It doesn't matter to me what he is. I love him. I want to be with him even though he tells me it's impossible. I know our love can overcome any obstacle.

I want him to turn me into what he is. He says it's dangerous but I don't care. I'm not afraid. It's the only way we can be together forever.

I'm ready.

Sarah Whitley's final diary entry


I met her at Grand Central Station. We were both waiting for a train. She asked me for a light. I looked into her eyes and I knew that she was something special. I knew better than to get involved with a human. I knew it was a mistake, but I did it anyway. And for months, I thought I was keeping my secret from her, but then I discovered that she knew. She knew... And she didn't care.

That was the happiest day of my life.

I wasn't looking for it, believe me. The longer we were together, the more I began to think that the whole reason I became a vampire was... You know, so I could live long enough to meet her. It took me over three hundred and fifty years to find her, and only a year to lose her … Forever.

She's been begging me to for months. I didn't want to, but … She wouldn't let it go. She knew that was the only way we could be together, so I tried to turn her. I drained her, I fed her my blood, but it didn't work. She never came out of it.

She got lost somewhere in between.

Josef Kostan to Mick St. John & Beth Turner

Moonlight, "Sleeping Beauty"



A "Moonlight" short story

By Goodfella73


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