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BY: FireWolfe

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Mama Bears are the most deadly

Generally speaking I am a live and let live type of person. I am considered by many to be very liberal in my political leanings and I have been known to be considered a throwback to the flower child era. That however is not really the truth as such. My father was career military and I suppose I rebelled and became a liberal in rebellion. I hated the constant moves across the country with my mother and sisters always seeming to take second place to dad's career. It was not that he did not care for us or love us but he was a soldier through and through and that always came first. The nation and its security were always a priority. If he had to miss a dance or sporting event well it was all in the name of national security. I admit to wondering at times if it would have been the same had my sisters and I been boys but the late arrival of our little brother Joseph proved that dad really was all USMC to the bone.

To be fair my father did take time to show Arlene, myself and Charlotte and later Joe how to defend ourselves. We might never be special operations type like dad but we could get by. He also taught us to shoot which right now is a gift beyond measure. I am shaking with anger and rage as those smug watcher council peoples sit in my living room drinking my scotch. I cannot believe that they are so damned smug. Buffy barely survived and she is hurt. She was hurt saving me from a vampire.

Damn I still have a hard time believing that. To think Hank and I locked her up…..well I will make it up to her. Hank well he is a useless prat. Not the good man I and father I thought he would be. So much for marrying a civilian to get a stay at home dad for my daughter, he's even more married to his career then dad. Well Dad said never leave an enemy at your back. I move to my desk and pull out the drawer. I am so not going to let this go. If those bastards have more of that drug…they could kill Buffy or Faith. That I cannot will not allow. They think they are above the law. Well they aren't.

Travers is drinking my scotch acting like he owns my house. He is looking down at Buffy's friends who have rushed over to help her. Xander holding a shovel clearly wanting to hit the watcher then bury them. Willow has set her baseball bat back behind the couch and Oz looks ready to pounce. Faith is glaring clearly wishing to rip them apart with her bare hands being restrained only by the fact that Dawn is in the room. Perhaps that the council's only reprieve that Dawnie had been at a friend's house when I was snatched.

Buffy shaking in anger and betrayal of what Giles has done. Well he and I will be having words when this is over but at least I know he did not want to do this thing. Thank the Gods my daughter is smart and resourceful. She saved me and herself just as she saved the others countless times.

"You did well to pass your test Miss Summers."

"Yeah well I'm good that way. However you had no right to do that to me or my mother."

I watch as Travers turns to Giles. He merely smirked then said "You however Mr. Giles did not. You failed. You have a father's love for the girl. It is why you failed to follow the rules of the test. Rules that were designed for the safety of the watchers and it cost two of our members their lives."

I could not believe this asshole. Those fools died because of an archaic sick test they were intent on putting my baby through. They expect her to go out night after night and fight the demons of hell then they pull this shit. I so don't think so. I am glad those other watchers are dead and there are no bodies as they became vampires and then were dusted. I almost wish we could let Faith and Xander beat them to death.

"The test is inhumane and I should never have agreed to participate. If it was not for your threat to kill Buffy and Joyce and the others I would never have done it." Rupert says. "Yes I care for Buffy, she's and her friends are the closest I will likely come to having my own children. Unlike some they stand up and fight. Night after night they do their level best to protect this town, nation and world and you dare come here to belittle their work. I done I will not let you endanger my fa…friends again."

"Silence Mr. Giles you are by no means all that important in this. In fact your failure means I can finally remove you from your position. No one will blame me for it. It is a shame that you did not fall rather than Barnes and Fisher. Oh well at least I can do this. You are relieved of duty Mr. Giles. I suggest you give your notice as you will be reassigned to the archives in London where your meager skills as a researcher may be of some small use." Travers said."I will be sending a new watcher to take over for you. Please leave your books for them to use.

"What! No, I maybe pissed at Giles right now but at least I can trust him a little. I won't put up with some tweedy bastard in my town. You so don't get to give me orders after you almost killed my mom." Buffy shouted. Anger clear in her movements Travers and company clearly were not stupid as they backed up. My daughter may not have slayer strength right now but she was clearly angry. She grabbed a baseball bat from behind the couch. She was clearly intent on using it and none of the others seemed inclined to try to stop her. Not that I blamed them given her look.

It's probably a good thing none of them are paying attention to me. I pull out the weapon I intend to use. No one threatens to kill my daughter and gets away with it. None I am done with these bastards and it is time they pay.

"Buffy put the bat down."

My daughter looks over at me. She clearly not in a mood to obey however she stops cold when she sees what is in my hand.

"Yes child do as your mother says."Travers spouts clearly amused but his smile fades.

"As much as I would like to see you beat him to death with that bat, it would take far too long to end them. This is far more efficient."

The watchers turn to face me and freeze.

"A Gun Ms. Summers, how droll and useless you don't have a clue how to use it I am sure." Travers said gloating." It would also draw to much attention. I do believe the authorities do not like your delinquent daughter much."

I glare and fire blowing up a vase sitting on the mantel next to his head. I always hated that vase. Hank's Cousin Petunia gave it to und it ugly.

Everyone freezes. I smile coldly. There was barely a sound. Did I mention my father was special operations well this weapon was one he retired but it was good for protection. Unregistered and silent, a special make and model perfect for killing quietly. I suppose I will have to sacrifice the carpet but…I don't like it either.

"What the hell." Ms. Summers you could have killed me."

"That Mr. Travers was a warning shot. Now sit your ass down now. We are going to have a talk. It seems to me you lot need to get a reality check."

"You can not threaten us." One of Travers surviving cronies said. I glare and shoot him in the left knee cap he falls down and screams.

Fortunately the curtains were drawn and those living nearby know my daughter and her friends love horror films so a blood curtling scream….well it's just a movie isn't it. Plus it is Sunnydale and screaming happens all the time it is simply background noise like the L in Chicago.

"Now sit. I do believe I been kind given you invade my home and endangered my children as well as myself. Did you truly think you would be allowed to get away with that?"

"We are watchers and we protect the world."

I laugh at that. "No you are kidnappers and thieves. You broke in here and threatened my friend Rupert and I along with my children and their friends. You are some sort of cult. Or that is what I will tell the authorities. Did you know that my Aunt on my mother's side is the Assistant director of BAU Erin Strauss? She promised to help if Buffy needed it given the police in Sunnydale. In fact she was the reason Buffy got out of trouble in LA. She called a my Godmother at NCIS Hetty Lang to investigate and proved Buffy was innocent. I know you lot tried to convince my daughter you saved her but…frankly that bull shit. It was also Hetty and Aunt Erin who convinced me Buffy was not crazy. It's sadly on me for failing her from when we came here but no more." I turned and fired again shooting the minion in the head. "So Mr. Travers are you ready to talk terms?"

"Wow, Mum that was awesome."Buffy said.

I smile. Sometimes one has to negotiate hostilely. That's what dad always said.