Author's Notes- Hey, guys! This is my first Dragon Ball Z fic and I'm honestly very excited to be writing for this fandom. I've heard that Saiyan OC's are done kind of a lot but I'm going to try to make this story as unique as possible. It features my Xenoverse characters, Cut and Nomu (though Cut more so), but instead of being time patrollers, they're just characters in the story. This is set in Future Trunks' timeline, so some of the enemies from the movies haven't been faced by the Z-Fighters. Enjoy!

I don't own any of the characters or anything, except for my OC's.

Cut: Super Saiyan

Chapter 1- Becoming a Super Saiyan

"W-what are you? The Saiyans are extinct as far as I've heard!"

"I was lucky enough to be off of my planet when Frieza destroyed it."

"Sounds like you have something in common with Lord Slug."

"Is that so?"

The name I was born with was Spinak, but I never really liked that name. I currently go by the name Cut. Like I said, I was off of Planet Vegeta when Frieza blew it up. Well, my parents were. I wasn't born until many years later. I was five years old when I had heard about the tyrant's defeat, which was what he deserved after killing the rest of the Saiyans. I know he did it too, I watched him kill his own people constantly, the few times I had seen him. Which honestly disgusts me. I would have loved to become strong enough to take revenge for his crimes, but apparently a Saiyan warrior named Kakarot already managed to defeat him. He mostly answers to the name Goku though. I guess he didn't like the name he was born with, just as I didn't. He was a legendary Super Saiyan. Supposedly there's only one every thousand years, but I've heard of another one named Broly, I haven't heard as much about him. I know Goku resides on planet Earth, and I was thinking about visiting it, and thanking him for dealing with that traitor.

As for what I look like, I have short black hair, sticking up and almost perfectly even in legnth, and pretty dark skin. My usual outfit consists of a white shirt with sleeves that come to my elbows. Attached to the torso and back of the shirt is armor similar to that of the Frieza troops, but completely dark blue. My pants are baggy and white, matching with the shirt, and I wear dark blue metal boots and gauntlets that matches the armor.

As a Saiyan, I yearn to fight with powerful opponents. But I've never felt the urge to start problems. I usually get along fine with the natives of whatever planet I might be staying on. Having good relations with others was a good way to make sure I could eat. That was what my parents taught me before they died, which happened when I was twelve. About four years ago. Apparently Frieza had a brother named Cooler who learned of their existence. Anyway, if someone were terrorizing a planet and I was on my way out, I never felt like I owed them my help, unless they were a fellow Saiyan or a close friend. I just kind of went with the flow. That is, of course, unless it's my only source of food for a long distance and said planet being destroyed or taken over would mean I would go hungry, in other words, the situation I was in right now.

Right now I was spending some time on a planet whose name I can't quite recall, but they had food that was not only edible, but delicious. But then someone called Lord Slug landed here with some henchmen intending to take over the planet. There wasn't another planet with food I could eat around for a while and there was no telling when I would eat again if I left now with no food to take with me. I had to drive these guys out of here.

Luckily, I had just dealt with a big orange henchman. It looks like the only two people who were left were Slug himself and two other henchmen, both of whom were Nameks like him.

"Looks like we got a tough one here." Slug sneered. "Good thing we forced my planet's weaklings to use the Dragon Balls to restore my youth. Honestly, sometimes I can't believe I'm of the same race as those idiots."

"You sure are full of yourself, Slug. You're not getting this planet." I told him.

"My lord, do we really need to take this planet?" one of his henchmen asked. His voice was oddly familiar. "We have enough to survive for the rest of our natural lives, and these people-"

"Are you questioning me?" Slug asked threateningly.

"N-no, my lord! Not at all!" The Namek who had raised concerns had on white baggy pants and a matching sleeveless V-neck. It looked identical to the outfit King Piccolo wore under his cape, except white instead of purple.

I used the scouter I had pilfered from Frieza's army to read my opponents' power levels. The two henchmen would be no match for me. Slug's power was also a bit lower than mines, though I could tell he was holding back some of his power.

"Farsei! Nomu! Don't just sit there, you fools. Attack him!" The two henchmen rushed forwards at Slug's command.

"Farsei and Nomu?" I couldn't tell it was them because all Nameks look alike, but I knew them. As I deflected their punches and kicks, I could tell that they weren't really on board with what Slug was doing. I had visited Namek years ago and befriended the two along with some others. I didn't know what circumstances they were under when they joined Slug, but they must have felt like they didn't have a choice.

"I am sorry about this, Spinak. We don't have a choice." Farsei said as we exchanged blows.

"Are you apologizing to the enemy?" Slug barked from the sidelines.

I knocked the two to the ground with non-lethal blows. Slug looked annoyed by their defeat. Farsei managed to sit up, though he could no longer fight.

"M-my lord, could you perhaps lend us... assistance...?" Farsei managed to say. Slug glared at him.

"You want assistance?!" the evil Super Namek shouted to his underling. "Here's your assistance!"

Slug fired a blast that disintegrated Farsei. Nomu's eyes went wide at his master's action.

"Farsei, no!" I shouted.

"What a weak and useless underling. I can't believe he thought he was worthy of-"

Slug didn't finish his sentence because I punched him. He went flying into a building.

"You bastard! He was my friend! He was working for you! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!" I shouted as I felt my power growing with my rage.

"That pathetic fool deserved to die in the worst way possible." Slug spat. His own servant. My friend, was killed. Because he was so arrogant.

Something inside me just snapped.


I felt my power level rising to levels I never knew I could ascend to. My scouter exploded. I never even thought it was possible to be this strong. But right now, all I could think about was killing Slug.

"W-what? How did you get all this power?" Slug stuttered, his face showing signs of fear.

"Die!" I shouted as I rushed towards him. I unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks so hard and fast, he couldn't defend himself. At the end of the flurry, I slammed him into another building.

I caught my reflection in a piece of broken glass, glass that allowed me to see reflections unusually clearly. My hair was blond instead of black, and my eyes were a green color. But I wasn't thinking about my change in appearance right now.

Slug managed to get back to his feet. "Okay, it looks like I'll have to show you my true power!" he said.

He began powering up and the ground began to shake. I watched as he slowly grew into a giant form, about the size of a great ape. I'd used my tail and lost it a long time ago, otherwise I'd probably use that now. But I knew that the form I was in right now was even more powerful.

I wasn't scared of him at all. As soon as he was done powering up, I would exterminate him.

"Now, feel my wrath!" the now giant Slug said. He looked the same, except bigger, and whatever it was he had on his head had ripped off.

I rushed forward and flew right up to his face, punching him as hard as I could. He went toppling over and fell to the ground with a crash. The inhabitants of the planet scrambled away from the area where he landed. I rose high into the sky.

"What's happening?!" he boomed from the ground. He came flying up with a punch aimed for me. I caught his fist instead.

"What's happening?" I mocked him. "What's happening is you're paying for what you did to my friend!" I used his arm to throw him further into the sky.

"How dare you!" he shouted angrily as he was thrown. As if he had a right to be angry.

I flew above him and pounded him downwards. I reappeared on the ground and charged up the biggest, angriest, full power energy wave that I could. As he neared the ground, I shot it directly at him. His huge body was engulfed and disintegrated before he even had a chance to scream.

I didn't power down from the form that I was in, but my power relaxed, now with the threat over. I suddenly heard cheers from the distance. I turned to see that a crowd had gathered a fair distance away. I guess they were glad I defeated Slug, seeing as to how it would otherwise have meant their planet being enslaved. As I made my way over to Nomu, who was standing closer to the crowd with a stunned expression on his face, I heard murmurs from the crowd.

"Yea, he defeated Slug. We're free!"

"Look at his hair. You see how it turned blond?"

"I heard that's what happened to that Kakarot guy when he defeated Frieza."

"But Kakarot became a Super Saiyan, does that mean this guy's a Super Saiyan too?"

"Yea, I think this guy's another Super Saiyan! How cool!"

Come to think of it, I'd heard that same thing about Kakarot. Could it be? Could I really be a Super Saiyan? It sounded almost too good to be true. If it was, I would love to go take care of Cooler, and make sure he can't come after any other surviving Saiyans that might be out there. The only problem was that I had no idea where he was, or even if he was still alive.

When I reached Nomu, he flinched back.

"Please, Spinak, please spare me! I did not want to work for Slug..." he stammered.

"The name's Cut." I told him. "But it's okay. I'm sure you had your reasons. You can explain to me when you're ready."

"Thank you so much, Cut." he said.

"But I must ask, is it really true what they are saying? Am I really a Super Saiyan?"

"It is true that your changes in appearance match those of the warrior Goku. I witnessed him on Namek only for a short time."

"Wow, I can hardly believe it! Me, a Super Saiyan! Who would've thought?"

"Yes, but unfortunately it came only at the cost of Farsei's life." he said, his expression turning grim. I couldn't believe I forgot about that.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry Nomu. I was here celebrating and..."

"It's okay. The rest of the world is free of Slug, and I am sure Farsei is in a better place now."

"Nomu, I know you're probably wondering how you'll live and get water, but this planet is very benevolent and hospitable. I think I've been on it for about a year now." I told him, dropping back to my base form, my hair black once again.

The two of us found some living quarters for the night. The planet's inhabitants were even more generous than usual because I had just saved them. There was a bar not too far from our quarters, supposedly a hotspot for beings who weren't born on that planet and whose homes had been destroyed. I went there to get a meal. Nomu declined to come. Most likely he was still grieving the death of Farsei.

The bar generously offered me any meal of my choice on the house. Sure I usually ate for free on this planet, but it was never a gourmet meal. It was food from shelters of the planet, or meat which I hunted myself. The only things I owned were the clothes on my back, a small selection of other outfits collected from various planets, and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

After eating a hearty meal, I was just getting ready to leave when I caught snippets of a conversation between some of the other patrons.

"Hey, look, isn't that the guy that saved us from Slug?"

"He's one of those filthy Saiyans. He probably just took out Slug so he can take the planet himself."

"I don't know, supposedly he's been here for a while. I would think if that was his plan, he would've done it by now."

"Saiyans are nothing but trouble."

"Aw, come on. I know Saiyans tore up your planet, but that was like thirty years ago at least."

"Yea, well, I'm glad Frieza blew their planet to dust. Gave them a taste of their own medicine."

I took a quick glance at the guy who said that last sentence as he was saying it. It was some blue species that obviously wasn't from this planet. I wanted to punch him out right there, but if I started a fight right inside the place, the planet might not be as generous as they were currently being. I got up and walked outside, hoping the fool would be dumb enough to follow me out there and I could eviscerate him.

Just as I walked a few paces outside the venue, I felt a powerful karate chop to the back of my neck. That fool didn't even have the decency to face me honorably! I whirled around, furious.

"How dare you! Disrespecting my race and then attacking from behind?" I shouted as I powered up and my hair turned blond once again.

Back in my Super Saiyan form, I blasted the creature to oblivion. Then I powered down from Super Saiyan and flew away, heading back towards my quarters. Nomu greeted me kindly when I returned.

"Cut, you're back. Did you enjoy your meal?" he asked.

"I did. Some blue guy hit me after I walked out though." I explained.

"What? But you just saved this place!" he exclaimed.

"I know, but the guy apparently came from a planet that other Saiyans tore up while they were still working for Frieza, before he killed most of them."

"It is a shame people think this way. Slug was a Namekian, but does that make all of us like him?" he said sadly.

"No. No it does not." I answered. I glossed over the part where I killed him. Unlike myself who was more nuetral in terms of morality, Nomu was strictly a warrior of good and justice. He doesn't like killing, and he's a valued friend of mine. I don't want to disappoint him.

"So, how long were you planning on staying on this planet? You said you've been here for about a year, yes?" he asked me.

"Actually, I've been doing some thinking. I've always wanted to meet Kakarot, the Saiyan who defeated Frieza. And now that I'm a Super Saiyan, I might also be able to have an honorable Super Saiyan battle with him. The only thing stopping me from leaving tomorrow is the fact that I'm not quite sure where exactly Earth is."

Nomu placed a finger to his chin in thought. "Slug's ship is still functional, and has Earth as one of its preset destinations. We could potentially leave tomorrow. I know how his ship works. If you go, you may need me to work it."

"I'd be honored, Nomu. So it's settled then. We leave in the morning. Also, would you be able to repair my suit on the way there?"

Nomu was good with sewing and crafting. He could use almost anything small he could find as a needle and thread, and welding was a piece of cake for him just using a small amount of ki energy. My suit had been messed up and the armor cracked for a bit, but I wore it still because it was my favorite one. Now that I found Nomu, I figured he might fix it for me. He agreed.

I had changed into a training onesie and was just about to drift off to sleep when a strange sensation took over me. I started to have a flash, a vision.

In the vision, I could see a woman. I couldn't tell what she looked like, what color her hair or eyes were, it was like the vision was a moving contour line drawing. Now most visions of women were seen on programs of entertainment on various planets. And the women in them were always helpless, or in need of some kind of saving.

But not the one in my vision. I couldn't tell anything about her, except that she was beautiful, and she was filled with power. She smiled and showed off her awesome power, laughing gleefuly. I felt a strange, warm emotion when I saw it. Like I was being drawn to her. She suddenly turned to look at me. I could hear her voice beckoning me.

"Come closer..."

There were no words to describe her voice. I was drawing nearer when the vision abruptly ended. I was back in our quarters. I looked over at Nomu, and he was fast asleep.

I know that around my age is the time when young men start having fantasies about women, especially ones in unrealistically desireable situations, for example, strong and powerful instead of needing to be saved. I had heard of some strong women and women with various skills and talents, but in terms of raw power, it's not something I'd see everyday. And I would love to meet someone powerful like that.

Anyway, I was ready to pass this off as a conjured fantasy when I thought about something my parents said. They had said that the reason they were able to escape planet Vegeta before Frieza blew it up was because a man claimed to have seen it in a vision and tried to warn everyone. My parents were the only ones who listened. I used the databases on the planets I'd traveled to and looked into this. It appeared that the warrior, named Bardock, was actually Kakarot's biological father. And he started reporting the visions after being hit in the back of the neck by a warrior from the planet Kanassa, as revenge for that team of Saiyans tearing up their planet. The databases had described those beings as blue creatures. Just like the guy who hit me from behind outside the bar.

So now I was going to have visions of the future? I was going to run into this powerful woman? It would certainly be a welcome change of pace. I wondered if she'd be more powerful than a Super Saiyan. More powerful than Kakarot.

I closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep. I needed it. Tomorrow, Nomu and I would officially start our journey to the planet Earth.

Author's Notes- Okay so I hope you guys enjoyed so far. I hope no one was offended by that one part about him not seeing too many strong women. The character is just basing opinions on what he's seen so far, and for him, a powerful woman is rare. Most of this story will take place on Earth. This first part is just to introduce Cut and Nomu, and have Cut reach the appropriate power level for what he's about to get himself into. Reviews are appreciated and stay tuned!

Next time: Cut journeys to Earth to greet and do battle with a powerful fellow Super Saiyan!