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Billy the Satyr sighed it had been nearly a month since a new demigoddess in England of all places was found and he had been given the task of bringing her to camp half-blood though he was wary due to the fact he had herd from Mr. D that the demigoddess only came tot he attention of the Olympians because the demigoddess in question created something that made her fall into the forge gods domain.

Billy stopped within eyesight of where the Demigoddess was said to live and blinked when he saw government vehicles already there along with what looked like some MI5 and MI6 agents and could only gulp wondering what the demigoddess had done to get interest from the government.

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"Right you're here more then likely due to the patents I filed" Luna says seeing as the week before she had filed her patents for the solar furnace reactor that's powering her Shadow Cat getting a nod from the official from the PM's office.

"Indeed I had come here to see about getting permission from you to have more built to power the United Kingdom but seeing you pilot that walking tank of yours and I was wondering why you didn't patent it as well" the Official says having arrived while Luna was piloting her Shadow Cat in order to see if there was any issues with it and so far there was none.

"To be honest I built the Shadow Cat using schematics of the Mech Warrior Shadow Cat class but seeing as it's a game set int he future I had to build around modern technology along with creating a whole new power source to power it and as for leasing out the Reactor 4 million pounds a year to the British government" Luna says as while she wasn't hurting for money due to her selling many of her paintings she wouldn't pass up on getting easy money from leasing out her patent to help end her homelands reliance on oil and gas and while she would have to show off her Shadow Cat to some generals from the Ministry of Defence but over all Luna was happy with how the meeting turned out plus she now had a steady income for as long as the UK leased the right to build her solar reactors.

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Billy watched as the government vehicles left he entered only to blink at how it looked like a more modern version of Hephaestus's forge's only to gulp when he was suddenly surrounded by floating swords.

"Who are you and why are you coming into my home?" Luna says coldly inadvertently mimicking her 2nd mother Artemis's tone towards males making Billy shiver at her tone.

"B...Billy the S...Satyr I w...was sent to b...bring you to O...Olympus so that the G...Gods and Goddesses can you" Billy stutters/says to the red haired mini Artemis getting a raised eyebrow from Luna who snorts.

"Sorry but I got a meeting with the Ministry of Defence to get ready for so I can't be leaving" Luna says before smirking and adding "Now leave or i'll be having Satyr stew for my supper" causing Billy to pale and run out of Luna's home/workshop leaving a yellow trail behind him causing Luna to winkle her nose before casting a spell to clean it up.

"Gross" Luna states as she goes about getting her Shadow Cat ready for transport along with getting the universal weapon hard points and ECM installed incase the generals from the Ministry of Defence wanted to test it out in a combat situation.

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Billy gulped as he made the Iris call to the Olympian Council and gave his report getting a angered look from Zeus while Athena was deep in thought.

"You said she lives in a factory correct Satyr?" Athena asks getting a nod from Billy "Then her reaction is to be expected more so if she was meeting with the mortal government of where she lives then it's likely that she invents things in order to be able to pay for food and be able to live in comfort and so her meeting with them would be more important then to her a fictional one of a guy who's may be a kidnapper or worst" and when put like that the other Olympians couldn't fault Artemis's daughter seeing as they rarely visit outside of where the 'heart of the west' is and monsters outside 'the heart of the west' tend to stay near and around the borders of Greece and Rome.

"So what do we do now? due to her being in England she'll not have encountered monsters making her more sceptical then 'normal' demigods and demigoddesses" Poseidon says as he looks at the others.

"We'll wait until after her meeting with the mortals before one of us brings her here this way we limit the amount of aggression from her" Athena says before looking at the still open Iris message and stating "Return to the camp" before closing it as the meeting devolved into who should brin Artemis's daughter to them and why.

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