to feast your eyes on the most relaxing night of your life," with yet another swipe of a card Peridot leads me into a tile covered room with an in-ground hot tub sitting in the center.

"I already am," I said taking offense to her sarcastic eye roll. With yet another swipe of her keycard, she opens the door and leading me in.

My eyes grew, "Woah," I mumble viewing a marble tile covered room with a single in-ground tub sitting dead center and a showerhead for pre-cleaning also a few padded benches hugging the walls. "You were not kidding," I mentioned, "this does look rather relaxing."

The feeling of being right boosted Peridot's ego and visibly pleases her, she locks the door behind us. "You couldn't miss this next part!" Peridot reaches over to the wall on the other side of the door, to a dial that dims the facility lights hanging above us.

"What the hell! Romantic lighting for a public hot tub? Are you sure you even want to get in there? I mean what if someone before us had already USED it?" I ask.

Peridot releases her grip on me to present a lone finger on my lips, "Shhh...this is a place of restoration remember? How could anyone ^restore with fluorescent lighting blasting them in the face? Besides," Peridot reaches over to a button labeled 'jets' activating the water making it bubble vigorously, "the tub is calling our names, we better go see what she wants."

"HA! You're a complete riot tonight, I love it." My hoodie landed on a nearby bench. Shimmying out of my shorts and flipping my white tee overhead wanting to give Peridot a show by revealing my royal blue two-piece. I kept this old thing around when I had to sneak into commercial gyms just to use the showers. All Peridot had to do was take off her shorts, that's it...her shorts and did it in such an unaware sexual fashion that's getting kind of hard to believe by the second. She bears a single toned yellow one piece that left very little to the imagination. Her suit really goes with her personality, stable yet flexible, also accentuating her every curve of a meek tight body.

Peridot pushes the envelope even further as she bends over in front of me revealing a deep and pesky bathing suit wedgie after peeling her shorts off. I bit my lip in afterthought catching what she's about to do next, holding my praise would soon dissipate watching her dig inside the fabric to release the suit's hold followed by a loud anchoring snap on her ass.

"Holy stars," I whisper catching Peridot's attention.

"Sorry, what was thaaa...?" She twirled around becoming breathless getting her first gander at my attire.

Peridot stepped a bit closer than before. "You look lovely in that," I praised making her fluster beneath me. Peridot looked down to her toes and said, "It's nothing special really, just my old high school swim uniform. I used to practice here every day so it's a little... worn out. Unlike your ensemble."

"You swam in high school?"

"I sure did, second place in the entire district for the 100 breaststrokes."

More laughter peered out of me than I wanted, I didn't mean to offend her with my fit so I brought a hand up to hide my rogue smile.

"What's so funny? That was a big deal around these parts," Peridot demanded.

I quickly regained my composure, "I'm sorry. Really I am, it's just I pictured your head bobbing in and out of the water racing other girls doing the same. The image was really funny when I pictured it in mind, you had to be there."

"Comical. You ruined the moment and gotten a laugh out of my expense," She faces away from me with her arms crossed in annoyance.

"How many laps is a full 100?" I ask.

"Four laps...Lapis."

"I'm sorry I need a moment..." I began to tear up, " I wish I could've seen you in action in this old, but airtight onesie," I snapped one of her shoulder straps causing her to seize her back into an arch, "It's really doing it for me."

Peridot turned around playfully with an appreciating smile, "C'mon Lazuli lets not let the tub wait any longer for us."

During the initial first few minutes of tubbing, I got right inside with zero hesitation. Peridot, however, paced herself with one leg in and the other cooling tubside. We began conversating. We recalled an episode from CPH when the tribes were competing for hot tub privileges. Then things got personal,

"Of course, it does mean a lot that you are here with me. I mean, I would be afraid of coming in here alone with the risk of weirdos wanting some tub time."

I laughed, "you don't bother to lock the door?"

"When the timer ends the door unlocks along with it so people can have a chance to soak."

"So you would causally soak then wiggle yourself out just for more time that's hilarious,"

"That's why you're here hun I'm running a long con,"

"Wait a minute! I'm only here to be your doorwoman, what warranted that demotion?"

That's when our cheerful vibe vanished and things got tense as we shared a slice of awkward moment pie. In a weird way, my flirting reminded us both that our relationship was not the same as it was yesterday. Like a demotion, almost. Peridot finally submerges herself, even lower than me. Up to her nose getting her body acclimated with the hot water.

Before our trip to the jacuzzi, we shared a long conversation about our freshly crippled entanglement, after the laundry was done.

"You really hurt me today, Lapis."

"I know. I feel bad about it," I explained, "also a little bit gross."

"Likewise. Let's say I came home ten minutes later than before and didn't catch you two in the act, would you have told me?"

I thought long and hard about her hypothetical question, "Yes, yes I would. In respect for your feelings, I just thought I'd never been in that situation before. I should've reached out and may be called or texted you beforehand?"

Peridot's face became too red for nature's standards,4 "Text me to fuck Pearl? wHAT KIND OF SHIT-! Okay, before I say something I will regret I'm going off the Pearl topic...for now. I need to explain to you how I feel."

I leaned in closer.

"When I caught you in bed with Pearl, in an instant I felt like I became completely obsolete to you and not in a subservient way. In a lousy way, that's why I attacked Pearl because I felt like you were going to run away with her leaving me in the dust."

I hang my head in shame in front of her. I could've shared so many reassuring words, but I kept my silence.

"Do you still like me?" Peridot asked beginning to tear up. Something inside myself told me right then and there to take the leap and simply say: I love you, but a louder part of me reserved that luxury for now.

"Of course, I still like you Peridot. My feelings for you haven't changed," I reach out to caress her shoulder, she had to wipe a stray tear away with a warm smile.

"Then you will be pleased to know that I am a firm believer in second chances, to a fault even. So I forgive you." Peridot sat up from the couch to indent her meaningful words, "Because I love you Lapis."

I felt like crying, Overwhelmed by joy with the nice feeling of relief. I gleefully hopped over the couch for a surprise embrace. "STOP it! I- ah...ohh." Peridot managed to shriek from every kiss I peppered along her face, the nape of her neck, then to her awaiting lips. She held my face in the palm of her hands ending my loving assault.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Peridot! I will not let you down I promise!" I thanked.

"Just promise me this, never ever cheat on me again!" I nodded my head in agreement and she pulled me back in for a tongue-numbing kiss.

We bathed in silence for a spell, becoming more worried by the minute that I ruined our first date by mistakingly bringing up my unfaithful nature. I had to be sure.

"Still raw?" I ask.

"Oh yes, still too raw for my tastes. I'll have to slow cook this pot roast?"

"Umm, what?" I ask, then I felt her feet brush against my legs as she was sitting across from me. I feel the pads of her feet sensually caress my thighs. Her metaphor made more sense by the second and from what I gathered she's going to prolong her teasings right back into my pants. Or in this case, my swim bottoms.

Her smile dipped into the bubbling water. Struggling her short legs to explore the insides of my thighs. Making the most contact, scrambling her toes to hit certain nerve endings causing me to stir below.

I don't have the heart to comment on how goofy she looks stretching her entire body like this, but her feet feel wonderful like it was her family's running secret move. I began to gasp harder each time her toes inched closer to my covered mound, so much that I'm quietly begging for it. I sunk into the tub a bit more hoping for some more friction of her sinful touch until she pulls away completely.

"Don't get greedy, Lazuli! You remember what greed does to you?" Peridot asked.

"Yes," I said sounding defeated.

"Then sit back up for me hun." Peridot orders.

Silencing my whines for burning pleasure, I sat right back up and like a magnet her toes return to my lap area. Our dynamic has become upside down leaving me to fill the 'needy little bitch' roll who will stop at nothing to scream her partner's name in sexual agony.

Her feet painted the insides of my thighs for a while now. I'm starting to think that our location is not a coincidence, she figured out how amourous I get when near water. That explains why she confessed her love to me in the shower earlier today. So it would make sense to have makeup sex surrounded in a tub filled with my most effective aphrodisiac.

Coming off a whimpering fit, "You must really like my legs, huh?" I commentated.

"You could say I LOVE them, in fact. They're very long and toned and beautiful. Also, I'm a huge fan of what they hold in between."

Her toes swam closer edging my bikini line I call out her name, "PERI.." a quick swipe of her toe on my loins was enough to stiffen my grip along the tile borders just for a second. Then melt like butter in the afterthought of pain.

"That was a little much don't you think?" I ask collecting my hair into a loose ponytail.

Peridot shrugs, "You can afford it, besides the way you just screamed my nickname got me really hot."

"I bet, you could've-, then the jets all around us switched off making the water clear as day exposed Peridot's fingers knuckle deep into her swimsuit. I look at her with brave familiarity, she not only kept massaging her lubricated area but gave me smile when the bubbles stopped.

"You're up doorwoman," Peridot chuckled.

"As you wish babe," I waded to the edge until Peridot grabbed me my by the hips with her feet pulling me back.

"Not without doing this," Peridot said followed by the gripping of my swim bottoms she untied them with her feet and I began to blush as they floated to the top now you can turn the jets off.

"You're getting cheeky tonight," With one foot I hopped out.

"Well, it just got cheeky now that you're the only one nude," she sat back with folded arms behind her head taking in the view of my ass no doubt.

"Which dial is it," I ask switching the first dial causing the overhead speakers to transmit smooth R&B to play, "Okay this place is weird."

"I'm not saying that that was the right button, but I'm also saying it's not the wrong one either. I'm loving the ambiance now. It's the button below that," Peridot pointed.

I locked the door back after seeing the bubbles return, earning a responsive sigh from the shorter girl. Giving into my impulsiveness, I took a running start and jumped into the tub in cannonball fashion.

"Nice plunge, my locks will thank you now," Peridot commented at the splash I made. I probed my head from the water in a similar hippo style, then rising up to her face level. With her now drenched hair, she whips it right on my nose and giggled. Just like she mentioned, and the ear filling music did fill a certain ambiance that works like a charm as our faces continue to fill the pocket of air between us.

Peridot became the first victim of our shared lust as she is the first to give in to the tension by pushing our lips together in an open-mouthed impact. Her tongue ventured in parts of my mouth that have never been reached by any other human being. There's a hunger behind her movements as we continued making out, taking full advantage of the dominant position she is fulfilling tonight. Peridot's hands traveled along my slick body, from my jaw and neck for support, leaving afterward down lower to my stomach and back relieving the soreness from that hard splash I took, then to my ass and privates turning my bones into jelly.

A low throaty moan released using my whole chest and Peridot swallows my whines one by one. I noticed our kiss is becoming more wetter than usual, as she pulls away and dives back in for more. Leaving strands on strands connected to our lips in our messy session.

I'm not the girl to complain about a wet situation, but her sudden rude nature shined when she pushes me back to the spot I was in prior before getting out, rendering me breathless.

"Toe...yourself to this spot, Lapis. My ten pals and here aren't finished with you just yet," Peridot gestured to her feet and winked in a pervasive manner.

"Oh I get it, toe yourself, that's something. Are you going to work that sweet foot magic you are suddenly so crazy abou-"

I was silenced once again but not by a finger, as she rose her leg to place a toe right on my bare lips, "Shhh...all that and more, my love. Now, sit back and give me a taste," she said with a smile."

I focused on her big toe wagging in my face, I did a double take just to see if she is serious or not. Peridot's awaiting expression shows no change, waiting on my slobber filled answer.

Well, there's a first time for everything, I guess.

With closed eyes and a quick swipe of my tongue on her toe left her in awestruck. Gathering the taste of tub water on her raw skin and it wasn't terrible as I feared. Suddenly, Peridot shoves her entire toe into my mouth making me gag only slightly at first. Applying added pressure by sucking caused her to squirm and giggle, "I did not expect it to tickle this much!" she added. I smile rolling my tongue all around her, snapping her head back, "Fuck! You're so good at this!"

Who knew this little shut-in has a few kinks under her belt, she surprises me every day in her own little ways. I took things up a notch further, coating the tiny spaces between her toes with saliva, then taking in three at once making Peri's neck roll.

Peridot bit down on her knuckle after her moans became more vocal than the music playing. Hopefully, no one would come running in here hearing sounds of distress, "You must ahh...really like my feet, huh?"

I paused my suckling with her toes in deep, I took them out with a wet pop, "Like 'em? I love 'em!"

"Then you are going to love this baby!"

I could barely make out her unattended foot wading around through the bubbles until popping out like Jason. Suddenly, a pinch on my right nipple with her lefty sent a sharp electric shock, tearing a high whine coming from the pit of my stomach.

Her foot's grip released and rubbed the now hardened nub to make up for the rough nature.

"You've never been wrong before, I obviously had fun with that."

Her smug expression washed over my lover's face, "and don't you forget it!" she retorted. After much gloating, I began to suck on her toes to stop her from doing so, I felt them wiggle around and play with my tongue. Her lefty continued to play by gyrating under my bust making them jiggle in for her viewing pleasure.

"Such a healthy chest my girlfriend has," I began to blush harder at her sing-song words, "That makes me the lucky ducky of the pond, don't you agree?

"Mmmph...hmmm!" I answered with my mouthful. Her foot did not relent as she continued to knead the flesh and mashing my nipple back into the sheath, causing me to drool among her.

When my mouth wasn't occupied with her dogs, her feet would saunter below to my breasts to fondle them in unison. Patting them down as flat as pancakes and gripping them with such valor that it's harder to keep quiet. Now more than ever as I felt my body become more excited watching her feet dip below the surface. First, greeting my naked hips with a few strokes of the skin, then grinding her calloused feet to meet at my pelvis, kissing the tuft of hair.

"I believe this is where you wanted me?" Peridot circles around my mound like a shark after prey.

"Yes!" I felt my body seize into itself, "I've been fiending for your touch for the longest time, now,"

Peridot happily hummed to herself, watching every desperate expression she produced out of me. Her hunger shines once more, her toe slips downward making light contact with my clit, nuzzling it about with the softest implications.

My hips rocked against her loving touch, catching myself in a sense of pleading behavior. I blame the heat of the water. The steam is clogging my system making me appear drowsy.

"Begging is more like it, I mean look how wet you are."

Peridot's bad joke reeled me back to reality, "You realize we are in the water, right?"

"Perhaps. Only one way to find out."

"What did you have in mind."

"Open up for business."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me," Peridot said in a more serious tone and I was taken back.

I contemplated on this while appearing to think in front of her. I figured that maybe this one of those scenarios that come off a bit odd, but when I try it I'll eat my words. Still...

Her toes left my genitals, "It's okay Lapis. I didn't expect you to go that far. Let's just keep it light and go home," Peridot suggested.

A honeypot if I ever saw one and it's begging to work. I'm dying to get back deep on her good side again and I don't see myself succeeding by chickening out.

"No! I'm not saying no, I mean I am saying no, not to count the first no meaning yes. What I'm saying is not no, exactly," Ramble, ramble, ramble; very smooth Lapis, "Let me start over."

I rose my butt out of the rumbling water, standing full frontal for Peridot's confused looking face.

I took her heel and placed it on the side step underwater. I gave her a long look, I can see Peridot catching on to my act with a simple grin. I lowered my body in line with Peridot's foot towards my opening.

Her big toe finally kisses my outer lips, I swirl my flesh over it bracing myself for impact. With a now confident yet cautious look, I rubbed her toe around the clitoral area and biting my lip from the pure stimulation.

"You want to find out how wet you make me?" I ask in my amorous tone.

Not a verbal answer on Peridot's behalf, yet an obedient nod was all I needed for my descent.

However, my arrival was a bit miscalculated, I audibly cringed in moderate pain when her toenail nipped my sensitive flesh.

"Are you okay?!" Peridot worries.

"I can..." with more careful precision I guided her toe to complete the probe of my opening, "...AFFORD it." Now her whole big toe slid inside me with much ease letting loose a dank whine at Peridot's surprise.

I began to move against her, well bouncing is a much more fitting description. Shifting all my weight to my lowest center of gravity to capture the most penetration possible. Peridot matched my spastic movements just to work me into oblivion.

Peridot is shown progressively more turned on with every thrust, her shoulder straps fallen limp as she begins to play with her own boobs, tugging on each nipple like four-day-old bandages.

Seeing her horny like this pushed me further nearing that blissful edge. A lot more thrusts later and I ended up a moaning mess, "Peridot, I think I'm going to cum soon," I breathily said.

"Please allow me," He toe departed. Peridot swims over to land a quick kiss. I took it as a thank you for participating in her carnal desires, "I need you to lay back and use all of your focus towards cumming for me. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like a perfect plan if there ever was one." Her dominant behavior impresses me, as it should because she learns from the best.

"Glad to hear it," She assists my position to become slouched halfway in the water and swims back over to the original side.

Her foot returns, but not right back inside my pussy where I wanted her. Her single toe just massages the pink flesh, submitting us right back into the dreaded teasing stage.

"Goddamit, Peri!"

"What's the issue, Lapis?"

"Like you don't already know my frustration. You can't say those...things and forfeit your word like that."

"I see...but what should I do about that?"

"As if you don't the answer by now."

"I think I have the idea, but to make sure we are on the same page I need to hear you say it, Lapis," She wants me to beg for it and it's working. I closed my eyes and replied,


"Please...what Lapis?"

"Please fuck me Peridot," My plea eans me a few circular rubs around my hardened bud, moaning midstroke.

"Fuck you how? We share the same anatomy."

"Please fuck me with your big toe, Peridot. I need you back inside me I'm dying over here!"

"Hmmm...an odd request, but I'll comply just this once."

And comply she did, with a vengeance too. She jams herself past my lips and out with rising intensity. I screamed hard and whined harder than I ever had in my adult life. Using her whole knee into it to really thrust the living juice out of me. My breath hitched and my pussy started to ache. My neck bent back to the tiled floor when I felt my climax knocking on the gates. I unleashed the sharpest cry that compromised our position for sure, "I'm CUMMING PERI!"

And cum I did after she promptly removes her toe. Hard to admit her foot gave me body spasms, cold sweats and a fully discharged pussy releasing my essence into the water.

Then the bubbles stopped, Peridot swam back over to my position to hold me in her arms while I gathered my breaths.

"This was the best first date of my life!" I eagerly confided in her.

"What? Our first date is tomorrow evening, Lapis?"

Upon hearing her words I snapped out of postpartum bliss with wide eyes to look at Peridot's ironic smiling face.

"Wait...WHAT THE FUCK?!"