Another royal ball, another royal disaster. Much to her parents' dismay, Star Butterfly had once again scared off every royal who had come to woo her with her unruly behavior and crazy antics. This time, she had taken one of the princes out warnicorn riding and let's just say, he'll have problems sitting down for a while because of the hole in his trousers.

Queen Moon Butterfly massaged her temples in an attempt to lessen her headache. She didn't know what else to do. No lesson, no matter how strict or liberal or anywhere in between could curb her daughter's wild tendencies and the dwindling number of suitors attested to that. She knew Star didn't really mean to do it, but it was still quite troubling.

Suddenly, she felt a familiar warmth place itself over her shoulder. It was King River, trying to comfort her about the recent events. He was a wonderful husband, a bit wild and uncouth at times, but very supportive.

"It's going to be alright dear. Don't you remember when you were young? You did quite a lot of crazy things too, but you turned out wonderful." He chuckled, recalling their childhood; as she always told Star, she had done a lot of things that she wouldn't let Star do.

"I did a lot of crazy things darling, but I was never as wild as Star. It makes me worry about the future." She bit her lower lip, a bad habit. Moon knew it was wrong to doubt your own children, but entrusting the wand and the kingdom to Star, she couldn't help but have reservations.

"Well yes, but you changed the longer I knew you. I know Star will as well." River replied, taking his wife's hands in his own.

She looked at his large calloused hands, used to gripping weapons and climbing rough terrain, so much different from her own smooth ones. She could remember. They were young, she was rather proper, but had a heart for adventure deep inside. River on the other hand, was rowdy, full of energy and far from an ideal nobleman, but they became good friends. They went on adventures, thwarted evil, made messes and fixed them, fought over their differences and made up, learning something new every time. Then, as time passed, they learned more from each other and grew. They grew and grew until they grew so fond of each other, they could no longer be parted.

That was their story.

As it was the story of the Butterfly's ever since time immemorial. Great Grandmother Shy was a good example. Though she always remained on the silent side, her husband understood her well and became her voice for the kingdom and at times she was needed, he gave her the strength and confidence to speak, to lead Mewni against all odds. Her hubsand was a teacher, a scholar, not a warrior. He shared with her the stories and sights of different lands and different cultures, making her open up to the world. He thought her that there were things you had to speak about, to defend, even if no one else would. He was her true love and closest friend. Much like River was Moon's.

That was the story of the Butterfly's. They were an ancient family, always able to rule with wisdom and benevolence because of love. Because love would change them for the better.

Queen Eclipsa was the only debatable exception to this rule… Moon could only hope that Star wasn't the next.

"River…" Moon called, her voice a bit hesitant as a thought crossed her mind.

"Yes my dear?" He replied.

"Do you think it would be wrong of us to…" Moon stopped, unsure how her husband would react.

"To what dear?" River felt strangely cautious, his instincts warning him.

"To find Star's true love for her?" She finished her statement, studying her husband's face.

"W-w-what? Why pumpkin?" River's face contorted brilliantly as he tried to control his fatherly urges. He had not expected to deal with a boy in years. His grip on his throne tightened tenfold.

"River… I know this is hard for you, but just hear me out." Moon pleaded, commanded of her King.

River merely nodded, still not fully comprehending the situation.

"Whether we interfere or not… Star will find her true love, and he WILL change her for the better as much as she will him. I don't want to just drop him in front of her or anything so drastic. But maybe if we knew where he was… someday we could maybe... gently push them together." Moon suggested.

"B-but pumpkin pie, our little girl's so young! It was just like yesterday when she learned to ride her own warnicorn!" River wanted to say more, but Moon had placed a finger on his lips.

"River dear… next year she'll be getting the wand and if she can't handle it, I'm afraid we've run out of options. We've tried everything to calm her down, to teach her, even force her to see things our way…"

"Moon darling…"

"I just want what's best for Star."



The King relaxed his tense shoulder and sighed. He loved his wife and he loved his daughter. He wanted the best for both of them and honestly speaking, he had reservations about Star getting an object of immense power as well.

"Alright…" River said in defeat. "We can use the seeking spell to find the boy."

Moon lunged towards her husband and wrapped him in her arms, making him weak. It wasn't everyday Moon would show him such affection outside their private quarters.

"Thank you River, I know you're going to love him."

"Do I have a choice? He's going to be future king of Mewni and Star's husband. I have to love him." River exclaimed, fists shaking in paternal rage, earning a tiny laugh from Moon.

"Well, that was productive…" River muttered sarcastically, crossing his arms and putting his feet up as the manticore drawn carriage began to move again.

"River now... you know that the seeking spell only shows us where the people who are important to Star's life are. It could be a friend or a crush or a temporary boyfriend or the sort. You knew this would take a few tries."

"Try nine hundred and seventeen… I'm just happy we don't have to deal with that underworld brat anymore. What was his name? Tom? Talking about my little girl as if he knew her so well! He probably has some demonic ritual planned to trap Star!" River was not happy. They had met many young men and none of them seemed a match for Star or even worth their time. Sure there were a few nice impressive young men, but for some reason, none of them seemed right.

Moon dragged her hand down her face as she listened to her husband's angry rant.

It had been a good six months. In their free time, they had been visiting dimensions that reacted to the seeking spell, pretending to be visiting to improve relations, but in truth they were waiting for a reaction from the wand. One that they only saw once before.

"Well, we're down to the last few sources and they're all in one location." A holographic map appeared from Moon's wand, showing the different dimensions and bright pink hearts were reactions lay. With a wave of her hand, the map zoomed into a certain corner of space, a galaxy swirling in a perfect spiral, the milky way, as the only intelligent life in the galaxy called it.

"We're heading there?" River asked, a bit interested because this was not a place frequented by travellers as it had diverged from the path of magic a long time ago.

"Yes. I believe the planet we're visiting is called Earth and we're going to a region called… Echo Creek. All the signals seem to be around that area."

"This is the last one… Are you ready to meet your son-in-law River?" Moon teased, knowing full well that River didn't really enjoy the thought.

"Do I have to be?" River complained, staring out the window as their carriage passed through the portal to their new destination.

As they passed through the portal, they saw a single sun shining brightly in the sky, roads covered completely in flat black rock, many rectangular shaped buildings reaching into the clouds and these colourful metal vehicles speeding by fast. They had arrived on Earth, a land alien to magic.

"Manfred, I believe the place we're heading to is that building over there!" Moon pointed out to their head butler. It was shorter than the other buildings, but wider and it seemed to be part of a complex of other structures. Made of orange bricks and with a flag proudly waving in the wind. They quickly made their way towards and building and stepped out of their carriage, despite all the curious stares they attracted.

"Echo Creek Academy? So this place is a school of sorts." River read the large letters in front of the building. He studied the building, seeing many children through the glass. Some studying, some dozing off, some chatting at the back. It seemed to be a normal school. Would they really find someone so amazing to be able to keep up with Star in such an unlikely place?

After bribing the man called the principal, who was only more than happy to allow them to do whatever they pleased, the royal couple went around the school disturbing classes. They would barge in, with their knights pointing their swords at the teacher as Moon would pass by each of the students putting the wand close enough to them, waiting for a reaction. But there was nothing.

They had gone through every class under the premise of observing Earth Education, looking carefully at every child, but the wand did not move nor change in the slightest. In the end, they decided to regroup and rethink.

"I don't understand. Earth was supposed to be the last place the boy could possibly be…" Moon was seated with River on the gymnasium bleachers, rechecking every source of a reaction in every known dimension. Her eyebrows furrowing in frustration. They had supposedly checked every child in school and according to the wand, all the remaining possible sources were in this Echo Creek Academy.

River on the other hand, was rather relieved they hadn't found Star's supposed future husband and was busy watching this sport the children were playing called dodge ball. It seemed a rather promising game. As far as he could tell, there were two opposing teams and the goal was to pelt each other with these rubber balls until one team was defeated. It was positively barbaric! He couldn't wait to tell Star about it.

"River… are you listening?" Moon's voice finally reaching his ears with that specific statement.

He hurriedly straightened his posture and turned back to his Queen with a chuckle.

"Why of course dear!" The King replied, lying through his teeth.

Moon narrowed her eyes at her husband, knowing full well that he hadn't heard a word she said, but she was far too troubled to deal with his inattention right now.

"As I was saying… this could mean that Star's partner hasn't been born yet, which is rather odd because that would make him at least 14 years younger than her. Or maybe he's in a yet unknown dimension. Or sadly… it could mean Star won't have anyone she considers the love of her life…" Moon ended her train of thought with sorrow. She had ideally hoped for Star to marry nobility, but upon seeing that didn't seem to be Star's fate, she assumed Star would find her true love elsewhere and he would be able to make her happy as well rule Mewni wisely together. But seeing as things were now, it was very heart-breaking for the Queen to think that her child would never find true love as she had.

Before tears could even begin to tease the edges of her eyes, a strong arm had already wrapped around her, bringing her comfort. The king held her tighter and pulled her closer despite her awkwardness with the gesture.

"It's going to be okay Moon. I'm sure our daughter will find happiness and fulfillment in life." His deep, gruff voice calmed her down and stilled her thoughts. "And besides, you know, maybe there's just something we missed. We've literally been through hundreds of different dimensions. It's entirely possible!"

River smiled at Moon through his beard and after looking back at him with an unreadable expression for a few moments, the edges of her mouth finally turned up into a smile. She hugged him back, awkwardly, but no less affectionately. Hugging was never one of the traits of a Butterfly.

It was then that painful cries echoed throughout the gymnasium. Down in the wooden court, two children were crying out in pain. One was dark skinned and wore cracked spectacles and the other was rather round and had bright orange hair. Moon's eyebrows furrowed slightly at the sight. The game appeared to be over, but this rather large troll looking child kept flinging ball after ball at the two helpless children.

Their pained cries made Moon wince.

"Is no one going to help them? Isn't there supposed to be some sort of teacher or official around?" Moon asked herself, scanning the area quickly, but finding no other adult aside from her, River and their knights in sight. The other children, though many they were, were too afraid to fight back or even just help. They stayed huddled at the other end of the court, merely watching as their companions cried in pain.

Moon had to put a stop to this. It was unfair, it was unsightly and it wasn't right. She raised her wand, pointing it at the child, attempting to punish the bully, just enough to dissuade him from continuing further when the gymnasium doors suddenly flung open.

Walking onto the wooden boards and catching everyone's attention was another child wearing a red hooded clothing of some sort. He approached the bully slowly, clutching his hands at his stomach as if he was in some sort of pain. The two children pinned to the ground seemed to be relieved by the arrival of this person.

Moon lowered her wand as she continued to watch the events before her and this child they had not seen in class.

"Stop it Lars." The child in the red hood demanded. It seemed to be a boy, just around Star's age most likely as his voice was just beginning to crack.

The giant troll like child turned around to stare down at the boy. "Oh yeah, who's gonna make me? You? The safe kid?" The bully chortled with laughter.

The young man seemed to take offense at this as he suddenly pulled down his hood revealing his face. Moon and River had to admit, this young man, was quite handsome despite still just being on the steps to adulthood. His skin, though tan, seemed smooth save for an alluring beauty mark right under his right eye. His hair and eyes were of a similar deep chestnut color, dark, but charming. Moon almost assumed he would say something heroic or noble to the bully, but no one could be perfect.

"For the last time! I'm not a safe kid! I'm just a misunderstood bad boy!" He yelled back at the bully, his voice clearly cracking and going a few pitches higher thanks to his annoyance.

The rest of the people in the gymnasium couldn't help but laugh a bit. The bully, the other children, the knights and even River was stifling a laugh, much to Moon's dismay. The boy just stood there, embarrassment clearly creeping up his cheeks, but refusing to run away.

"Last chance Lars. Let Ferguson and Alfonzo go and there won't be any trouble." The boy shouted out, as if he wasn't embarrassed by what just happened. Moon had to hand it to this boy, he had fortitude. But suddenly the boy gripped his abdomen again and slouched in pain.

The bully grinned with ill intent. "What's wrong Diaz? Still feeling a little poopy from that ice cream? Why don't you just go back to the nurse's office like the little girl you are."

"Ugh… I missed half of the day because of that prank you pulled Lars…" The boy apparently named Diaz forced himself to stand straight despite the pain in his bowels.

"So that's why we didn't see him, he couldn't attend class and was at this nurse's office." Moon thought to herself. She assumed from what she had observed, that the bully had somehow given the red hooded child a laxative of some sort. Effectively keeping him away for majority of the day. A crude, but common tactic, even among Royalty.

The large child began tossing the rubber ball back and forth between his hands. "Well now that you're here and too busy not crapping your pants… how about you join your friends and cry for me?"

"Just let them go Lars and everything will be cool. We won't even have to tell the teachers about this." The Diaz child calmly replied, still resorting to negotiations.

"You think I'm afraid of being told on?!" Without warning, the bully threw the rubber ball straight at the Diaz child's face. From the way he threw it, it clearly had all his weight behind it unlike the way he was pelting it before.

In less than a second, the ball was right in front of its target, the sound of impact echoing throughout the gymnasium. Moon couldn't help but stand up from her seat at this point, she had to see it better. The ball had hit nothing but the floor and the red hooded child had safely dodged to the side, moving only as minimally as needed. Even River couldn't help but grin. This was quite the show after such a stuffy day.

The bully let out what could only be described as an enraged war cry and started pelting the hooded child with all the balls he could get his hands on. At this point, River had stood up as well, excited to watch the events unfold. The hooded child dodged almost every attack gracefully and those that he couldn't he blocked or struck away with his limbs. He kept dodging, and punching or kicking the balls away, careful that it wouldn't accidentally hit anyone else. The child was skilful. He would probably rank as one of the best warriors in the universe if given proper training, but he was showing no intention of attacking at all.

This one sided game of dodge ball continued until the bully began to slow and tire from hurling balls and running around to get some more. It was at this time that the Diaz child finally rushed towards his opponent. He picked up one of the balls, tossed it in front of him and kicked it with such force that it flew away like a cannonball, rushing towards the bully's face.

The bully's face turned white as all the blood had rushed away from it.

Then in a moment it was over. The ball missed its target, only grazing the troll child's face despite him not making any effort to dodge, but it did the trick. It shocked the bully enough that the red hooded child managed to easily close the distance between them and delivered a high kick to the bully's temple, stopping only an inch or two away.

The bully had cringed and shrunk in response, but was surprised to discover that he had not been hit or knocked out cold on the floor as he was expecting. Instead he fearfully moved his eyes until they met deep dark orbs, filled with anger.

"…Get out Lars." Were the only words that were heard in that moment, breaking the silence that filled the air. And with that, the troll child ran, screaming in fear, as he hurried away in a chaotic panic.

The victor stood proudly at the center of the room. Looking to where his opponent ran off and then to his friends who only stared at him in awe. It was a proud and righteous moment for the red hooded boy. He was the noble hero of this story…

But of course, not every story is perfect.

The boy once again lurched forward, grabbing his abdomen in pain, as his face contorted for all to see. Even quicker than his opponent's exit, the young man sped out of the gymnasium only to be chased by the two friends he saved. They shouted as they attempted to follow him to the best of their abilities.

"Marco wait! The closest washroom is the other way!" Shouted the fat one.

"I have toilet paper if you need it!" Shouted the thinner dark skinned one.

As the three vacated the premises, Moon couldn't help but applaud the boy as River and the knights cheered. She didn't care if she was the only one amazed by what she saw. The young man was brave, noble, caring, loyal, strong, intelligent, an excellent tactician and had diffused the situation even without harming his opponent physically. This boy, this Marco Diaz was fit to be King and if Star had this kind of man by her side, they would surely bring prosperity to Mewni. Not to mention they would look positively splendid beside each other.

"Marco Diaz…" Moon uttered his name to herself. "He's the one. I can feel it." Moon thought or at least hoped he was. Now they just needed to make sure of it.

Upon interrogating the young man's two friends, they finally chased him down to this so called washroom with a picture of what appeared to be a stickman in front of it.

Ignoring the smell of the room that was less worse than many other things on Mewni, they opened the door to find several cubicles inside and walked until they found one locked and marked occupied. In this one, though unglamorous, possibly lay Star's true love.

River cleared his throat and knocked on the door.

"W-who's there?" The boy's voice quivered from beyond the door, clearly he was doing something private, but Moon had insisted to talk to him as soon as possible. And after all, she had preferred he not see nor remember them.

"Hello young man. My name is River and this is my wife Moon." River began stroking his beard as he talked.

"Good day to you." Moon greeted with a curtsy despite not seeing the boy.

"Is your name Marco Diaz?" River asked. "And were you the one wearing the red hood in the auditorium just now?"

The young man remained silent. Maybe he was nervous or didn't know what their intentions were. After all, it wasn't everyday adults approached you in the washroom.

"…Young man?" River knocked again after a while, getting concerned with the young man's silence.

"…Yeah that's me, Marco Ubaldo Diaz, misunderstood bad boy... Hey, if you're here about Lars, I didn't even touch him okay? I was just standing up for my friends because he was bullying them. I just scared him off because he wouldn't stop." The boy's voice was slightly defensive.

"Well, actually, we were quite impressed by what you did in there. Defending your friends and doing the right thing even when no one else would. It was very noble of you" Moon stated, finally speaking up.

"…really? Well I guess it was." They could hear him chuckle a bit from inside, at least he was relaxing around them now.

"But if you're not gonna get me in trouble, then why are you talking to me? …In here of all places?" Marco asked, getting straight to the point.

Moon and River looked at each other for a moment and then shared a nod.

"Well we have a favor to ask of you Marco." River started.

"Well if it's something I can do that doesn't really involve doing anything bad, I guess I can." Marco replied. "What is it?"

At this moment, Moon bent down a little and stretched her arm just enough so that the end of her wand went underneath the door. Moon felt the wand release a substantial amount magical energy, but she still needed to be sure. They needed to see it.

"W-whoa! What's that! What are you doing!?" Marco exclaimed, obviously panicked at having some strange object pop out while he was doing some of his private business.

"Calm down Marco." Moon ordered, while fully understanding his reaction. "Don't worry, it's just an old royal scepter. It's an old family treasure of ours and I understand this is strange all, but we just need it to confirm something."

"…What do you want me to do with it?" Marco asked after a while, squeezing his legs together to cover his privates.

"We just need you to touch it. Even a finger will do." Moon explained and to this River retorted.

"But Moon, it just needs to be near him, he doesn't need to touch it!" River said rather loudly, but Moon put her hand in front of the king, gesturing him to stop.

The monarchs shared another look into each other's eyes and that was all it took for River to get the message which was, "It's fine… I trust him."

"…this isn't some sort of prank right? Or a television show?" Marco asked, his voice cautious again. He wouldn't want some video of him on a bathroom throne to start spreading around like wildfire. I mean, he'd never be able to show his face again.

"We promise, on our honor." Moon and River said at the same time, though wondering what a television was.

A few seconds passed as the boy thought. This situation was bizarre and normally you'd probably run for the hills if something like happened. The SAFE thing to do would be to just decline and ignore them, hoping that would be the end of it. But that was it, he was sick of being the safe kid. Maybe it was time for him to try and take some risks no matter how weird the situation was. And besides, something about these two made him trust them, despite all the anxious thoughts in his head. They almost felt like family.

"Okay… I just have to touch it right?" Marco's voice was finally heard again along the sound of a spray bottle. "Hold on, just cleaning my hands with my sanitizer…"

"You have our gratitude Marco." Moon replied, pushing the wand just a bit further.

Soon they saw a slightly tanned and slightly calloused hand reach for the wand. River and Moon waited with bated breath as the boy's forefinger extended to touch the wand.

Then Moon felt it. She immediately pulled the wand back seeing the crystal begin to glow until it spread to the entire scepter. It gently rose from the Queen's grasp and flashed with a brilliant light, forcing Moon and River to squint.

As they began to adjust to the light, they saw it. The wand was no longer the diamond encrusted scepter that Moon always carried. Instead, it took the form of a short, pink, white winged wand, with a jewel encrusted star at the center and a small crown adorning the top. It was a form River and Moon saw only once before when their only daughter had been born. It was the form of Star's wand.

The couple fell silent. Still in awe at what happened. That was it. That was the irrefutable sign that this boy was destined to truly, madly and deeply love Star and she him. They shared one heart and the wand's form reflected that. They had found their future son-in-law and future King in the making.

"…Is everything okay?" Marco asked, concerned that they were now the ones who had gone silent.

River coughed. "Ehem… uhhh… yes Marco. Thank you very much. We have everything we need. We shall be leaving you now." River turned away slowly, a single tear coming out of his eye. While he had been previously enthralled with Marco, he realized this was also the young man he'd be giving his daughter to someday and he still had mixed feelings about that. No matter how amazing this young man seemed.

Moon on the other hand looked to her wand, which had now changed back in her hands. She was still at a loss for words. There were so many things she still wanted to know about this boy, but their job was done and River was obviously bothered with the events.

After all, whether they did this or not, it wouldn't have changed the fact that those two would cross dimensions to meet, befriend and finally fall for each other. All they could do now is wait and watch.

"You have our gratitude Marco Diaz. We hope to see you again soon." Moon said, before turning to go after River.

"Ummm…You're welcome! Mr. River and Mrs. Moon!" Marco shouted from inside the cubicle. That had been a strange set of events, but he took the risk and nothing bad or weird happened. Not yet anyway. Little did he know, this was just the beginning and soon his life would be split into two. Into the time before a certain magical princess from another dimension came into his life and the time he would spend the rest of his life with her.

Marco and his Star were seated at the smaller dining table beside the flower gardens of Mewni Castle. They were now both 18 years old, legally able to marry in both worlds, but their maturity didn't help the shock they got from the story that was just told.

The future king and queen of Mewni just sat across the table from both their parents with mouths agape and eyes widened as far as they would go.

"More tea Angie?" Moon offered Mrs. Diaz, completely ignoring the two dumfounded teens in front of them.

"Oh yes please Moon. Next time, you and River should come over to our house. We have lots of things we want you to try." Angie offered back.

"Si! We can have beers, a barbeque and nachos!" Rafael shouted.

"Anything with nachos sounds great! But what's a barbeque?" River asked, salivating slightly at the thought of nachos, which he had become slightly addicted to.

The adults continued talking without a care in the world until their children finally recovered enough from the shock.

"Wait wait wait! Dad! Mom!" Star shouted, her voice breaking the peaceful atmosphere. "You mean you always knew! And you never told me!"

"But sweetheart, how'd you think you would react if we told you we were sending you to earth to get to know your future husband?" River asked, raising one of his eyebrows at Star.

"Get out of town!" Was all Marco could shout with his brain still not comprehending the entirety of the situation, but Star, merely pushed him comfortably back in his seat so he could relax even if his eyes were still glazed over.

"Well, duh, I would've gone to the farthest dimension possible." Star finally replied.

"That is so you Star." Angie gave a tiny chuckle as she sipped her tea again.

"Well, even if you did Star… you'd probably end up on earth or Marco would somehow get sucked through a wormhole and meet you. That's just how it works Star. No need to feel so bothered about it." Moon added, also sipping her tea calmly.

Star however did not like this reply and crossed her arms with a pout. She despised being controlled just as much as she liked Marco's nachos, which was a lot.

"Wait, how much of this was planned?" Marco asked, his brain finally functioning again. "I mean you sent Star to Echo Creek and you let her live with us..."

Their parents shared a few meaningful glances at each other before replying.

"Well... if we're going to be honest, sending Star to earth was really the best choice for her safety and training, but sending her to Echo Creek was because we knew you were living there." River replied for all of them. "But we didn't arrange to have you live together, that was purely by chance. We would've been okay with any foster family, but it just so happened things turned out for the best!"

River shouted as he stood on his chair and put one foot on the table while smashing beer mugs with Mr. Diaz, who now looked like he had something to say.

"And after they found out Star was going to start living with us, they came to meet your mother and me in secret." Rafael Diaz explained, wearing the smile that was almost always plastered on his face. "Then we talked about your marriage, how things would work out for both families and we were just glad our little Estrella would really become our daughter someday". A few happy tears escaped from Rafael's eyes.

Marco groaned and sunk back into his chair. While he wasn't as annoyed as Star, the fact that his parents had been in on this plan to get him and Star together was still a lot to take. I mean, how much of this was due to planning and interfering. Well, he and Star both had their respective relationships before finally ending up together, so there probably wasn't much more involved right?

Moon smiled at how Marco reacted, almost as if she could read his thoughts.

"Oh come on Marco, you're a smart lad." Moon stated with a bit of humor in her voice. "You should've had your suspicions if not figured it out. I mean, why would a royal family send their only child without as much as a knight to fend for herself in a dimension she doesn't know? Why would we trust to leave her with you? I'm sure you must've noticed that your parents allowed you and Star to have a level of freedom normal parents wouldn't give."

Marco scratched the back of his head as he blushed, knowing what they were referring too. However Star just began growling under her breath.

Star was not taking this well and Marco knew it. She was a rebel princess and she did things her way.

Her chair clattered noisily as she suddenly jumped up with eyes beaming. She had a brilliant idea.

"Marco! Marco! I know what to do!" She screamed with delight, grabbing him by the collar and shaking him.

He rolled his eyes, but kept his amused smile on. His fiancé was amusing no matter what.

"No Star. We're not breaking up just so you can show destiny who's boss." Marco replied, knowing how her mind worked.

"But Marcooooo… I have to show destiny who's boss!" She whined pouting once again, causing everyone to chuckle.

"Don't you two worry so much about it." Angie chimed in happily. "Aside from letting you and Star do pretty much anything, teasing you and keeping note of your progress, we didn't interfere with your love lives at all. Growing to love each other like you did was your choice."

The two teens on the brink of adulthood glowed red at those words. Yes, they did love each other much more than they ever thought love could possibly be, but it didn't change how embarrassing it was to hear it from their parents.

Star slowly lifted her eyes from her parents and looked at the man sitting beside her. He had grown from being a boy on the steps of adulthood to a handsome, compassionate man. True, while their parents had basically arranged for them to meet, they still became best friends, grew up and finally found true love in each other on their own. Besides, it was kind of romantic to think they were always each other's missing half. The blood moon may have bound their souls together, but God had already meant for them to become one even before that.

A content smile finally appeared on the princess' face, despite the idea of breaking up temporarily still swimming in her brain.

"I guess you're right." Said Star, realizing another voice had said it with her.

"Not again." The future king and queen voiced their annoyance simultaneously.

"Seriously stop that!" It happened once more.

"Ugh…" They groaned, putting their hands to their faces. But as they caught each other's eye through the spaces in their fingers, they couldn't help but laugh and laugh. And their parents? They couldn't help but smile at the lovely pair.

Destiny or not, they loved each other for all they were and no force nor magic no matter how powerful would ever keep them apart.