A Secret Of A Lifetime:

Chapter 2: "The Shock Of News Sinks In"

Author's Note: Hey guys. So here's chapter 2. Enjoy.

The next day, June 10th, 1995, D.J. woke up as she felt sick once again. Jumping out of her bed, she ran into the bathroom, shutting the door and then ran to the toilet, sitting down and then began to throw up. She groaned slightly.

"Ugh. This sucks like hell!" D.J. groaned as she wiped her mouth and stood up slightly. "I guess I have to get used to this for the next few weeks…"

She couldn't believe she was pregnant and having a baby. Becky set up an appointment for her. Her appointment was going to be Tuesday, June 13th and she was nervous as can be. Her stomach kept twisting and that made her feel sick to her stomach. She looked down at her belly, sighing and layed her hand on her belly.

"I love you, my baby. I'll always love you...No matter what happens, I'll be here for you." She sighed as she stood up, wiping her mouth and then brushing her teeth. She walked downstairs to the kitchen. D.J. walked to the table. "Good morning."

Danny smiled at his daughter. "Good morning, Deej."

Becky looked at her niece. "How are you feeling, Deej?"

D.J. smiled. "I'm okay…"

Danny looked back at his daughter. "You're not feeling too well? Everything okay?"

D.J. nodded. "Yeah, everything is fine. I'm fine…"

Joey looked at her. "Are you sure?"

D.J. nodded her head. "Yeah, yes! I'm perfectly fine!"

Danny looked at Becky. "Do you know anything?"

D.J. sighed. "Everyone, stop. I'm going outside…" She got up from her chair and walked outside. Sitting on the bench, she sighed. She thought about everything.

How am I going to tell everyone? Kimmy? Steve? Am I going to tell Steve? No. He's in college, he doesn't need the stress. But, I'm going into college too. She closed her eyes in annoyance. She couldn't believe her future was going to be around a baby, her baby, her and Steve's baby. It was overwhelming. So much to take in. She needed to tell Kimmy, her Dad, Uncle Jesse, and Joey. She didn't know how to tell them.

Kimmy Gibbler, her best friend walked over to her. "Hey Deej, you okay?"

D.J. sighed. "Uh, um, well…"

Kimmy looked at her. "What's wrong, Deej?"

D.J. sighed. "Yesterday, I found that I was pregnant with Steve's baby…"

Kimmy's eyes went wide. "What?! You? Steve?"

D.J. just nodded her head. "Yeah…"

Kimmy sat down and sighed. "Deej, I'm so sorry…"

D.J. just nodded slowly as tears filled up in her eyes. "Yeah. I...I, uh, I don't know what to do…"

Kimmy took a deep breath. "Deej, I think you need to tell Steve."

D.J. shook her head. "No...No, I can't...Kimmy, he's in college! It's not like I'm gonna tell him to drop out to help me." She gulped. "I...I can't tell him, I won't...This is my problem, Kimmy…"

Kimmy nodded. "Okay, Deej, I'll be here for you no matter what."

D.J. nodded. "Thanks." She slowly walked back into the house. She saw Becky talking to the guys.

"Guys, she's just having a rough time with...with Steve. He's in college and she just graduated. I'm sure she's alright."

Danny wasn't so sure, but if Becky says so, D.J. must be doing fine.

D.J. sighed. She needed to tell them. She can't hide this pregnancy forever. She walked back inside and finally spoke up. But, damn, she was nervous.

"Dad, Joey, Uncle Jesse, I need to talk to you about something…"

Danny turned to his daughter. "Deej, what's wrong?"

Jesse looked at his niece. "Yeah, kiddo, what's up?"

Becky sat down next to her niece. She knew D.J. was nervous, she took her hand. She whispered. "It's okay, Deej, go ahead."

D.J. sighed. Taking a breath, she looked at the three guys. "Um...I...Well, okay." She closed her eyes, breathing deeply. Tears filled up in her eyes. "I'm really sorry to say this, but...I...I'm pregnant…"

Danny's eyes wide. "Excuse me?"

Jesse just looked at his niece in shock. "What?"

Becky looked at them, Joey and then D.J. "Look, guys, D.J. doesn't know what she wants or even knows completely if she's pregnant. I have a an appointment set up to be sure…"

Danny was still upset at his daughter, but Becky was right. "Alright, Bec, we have to figure out how we're going to do this if D.J. is really pregnant."

Jesse looked at his niece. "Deej, does Steve know?"

D.J. shook her head. "No. He doesn't know, Uncle Jesse…"

Joey spoke up this time. "Are you going to tell him?"

D.J. didn't know. She wasn't so sure if she wanted him to know. He was in college, he had choices to stay or leave. She couldn't get rid of what was happening. There was zero way that she was gonna get an abortion. D.J. didn't want to wait for Steve to make up his mind if she told him about the pregnancy. She sat there, thinking of everything and every little thing she could do. Telling him would be hell. Maybe not telling him would be easier. Although, the years coming along would be so exhausting, crazy, overwhelming, and everything in between. She looked at her father, Joey, Becky and Jesse.

"I...I don't want him to know…"

Jesse looked at her with shock on his face. "Are you sure, Deej?"

Danny continued. "Yeah, Deej, are you sure? I mean, it's a baby…"

D.J. took a breath. "I...I need some more time, Daddy. I can't just come up with a plan today. I need to think about this…"

Danny nodded. "Okay, sweetie."

Becky nodded her head. "I have an appointment for next week, Deej?"

D.J. nodded as she stood up. "Okay, Aunt Becky, I think you told me, but thank you."

Becky smiled, kissing her head. "You're welcome."

The oldest Tanner daughter walked upstairs to her bedroom. This was going to be the longest nine months and...maybe years of her life. Her life changed, adding a baby to the mix of her dreams isn't what she wanted, but it's what she needs to do.

She is going to be a mother to a beautiful baby girl or boy. This is her life now. Not going back now.

To be continued…

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