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The wedding was supposed to be a bright and beautiful day as it was anticipated to be, only to be in shambles as Dr. David Dave's mother tried to rip it apart. After she was found out, Lois fainted into Dave's arms only to be woken up by Monster, the big grey dog the Foutley Family once owned, licking her face repeatedly after he ran up to the front of the church.

Lois sputtered, "Okay. Stop, stop." Monster stopped as he was commanded to and Lois sat up and held her head as she groaned, "Somebody please tell me that this is protein-induced nightmare!"

Dr. Dave held her hand and smiled, "The nightmare is over, my dear." He smiled at her reassuringly.

"Mom, are you okay?" Ginger asked with concern.

"Well, I think so…" She said with uncertainty before taking a brief sniff of herself. "Except, I sorta smell like kibble."

"Lois, forgive me…" Dr. Dave begged before helping her to her feet. "For all of this. Let's not let my mother and her network of silver-haired villains ruin this special day. I love you with all of my being. I would never let a Diane or a Nikki or Nicholas ever come between us."

"Yeah? What about your mother?" Lois asked honestly with a tone of slight resentment.

"Lois, nothing can undo my love for you. You and your children are all that I ever need in this world." He guaranteed her before picking up her bouquet off the floor where it was abandoned when she had fainted. He held it out to her and looked her in the eyes. "Marry me, Lois."

It took a moment for Lois to react but she soon smiled and gripped him in a hug, "Oh, Dave…"

Ginger felt relieved and happy after the drama had been patched up but she felt a bit light-headed as she watched her mother hug her groom tightly, maybe it wasn't a good idea to skip breakfast. She knew she should have taken that granola bar from her mother before rushing out of the house. She tried to take a breath as she felt herself grow warmer but her body wouldn't allow it. Suddenly, her sight was dimming and becoming blurry as she released the small breath she had in her. She wasn't prepared when she felt her legs numb up under her she collapsed, falling backward as she saw nothing but pitch black.

"Ginger..!" Dodie gasped as she caught her before she fell when she noticed her best friend was unsteady. Macie held her arm and back so Dodie didn't have to bear Ginger's weight on her own. They gently set her down on the floor with Dodie elevating her upper body. Lois, Dave, Carl, and Hoodsey all surrounded her in a rush. Some of the guest stood up from their seats in alarm as the music started once again ready to restart the ceremony.

"Ginger?" Darren asked in shock as he stood up from his seat. Orion was just staring at the event that was happening, but by the time he had snapped out of it Darren was already rushing to her side as concern filled him after breaking his arm away from his date, Simone. Adrenaline flowed through him as he pushed Hoodsey out of the way somewhat gently and knelt down next to her opposite of Dave and Lois. He held her other hand, noticing she was limp.

"Ginger.." Dave said in attempt to get her to wake up, he placed a hand on her cheek before instinctively checking her pulse with his other hand around her limp wrist. "She's gone pale.." He said as calmly as he could as Brandon was singing the song he had rehearsed for this wedding. "Pulse is abnormally slow. Call an ambulance!" He looked at Lois who was knelt down beside him, looking shocked. "She will be alright, Lois. Don't worry." He said calmly.

Darren examined her face as color was slowly draining and noticed a trickle of blood slowly dripping out of her right nostril. He had a hard time breathing as panic suddenly stuck him at the sight of the abnormality. "GINGER!" He called out a little louder to try and get her to wake up but she didn't respond. The music and singing ceased when he did so, his voice practically bounced off the walls in a continuous echo. The other guests were holding hushed conversations behind him. Dave noticed the blood almost immediately as well as it traveled down her cheek, he quickly grabbed a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed it away.

"Never mind the ambulance, Dave. We have to get to the hospital, fast." Lois said in a heavily concerned tone. "Get her to the car, now!"

Darren looked at Lois and he mindlessly took the lead as he went to pick her up in his arms and he rushed down the aisle of the church, carrying her with care. The family and wedding party followed close behind him, Dave opened the back door of the limo for him and he gently placed her on a seat with her head in his lap. Lois and Carl joined them in the back of the limo and Dave took the front passengers seat and lowered the tinted glass partition. "We have an emergency. Take us to the Sheltered Shrubs Hospital, stat." He told the driver with slightly labored breath. He looked back at Ginger to evaluate how she was doing as the vehicle began to move out. Lois and Carl looked up at him as they sat near her.

"Do you think this has anything to do with her appendix removal?" Lois asked as she held the handkerchief to Ginger's nose.

"I doubt it but it's hard to tell at the moment. We'll know more when we get to the hospital." He said as he pulled out his cell phone and quickly punching out a number and holding the phone to his ear. "…Yes, this is Dr. Dave. I need a stretcher to meet me at the emergency entrance—Yes, I know I'm not due for work until next month but I have an immediate emergency situation. My step daughter has fallen ill at the ceremony. Lois, keep checking her pulse until we arrive."

Darren didn't pay much attention to the bustle as he just held his gaze on Ginger's face as he stroked her hair gently and protected her when the limo made a sharp turn or hit a pothole in the road. He couldn't stop his nerves from elevating when he watched the white handkerchief started to absorb more blood as the white cloth slowly grew red.

"Do you mind holding this here?" Lois asked him. He barely heard her over the sound of his own thoughts but he took the cloth from her mother and held it securely where it needed to be. Lois took off her white gloves and checked Ginger's pulse while timing it with her wrist watch. Darren held his attention on Ginger, not wanting to see the look on her mother's face. Something was horribly wrong with her… Again! Why did this have to happen to her? Why her of all people? Had he ruined her in nearly every aspect even her immune system had failed her? He just had this overwhelming feeling that he was the reason this was happening to her. This wasn't fair. He hugged her close to him as these thoughts ran through his mind at a rapid pace over and over.

She was nearly as white as a sheet by the time the limo made a full stop and parked. Dave got out quickly and tore open the door. Darren snapped out of his frazzled mind and picked her up once again and hurried out of the limo only to be met by the stretcher and several nurses and medical assistants surrounding them. He placed her on the stretcher and they rushed to wheel her inside the hospital. They all followed her through the hallways until Dave stopped them from going any farther when they rushed her into a room.

"We need to do a full examination on her. It would be best for you all to wait out here." He said calmly. Lois gave him a distressed look before trying to peek into the window of the room behind him. "She will be fine, Lois. We are going to do everything we can to ensure that. How about you go grab the luggage out of the limo and change into something more comfortable?"

"You should do the same, Dave. We need you in here right away." Shirley, a nurse coworker, said as she poked her head out of the room.

"Right." He said to her. "I'll be right there in a minute." Shirley closed the door after giving Lois a look of comfort. Dave turned back to Lois who was visibly shaking as Dave held her hands in his. "Take a deep breath, and maybe go grab a tea from the lounge. Make some phone calls and before long the examination will be complete and you all can go see her."

Lois did as she was told and took a deep breath, "Alright, okay. Hurry, Dave." She said as he released her and turned to rush down the hall. Lois turned toward Darren and Carl and held her head in her hand. "…What a day." She muttered to herself. Darren put a hand on her shoulder supportively. At that moment, they were met by the rush of Ginger's friends and their parents, Orion, and Simone. As soon as they rushed to Lois they were all asking questions at the same time. "Hey! Okay! Hush!" Lois demanded loudly and the noise subsided. "Ginger is getting checked on at the moment and it may take a while so there isn't much to do but wait, I'm afraid." She announced calmly to the small crowd.

Hoodsey silently went over and sat next to Carl who was anxiously sitting on a bench in the hallway near the door. He offered his support by patting Carl's shoulder. Carl just gave him a weak smile before turning his gaze at the polished tile floor.

"I suppose we can all safely assume that the wedding will be postponed until further notice?" Joann, Dodie and Hoodsey's mother, asked loudly.

"Honestly, Joann, I couldn't care less about the wedding at the moment. My daughter is sick. That takes priority, first and foremost." Lois said roughly with a straight face. The door opened and closed as she saw a glimpse of Dave rushing in, dressed in his usual work attire.

"Yes, o-of course." Joann said, stuttering slightly. "I'm sorry, Lois. I didn't mean any offense."

Lois sighed heavily and rubbed her forehead with the tips of her fingers, "No offense taken.." She took a seat on a bench with a slight juggle of the puffy skirt of her wedding dress. "I'm sorry. I guess I'm just in a state of shock."

Dodie and Macie exchanged looks before they both went to comfort Lois, "I think we can all understand, Mrs. Foutley…" Macie said as she and Dodie hugged her.

"Yeah, no one expected this to happen at all." Dodie added.

"With this on top of that disruptive display of drama that happened earlier, anyone would feel the way you do right now. It's only human." Joann added on further.

"If there is anything we can do, just ask, Mrs. F." Orion spoke up.

Lois looked at the girls then at Joann who gave her a slightly sympathetic look, she gave everyone a small smile. "Thanks.. It's getting a little stuffy in this hallway." She said as she stood up to her feet. "How about we all move to the waiting room? Dave will know where to find us." She led the way back through the hall, toward where they came from. Everyone followed except Darren who was looking in through the window of the room where Ginger was. He couldn't see anything due to a curtain being pulled but he couldn't tear himself away. What had gone wrong? He needed answers.

Simone noticed when he wasn't following and she looked back at him with a somber expression. She studied his face silently from a few feet away and observed the look of concern Darren had. She approached him and gave him a smile. "Hey. How about we go get some hot chocolate while we wait? My treat?" She asked in a positive tone.

Darren kept his eyes on the window as he tried to consider the offer but he just frowned when he couldn't find it in him, "I don't have much of an appetite or thirst… you go ahead." He said softly.

Simone just looked at him with a slight frown of her own, which went unnoticed. "Alright. If you're sure."

"…I'm sure." He replied.

"Well.. If you get lonely, I'll be in the waiting room." She rubbed his arm lightly before turning to leave, frowning at the floor as she went.

He sighed heavily when he was sure Simone wasn't around and he rubbed his arm roughly to get the feel of her touch off of him. She didn't understand what was going on in his head. How could she? She never knew the extent of his friendship.. or past friendship with Ginger or how he knew Ginger like he knew his own mind. This was his fault. Everything bad that was happening to Ginger was all his fault. Deep down inside, he knew this was true. Nothing bad should have to ever happen to her. She was too caring and good. Too good for him. If anything bad were to happen, it should happen to him. He was the one who deserved it. What kind of sick, twisted karma was this, anyway? She didn't do anything to deserve whatever this was. His eyes focused from beyond the glass window to his reflection as it was displayed against the pure white curtain, how could anyone even look at him and take him seriously? He was a joke. An empty shell.

He clenched his teeth as he stared at himself, he couldn't even look at himself without feeling angry with himself. Angry with Simone. He balled up his fists and turned away from the window and fell heavy into the bench Mrs. Foutley sat prior. He held his head in his hands and took a deep breath as emotions welled up in him when he felt the sense of helplessness reach him, silence rang loud in his ears along with the slow rhythmic ticking of the clock above him.

"God… Ginger…" He whispered to himself as he gripped his hair in his fists. "Please be okay…" He ran his hands through his hair and let them fall between his knees. He stared at them as his vision grew blurry from tears. "Just let her be okay."