Memories From Christmas Past

Holiday Perspectives Chapter 3- Lily St Regis

I looked on with fondness and wistfulness as Annie and her friends tore in to the wrapping paper off of their presents. I remember being their age and the mystery and intrigue of what was under my tree on Christmas morning.

"Have these people handcuffed and taken to the jail Frankin." Oliver Warbucks said.

"With pleasure Oliver." replied Franklin Roosevelt

Suddenly, I am hit with the stark reality that I was involved with a felony. What has my life become?

The handcuffs are slapped on me and then on Rooster. Agatha resists arrest but eventually she is handcuffed too.

If my parents found out I would be spending Christmas day in Jail they will not be happy. When the first met Rooster the told me to be wary of him. Did I listen? No, I did not. This is what I get for being blind.

Someday I hope to have a family and a daughter like Annie. A child who I can share the same magic of Christmas with that my parents shared with me when I was young.

Right now, however I am headed to jail. I'm hoping I won't be here for very long.