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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mama Bear

Part 3

Harris is a bit of a pain in my ass. I know he still has a massive crush on my girl but I can't quite fault him for his good taste. I pull a fag out but don't light it as Joyce glares at me. Ok no smoking in the house or around the Nibblet. She makes it so damned hard to be a big bad now days. I so hate to disappoint her. She's a lady she is. Sometimes I wish my Mum could have met her they'd have gotten along so well. Oh well ash in the wind that thought. "There's thirty here Harris. Wait a tick." I pull out some bills. Glad that damned Faral had not got snot all over his pay.

"Can you afford that Spike?" Joyce asked worried for my finances. Like I said she's a lovely lady. Always concerned about us all and how we can make ends meet.

"Yeah, this is the money they paid that Faral. It's over 500 dollars so I can spring for some pizza."

"Cool we can get several kinds then." Dawn said with a grin.

Her mother gave her a hard look. "Check the others pocket as well we will likely have to feed this lot too. I so am not being out of pocket to do so and Dawn don't be greedy. Spike is being nice treating us we will get what he orders and you will like it."

"But mom…."

"Don't worry Nibblet I will get you your own if only so not to kill the others. Of course feeding them your idea of food might get them to talk faster."

Everyone laughed at Spike but Dawn pouted then grinned. Then said

" So what if I get Turkey and anchovies with pickles and pineapple with avocado and mayo I mean that's tastes so good not my fault you like boring pizza."

The watchers shuttered and Peirce looked ready to spill his guts rather than to have to eat that pizza combo. Spike thought. Yeah it could work.

The food arrived twenty minutes later and the bill was about 45 dollars.

"Hey this is a bit short?" Xander said. "It usually costs us about 50-55 dollars."

"Yeah well Harris the boss says give you lot a discount. I mean you do keep the night life down and you all order two or three times a week so it's all good." The delivery guy said as he pocketed his tip.
"Well that's cool." Xander said.

"Hand out the food Xander. We will let the watchers eat. Never let it be said we did not give them a last meal." Joyce said her eyes cold.

Travers was beginning to worry. His wounded were bound up but, his gut told him he had better think fast or this horrid America Fare could well be his last meal.

Giles watched the scene with a certain cold detachment. He knew he should care but he was finding it hard to do so. This lot had caused those he loved to almost be killed tonight and he was not about to let that go. One dead watcher was nothing to that.

"Joyce they should have council cards in their pockets. If I am right they will be black AMEX and will have no limit. I am sure you can order new carpet and a vase and no one would even take notice. My cousin Edith let me know that Travers recently remodeled his home on the council account. One more carpet and a few other household items won't be missed they will simply think he found something he liked here and intends to send it back home."

"Yes well perhaps I shall." Joyce said as she took a piece of ham and pineapple pizza from him.

"Where are the plates and forks?" Travers asked.

Willow laughed at that as she took a piece of the vegan pie. "Who needs them I mean you just eat it with your hands." She did however toss him a few napkins.

The watcher looked horrified with simply made the children laugh as they ate. It was a good way to break the tension. Joyce however never let her eyes fall away from them not quite trusting the bastards. She motioned to Buffy to call her Aunt. She would let the FBI deal with these idiots. While she might threaten them she was not quite ready to burn their bridges with the whole council. With luck they would deal with Travers and his cronies or the government in the form of her family would. After all one day they might need the bastards so for now…they get off with just a hard warning.