Author's Note: Um. So, I've been playing with this idea for a while and finally hit a plot that I was satisfied with. I'm like 10k words into this fic so I just decided to post this prologue thing first and update maybe weekly. The title means 'Seize the Night', which was oddly fitting considering where I'm headed with this, huh.

The... conversation is... something of a premonition?

Shoutout to RivalAdmirer for putting up with me dragging her into roleplays with our OCs in an effort to flesh mine out lol.

Carpe Noctis

'Seize the Night'

My name is Stella Lucis Caelum. But once upon a time, it was Alice Hawthorne.

"No… No! Please!"

Reincarnation is a funny thing. It wasn't something that I expected to happen to me when I first died. Finding out you were reborn in a world that so resembled a game you used to love? I thought I was dreaming at first. It was a nice dream, though. Aulea and Regis – Mom and Dad were always busy but always so loving. I never had much of a bond with my parents as Alice, so I relished the relationship I created with my parents as Stella. I was happy for a while, in this dream that never ended. But then, my little brother, Noctis was born. And it all came crashing down around me.

I didn't want to lose them. They would all die one day in the future that wasn't and I didn't want that. I denied it, locked away my memories; pretending that my life as Alice was just a lie. My mother would not die from illness. My father would not die in an invasion. My brother would not sacrifice himself for the world. It was nothing more than a nightmare that haunted my sleep. It was nothing more than my mind's sadistic imagination. Stella was my reality. Alice was nothing more than a nightmare.

But, after giving birth to Noctis, Mom got sick and just kept getting sicker. Nothing we did, nothing the doctors did could help. She just grew paler and weaker as the days went by. I couldn't stand it; I didn't want my nightmares to haunt me when I was awake. Unable to cope with the reality that my memories of a game I used to play could come true, I cried to her; confessed everything to her. Sobbing in her arms and telling her about all my doubts, all my insecurities of my existence. Mom just listened, stroking her hand through my hair. She listened and never said anything. It was only when my cries dwindled to sniffles did she speak.

I was born for a reason. That reason may only come to light in the distant future but that didn't mean I was never meant to exist. Mom reminded me that no matter who I was or what I experienced Before, I was now Stella Lucis Caelum, Princess of the Kingdom of Lucis Now. She reminded me that I should live my life because it was my own. It didn't matter that I knew one possible future for this world. My very existence changed the story I had once known and that there was no point in wondering if I should have been born when I was already here. All the knowledge I held was something the Gods decided I had to keep, to be used to my own advantage. To fulfill my own role and carve my own path in this new world.

That was the start of everything for me. I did all I could think of to prevent the tragedies I knew would come. I failed in some and I succeeded in others. Noctis's injury, our visit to Tenebrae and the inferno that followed still happened. I tried to befriend Ravus, to at least save him from the bitterness that would consume him, but I felt that even with the connection we had, I failed him too. Even still, I could not abandon him. Exchanging letters much like Noctis and Luna did over the years, I could only hope my friendship could temper his hatred.

"Don't do this. Please, don't –"

But I didn't just want to help and challenge fate to save just my family. I wanted to save my people too. Citizens of Insomnia and Lucis who looked to our family in guidance and hope. My memories as Alice were not reliable. I could not remember the little details and perhaps the bigger ones as well. But I tried my best. I can only hope my best was enough.

When the Kingsglaive was formed, I immediately befriended them. Thinking back on it now, I knew the main reason was because of Alice's fondness of Crowe Altius. To Alice, Crowe was a character she adored and mourned for her unexpected and sudden death. To me, Crowe is one of my closest friends and I can only pray the precautions I took for her would keep her alive long enough for my allies outside the wall to rescue her.

With Crowe, came Libertus Ostium and Nyx Ulric. I could fondly call us a team and a close knit group of friends. Our friendship was a reason for much joy and worry. They were the frontlines of the war against Niflheim and I would always fear the day they would not return, even with Alice's memories confirming that they would survive to the point of the movie. My involvement could have changed things and it was a fear I will probably never let go.

I could not, for the life of me remember who the traitor within the Kingsglaive was. It was a source of frustration for me for the years leading up to the events of the movie Alice watched. Regardless, I still treated the Kingsglaive as close friends. Behind the arrogance and insecurities, they were good people that wanted to reclaim their homes. I could proudly say I adored each of them and it pained me to think that some of them would betray my family.

Years pass by and M.E. 756 is just around the corner. I have done all I could for the events of treaty signing. Safety Bits for Nyx, Crowe and Libertus. Escape tunnels for the civilians. Plans for Cor's most trusted to be spread out across Insomnia, to help evacuate the citizens. Hidden shelter outposts in Leide, Duscae and Cleigne for refugees. Hunters, contracted and willing to escort the refugees to safety. Havens and underground shelters across Cleigne, light up with power generated from the meteor in preparation for the ten years of nights.

I've done all I could… I can only hope that it will be enough and that I could save my family from their fate.