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Raynare & Kalawarner

Issei was trying to hold in the dark smirk from forming as he looked at the beauty in front of him. The teen was aware of what she was, due to the dragon inside him, and decided to play along until she decided to put her plan into action. And, by the subtly way she hid her dark smirk, when she spun around, he knew it was now.

Raynare, using the name Yumma, was giddy. She was about to accomplish her mission that would put her in a bright light with her leader. All she had to do was kill this perverted teen and she would be in the clear. So, getting into character, she turned back to Issei with an innocent smile. "Can you do me a favor to always remember out first date?' She asked.

'Here it comes.' The brunette thought to himself. "Sure. What is it, Yumma-chan?" While wearing the mask of a naïve pervert, he prepared to counter her strike. As she leaned in, he saw her dark smirk. "Will do die for me?"

"Only if you let me fuck you!" The woman's violet eyes widened in shock at his quick response.

Before she could do anything, she was socked in the stomach and sent crashing into the fountain. The standing teen smirked darkly with his gear shinning in power. "Come on out little fallen. I know that didn't kill you." He goateed. Issei was going to enjoy roughing this bitch up before making her his own play-thing.

Out of the fountain, Raynare appeared in her true form. She had a much more mature look and possessed a body that would make any man quiver in lust. She wore an S&M costume that did little to hide her privates that had also grown mature. Issei licked his lips in hunger, his arousal rocketing at the sight of the slutty fallen beauties transformation.

"Who the fuck do you think you are!?" She roared out in anger, her violet eyes shining in anger at being punched by this human boy. His constant smirk only made her madder. "I'll kill you!" Rushing at the boy, light spear in hand, she prepared to run him through.

Issei smirked the entire time Raynare rushed him. To him, it was like she was going in slow motion. Deciding to mess with her, he let her come within an inch before he dodged around it and putting her extended limb in an arm lock. "I don't think so." He whispered before kneeing her in the chest, making her bed over.

Her sexy ass was thrusted into the air, making Issei's smile grow. "I like that position." Issei commented before throwing her to the ground. "Makes you look even sexier." He added on, looking at the woman now face up.

Grunting, Raynare's eyes widened in shock and a little bit of fear of the teen loaming over her form. "How!?" She couldn't help but ask. "You're just a human!" The beauty couldn't understand how he was doing this to her. By her sources, he was a weak human that would be easy to kill. However, it seemed like that was not the case as real life proved otherwise.

"True." The brunette nodded before pulling her up by her wing. His smirk grew when he heard the soft moan of pleasure escape her supple lips. 'Good to know.' Issei filed that away for the moment. "But I'm also a dragon." Watching her eyes widen, he pulled her silken raven hair so she was all the closer to his lips. Hairs with width away, his hot breath made Raynare shiver in lust.

"A dragon that's about to ravage this little crow." That was the only warning as Issei swooped down and ravaged Raynare's lips with his own. His tongue shooting past her open lips and dominated her own in absolute assertion. The teen claimed and roamed all around inside the shocked woman's mouth, enjoying her taste.

Eyes widened in shock as the pinned woman felt her mouth basically getting raped by this powerful teen's mouth and lips. While it was scaring her, it was, strangely enough, turning her on. Issei could smell her arousal and it made him smirk in the kiss. 'Too easy.' The seventeen-year-old thought in triumph.

Leaving the kiss, he looked at her with a dark smirk. "Are you ready to submit to your new master?" He asked, feeling her shiver under his power.

Raynare, to her utter shame, was close to cumming as this brunette's aura was so strong and dominating. 'S-So sexy~.' She moaned to herself. Shaking those thoughts out, she glared at him. "Never! I'll rip your dick off before you even try!" The woman tried to intimidate him.

It back fired as Issei only let out another gruff chuckle. "You seem to forget your position." He tugged harder on her wing, making her moan loudly. "Let me remind you!" Lifting her up, the brunette pushed her to a tree and tilted her chin up so she was gazing into his lustful brown eyes. Kissing, raping her mouth with his, Issei dominated the shivering and squirming woman before him. Slowly, he began to grind his growing erection into the woman's sex.

Raynare tried to get out of the strong hold but found herself unable to. Even if she did, she was getting a little too hot to possibly escape the teen showing her whose boss. "F-Fuck…" She whispered breathlessly after he pulled back.

"Oh~. A little horny aren't we?" Issei asked rhetorically, his hand now cupping the barely hidden mound of her pussy. His fingers already slick with arousal after only teasing her for a few minutes. "And so wet after only two kisses. What an honest body you have, whore." Teased the teen, caressing her lovely face. Going in close to her ear, he whispered hotly. "I can't wait to claim you. You'll be my first prize." Kissing her cheek, he smiled at the red color that appeared.

The way Issei was talking to her was getting her really hot. The way he said he would claim her as a prize, as something to own, was always one of her kinks. Raynare had always wanted for one of her lovers to ravage her like a beast and it seemed like this boy would be the one to do it. "N-No~!" She tried to struggle only to get slammed back onto the floor, her body covered with Issei.

"The more you squirm the more I want to destroy you." Issei whispered, licking his lips in hunger, before all but ripping off her 'top' exposing her large teats to the world. Drool dripped down his lips as he stared lustfully at them. "These slutty breasts are honest." Palming her chest, he smirked at her loud moan. "Your nipples are as hard as rocks." True to his words, the sensitive nubs against his hands were erect. Roughly rubbing her chest, he loved the soft and smooth sensation of her skin against his own. He was sure she would be one of his favorite slaves. "Amazing! You're already moaning like a whore!" He mocked after hearing her louder moans and body squirmed under his touch.

'I-I can't deny it!' Raynare thought to herself with a larger blush. 'H-He's setting my body on fire!' Her body was shivering in delight as she moaned in ecstasy at the man pawing her breasts like an animal. "Y-Yes." The beauty softly said, finally giving into the pleasure after minutes of rough groping.

"Hm?" Stopping momentarily, the teen smirked at her shocked expression, obviously not liking that he stopped paying with her body. "You say something? It sounded like you said fuck me." Issei teased out, pinching her hard nubs. Pulling them back, he let the elastic flesh bounce back into her, shaking erotically for his delight.

Raynare could feel her pussy lips wetting with each word and rough pinch. Finally, she couldn't take it, and gave in. "Yes! I want it! I want you to fuck my slutty fallen angel pussy! Make me yours with your beautiful, powerful, cock!" She screeched out, thankful she put up a magical barrier.

Caressing her cheek and planting a kiss on her lips that made her want more, Issei leaned back. "Good girl." Reaching down, the teen pulled down his pants and underwear. Raynare let out a shocked gasp as Issei's cock was revealed.

'I-I-It's so big!' She shouted in her head as she looked at the twelve-inch cock that was twitching heavily. 'I-I might not be able to take it!' The woman was suddenly nervous of not being able to survive having that cock inside her pussy.

"I can tell you are about to wet yourself." Issei said, seeing her tight cunt lips twitching and her lower nub growing larger. "I bet you like the idea of being dominated in the open. This pussy is about to be raped and you don't seem to be scared. You look to be delighted in the idea of being my cock-sleeve. Your pussy is dripping for my twelve-inched cock." Said Issei, now grinding his large tool against the lips of her cunt.

Looking up into his eyes, she climaxed then and there. His eyes were showing so much lust and passion it was too hot. "Yes! Fuck me! Claim me like the whore I am! I love having my pussy filled with powerful cock's! Please!" She looked at him with begging, teary, eyes. "My body is so hot for that beautiful dick." Raynare whispered, feeling the effects of cumming on just the cock-tip.

"Very well." Lining his cock up once more, he asked her something. "What's your real name?" He wanted to know the true name of his first slave. "R-Ra-Raynare! AHHHHH!" After she told him her name, his cock penetrated her tight walls in a brutal thrust that made her climax all over his thighs and prick.

His shaft easily hit the back of her womb and Issei groaned loud at the tight hold she had over his member. "Fuck yeah!" Shouting out, Issei blurred his hips back and forth, re-shaping her maidenhood into his own sheath. "Such a good Fallen Angel pussy!" The teen moaned out, loving the tight feeling the black winged angel had over his thrusting member. He had to hold himself from not cumming as the juices were so amazingly pleasing along his cock-head.

"YES!" Raynare squealed out, drunk on the feeling of Issei's cock so deep inside her pussy. She had no problem of being a slave to this man's prick by now. The girl had forgotten her mission, her feelings for Azazel, and anything else. All that mattered was prolonging this feeling of being fucked so thoroughly! "Keep fucking this naughty Fallen Angel pussy! I want you more and more! Your dick is so good! Keep fucking me! I'm so close!" Raynare begged, holding onto Issei's shoulders, her giant tits squashed against his heaving chest.

Her words and the way her body moved against his was too enticing to possibly hold off the incoming climax that was churning in his balls. "That's right! Take it all deep into this pussy!" Roaring, Issei pushed his dick as hard as he could, piercing her cervix, and unloading all the stored cum.

Violet eyes shot open in ecstasy as the shaking woman felt her entire womb get coated and sprayed in her lover's semen. 'I'm Ise-sama's slave!' She admitted to herself, continuing to squirt all over his dep dick. "FUCK!" Finally, the woman shouted out to the heavens. "I LOVE ISE-SAMA'S SEED!" The bitch-in-heat yelled like a banshee as she had the best orgasm of her life.

Both climaxed for so long, they didn't even notice that Raynare was now on top of him. The woman on him rubbed her cheek into his chest, loving the heat her master provided her. "So good, Ise-sama. You filled my poor broken pussy with so much seed." She whispered weakly, slowly recovering from the intense orgasm after orgasm.

Running his fingers through her hair, he kissed her hotly, making her want more and more over her master to dominate her. Sadly, however, he left the kiss but kept her close. "Oh, don't worry my pet. You'll get all the seed this dirty body can handle.' He promised with a hard spank to her ass.

Raynare moaned throatily at the pleasing pain. "Please, master. Give me more." She begged with a needy expression.

Issei, however, gave her an impish smirk. "No. I don't think so." He was delighted at the shocked expression that now crossed Raynare's face. "Oh, don't get me wrong. I'll fuck you forever. But, I don't think it would be wise to keep here all night. Return to your comrades, tell them you killed me, then meet me at the restaurant we went to today; only keep your mature look." He commanded, his aura flowing out of him to make her submit easily.

"Hai…Ise-sama." Raynare nodded weakly. "Iya!" She yelped out in shock and pleasure when Issei smacked her taught ass after getting up.

"Good. Now, get going." Issei watched with a smirk as Raynare flew away. A perverted grin crossed his lips when he saw the slight semen come out of her clothed cunt. "Can't wait till tomorrow." With that, he walked back home, waiting to fully claim his Fallen Angel whore the next day.

~Abandoned Church~

Landing on the ground with a slight limp, Raynare sighed blissfully, while trying to calm down the crimson blush that she sported. 'I can't believe it…I'm now a human's cock-whore.' The claimed woman thought to herself. Her violet eyes then dipped a little. 'But…he's got such a big cock that it is impossible for me to not be addicted to him.' Letting out a heavy, shaky, breath, she regained her composure.

Walking into the church, she saw her fellow dark winged angels sitting on the pews, waiting for her.

One of the three was another beautiful woman that rivaled, if not surpassed, Raynare's beauty. Her pale skin glowed in the moonlight while her raven black hair flowed freely down her back. Her eyes were a raven color to them while her golden necklace hung lazily between the crevice of her chest that surpassed her fellow beautiful Fallen Angel friend. The outfit she wore did nothing to hide any possible curves the woman possessed. She wore a dark collared shirt that looked to be around half her size as it hugged her body perfectly. Going down, she wore a short mini skirt that didn't even go halfway down, showing off her large thick and pale thighs as well as her shapely legs, complete with black high-heels.

The girl next to the gorgeous woman looked to be fifteen. She had bright blonde hair tied up in two short ponytails on the sides of her skull by a large black bow. Her outfit was a Gothic Lolita attire, which consisted of a black Lolita dress with white frills, a large black bow on the front, while thigh-high socks, and black shoes.

The last person was the only male among the group of four. He was a tall middle-aged man in a dark trench coat and black fedora sitting atop his head with his long black sideburns and a small goatee.

"So, did you finish the kid off?" It was the woman to ask her friend. Her deep yet sultry voice would send shivers down even the most devoted of men's hearts.

Haughtily, she smirked. "Of course. It was easy to fool that perverted fool." She lied easily. All of them smirked.

"Good." The man nodded. "Then we can prepare for the next part of the plan." He then looked at the other two ladies. "Kalawarner. Mittelt." He addressed the older woman and younger woman respectively. "Prepare the ceremony and arrival of our target." Nodding easily, the girls walked down the secret stair case. "Raynare. You keep lookout during the day. Make sure no devils catch wind of our plan." Dohnaseek ordered the girl.

Inwardly, the girl squealed in happiness so that she wouldn't have to make up some excuse about wanting to patrol. "Very well." But she kept her excitement under control.

~Next Day~

Waiting at the place Issei had taken her yesterday, the now true formed Raynare was lightly squirming in her place. While it was true she wanted to be dominated, she also wanted to be loved. And, while Issei had shown her kindness in the date yesterday, she now thought he only acted like that to claim her as his own.

Since the woman was so engrossed in her thoughts, she didn't notice the brunette walking to her. A smile graced his lips when he saw Raynare's expression. 'I guess I took things a little too far last night.' He chuckled to himself as he remembered how roughly he took his bitch just a few hours ago. While he did enjoy fucking her like an animal, he did care for the woman. He'd show her that she meant more to him than just a fuck-toy.

Silently, he reached around Raynare's waist and pulled her close to him. Ignoring her little shocked yelp, he took a small inhale of her raven hair that flowed down her blouse. "You look beautiful today, my little Ray-chan." Issei said the new nick-name for the woman with affection, gently rubbing her stomach. He took delight from the soft sensation of her creamy skin against his hand.

Raynare relaxed after realizing it was Issei who was holding her. A blush crept over her pale skin as she felt his hot breath brush against her neck and the affectionate new name he called her. "T-Th-Thank you, Ise-sama." She whispered with a small smile. 'Maybe…it wasn't a complete lie.' The beauty thought to herself as the feeling of his soft yet firm hands put her at ease while making her a little hot under the collar.

Kissing her cheek, he led her into the restaurant and a table, pulled her chair out for her, and sat across from her. "So, what are you and your friends still doing in town?" He questioned, wanting to know if he should be making some moves if the other Fallen Angels become hostile.

For a moment, hesitation flashed before her eyes before it disappeared just as quickly as it came. Raynare explained they were here on orders to eliminate a possible threat and wait for a nun to arrive and take her Sacred Gears to help their cause. "…And that's why we are here." She finished, looking down a little as her master had not talked since she began.

Issei was thinking on what he was told and what he would do to deal with it. He could either ignor it and continue to fuck Raynare, or he could stop it by trying to destroy the machine. A smirk crossed his lips, however, when he remembered something about the people who were there. "You said…there were two other ladies with you, correct?" A blush crossed her face, thinking of what he might do, and nodded.

"Well…that's very interesting. Thank you, my little Ray-chan." He thanked with a small smile. Raynare's face lit up like a neon sign. Lowering her face, so her hair was covering her blush, she responded in a shy voice. "Y-You're welcome, master. Ep!" The sitting black winged angel gasped a little when she felt her masters' hand sneak under the table and slowly stroke her thigh. Looking at him, she saw the perverted glint in his brown orbs.

"I think you deserve a reward." Pulling his chair closer to her, Issei dipped two fingers past her skirt and gently ran the digits along the edges of her covered maidenhood. He could feel the heat radiating from it and it sent his mind into the gutter. "Wow. Your pussy is so hot and I haven't even touched it directly." He whispered in her ear.

"Mhhhhh!" Raynare had to hold back her loud moan when he cupped her covered sex. "M-Master!" She softly moaned in pleasure. "W-We'll get caught! Stop!" She pleaded with teary eyes.

Her expression only increased his rubbing. His other hand teased her flesh, gently pinching her pale thighs. "Oh, but it seems you like that thought." Issei said, feeling the shiver that ran through his slaves' body. A surge of pleasure flooded his being as he saw Raynare's breathing increase along with her blush. The brunette's pants were becoming strained as he watched his toy quiver in her chair.

"Ma-Master…stop~!" She pleaded once more, while gently grinding her sex against his fingers, her body betraying her words for him to stop as her body naturally enticed him to continue his ministrations.

"I don't think so~." He teased, gently kissing her cheek, after seeing no one was really watching the two nor very crowded, he continued his teasing to get her ready for the next part. "Then why are your nipples so hard?" Removing one hand from her leg, he roughly groped her left orb.

"Iya!" The raven-haired beauty cupped her mouth so the moan didn't reach others ear's. Moving his hand along her breasts while keeping his hand moving along her sex, he bounced the orbs in his hand while tweaking the rock hard nubs. "S-So good." She softly admitted, giving into her master and his touch. "Touch me directly…Ise-sama." Gently grabbing his hand, she directed it so he could move her thong away and latch on to her mound. "Yes!" She moaned a little louder, getting wetter with the thought of getting caught in public. The beauty was finally letting herself go and enjoying the rush of doing naughty things in public, a true turn-on for her.

Issei smirked as he let Raynare direct him. If it was any other time, he would have reprimanded her, but he let this one slide as he was enjoying the wet pussy against his palm. "So wet and hot, Ray-chan." The teen informed, feeling the gushing pussy splash on his two fingers gently roaming her insides. His other hand, getting tired of not groping her directly, ripped open her shirt and bra before kneading the open tit-flesh. As she was about to scream, Issei captured her supple lips in a deep kiss that she moaned into.

Bashing away at her tongue, Issei enjoyed how responsive her body was becoming to his touch. Soon, he felt Raynare's sopping wet mound twitch around his fingers. Leaving the kiss, he looked deep into her lustful violet eyes. "Cum for me, slut." Thrusting into her one more time, while tweaking her chest harshly, Raynare had to cover her mouth with her shaky hand as she climaxed all over his hand.

After she came for a minute, she let her hand hang limply to the side, shaking a little after cumming so hard. Letting out a depressed mewl when he took her fingers out, she looked at her master with submissive eyes and tongue lazily lolling out of her red lips. "Why'd you leave?" Raynare asked with a shaken voice.

Smiling, he gave her a gentle kiss that made her lean in immediately. Ending the kiss, but keeping her close to him, Issei whispered into her ear. "Because I want to see this beautiful whore sucking me off. I didn't get to see those slutty lips suck my cock last night and now, I want it." Caressing her blushing cheeks, he slowly moved her down until she was face to face with his almost ripping pants. "Take them off." Putting some steel in his voice, Issei watched Raynare all but rip off his pants.

The kneeling woman basked in the manly scent of Issei's cock. 'Masters' cock~!' She thought deliriously. Raynare's hands lazily began to stroke him off. "Master, your cock is so hot and pulsing in my hands." She whispered, her hot breath stimulating him.

"Mmmm. So good. Your hands are so soft and hot, Ray-chan. It makes your master feel so good." Issei groaned at the feeling of her hands gently worshiping his cock.

"Huh?" Raynare muttered, seeing the pre-cum that dripped from her head. "Masters' cock is leaking. I must take care of it." With a smirk and blush, she opened her maw wide enough to take his cock in. Plunging herself on his member, she managed to take all the cock-meat, thanking God for what she was because she most likely wouldn't be able to take him as a human.

"Oh shit!" Groaned the blushing teen as he felt his slaves' tongue lick all around his purple cock-head while making soft slurping sounds, enticing him more. "Keep sucking me my little crow." Issei rubbed her head, making Raynare moan happily around his member. "I'll make sure to unload all my seed into your stomach." He promised, beginning to thrust his twitching pre-cum soaking prick into her mouth.

While shocked a little, she soon accepted the harsh pumping and slowly brought her hands around her chest and roughly tweaked her nubs and moan around his penis, sending pleasing vibrations around his hot rod. 'It's so hot! My mind is going numb.' Her motions became swifter, helping her master relieve himself, while running her long tongue up and down the sides of his veiny tool.

"Ah!" Groaning louder, Issei leaned further back into his chair with his eyes rolling to the back of his head in pleasure. "I-I-I think I'm gonna' cum soon!" Issei announced, his breath becoming heavy with lust. His eyes widened, however, when her lips removed themselves around his cock. Before he could yell at her, his dick was enveloped by her two flesh pillows.

"I know you love my breasts, master." Raynare said huskily, rubbing her breasts along his shaft. Licking the juicy head, she felt a jolt of pleasure run down her spine. "You played with them so much when you fucked me yesterday." She gave him a coy smirk while continuing to bounce her chest along his rod, her nipples rubbing along his lower stomach, making him moan even louder.

"Shit! Your tits are so good!" Issei groaned out, noticing people had noticed he was getting titty-fucked. A smirk graced his lips. 'Let's give them a show!' With that in mind, he pushed Raynare's head and lips around his lower head and began to thrust up, making her jugs jiggle with each and every harsh hump.

Caught off guard, Raynare could only gurgle around the thundering member fucking her throat so intensely. Slowly, she let one of her hands snake down to her lady-lips and began to finger herself. 'I can feel it! Master is about to cum!' The Fallen Angel thought in ecstasy as the twitching rod in her mouth began to swell. Wanting her reward more, she gently gnawed on the sensitive head.

Eyes widening, Issei grunted loudly, pulling her head so she was face down into her flesh, and let all the stored up jizz line her throat and coat her stomach. Several large robs of cum filled her mouth to the brim, making Raynare's eyes widen at the epic amount of man-milk. It came out so powerfully, she couldn't contain it all and it escaped her lips, staining her milky skin in white.

What she did manage to swallow, she moaned happily at. Her own climax was sent off because of the taste and hold he had over her. 'I'm his slave! I can't be satisfied by anyone other than him now!' Raynare moaned harder, making him shoot out even more of his baby-seed into her.

Needing air, Raynare left Issei's slightly limp grasp, only to be sprayed with even more of his hot spunk. Her face and breasts were masked in white, even some of her raven hair got soaked with his delicious seed. Opening her mouth wide, she managed to catch all the rest of the exploding seed.

"So good. So good master. I love you cock! I love your seed against my skin! It feels like I'll get pregnant with your God-like sperm!" Raynare babbled while slowly rubbing the seed into her skin, licking the white goo that stained her lips. Opening her mouth, she made a show of swallowing his cum. "I want more." Looking up, after she ate the last bit of his white goo, she saw the hunger in his eyes. "Take me here and now! I don't care anymore! Show these people that you're my God and king!" She begged, her hands running along his legs.

Growling, Issei picked her up and kissed her with all his might, not caring for the surprised gasps around them. "Look at those tits!" The teen heard a watching teen with his buddies. Their eyes locked on Raynare's bosom squashed against Issei's chest. "What I wouldn't give to be in that bastards shoes right now!" His friend said with envy.

In the kiss, Raynare barely heard the females curse her out as well. "What a whore! If I had tits like those I would have that hunk too." A jealous flat-chested female said with a blush while looking at Issei's hard cock rubbing against Raynare's gushing lady parts.

"I know and look at that cock! I wish I had that giant meat inside me!" A waitress said with a dazed expression and drool rolling down her face.

Raynare was a little angry at their words and Issei could tell as she frowned and growled a little between the lip lock. "Aw. Is little Ray angry about these assholes?" He asked rhetorically, enjoying the large blush. Kissing her cheeks, he pinned her to the table, making her body jiggle erotically. "Let's have a taste!" With a hard grunt, he impaled Raynare's cunt with his cock, hitting all the way into the back before pumping himself out and back at a forceful rhythm.

"S-S-So amazing!" Raynare moaned out, sweat slowly dripping down her face and getting some of the semen out. "I love your cock! Look! Look at this stud destroys my pussy!" She demanded with a sex-craved smile.

"Uga!" Issei grunted louder when he felt the walls tighten around his member, making it slightly harder to keep his movement so fast. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he lifted her slightly and proceeded to pound his sexy bitches' twitching cunt. "You're tighter than usual, Ray-chan. Are you getting off on people watching us?" Asked the brunette, greatly enjoying how her hole massaged his member and the blush that covered her entire body.

Bouncing against his cock harder, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, Raynare squealed out. "Yes! I love being watched! Fuck me Master! Let them watch a real man claim a woman!" Raynare begged, wrapping her arms around his neck and captured him in a deep kiss. Saliva dripped between their parting lips that mashed against one another.

Sweat rolled down their bodies and reached their connected sex, making even wetter slapping sounds. Reaching around her body, he gave her plump ass a nice swat. She screamed in the kiss, loving how his hands made her so hot. The teens other hand massaged her jiggling left tit while keeping his thrusts deep and powerful. The table they were on creaked and groaned under the harsh pounding as they coupled in front of the blushing crowd.

After a few minutes of the heavy tongue battle, ass smacks, and tit groping, Raynare leaned back, feeling her climax approaching fast. "Master." She whispered, her breath tickling his skin. "I'm going to cum soon. I'm going to cum so hard on your cock." She announced, making all those listening almost faint.

Smirking, Issei leaned down and kissed her sweaty teat and neck flesh, making her moan while humping her hips against his own, increasing their pleasure. Growling at the feeling of her hold, Raynare pulling his hips closer with her legs, Issei spoke into her ear. "Me too. Your cunt is about to milk my cock. Get ready. Get ready to receive the seed you love so much." Kissing her before she could respond, he rammed his hips even harder, making Raynare unable to even keep up and just enjoy the ride of getting fucked so well.

Scratching his back, Raynare yelled and thrashed around his body, her legs flailing in the air like blades of grass in the wind. Her body could only go along with his dominating thrusts. 'Oh God!' Raynare thought her eyes widening when Issei's cock hit her sensitive spot. "CUMMINGGGGGGG!" The moment he hit her sensitive flesh, she climaxed all around Issei, coating their flesh in female juices.

Feeling the hot liquid douse him and the even tighter hold, that bordered on pain, Issei growled louder in the kiss and exploded all the sticky seed into Raynare's womb. He could feel his head get a little hazy at the powerful suction her pussy lips had over his tool. "Fuck yeah! Take my seed you whore!" Groaning in the kiss, he continued to spurt out globs of spunk.

Finally, after minutes of shaking climaxes, the two lovers stopped coating one another. Leaving the kiss, Raynare caressed his face with love. "That was amazing master. You destroyed my pussy." She said with a happy smile.

Slapping her melons, Issei smirked at the busty bitch underneath him. "Thank you. And, by the way, you have some new fans." He gestured to the men and ladies in the place who sported large blushed and bleeding noses.

"Iya!" Raynare could only cream in embarrassment as she finally realized she was watched getting fucked. "Don't look at me!" Screeching out, Raynare covered her breasts and sex that was connected to Issei's prick.

Chuckling a little at her embarrassment, finding it cute, Issei sucked her teat to make her focus back on him. "Oh, don't worry, my little Ray. These people won't remember the satisfying fucking you just received." Answering her confused look, he turned around to the crowd and suddenly, they all fainted. "They'll wake in an hour with no memory of this."

Her eyes teared up a little, touched at her master making sure no one else but him would see her naked form. "Thank you, Master." Kissing him with all her love, she smiled into the kiss when he reciprocated it. His hands massaging all the thick flesh he loved.

'She's so beautiful.' Issei thought to himself, opening his eyes so he could stare into her violet love filled eyes. Leaving the kiss, he kept her close to his body, lazily rubbing her heaving chest. A thought popped in the beauties mind. "Master, if you want to, you could come to the abandoned church over the hill." Raynare said, making Issei a little confused at the thought process of his slave.

Letting a giggle escape her lips, she explained. "Tonight, only Kalawarner and I are at base. The others are going to patrol the area this night and won't be back until early in the morning." A seductive smirk then graced her lips as she felt Issei's cock rise inside her. "And then, you can fuck her as I watch you dominate her. Would you like that, Ise-sama~?" She whispered in a sultry voice, sending shivers up and down Issei's spine.

His slave's idea was too good to be true. "Very well. I will be glade to claim another Fallen whore. Be ready for it." Issei said, slapping her creamy ass. Smiling at one another, the brunette pulled out, both missing the connection, and redressed. "Shall we?" Extending his arm, Raynare quickly interlocked her arm with his own. The beauties chest squashed against his arm.

Walking out of the restaurant, the two enjoyed the nice day and slight breeze that brushed against their still slightly sweaty skin. As they walked, Raynare couldn't help her mind from going into the gutter as she imagined what her master would do to her friend to claim her. She was much more stubborn than her and wouldn't break easily. 'Master is going to have fun with her.' The beauty thought with perverted drool rolling down her perfect face.

Issei saw the look and smirked. 'What a dirty girl.' Passing an ally, the Sacred Gear user pushed the dazed girl into it and quickly pinned her to the cold wall, face-front. Raynare moaned in ecstasy and slight pain at the rough treatment, before only pleasure entered her brain when Issei had begun to rub her chest.

"Oh God Master!" Raynare moaned, drool leaking down her face. "You just came and can still go?" She wondered with a large blush and light moans because of his feather-light touches.

"Obviously." Issei whispered into her ear, making the girl shiver in excitement. "How can I not when I have such a slutty bitch drooling with a perverted expression on her whore face?" Kissing her shoulder blades, Issei continued to worship her body with light touches and kisses that drove the moaning girl insane.

"Iya!" Raynare was knocked out of her pleasurable haze when Issei had smacked her ass directly after he had pulled down her skirt. "I-Ise-sama!" She squeaked in shock when she felt her master licking her left ass-cheek that was still red from the furious pounding she just took. "That's dirty!" Her protests were ignored by the licking teen. Her voice grew louder when Issei's face buried its way between her soft cheeks and began to lick her un-used rose-bud. She screamed and bucked against his face. Issei held her hips down, making sure she didn't get away, and continued to lick and suck the woman's beautiful ass.

After teasing the little hole for a few minutes, he leaned down to the main course he had enjoyed a few minutes ago. It's honey like juices already staining the ground below them. "N-No-No!" Raynare squealed out, drool dripping down her face as her violet eyes widened in shocked pleasure, her long tongue falling to the side of her pleased face. "I'm feeling it! Your tongue is stirring up my insides! I want it! I need it! Put your cock in my ass! Please!" Raynare begged while bucking her hips against Issei's invading tongue that switched from her tasty cunt to her anal tubes.

Leaving her derriere, he smirked at the bright pink color it now sported after he had spanked it between licks. "Nice and lubed up now." Standing, he kept his hands stationed around her hips and positioned his cock-head against her asshole. "Ah! So good! It's already so hot." Issei breathed, savoring the sensation of having just the tip inside her tight rectum.

Ignoring her piteous whimpers, Issei shoved his entire cock-meat into the shaking woman, and almost came immediately at how tight she was. 'Her ass is tighter than her pussy!' Issei groaned inside his head as he slammed his cock hilt deep into the Fallen Angels anal muscles.

"MY ASS! MY ASS IS SO FULL OF ISE-SAMA'S COCK!"Raynare screamed out in a cry of pain and pleasure, not used to this kind of pleasure despite her incredibly long life. Not stopping at all, gripping her waist in a firmer grasp, the brunette pounded his cock on and off Raynare's soft bottom. Both were panting loudly with sweat leaking down their bodies, making it even hotter for the duo, with large blushes. The strain from going for so long was evident in their faces.

Pain had faded moments after she was penetrated anally and all she could feel was the pleasure of having her asshole claimed by Issei. "Fuck it's so good! Keep going Master! Never stop fucking my ass! It's your personal cum-dump!" Raynare screamed like a bitch in heat, begging for more of his pounding cock. "I love your cum up my ass!" Raynare shouted out, feeling Issei spurt out his cock-milk, but his member didn't soften at all.

A dark smirk graced his lips as he had finally corrupted the woman in pleasure and lust for his cock. Bringing her up by her hair, Issei continued to pound Raynare at the new angle, loving the tight feeling of her ass when he pulled her hair. Looking over her shoulder, he licked his lips when he saw those bouncing orbs.

"YES! Squeeze them! Ravage my tits!" Again, the woman screamed out like a pig while Issei mauled her chest like a wild animal, his lips soon captured her own in a wild kiss with drool flowing down the corners of their lips.

"OG Fuck!" Issei shouted out, leaving the kiss but still holding his whore close to him while his cock thundered its way in and out of her tight butt. "That's a good whore! Give into the amazing pleasure of your masters' cock! I'll make sure to dump all the cum you desire in and on this deliciously sinful body of yours!" Issei promised with a husky grin and voice.

Raynare's head fell limp, bobbing up and down with each hard pump that rocked her entire body like a wave. Gurgles came from her lips, unable to even form words at the world of delicious ecstasy she was introduced to. Between the deep anal dicking, his hands against her chest, along with his now spanking hand, she knew she was close to cumming all over his twitching cock that was also about to explode.

"Oh God damn it!" Issei roared out. Flipping her around so she was face-to-face, he captured her lips in a sloppy kiss while massaging her breasts. "I'm Cumming!" Roaring between the kiss, Issei's thundering tower unleashed, punching straight into Raynare's' womb and filled her to the brim.

Violet eyes rolled to the back of her head that flew up in pleasure and screamed a silent scream of pleasure. A wide smile graced her sultry face as she had the best climax of her life, her pussy juice covering her and Issei's bodies. Shaking violently for minutes on end, holding each other close and kissing deeply, the lovers' fell to the ground in a thump. Leaning away from the kiss, Raynare soon nuzzled her cheek against his neck. "Thank you master." Speaking weakly, she ran her tongue along his sweaty skin. "You filled my slutty ass with so much hot cum. I love it." The dazed beauty moaned softly. "I'm now yours forever." Raynare proclaimed, looking at him with devotion.

Smiling, Issei rubbed along her sides, making sure to caress her red bum and wet chest. "You did good my pet." Kissing her fore-head, making her blush, Issei whispered softly. "I'll see you tonight, my lovely angel." Helping her up, he slowly got her dressed. Before she could take her panties, he kept them in his grasp. "My prize." Issei said with a perverted smile, taking a small sniff of her scent.

Raynare's mind fogged in lust when she saw him sniff her underwear. "So hot~." She softly moaned, thinking of being licked by that tongue again. Shaking her head, she smiled at her master. "I'll see you tonight, Master." Spreading her crow-like wings, she soared into the sky to the church.

Issei watched the girl fly away with a lustful smile and dark thoughts of dominating the woman she explained to him. "This will be fun." Chuckling darkly, Issei walked home to wait until night and the fun would begin.

~Church: Night~

The two beautiful fallen angels were sitting on an abandoned pew bored out of their minds. "So boring." Kalawarner moaned in annoyance. "I wish we could be scouting the area or something." She said to her partner.

"I know." Raynare said, silently thinking where Issei was. 'He should have been here by now.' She thought to herself. "But we have to be patient. Something interesting might happen." The younger raven-haired beauty said with an undertone of something the older woman didn't catch.

"Whatever." Waving her hand in dismissal, Kalawarner leaned against the pew, and crossed her arms, pushing up her massive tits. Just then, the church doors opened. Whirling around, the two saw a familiar enter and look at Raynare and Kalawarner with a perverted smirk.

"Hello, my sluts." Issei said, eyeing the woman next to his slave. Licking his lips, he was very pleased with what he saw. 'Oh, I'm going to enjoy breaking this bitch.' The teen thought, his perverted smirk growing.

"W-W-What?!" Kalawarner screeched in shock. "How are you alive?! Didn't you kill him, Raynare?!" Looking at her friend, she was surprised to see she was blushing. The surprise grew when Raynare walked up to Issei with a seductive sway of her hips and kissed him on the lips like a whore. "R-R-Ray-Raynare! What are you doing?!" The busty woman demanded/screamed at her still swapping spit angel friend.

Rubbing his chest sensually, Raynare moaned in his mouth, loving how dominant he was right now. Slowly, she began to grind her long legs against his hard cock. "Oh Master." A thin trail of saliva connected the two as they continued to rub their hands along each other. Looking to Kalawarner, she spoke sensually, still hot because of her masters' roaming hands. "I have gotten a new master to devote my life to. He fucked me so hard I can't possibly be satisfied by another." Raynare said with half-lidded eyes.

The elder Fallen was shocked as Raynare told her that she was fucked by their target and would worship him, basically. "You bastard!" Looking at Issei with rage, Kalawarner screamed. "I'll kill you!" Rushing at Issei with a light spear to run him through, she didn't expect the teen and Raynare disappear in front of her.

"Ah!" Shouting out in pain, the busty woman felt blood pour down the side of her lips where Issei had punched her. Flying into the pew, she crashed hard enough to make her hazy. "Awe. Did you get hurt?" She glared at the mocking Issei smirking over her. "Don't worry. I'll make you feel really good soon." Knocking her out with a swift chop, he smirked when his cock was taken out by the other beauty in the church.

"Impatient, aren't we?" Looking down, he saw Raynare slowly grinding her naked body against his leg while stroking him off. He let out a soft groan when her hot tongue licked his head.

"I am." She nodded, tasting his pre-cum leak from the slit of his member. "Watching you punch her, dominate her like that, made me really hot." The woman's hot breath stimulated his tool.

"Well, while I would like to have fun with you right now, we need to deal with her." Issei said, running his fingers through her silken hair. "Do you have the things needed to make her my slave?" The teen asked, groaning softly as Raynare kept sucking his cock, taking him deeper and deeper with each head bob. "Cumming!" Thrusting his cock further inside her tight mouth, he gave her his semen directly into her stomach.

'Mh. So good. I love masters' cum!' Raynare thought in a haze. Sucking loudly, eating all she could, the woman took the cock out of her mouth and licked her lips, getting the juices that spilled from her supple lips. "Yes. Yes, Master. We have everything to make Kala your slave." She said. Getting up, she gave him a kiss. "Follow me, Ise-sama." Raynare led Issei, who was now carrying the unconscious Kalawarner over his shoulder, down the stairs and into the alter underground.

Kalawarner stirred awake after a few minutes. Trying to move her arms she found that she couldn't. Eyes shot open to notice she was underground and tied to the alter, her arms over her head, pronouncing her large chest, and legs spread for anyone to see her pussy. "What the fuck!?" She yelled out. "Who did this?!" "I did." Turning to the left, her eyes widened when she saw Issei sitting down with Raynare bouncing on and off the biggest cock she had ever seen.

She watched, unable to possibly look away, as Issei grabbed her ass and shook her up and down his pole with ferocity. Raynare's slutty expression was making her slightly hot and she could feel her pussy becoming wetter. 'Oh fuck…she looks like she's really enjoying it.' Kalawarner thought to herself as she watched Raynare moan against his body, squashing her large breasts against his chest and sensually licking his neck and lips.

"Oh Fuck! It's so good and powerful! Plough my pussy harder! I don't want to walk after this!" Raynare pleaded, her eyes glazed over and drool rolled down her face.

"Fuck!" Issei hissed huskily, holding her soft luscious body against his own while grinding her on and off his pole. He spread her cunt even further, making her latch her lips on his neck and lick sloppily. "Don't worry, my pet." Slapping her ass, he groaned harder when her pussy muscles tightened around his rod. "I'll make sure you walk with a limp for the rest of your life." Issei promised. Pulling her hair back so she was to his face, he captured his whore in a deep passionate kiss that made her foggy.

Grabbing her legs, he stood up with her legs spread wide, her cunt lips soaked with their juices. Pulling out slightly, he pounded himself back in roughly, her legs and melons swaying as he plunged himself over and over. "Hey." Grunting, Issei got her attention. "Look who's up." Bringing her around, Raynare saw that Kalawarner was awake and looking at their coupling.

"K-Ka-Kala!" Raynare panted between hard sultry moans that made Issei's cock twitch deep within her womb. "Watch! Watch as our master fucks my slutty pussy! This will be you after he dumps all his delicious seed inside me." She got out before screeching like a whore when Issei roughly grabbed her jiggling tits.

Kalawarner's eyes widened in shock when she saw the outline of the brunette's cock from her stomach. 'I-I-It's so…big.' She thought to herself, continuing to watch Raynare get fucked and make expressions she would never thought she would see on her face. 'Wh-What!' Shaking her head, getting sexy thoughts out of her mind, she glared at the teen. 'I can't think like that! I'm going to kill this bastard when I get out of this!' She promised herself with a blush on her face.

Raynare could barely focus on anything but Issei's cock rampaging itself in and out of her pussy, stretching it, making it the shape of his cock. "Your cock!" Raynare whispered softly, breath coming out in huffs. A mindless smile graced her lips as she was enjoying the cock inside her. "It's so powerful, it's hurting my insides…Make me hurt more! Your cock is the only thing that can please this slutty body now!" Raynare announced, smile still in place as she helped bounce on and off his cock.

Narrowing his eyes, he slapped her bountiful rump, loving the way it jiggled with his slaps of his hands and hips. "Ah!" She gasped in pleasure. Smirking lightly, Issei huskily whispered. "That's good to know. My cock slave is so devoted to my cock. Here's you reward." Grunting, he pulled her around, captured her lips with his own and dominated her own, before jack-hammering his tool deeper and deeper within Raynare's hole.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her skull as she continued to cum all over Issei's punishing cock, her ass crimson red from the combined hip and hand slaps. Leaving the kiss, Issei swooped down and captured her hard teats in his mouth, nibbling and kneading the flesh while his other twisted and groped the other.

The teen's hands manipulated the orbs of luscious flesh while slamming her back onto his humping member. Raynare howled out like a bitch in heat after minutes of fucking. Her body shook like and earthquake as her climax ripped through her entire being. "CUMMINGGGGG! I'M CUMMING ON MASTER'S COCK!"

"FUCKING WHORE! TAKE MY LOAD YOU SLUTTY FUCK-TOY!" Issei roared out and let his seed fly deep within Raynare's womb, piercing her cervix, making her shake harder than before.

'H-H-His dick-milk is pouring out of her!' Kalawarner thought to herself with half-lidded eyes, looking at the over-flow of semen that gushed out of Raynare's twitching pussy. She could feel herself getting wet, her juices staining the ground as she watched Issei growl like an animal, his member pulsing while it continued to spray the woman's womb with the baby-seed. 'Holy shit!' She was blushing hard when she saw Raynare's stomach expand with the amount of cum filling her.

After filling up Raynare, he leaned very close and whispered. "Now, why don't you go and help Kalawarner get ready?" He asked, slapping her sore plump rear-end. Shakily nodding, Raynare got up with the help of Issei.

Slowly walking to her tied up friend, she purposefully shook her ass for Issei's lustful eyes. "Raynare! You don't have to do this! Untie me so we can kill this human!" Kalawarner tried to make the raven-haired beauty see reason.

Not listening to her, she crawled up to her ear. "Don't worry, Kala-chan. When Master fucks you with his magnificent cock, you'll thank me." Raynare moaned sultry, remembering how full she was when Issei first mounted her. Leaning down, she kissed Kalawarner's lips gently before bringing her head back enough so their noses brushed against one another. "Let's give master a show." Leaning down, Raynare kissed her again, her mouth and lips sucking on Kalawarner's tongue and lips.

Passing her lips, Raynare played with her tongue, sucking on it like she had Issei's ridged cock, making a show for the brunette watching the lesbian scene with rapt attention. Kalawarner began to kiss back, slowly giving into the pleasure of kissing Raynare. She and the woman have fucked each other before and it was turning her on to rub her cunt against hers.

The two continued to trade sloppy wet kisses into their mouths, drinking in the other's moans. Raynare slowly trailed her hands down to her friends' bountiful chest and played with them with great care.

Leaning back, Raynare's lustful violet eyes stared into Issei's hazel orbs. "Look master. Can you see how hard her nipples are?" She asked, pulling the teats high up before letting them go. Kalawarner moaned huskily when her tits bounced back in her face. 'S-So good…' She moaned to herself, wanting more of her teasing. "And look at these juicy lips." Rubbing her plump lips, Raynare shivered lightly when Kalawarner began to suck on them. "They just begged to be kissed. They taste like blueberries. I bet you would have loved watching up fuck one another." Raynare said, her voice dripping in lust as she continued to play with the woman underneath her.

Trailing her lips against her slim stomach, making Kala moan in ecstasy, she licked and nibbled at her hard pink nubs. "Her tits taste amazing too." She cooed out, licking the older Fallens chest with great attention.

Issei watched the lesbian scene with a perverted grin. He had always wanted to see girls fucking each other and it was finally happening. His breath and heart-rate increased as he watched Raynare twist and tweak Kalawarner's melons, squeezing them with a firm grasp. Licking his lips, he growled a little in hunger when Raynare slapped her teat, making it jiggle erotically and the woman to moan harder around the treatment. "Fuck! Suck my tits Ray-chan!" Kalawarner screamed/begged the fallen angel resting her soft body on hers.

Continuing to touch and massage her friend, Raynare's left hand moved down her stomach, gently caressing it, making Kalawarner softly moan in pleasure. Slowly, she swung her hips around. Now in front of her cunt, she moaned softly as her hot cunt brushed up against her lips.

Kalawarner looked up and saw Raynare's dripping pussy, begging to be tongued and played with. Humming in lust when a droplet of her feminine arousal drip on her face, she licked it off with a sultry expression. She watched Raynare's hips gyrate above her, her ass meat jiggling with each movement. "Iya! Yes!" The blue haired woman moaned in joy as Raynare's skilled tongue dipped into her pussy, gently lapping up the juices that surrounded her labia.

Raynare soon moaned as well when Kalawarner's hands grabbed her hips and brought them down to her lips. The blue haired woman's mouth and lips already bypassing her pink lips and tongued Raynare's innards with gusto. Looking up, Raynare smiled at her master currently stroking himself off at the sight. "Oh Master." Moaning loudly, Raynare licked at Kalawarner's cunt juice like a whore. "Look at how much this whore is dripping. It looks like it needs something to be shoved inside." Raynare moaned huskily, loving the feeling of a tongue inside her and a slender finger twisting and playing with her sensitive clint.

"Ah!" Moaning loudly, Kalawarner couldn't take the heat growing in her stomach. "Ray-chan! I need your cunt! Please, rub against me!" She begged, thrusting her cunt lips deeper into her face. A joyful mindless smile graced her lips when Raynare lifted herself off the blue haired Fallen Angel's face and mount her dripping mound over Kalawarner's leaking pussy lips.

Issei's eyes widened in arousal as he watched Raynare grind herself on and off Kalawarner's own juicy mound. Their juices mixed together and splashed in his face, making him lick the combined juice hungrily. "I want this." Growling, Issei dipped his tongue between the two and licked up the cunt juice like a mad-man.

"AHH!" Both ladies moaned in pleasure as Issei's tongue licked at their bodies. Kalawarner was shamed that she was this responsive to his tongue but she couldn't deny the pleasure of having a man lick her while having her cunt grinded on by her female lover.

"Oh Fuck!" Both shouted out as they climaxed against one another. Their juices coated their mounds and Issei's licking tongue. He immediately fell in love with Kalawarner's taste. 'I want more!' Issei thought with crazed lust and arousal as the two busty women continued to grind their cunts together. His eyes widened whey they began to kiss like wild animals.

Leaning away from the two, he smirked lustful at them. "So…does this mean you'll be mine like your whore friend?" Issei asked, watching the two end the kiss with a thin trail of saliva connecting them.

Kalawarner, getting her sense of mind back after having such a powerful orgasm, looked at Issei with a glare. "Never!" She refused.

"Aw." Raynare wined, getting off her female lover, and leaned against Issei. "Seems Kala-chan still can't give in." Leaning in, Raynare whispered something. Kalawarner watched as Raynare whispered something into his ear and the giant blush that soon appeared over his perverted grinning face.

"What a wonderful idea, my pet." Kissing her for a minute, he leaned over to the still tied up Fallen Angel. "My pet has given me a wonderful idea. How about a bet?" This made the woman raise her eyebrow. "What kind?" She said, unable to keep her curiosity unknown.

"If I can make you cum ten times before midnight, you'll become mine; if not, I release Ray-chan from my control. What do you say?" He proposed.

The woman smirked at the challenge. "I accept." She agreed, confident in her ability to outlast this boy.

"Ray-chan. I don't want you to interrupt us. I'll deal with you when our fun is over." Issei promised, running his hand through Raynare's silken raven hair. "Hai, Ise-sama." Nodding, the beauty walked to the pew a few feet away from them.

Untying the rope, Issei was somewhat shocked as Kalawarner pushed him down and was now on top of his with a devious smirk on her lovely face. "Get ready you bastard. You'll be the one begging after this." Raising herself over his prick, she slammed herself on his pole in one swift motion. Biting back a loud moan, feeling herself filled up by this teen than any of her other lovers, she lightly panted.

Issei groaned loudly as the hot pussy around him was squeezing him like no other. 'She's tighter than Raynare!' The brunette admitted in his mind, addicted to the mature woman's tight hold over his prick.

Framing his face with her slender fingers, she tilted Issei's head up and captured his lips with her own. The feeling of a woman in control was new to the teen, as he was the dominant one, but was surprisingly pleasing as the blue haired seductress led the kiss and pace of her rocking and gyrating hips. 'This is the pussy of a mature Fallen Angel.' Issei realized the woman was more experienced with sex and it only increased his desire to make her his.

'Shit!' Kalawarner thought to herself as she slipped her pussy on and off his tool. She could feel the increasing ecstasy of having Issei inside her. 'So fucking good! It's bigger than any other I've had before.' She thought to herself with a blush that he didn't see, as he had his eyes closed in pleasure.

Slowly, Kalawarner increased her rocking. Wet flesh slapping together in erotic sloshing sounds resounded through the church, making them hotter for one another. Kalawarner could feel her cunt walls tighten around his member. She knew she was about to cum, but wouldn't be beaten by this tee just yet.

"How does it feel, you little shit!" She sneered, mocking the moaning and groaning youth. "To be dominated by a woman? To be fucked by someone who won't give in so easily? I'll make sure to drain you dry and make you my puppet." The shaking beauty promised before bringing him in a searing kiss that made his mind gloss over and could only enjpoy the feeling of being under her control.

His member twitched and ached inside Kalawarner's mound, milking him for all he was worth, while his tongue was bashed at by the experienced tongue of the slutty Fallen over him. Opening his eyes, he was mesmerized by the bouncing orbs of flesh that were so close to his prone hands that were forgotten to be used.

Smirking, seeing his gaze go to her chest, she ended the kiss for some breath. "You want to squeeze these don't you?" Leaning up, she rubbed her big breasts sensually, licking her moist lips while looking into Issei's brown eyes. "Bad boy!" Slapping his hands away, Kalawarner chastised the boy before doubling her bouncing on his member, her hands fondling herself at a faster pace.

Raynare was not idly in this fuck session. Feeling so hot as she watched her friend bounce up and down her masters' tool, she couldn't help her hands from going to her dripping cunt and aching tits. Her palms massaged the hard pink nubs that were her nipples as she dug in and out of her pussy with two fingers. "Oh God! Master is getting fucked." She said dreamily, licking her wet lips in hunger. "It looks so good." The younger black winged angel moaned to herself, her hot breath coming out in huffs as she got herself off on the erotic show before her violet gaze.

Kalawarner was slowly losing herself to the pleasure and she could feel herself close to cumming along with Issei. Deciding to make him cum, she tightened her muscles to the maximum and slammed her hips back down with great force. The result was shocking to both parties. The busty beauty leaning on him, had her head flung back as she climaxed all over his cock, her head shaking like crazy while her cum squirted all over his lower half.

Issei's eyes rolled to the back of his skull the moment she slammed her tight pussy back down his shaft. He saw a little bit of stars as he had the greatest climax he had in a few hours. His cock-head pierced her womb and coated her baby holder in white, marking it as his alone.

Their climaxes ended after an unknown amount of time. 'I can't take it anymore!' Finally, Kalawarner came back from her fog of the earth-shattering orgasm. Grabbing Issei by the neck and squeezing hard, making Issei look up with shocked eyes and a little gurgle. Leaning down to his ear, she whispered seductively while clenching her pussy around his hard member as tightly as she could, making it hard for Issei to move.

"Fucking bastard!" Even the insult made his dick twitch inside her. "Don't keep still, fuck me. I want you to try as hard as you can just to end up short." Biting down on his ear, she smirked sadistically when she heard the whimper of slight pain.

Her long blue hair cascaded around the two, covering them in a curtain of slightly sweaty hair, so Issei could only focus on her. Trying, he thrusted his hips up into the extremely tight hole of this mature woman. She lifted her hips up when he grabbed her luscious thighs, and helped him slam back down before going back up at a slow pace that was making Issei growl in anger.

Kalawarner hissed in anger. Slapping him hard before turning his face back to hers. The woman's dark blue eyes glowed in anger and sexual frustration. "Where's all that hype from before? Come on you fucker! Show me how you fucked Raynare!" She shouted.

Stunned for a moment, his face split into a giant grin, his brown eyes clouded in nothing but lust that made her quiver. "Remember…you asked for it!" With a loud shout, Issei flipped her over, now on top of her, and violently slammed his rock-hard member in and out of Kalawarner's deliciously hot and wet cunt.

The moment he thrusted back into her, she could have sworn she saw stars lighting around her eyes. Her walls convulsed around his thundering tool that didn't seem disturbed by the tighter hold. Body on autopilot, she wrapped her arms around Issei's strong back and brought him into a deep passionate kiss while thrusting her shapely hips against his pelvis. "OHH FUCK!" She couldn't help but roar out as she came around his member.

Issei smirked in victory as the woman finally gave into his deep dicking. "That's right!" Slapping her flopping teat, Issei continued to plough his new whore like an animal. "Keep screaming my bitch! It makes me harder to fuck you!" Hearing a loud moan from behind, he looked and saw Raynare covered in sweat and her hand leaking her female juices. 'Dirty girl.' The teen thought with a perverted smile.

Raynare was moaning like a mindless whore as she watched Kalwarner make her master want her even more. She knew he would break her and it was increasingly pleasurable to see his dick enter and exit her friends' tight pussy. "Yes, Ise-sama!" Raynare moaned out harder when she saw him take control and ram himself deep within Kalawarner's mound. "Oh no! I'm cumming!" The younger Fallen didn't stop or hold in her voice as she came all over her three ramming fingers.

Grabbing her ankles, Issei stood up slightly, bringing up the moaning Fallen under him. Her neck and back still on the floor, Issei decided to pound his member straight down into Kalawarner's tight canal like a jackhammer. Kalawarner went cross-eyed at the new position and let out loud moans that would make porn-stars blush.

"Fuck yes! Oh God harder!" Getting some of her voice back, she had finally given in to her new master and shouted out like a bitch. "Fuck me Master! It's so good!" Shuttering a little, Kalawarner coated his still ramming prick in her juices, making it easier for him to go deeper into the tunnel of flesh. She urged him to go faster by her bucking of hips.

Following the silent demand, the teen let a dark smirk grace his lips and slammed himself back and forth deeper and stronger with each passing second. His ball-sack hit her plump ass, making a loud erotic sound, until it was red. Looking down, he saw those jiggling orbs that had teased him for this whole fuck session.

Blue eyes widened in pleasure when her new master planted his lips on her extra sensitive teats. This sent off another powerful orgasm to rock through her entire shaking form. "That's right whore. Moan harder for your new master! I'm going to fuck this mature slutty body into the ground! You'll be mine like that other whore cumming on her fingers!" Issei grunted harshly, twisting her melon he was not sucking.

Her breath came out as ragged pants, telling Issei she was close to losing herself to his cock stirring up her tight hole. "I WILL MASTER! I'M YOURS AND YOURS ALONE! FILL THIS SLUTTY FALLEN PUSSY WITH YOUR GLORIOUS COCK-MILK!" Kalawarner begged like a whore, a large bluish on her face, and her mouth open for her squeals to be heard for miles. The way he sucked and massaged her melons were too good along with his member destroying her for anyone else.

Issei groaned huskily as the tight pussy around him clenched around him like a python. Groaning hard, he let his seed out deep within her cunt, filling her to the brim. The access jizz flowed out of their combined sex, staining the floor in fluids.

Orgasm slowly tampering off, his body twitching as his erection pulsed inside his new bitch, he let her fall to the ground in a thud. The smirk on his face grew when he heard her mumble, 'So good. Ise-sama's cock is so good.' Leaning down, he whispered in her ear. "Welcome, my new pet. We'll have lots of fun together." He promised as he brought her in a kiss that she lazily fought against.

"Mhhh." Both moaned mindlessly in the kiss, Issei rubbed her large bosom with care while his other hand caressed her red bottom. "Master~!" Leaving the kiss, the two looked at Raynare who had crawled her way to the two. Her expression was one of deep longing and lust.

"Yes?" Issei asked with half-lidded eyes. His hand still lazily groping Kalawarner's sensitive chest. "What is it Ray-chan?"

"Please…fuck me too." She begged, now holding onto his chest. "I want your cock inside me again." Sensually rubbing her hand up and down his chest, she licked and kissed at his neck, leaving a hickey.

"What did I tell you before, slut?" The teen asked, reminding the woman of his command before claiming the other whore who was whimpering as his cock was now out of her.

"I know, master. I am not to get involved." Raynare nodded her head submissively. "But, I'm just so horny. Please, can you please give your slut the release only your cock can give it?" By now, her shaking hand was slowly stroking off his slick member that was mixed with Kalawarner and his own jizz.

The smirk on his face grew as he looked into her deep lustful violet eyes. "Well…I guess I can't say no when my first whore begs so well." Issei shrugged his shoulders before turning himself to Raynare and picked her up by her creamy thick legs.

"Iya! Ise-sama!" The younger Fallen Angel squealed like a whore as Issei impaled her on his member and began fucking Raynare's pussy at a rapid pace. Both lover's bodies were now drenched with sweat and fluids as they held on to one another for dear like.

Her massive tits squashed against Issei's thumping chest, giving her even more pleasure as their nipples rubbed against one another. "So good." The teen grunted out through gritted teeth, his arms straining as he fucked Raynare in the air. Her pussy muscles clenching him in a vice-grip.

Kalawarner looked at the scene with wanting eyes. Shakily, she walked over to the rutting two and squashed her body against Issei's back. Looking over his shoulder, he saw her dark blue eyes looking deeply into his own. "Master…don't leave me out of this." Capturing her hot lips in a sloppy kiss, Issei rammed his tongue into her mouth, tasting her, while he ploughed the moaning and screeching woman bouncing on and off his prick.

The entire church was filled with animalistic sounds at the trio let their flesh dance with one another. Raynare was breathing heavily, her moans coming out in soft whispers and grumbles, Issei's crotch hitting her plump ass-meat, the sloshing sounds of their combined sex along with the wet slurping sounds of Issei and Kalawarner sharing passionate kisses.

"You're so fucking big, Master! Screw that fat cock inside my slutty whore cunt!" Raynare was finally able to get out coherent words while bouncing her sweaty and slick body against Issei's. "Keep going! Keep fucking your little pet bitch with your huge cock!" The raven-haired beauty begged, bringing her head into the crook on his neck and licked with wild lust.

The woman screamed louder when Issei's hands roughly groped her hanging grape-fruit tits. "Ray-chan, your pussy is so tight, hot, and wet around me." He grunted out as he kept fucking her full force. "And I love this whore body against mine, Kala-chan!" Slapping his rubbing angels' ass-cheeks, he enjoyed the loud yell that soon followed. "I love the way you bitches' bodies seem to be made for me!" He stated, playing with his lovers' bodies. Closing his eyes in bliss, he continued to grunt and groan against the two lovely ladies fucking themselves on him.

Finally, after an hour of senseless animal like fucking, Issei filled Raynare to the brim before going to Kalawarner once again. This time he fucked her ass-hole, pushing past the tight hold it had over him, and fucked her against the stone wall. "MY ASS! MY ASS IS SO FULL OF ISE-SAMA'S COCK-MEAT AND JIZZ!" Kalawarner shouted out, feeling Issei climax inside her ass. It only made it easier for him to fuck her harder.

Issei soon pulled his other bitch close to his and finger fucked her while kissing Kalawarner with great passion and lust. Sweat poured off their bodies, making more disturbingly erotic sounds to get them going, to resound through the walls.

~Hours Later~

The sun just peaked through the hills over the church to illuminate the abandoned church and the occupants inside. Raynare and Kalawarner had long since passed out with all the rough fucking. Their bodies covered in Issei's seed. Issei himself was looking at the two with a large smirk, his member still ridged though. "Finally." The teen said in slight exhaustion. He wiped the light sweat coming down his brow. "You're all mine." Lifting them up, Issei placed them in a resting position on the pews before leaving the church when he felt the other angels getting closer.

Before he left, however, he whispered into their ears. "I'll be back later." They both shook in pleasure, his promise reaching their unconscious minds. Their dreams were filled with all the kinky things Issei would do to them when he comes back.


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