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Rias, Mittelt, Murayama & Akeno

It was the night before the Rating Game and Issei had trained hard and was happy with the results of himself and the girl's. He was sure they'd kick Riser's ass and make Rias his for real. During those two days, he continued to play, fuck, his lover's. Along with getting closer to Koneko, Yumi, and Akeno enough to call them his friends. He was sure he would take them soon, maybe after the whole wedding thing was done. He'd have to wait for Koneko to grow since, as she is now, she wouldn't survive his size. While it did arousing him at the thought of that tiny body and cunt squeezing his ploughing cock, he didn't want her to die after he released himself.

He also made sure that his lovers from Riser's peerage would make sure they lost, but make it look real. The Red Dragon Emperor promised them that he'd give them a nice reward for doing it. 'This dragon is ready to kick your ass.' Issei thought with a light feral grin.

~Day of Match~

Issei was sitting in the club room with Rias the only other person inside. The beauty was curled next to her master who was brushing his fingers through her crimson hair, calming her nervous heart. "Is-Ise-sama…" She spoke after not speaking for some time.

"What is it, Benihime-chan?" The brunette asked, smirking a little at the large blush that coated her skin when he used that nickname.

"D-Do you think we can win?" After getting her blush down to just have pink across her cheeks, she asked. While she knew her lover/master wouldn't let Riser take her as his own, she still had some doubts about her ability to beat the bastard. Rias let out a surprised yelp when she was lifted from her spot and placed on his lap.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head, Benihime-chan. I'll make sure we'll win. The girls I've claimed on his side will make sure to hold back a little and make sure they lose in a way that doesn't cause suspicion. You'll be fully mine by the end of this day." Issei said with upmost confidence that caused Rias to get a little hot under the collar.

His words calmed her worries and let her luscious body relax into his strong form. The warmth he produced made her feel safe and loved. "Thank you, Ise-sama." She whispered lovingly while nuzzling her head into his chest.

Issei smiled at the affectionate girl and gave the top of her head a little kiss. "You're welcome." He replied as he took in her hairs scent. It smelled of strawberries, just like how her lips tasted.

They had to removed themselves from the other as they felt the rest of the peerage coming to the room. Reluctantly, the princess left her master, but not before he gave her a lasting kiss that made her knees weak. Shaking off the lust and inner demands to fuck him, not caring if her friends saw them, and regained her regal appearance.

Akeno, Yumi and Koneko piled in the room and were surprised to see the newest member already there with Rias. "Ara, ara. Did we interrupt in anything?" Akeno was the first to speak and decided to play with the cute [Pawn] and her best friend. It didn't work.

"No. I was just explaining to Ise-kun about the Rating Games and all that." Rias lied smoothly before walking to her desk and sat her plump ass down. "Make yourself comfortable. Grayfia will come to get us when it's time." The crimson-haired beauty told her servants/friend.

Spreading out, Koneko sat on the couch across from Issei, eating some sweets. Yumi summoned one of her blades and began to polish it with great care. Akeno had gone into the kitchen and made some fresh tea for everyone. She and Rias were sipping on their own as Issei did and relaxed into the comfy couch.

Seeing the young pervert so calm, even though he was new to the supernatural world (to their knowledge) was something they've, Akeno, Yumi and Koneko, never seen before. The scary part was that he was going into a serious battle only a week after becoming a Devil. They wondered how he'd fair, even though they got a rough guess of his power during training.

His power itself was shocking. None expected him, one of the perverted trio, to be the user of the Boosted Gear and have Balance Breaker after one week of training and being a Devil. Truly, they all realized, that Issei was the ace in the hole that was needed to win this.

'Fufu. His confidence is also pretty hot.' Akeno thought, finding his unusual confidence attractive and it made her hot. She wondered if she could snag him before Rias would, seeing as she's had an interest in the brunette for some time.

Half an hour passed before Grayfia appeared before the group, looking stoic as usual. "Rias-sama. It's time." She told her harem sister while glancing at her lover who gave her a small smile. It silently told her he had this covered and the beauty believed it.

"Very well. Alright everyone. We're about to be teleported. Get ready." Rias said as the Gremory family crest appeared under then and transported them to gaming field.

When the light died down, Issei was underwhelmed to see they were in the clubroom. "Why are we still in the clubhouse?" He asked.

~Viewing Room~

As the Gremory team was going over what strategy they would be using, the elder Devils were watching intently. In the room was Grayfia with other influential people in the Devil society. One of them was Layla Phoenix, waiting to see her lover/master in action with Venelana at her side, feeling the same. Their husbands were at their side but they didn't give them much attention, as they stared at the brunette.

"I can't believe Rias actually recruited him." A female said, her voice calm and calculated, borderline cold. She appeared to be Rias' age and wore the same school uniform as she did. Her hair was styled in a bob-cut with violet eyes that shined similarly to that of a war tactician. Her body was toned and had a healthy DD cup chest. This was Sona Sitir, friend of Rias and heiress of Sitri family.

"Don't be like that, So-tan! If Rias-chan recruited him, he must be interesting!" A bubbly female voice retorted, making Sona cringe a little as she was hugged by the bubbly female. The one hugging Sona was a beautiful girl who appeared to be in her late teens with raven hair styled in twin-tails. She had, oddly enough, a child-sized body. That was the only thing child about her though as she had a buxom form with a large F-cup bust and nice fat ass. For attire, she wore a magic girl uniform. Her name was Serafall Leviathan, former Sitri, older sister of Sona and Maou in charge of foreign affairs.

Sirzechs, the leader of the Maou's, just laughed at the young heiresses expense before turning his attention to the new brunette. "Well, whoever this young man is, he must be something special if Ria-tan decided to recruit him." The man said, not knowing that the three ladies who he claimed among the small group silently agreed.

"I wonder how my son will handle this new addition." Layla mused while inwardly smirking. While she didn't know, specially, how strong her lover was, she knew he was strong enough to beat her son.


Xuelan and three of the [Pawns] were now in the fake gym that Ise-sama attended, waiting for them to arrive. It had been a couple minutes since the Rating Game started and the girl's with him made sure they would they lost in a convincing way. She had to repress the happy smile as she saw her lover 'hiding'. Air quotes since his face peaked out. "Come out!" Getting into character, she commanded. The Chinese beauty mentally hoped her lover would discipline her for raising her voice at him.

Issei smirked a little before walking into the open and saw his lovely Chinese [Rook] with unimpressive [Pawns] that he didn't even register as a threat. To him, Riser's peerage, minus the three he claimed, was not even strong enough to make him sweat. "Who are you?" He was knocked from his thoughts by the question from the staff wielding lady that was glaring at him. "You weren't in Rias-sama's peerage before." She stated, recalling that he wasn't in the room when Riser-sama accepted the challenge.

"That's right. Rias-sama just reincarnated me a couple days ago." 'Sheepishly' rubbing his head, he grinned before becoming serious. "But, even if I'm new, I won't let my [King] go through this loveless marriage." He stated, not knowing he scored some points with the viewers.

"Hahahah!" The three weaklings laughed, not noticing that Xuelan wasn't laughing, at the newbie. "Man! This will be easier than we thought! If this guy is fresh out, he's most likely useless!" Again, the staff user insulted the dragon boy.

Hearing that made him growl softly. His dragon pride taking a hit at being called weak when he was no such thing. 'This bitch is gonna' get it.' Issei promised himself, his eyes briefly flashing green, something the experienced Devil's caught and were now even more curious about the brunette and what he had up his sleeve.

"Alright. Nel, Li. End this punk so we can win thi-!" Just before she could finish her command, the wind was knocked out of her. A fist was lodged deep into her stomach, curtesy of the glaring Issei. 'What the?!' It was all she managed to think before her body was covered in light. "One of Riser-sama's Pawns retires.] Came the ever-lovely voice of his first lover that made him a little hard. His perverted mind thinking of having her broadcast her lewd voice while he fucked her.

For Grayfia, Layla and Venelana, they felt their pussies moisten at the display of power and absolute dominance. They couldn't wait to see what else he'd show them. Even Serafall was feeling something for the boy. While he had a plain appearance, it gave him a certain charm. That, and his power was not bad for someone so young, impressive really. She now thought Riser didn't have a chance at this.

Sona was in shock as she couldn't stop her eyes from widening to comical proportions. It appeared she misjudged the brunette. He said some rather sweet words about her best-friend and showed he was powerful enough to beat an experienced Devil with one blow.

The men in the room were shocked as well for the same reasons. No new born Devil should have this kind of strength. It honestly scared them a little.

"So, who wants it next?" Bringing his fist back, Issei asked, his brown pools locked onto the two green-haired chainsaw users. Said girls were trembling a little under his stare and the show of power.

"T-This is…impossible! You can't be this strong!" Nel said, denying the reality of the situation. "Come on sis! We'll kill this bastard now!" Charging the Red Dragon Emperor, her sister right behind, she tried to slash him to pieces but he just moved around her and her twin's attacks like they were nothing.

Deciding to join, Xuelan rushed the small battle and sent a punch which Issei caught. The power she put behind caused a small shockwave that made the two jumped back a little to give the stronger [Rook] some room. In their minds, Xuelan had this in the bag. Idiots.

"Not bad." Even though she was holding back, she meant it as this kind of punch would damage someone's hand if caught. Her lover didn't even flinch, proving he was the strongest, at least to her.

"Thanks." Issei replied before bringing her close and kneeing her in the gut. He had to stop himself from licking his lips as her ass popped out. Xuelan was blushing a little as she was closer to Ise-sama's prick and could see it was growing a little. It made her happy to know he was looking her body, even when they were fighting.

While he had no problem being watched while he fucked, Issei still held himself back from pushing his fighting lover down and taking her. It would cause some problems if he did that. So, reluctantly, he pushed her away before landing another fist to her cheek, sending her flying into the wall, creating spider-cracks.

Before he could turn to the other two, Rias' voice reached his ears via the earpiece. "Ise. Akeno is in position. Get out of there." She commanded.

Smirking, Issei nodded to himself. "Sorry ladies. I gotta go!" Without waiting for a response, he sprinted out of the gym and once he did, the sky was lit with lightning that crashed down onto the building, eliminating the three inside.

Looking up, he saw the busty [Queen] licking her lips sensually. 'Wonder how good her tongue really is?' Issei asked himself, already imaging those lips and tongue wrapped around his cock while fucking those massive titties of hers.

'Ah. Bell-chan.' He was knocked from his thoughts when he saw the familiar purple hair of his second [Queen] lover. Issei easily dodged the incoming blast that would have eliminated him from the game.

"Well, you're new. We didn't have any information about you." Yubelluna got into her role of being surprised Ise-sama dodged her attack. She grew a little wet when his eyes landed on her. "No matter. I'll just destroy you now. I do as Riser-sama wishes." While she hated saying his name, she had to. Yubelluna could only hope her master was merciful the next time they fucked.

"Ara, ara. If you're thinking about harming my Kouhai, you'd be wrong." Akeno said, floating to the woman, smile still in place. "I've always wanted to try myself against the Bomb Queen." She said, lighting crackling around her hands. "Go ahead to meet Yumi-chan, Ise-kun. I'll handle her."

"And I have always wanted to crush the Priestess of Thunder." Yubelluna said truthfully but she knew she had to lose this fight so her true master might reward her in a lewd fashion.

"You got it Akeno-senpai! Beat her good!" Issei shouted before sprinting to where he was to meet Yumi.

While the battle of [Queen's] began, Rias, Koneko sitting next to her, was watching the fight so far. "Well done, Ise." Rias said with a bright smile.

"…I'm actually surprised he's this good." Koneko said, her usual monotonous voice held a little surprise on how he beat one of Riser's pieces so easily. They soon heard the announcement of three more pieces being beaten. It was obvious Yumi did her job too.

Issei and Yumi, after having a small chat of how they were gonna win this for Rias, were now near the base of Riser. Like they expected, the rest of the peerage was waiting for them. Issei saw his Ravel-chan and Karlamine-chan standing there. Only Ravel's eyes widened second with a large blush when she spotted him looking at her. Karlamine was more subdued with only her eyes softening when seeing him.

'Ise-sama is looking at me!' Ravel mentally cheered while putting up her usual face. 'Don't! Focus, Ravel! If I do, Ise-sama will give praise me!' Like Yubelluna and Xuelan, she got wet at what sultry images of what he might do to her came to mind.

'Master…even if I don't like it, I will make sure you will win.' Karlamine thought to herself before raising her sword and pointing it at Yumi and issued a challenge she instantly agreed upon.

A loud explosion soon caught everyone's attention. Looking to the sky, they saw, out of the cloud, came the bruised and bloodied form of Yubelluna. Riser's pieces watched in shock as Yubelluna was enveloped by light. [Riser-sama's Queen has retired] Grayfia's voice announced.

Hearing that caused the lady peerage to lose morality and now question if they could win this fight. Issei and Yumi smiled as they saw Akeno come out. She was injured with some of her cloths torn, showing more of her breasts and toned stomach. 'Damn! Thank you, Bell-chan!' Issei perved out, thanking his purple-haired lover for allowing him to see parts of those delicious, supple, breasts he'd soon conquer.

"Great job, Akeno." Yumi congratulated someone she thought of as a sister with a smile. "I knew you could do it!" Issei added with a bright smile.

"Ara, Ara. You flatter me too much." Akeno rested her cheek on her palm before getting serious. "I'll leave the rest to you. Rias and Koneko might need my help." Getting a nod from the two, the beauty soon flew away.

"No you won't!" One of the members was about to attack Akeno. She would have succeeded if Issei didn't interfere. [One of Riser-sama's Pawns retire] Grayfia announced as Issei, like he did with Mira, beat the girl with one punch.

Just like that, the fighting started. Issei was fighting the rest of the pieces, minus Ravel-chan, while Yumi squared off against the [Knights]. The spectators were amazed at the performance of the newborn Devil. He was fighting amazingly and had taken out three more pieces, leaving the rook and him to face off while Yumi had beaten one of the knights.

"Wow! Who is this kid?" Serafall was the most vocal in asking as she was getting a little excited at how well he was fighting. Like any other supernatural woman, she was attracted to strength. While he was still miles below her strength, he was someone to look at for the future.

"His name is Issei Hyoudou." Sona answered, making the rest turn to the shocked genius. "He goes to our school and is someone Rias had been watching. I never expected her to actually recruit him." She muttered, still in shock of the pervert doing so well against more experienced Devils.

"Dragon Shot!" With a big smirk, he punched the large magical blast at the panting [Rook], eliminating her from the game as she shouted in pain of the fierce attack. It was because of the attack's power, did it make Karlamine look away, making it able for Yumi to make the decisive strike, making her disappear in a glow.

Panting a little, Yumi smiled in victory. "Awesome Yumi-chan! You were so cool!" A light blush formed at the praise of the Red Dragon Emperor. "Thank you, Ise-kun. You did exceptional." She returned.

"How!? How can you two beat them all!?" Ravel shouted as she was overhead. "Well, it doesn't matter. Onii-sama should be fighting Rias-sama by now." She said, while mentally apologizing to her lover for not telling him about her brother's plan.

Issei and Yumi were shocked before running towards there base with Ravel not doing anything to stop them.

The beautiful Rias Gremory was panting hard as she glared at the arrogant prick before her. Her seafoam green eyes turned to the injured Koneko who took some damage from one of the fire balls Riser sent. Whenever she threw her own power at him, he just regenerated. Rias was praying to Maou that Ise-sama would get here quickly and end this.

Akeno was by her side in the same position with her energy levels almost depleted. The fight with Yubelluna drained her of more energy than she thought. All she could do was hope Ise-kun and Yumi would get here to help them.

Riser was fuming! Nothing was going according to plan. First, his [Queen], who he had given Phoenix Tears to, fell in battle without even using it! He'd make sure she would be punished for that. Now, the rest of his peerage, except his sister, was defeated by that blonde [Knight] and the mysterious brunette.

But, that wouldn't set him back anymore. Rias would be his and he'd fuck her and those bitches in her peerage after this day. "Nice try, my lovely Rias. But, this is the end. And don't worry about your peerage. I'll make sure they are well taken care of after our wedding night." Riser said, leering at Akeno's barely covered chest.

"Hey, jackass!" His world was soon turned upside down when a fist caved into his face, sending him into the ground below.

"Ise/Kun/Senpai!" Rias, Akeno and Koneko, while weakly, said in happiness of the Red Dragon Emperor appearing. "Sorry we're late." Out of the building came Yumi who's cloths were cut here and there but wouldn't retire any time soon.

"It's no problem. Now that Ise's here, we have a chance." Rias said with confidence as she was giddy to see how her strong master fucked up Riser.

Rage. That was the emotion Riser was feeling when this low-class trash punched him in the face. Roaring in anger, his flames destroyed the dust cloud. His glare locked onto the brunette and sneered at him. "Who the fuck do you think you are!?" Riser roared.

Issei smirked. "Name's Issei Hyoudou. [Pawn] of Rias Gremory and," He raised his arm and summoned his Sacred Gear. The brunette took great pride in the shocked expression of the bird. "The Red Dragon Emperor." He ended.

"What!?" Everyone in the viewing room was rightfully shocked, other than the ladies the dragon claimed, at the information of having such a powerful ally.

Back to the battle, Riser soon got over his shock and sneered at the boy who was defying him of what was rightfully his. "So what if you're the Red Dragon Emperor? You're just some low-class filth Rias was desperate enough to make her servant to try and beat me. Guess what, it won't work. You'll die here, boy!" Riser said with arrogance dripping in his voice.

When he was finished his speech, he didn't know he had just signed his death warrant. Inside the [Boosted Gear], the red dragon growled at the impatience of this bird. If Ddraig still had a body, the brat would be a smear under her foot.

[Partner.] Issei had to represse the shiver of fear when he heard his dragon friend's cold voice growl. [Make sure you make this brats defeat painful and humiliate him in the worst ways.] Ddraig softly demanded.

Issei smirked a little. 'Was palnning on it.' "Really?" Now speaking aloud, he asked the man. "Then let's see you try it!" Raising his hand, he shouted. "Balance Breaker!" [Over Boost!] His partners voice rang out as he was surrounded by a massive ball of crimson power.

Riser was in shock of the power the boy was releasing. To his inner humiliation, it was greater than his own by a good margin. 'No! It can't be true! No low-class is stronger than Riser!' He tried to deny it but inside, he knew it was true. He just pissed off the wrong person.

Rias, Akeno, Koneko and Yumi were in awe at the power Issei was releasing. They had never seen him use this much power and it was shocking and it turned them on like nothing else.

'Ara, Ara. Wonder what else Ise-kun has in store for us. His power is pushing down on me. It's making me so wet.' Akeno mused with a large blush as she felt her female juices run down her thigh.

Rias was like her best-friend but more opened about what she wanted Ise-sama to do to her. 'I can't wait for him to fuck me!' She thought with a large blush and arousal leaking down her leg.

Yumi was more controlled and just blushed. 'Wow…It feels like I'm being washed over by this incredible amount of heat.' The beauty thought with hazy eyes. Koneko was the most reserved with a tiny blush you couldn't see.

Power reaching its peak, out of the flames came the crimson gauntlet that blew away the flames, showing the Red Dragon armored male that was ready to cook some bird. "Alright, you chicken fried bird, let's see how you deal with some real fire power!" Issei roared as he brought his head back and began to boost.

Whatever he was about to do, Riser knew he had to stop it. "Fucking brat! Learn your place!" summoning two large fireballs, he launched them at the charging Red Dragon. The flames reached his armor but just passed over like they were nothing.

"Hehe. That tickled." Issei taunted as Riser flew within striking distance but the teenager easily caught the man's fist in an iron grip that made the arrogant prick let out a pained scream. Holding out his other hand, he lit it with flames. "Now, let me show you how real fire feels like!" The teen brought his flaming fist deep into Riser's face.

"Ghua!" Blood spilled from his lips as he was sent flying. Not done with the bastard, Issei speed underneath him before lashing out with a high kick, sending him high. Riser felt his blood run cold when his groggy eyes opened to see Issei with his left palm stretched towards him.

"Say good bye, Riser. Know that you never stood a chance against the Red Dragon Emperor! Dragon Shot!" Riser's whole world was consumed in a crimson flash.

[Riser Phenex-sama retires. Winner goes to Rias Gremory.] Grayfia announced with a small amount of happiness leaking from her voice.


Back in the clubhouse, Issei was grinning happily as his new friends were giving him praise. "Ara, ara. Who knew you had such a cool side." Akeno said, licking her lips as she now understood why Rias was interested in the brunette.

"That was amazing, Ise-kun." Yumi gave her own words. "…Not bad…for a pervert." Came the backhanded compliment of Koneko.

"Heheh. Thanks guys. I just wanted to make sure Rias-senpai was alright and not married to that asshole." The brunette said.

Smiling at her master, she gave him a hug with teary eyes. "Thank you, Ise. Thank you for saving me." She whispered softly.

The peerage decided to let the two have this moment and said their goodbyes, not knowing what was going to happen when they left. Hearing the door softly click close, the free princess didn't hold back.

Rias pushed her surprised lover into the couch. Before he could say anything, she was on top of him, kissing him for all she was worth. Tears of happiness ran down her lovely face. She had her doubts, at first, but now she was free and with her one true love, even though she wasn't number one in his heart. At least she was someone he fought for and that was enough for her.

Air becoming too much of a need for the beauty, ended the kiss with saliva connecting them. Rias stared deep into Issei's eyes with such raw emotions that it made him growl in arousal. He couldn't wait to see those blue-green eyes under him as he rails her young cunt. "Ise-sama." Rias' sweet, soft and seductive voice knocked him from his perverted thoughts. "Let me reward you for saving me from such a fate." She requested.

Issei though for a second before nodding. "Alright. You deserve it for winning." He said with a smirk.

The busty princess smiled. "You're too kind to me, Ise-sama." Bowing, Rias took a step back before summoning a circle below her. Issei raised his eyebrow in interest and confusion. The crimson light of her family seal soon surrounded her before it ended as quick as it came. Out of the light came Rias in something that made Issei's mouth water and pants almost rip.

She was now wearing a form-fitting white, shoulderless, wedding dress that cupped her bosom, making the girls more pronounced, if possible. And it showed off her ass and her beautiful crimson hair stood out against the pure white along with her creamy skin gaining a red tint, showing she was embarrassed being in front of him like this. Finishing off her look was high-heeled shoes that showed off her legs that were underneath white leggings. Basically, Rias looked absolutely delicious. "Well…? What do you think, Ise-sama?" The beauty asked, unable to look at him.

Issei was breathing heavy and it took all of his power to not jump her, bypass the dress, and fuck her in the gown. Taking a deep breath, he spoke huskily. "You look…spectacular, Benihime. Absolutely stunning." He said honestly with a blush of his own.

Her face split in a happy smile. "I'm glad, master." She gained a naughty smirk as she slumped into him, pressing her giant tits into his chest. Her cherry lips close to his ear, making him shiver at the erotic princess. "Let's play a game. I'm the naughty bride needing a cock on her wedding day and you're the best-man who's going to give me my greatest present." Rias told her lover as she let her slutty fingers go up and down his chest.

Issei blushed, finding role-play damned hot, and nodded with a grin of his own. "Very well, Benihime. Can you give me an outfit?" He asked. "It would be my pleasure." Rias whispered before snapping her fingers, creating a seal around her lover.

Rias licked her lips with a sultry smile as he wore the black tuxedo well. It showed off his strength as she made it a size too small. The beauty wanted her eye-candy. Issei could feel it was too small and smirked, knowing she did that on purpose. "You look dashing, Ise-sama." The younger Gremory complemented, unable to let her eyes stop from trailed up and down his form.

"You can't do this. You're getting married, Rias." Issei said in fake concern, getting in the role of being the best-man to the groom.

Rias followed play and smiled sultry at him. "Come on. You know you want me. We haven't fucked in years. Even then, after other guys, you're still number one on my fuck-list." The beauty said, her voice dripping in lust for the 'D' that strained against his tight pants.

"Yeah, well, your new guy is now number one." Issei said reluctantly. While he knew he was playing, he didn't like saying she belonged to someone else when it's not true. The beauty could see that and her smirk grew a little.

Sitting down on her desk, she wagged her finger, telling him to stand. Sighing, Issei got up and walked to her. The second he got close enough, he let out a small groan as Rias stretched out her leg and was now lightly rubbing his clothed prick. "R-Rias…" He moaned softly.

"Even if I'm getting married, he's nothing compared to this. And, I know you miss this pussy of mine." Lifting the hem of her dress, she showed Issei that she wasn't wearing underwear, showing off her pretty pink lips. "I remember how your big dick stretched my little pussy. Why don't you touch me again? It's still nice and tight, after all this time." Rias whispered with her sexy voice maxed out.

Shaking a little, Issei's hand went up and down her stocking clade leg, the fabric just waiting to be torn. Getting closer to her wet lower lips, he decided to tease. "You always were a slut." Issei stated as he got to her inner thigh and teasingly brushed up against her already dripping cunt lips.

Moaning, she turned her head to the side with a light murmur escaping her lips before looking at him with steamy eyes. "Having the best man touch your fat pussy lips on your wedding day. Fucking slut." The brunette said, his fingers now sliding over the entrance of her womanhood.

"Well, you know, once a slut always a slut." Rias said, her voice now barely a whisper but Issei could hear it loud and clear. "What do you want me to do to you?" Issei asked, close to her face. Her plump lips just begging to be kissed.

Getting closer herself, a hairs width away from connecting lips, while still stroking his manhood with her sexy leg, she gave him a saucy wink and smile. "First. I want you to get down and lick this dripping pussy you love so much." Rias moaned a little louder when he dipped one finger inside, getting the digit nice and wet. "Then, after I've squirted all over that skilled tongue of yours, I want you to stretch my little, tight, wet pussy with that big cock that's just begging to be set free, on this table. Let's make it break." She ended with a lick of her lips that soon went to his lips and gave him a quick lick.

Letting lose a feral, aroused, growl Issei gave her a deep kiss she reciprocated for a few minutes, their tongue sloppily battling, before ending it. "Your wish, is my command." Issei huskily whispered before letting his emerald orbs stare at the swell of her bosom. Going down, kissing her sweet and tasty neck flesh, he buried his head between her bust and slobbered on them, making them shine.

"Oh, yeah~. That's good. You really are the best man." Rias said with an aroused grin and blush. This role-playing was greater than she ever imagined. Her pussy was already moist and her burning hot loins were about to burst her female juices. "You know it." Issei's muffled voice reached her ears. The beauty mewled in disappointment when he left her melons only to moan again when his skilled tongue licked her inner thighs, getting her hot and bothered.

"Hm. Your skin is so delicious." Issei complemented as he continued to bite and suck on her firm, young, flesh. He was enjoying her large blush and slight shake of the limp he was holding. Going lower, he came face-to-face with his prize: Rias Gremory's pussy. "Smells so good." Issei teased with a soft voice that made Rias gain a healthy shade of red.

The beauty smiled softly before her lips parted with a loud moan as his tongue reached out and began to slowly stroke her lower lips. His tongue gliding up and down her soft folds, lapping up all the juices that gushed. "Your tongue…fells so good!" Rias screamed as her legs shook in his grasp.

Issei traced her pussy up, down, and to the sides, drinking all the yummy fluids that escaped. Humming a little, the vibrations of his voice making her moan louder, the Red Dragon Emperor lightly bit down on her sensitive clit.

Blue-green eyes shot open and let out a strangled gasp at the new sensation. "I-I-I-Ise-kun…! That's too…much! I-I-I'll cum too fast…!" Rias shouted, trying to move back but wasn't as he kept a strong grip on her wide hips.

Smirking into her muff, Issei slowly, almost antagonizing, removed his face from her thighs and let his tongue glide along her legs. The hot trail his tongue left caused goosebumps that made the redhead mewl in bliss. "My, my, Rias-chan. I never knew you were so sensitive to my touch. That douche must have been lame in the sack." Issei teased with a manly grin.

Breathing heavy, sweat dripping down her brow as she managed to hold of her orgasm…somehow. Getting the air she needed, the beauty nodded softly. "Hai. His skills are pitiful. By this time, he would have released himself and left me to get myself off." Again, that was a lie to get them hotter.

"Don't have to worry about that with me. This pussy should be savored like fine wine." Issei growled as his fingers lightly pinched her outer folds. He enjoyed the loud moan of appreciation. Taking his slick fingers away from her mound, he did just as he said; savored the taste of her womanly juices. It was a little sweet with a hint of strawberries.

Rias' face resembled her crimson hair as her lover/master ate her out and said such dirty words that made her heart flutter. "I-I-Ise-kun…Stop teasing me~." The beauty whined as she shook her mound, enticing him to return to her warmth.

Chuckling, Issei gave in to her demands, but not without teasing her. "What a slutty bride. Enjoying being eaten out by the best man." With that said, her mewling in arousal, he shoved his face back into her mound, his tongue getting to work. The appendage caressed and pulled at the soft tissue that was her labia before dipping in and out, getting his lips and tongue nice and wet.

"Yes~!" Rias hissed out in bliss of having her pussy eaten. "Eat me! Eat out this cheating brides sopping cunt! Your tongue feels so much fucking better than that bastards!" The beauty screamed, letting her legs wrap around his head, pulling him deeper into her mound. Her hands clung tightly onto the side of the table as she shook in ecstasy. His tongue lapped and licked all around her outer lips before bobbing his head in and out.

Wanting to make her really scream, he took his tongue around from her hole and gently licked her clit. He let his other hand resting on her wide hips land on her wet lower lips and dig into her sopping mound, getting them slick with her love juices. It was well received as the walls tightened around his fingers with her other hand grabbing his head, pushing him into her clit he continued to lick.

"Oh my fucking God!" The pain of saying His name only added onto the pleasure of him playing with her body. "You're tongue! Keep going! Suck my clit while you finger this dirty slut's whore hole! I want to cum all over you!" Rias yelled, her body flush red and breasts heaving as she tried to regain her breath but couldn't. Whenever she got it back, he punched it out of her when he shoved his fingers even deeper and let his teeth gently bite her sensitive nub.

'Yeah. This whore is mine.' Issei thought in victory as she was putty in his hands. Her body responded to his touch well and he rewarded her by taking his fingers out of her womanhood, making her mewl in disappointment, before replacing it with his tongue that greedily sucked her labia with his two fingers harshly rub her puffy clit. "Yeah. This pussy taste's delicious." Issei's muffled voice sent greater vibrations to run up and down her spine.

"Ise-kun!" Rias shouted, flinging her head back, crimson tresses swishing through the air, with a large blush lighting up her face. Drool escaped her open maw with her tongue refusing to go back inside. "Spit on that pussy! Get it nice and wet!" The beauty begged her lover. "Yes!" She screamed as he did what she begged.

Issei was greatly aroused at spitting into her lady parts. After spitting into her womanhood, he dived back in and ate her even harder, making the beauties hold on the table almost break the expensive wood. "Hm…" He hummed into her pink lips, the vibrations giving her greater shocks of bliss and ecstasy to run through her spine and womb.

"Ahhh! No more!" Shouting, Rias pulled him by the hair, saliva connecting his tongue and pussy, and looked at him with lust crazed eyes. "I want your cock and I want it now! Stick that hot cock up my wet, bride pussy! Make sure I have your cum covering my body!" The young Gremory commanded her lover.

Growling a little, his teeth growing and his eyes flashing green, he let his feral side go but kept in character. Loaming over her, his hands resting on either side of her body, he whispered huskily. "Don't worry, you fuck slut. By the time I'm done with you, you won't even remember your name." Issei promised as he lined his hard tool against her womanhood, gently rubbing up and down, giving her chills.

Slapping her puss with his cock, he slowly let it enter. Both hissed at the pressure of their sex organs meeting in ecstasy. "Oh, fuck yeah. Slide that cock up my whore hole. Fuck me hard." Rias said with a lustful smile as she banged her hips against his own. Issei just groaned as he let his lips kiss her stocking clad legs, giving her more stimulation. "Come on. Touch my tits. I know you've been looking at them." The beauty grabbed one of his hands and guided it to her jiggling orbs. "Yes~! That's more like it." Rias hissed out in bliss as Issei's rock hard member crashed into her womanhood.

The brunette was in bliss of having the slick pussy muscles of Rias' vagina clung onto his thrusting member at a steady pace. He rocked his cock in and out of her quaking body while massaging her generous cleavage that she let spill out of her dress. Just seeing her wearing the wedding dress made him more aroused. "Damn. This pussy is fucking nice." Issei grunted hotly as he moved in closer, pushing her plump leg into her unused melon.

"I keep it nice and tight. That bastard can't even fill me like you can." Rias moaned with her tongue refusing to stay in her mouth as she stared at her lover with devotion and lust. Grabbing one of her breasts, she spat on it while looking at him, making his dick twitch inside her mound. "You like that? You like watching me spit on these big tits you love so much?" The beautiful crimson-haired whore asked sultry.

Issei groaned loudly as he watched his lover do such slutty things. "It's so fucking hot to see that. You really are a fucking whore. Wanting another dick up your tight pussy on your wedding day." The brunette whispered hotly as his breath came out in harsh bursts.

Rias smirked at him as she gave her sensitive teat a long lick, her face masked red at the slutty action. "Like I said; once a whore, always a whore!" She let out another happy yelp when he twisted his member up, hitting the top of her hot walls. "Do that again! It gets me so hot and wet!" She begged her lover who did as asked, making her scream like a bitch in heat at having the spot ploughed.

Taking his cock out for a few seconds, he slammed himself in a few more times before taking himself out, and held it. "Come on. Suck off all this dirty slut juice." Issei said with a manly grin.

"Fufu. Don't mind if I do." A little weak from the pounding she received, she moved around, letting her back lay on the table, and let her tongue stick out. "Come on, big boy. Plunge that big dick of yours deep into my mouth." Rias shivered as his strong hands framed her face and his leaking with juices tool smeared her lips, making them shine.

"Hm. You look good like that. Lips stained with your pussy liquid." Issei said with his smirk never faltering. Lining himself against her lips, lightly probing them, Rias did what he silently demanded. Opening her mouth wide, she gagged a little as the brunette let his twitching tower slid into her warm throat.

'Fuck! It feels like I might die from this! What a way to go, though!' Rias thought as she licked all over his tool. The side of his shaft, top and underneath. His taste was divine to her and all his lover's. She had to rub her thighs, trying to alleviate the growing heat in her core as she was being choked by him.

Issei continued to groan as his crimson-haired cum-rag let her saliva run all over his invading tool. Rias, by far, had the tightest throat out of all his lovers and her desire to make him cum hard was something he appreciated greatly. While all his women were loyal to him, Rias took her loyalty to a different level and her tight ass wasn't all that bad either. She had the second tightest ass, right behind Grayfia. "That's real good, slut. To believe such a slut is getting married is a shame." The brunette growled a little when she let her teeth lightly scrap against his foreskin. "But, let's see how you are when I'm not helping." He let his hands release her bobbing skull.

Taking her chance to make her lover happy, she took his cock out till the tip and vigorously stroked his shaft while moving her head around, while swirling her skilled tongue around his leaking cock-head. Sloppily licking it, she let it pop out of her mouth and slap it against her face. "Wow. This cock is as lively as ever. You must really want to cover this soon to be married bitch in your cum." Rias teased with a cocky smirk before swallowing him whole, his hilt hitting her lovely face. She let one hand trail down her sinful body and gently prod and play with her weeping mound. The moaning from her fingering herself sent vibrations around his rod, making his twitching member pulse.

His legs shook a little as Rias made lewd slurping noises around his tool she bobbed her head along. Brown eyes were locked onto her fingers currently fucking herself and the other hand playing with those luscious orbs. The teenager licked his lips before gritting his teeth in pleasure as Rias let her tongue lick at his balls as she kept her head stationed at his hilt. She was tightening her throat hard around his twitching prick.

Issei bent over and panted, his hot breath hitting Rias' sweaty skin and made her shiver with goosebumps forming. "Don't mind if I do." His lips soon latched onto her nipples and his hand went to the other jug that he wasn't licking. Issei lathered her left tit with his tongue, groaning into the flesh as Rias' tight throat and skilled tongue were giving his tower the same attention he was giving her pillows.

"Ise..." Rias gagged out, making him leave her bountiful cleavage and stare at her dazed eyes. "Stick that hot cock between the titties you love so much." She demanded of her lover, pushing her jiggling orbs, offering them to him. The beauty could feel the familiar coil inside her begin to tighten and she wanted to climax when he covered her boobs in his milk.

Smirking, he let his cock leave her mouth but warmed it up by slipping it directly between the soft, firm, pillows that were Rias Gremory's I-cup tits. Issei shuttered with an audible groan as he thrusted his member in and out of her milk machine. "Yeah. Stick that cock between these dirty fucking tits. I know you missed milking and fucking them." Rias said as she spat into her cleavage, making lewd sounds as his rod slammed in and out.

"You know it, slut." Issei said as he played with her bountiful melons, tweaking her hard nipples to make her shake. His emerald eyes shamelessly stared at her jugs and fingers that continuously plunged in and out of her delicious cunt. "Yeah. Use that tongue of yours." The brunette moaned in appreciation as the busty crimson princess let her tongue lick underneath his prick whenever he slipped out of her cleavage.

Blushing hotly, she took his dick out of her cleavage before sucking it like a lollypop, making him growl in pleasure. Flipping herself around, making sure to twist her tongue around his dripping head, she took her supple lips off, with her hand still jerking him off. Her sinful eyes stared deep into his emerald that were caught by her gaze. Leaning up, her husky voice made his member twitch in her hold. "Go ahead and cum, Ise-kun. Cover this bride's slutty face in your spunk. After you're done getting my face dirty, make this molten hot pussy spew out your plentiful milk." Rias' whisper did the trick as some of his pre-jizz shot out, making her hand slick, lubing him up for her skilled hand-job.

"Damn it!" Issei shouted, loving the way she talked and looked at him. "Take my cock back into that slutty mouth of yours, bitch!" He yelled out and Rias followed, her juices running down her legs and stained the once clean desk.

"Fufu. Whatever you say, stud." Dipping her head down, she sensually licked the head, making him groan in anticipation, before opening her mouth wide to take his girth hilt deep. Gagging sounds were added to the mix, making her master growl and shake. Her fingers dug into her mound as she focused her head on bobbing along his shaft while making sure she was warmed up for the fun. 'Hm…He's filling my mouth up! I can't wait to taste him with both mouths.' Rias thought with a slutty shine in her eyes.

Emerald eyes shined in deep arousal as he watched his bitch finger-fuck herself while she was eating his dick. Her sexy body and tits shaking with each head bob. It was all too much stimulation for a teenager, normal or not, to handle! With what he was seeing and feeling, he didn't stop his hands from grabbing her by the back of her head and jamming her head straight on his cock while thrusting. "GHaaa!" Spit flew from his mouth as his cock-head hit the back of her throat.

"Come on, bitch! Swallow my cock like the slut you are! Give the best man head on your wedding day! I'll make sure to cover your entire body white with my semen!" Issei roared, losing the play for a second before getting back into it as he added the last part. His emerald eyes stared into her green-blue orbs with matching lust. Both could feel their cores coiling up in a familiar tightness they know.

'Let me drink it already! I'm wet enough!' Rias raged in her mind as she was getting close to cumming from just giving him head. Her lover was doing all he could to make her squirm under his control and she loved every second of their role-play as he fucked her throat like he always did.

Throwing his head back, the brunette shoved himself till the hilt. "Cumming!" Issei roared as his hips shook from the power of his orgasm that shot rope after rope straight into her gagging maw. 'Yes~!' Rias sung in her head as she was given her reward and plunged her fingers knuckle deep, causing her own climax. Screaming around his member, she tightened her throat muscles around the pulsing tool, milking him for his spurting spunk.

Green pools crossed as rope after rope of hot cum coated her mouth. She did all she could to take it all but it was too much, like usual, and began to spurt out her mouth and drip to her titties. Issei was groaning while bucking his hips into her mouth with a big smile. The role-play was really getting him off and he just wanted to get to the good stuff. With a strong grip of her beautiful hair, he pulled her off and quickly jacked himself off, letting the rest of his seed spray on her lovely blushing face.

"Ahhhh!" Rias squealed like a pig as she climaxed even harder the second he blasted his seed in her face, covering her eyes, nose, stretched out tongue, hair and creamy breasts. It was becoming so much that it dripped down her chest mountains and landed on her thick thighs. "Cock! Cock! Give it to me! Stuff that best-man cock deep inside this cheating bride's dirty twat!" The beauty begged, thrusting herself around, presenting her mound to her lover.

Pre-jizz still leaking from his cock-head, the pretending best-man used it as lube while grabbing her juicy ass and molded it, licking his lips as the back entrance he'd take after shooting his load into her tight womanhood. "Anything for the bride!" Roaring, Issei slammed himself to the hilt, making the crimson-haired cum-rag jerk and let out a lustful wail as she climaxed the time in such a short amount of time. "You look so fucking sexy like this, Benihime-chan!" Growled the Red Dragon Emperor as he banged his hips against the princess rippling, quickly reddening, flesh.

"Harder! Harder! Be rougher with me! I'm such a bad bride to be fucking someone other than my husband on her wedding day! Punish my slutty pussy with greater intensity!" Rias babbled, her voice dripping with lust as her tongue refused to stay in her lips. She was giving him the perfect ahegao expression as he railed her dripping snatch.

Releasing her ass flesh, he leaned down and got what he really wanted. His hands now roughly groped her swinging milk-jugs with his lips now sucking and licking her sweaty neck flesh. "You asked for it, you slutty bride! I'll make sure you're dripping cum as you walk down that isle." Growled the horny brunette as he continued to squeeze and pinch her nipples while his balls slapped against her sweaty thighs.

The busty cum loving bitch screamed her head off as her master fucked her pussy without mercy. Any coherent thoughts were driven out by the punishing manhood. In fact, the only thing she could possibly think about was him filling her up with his cum. Rias barely managed to buck her wide hips against his thrusts, hoping to give him more pleasure.

Issei groaned harder into the fucking as he felt Rias' delicious boadonkidonk push back against his thrusts, letting his prick slid deeper into her tightening twat. "Good whore. Bring that fat ass back against my cock." He cooed in her ear, making her shiver in his hold. Letting his face leave her neck, he bit down on her earlobe, making her squeak at the added pain/pleasure as his manhandling hands tweaked her hardened pink nipples. "Damn! This slutty cunt just keeps getting tighter and tighter." The Red Dragon Emperor mused as he continued to play with the crimson bitch.

"That's because…you're so fucking…BIG!" The beauty screamed the last word as she reached another orgasm, letting him slide deeper and harder into her gushing mound. "My pussy…doesn't want it…out for too…long~!" She mewled when her lover twisted his hips, hitting the top of her walls as his hands dug into her soft melons and teeth sensually ran along her earlobe. "It knows…all my weak spots!" Rias added, blushing brightly as her lover turned her head to see his manly face.

His member twitched a little when he saw her pleasure-filled expression. Issei loved seeing his lover's faces when he was fucking them. It gave him such a high and power it almost made him blow his load. Key word almost. "And…I'll keep hitting them all!" Grunted the brunette as he slammed his cock deep into the princesses weeping willow. "Until I cum!" He added with a harsh slap to her hanging I-cup.

Gritting her teeth, the beauty managed to hold back the scream that only came out as a loud squeal as Ise-sama managed to bump against her womb. Spittle passed between her maw as her seafoam green pools dulled in ecstasy. She was sure that her desk was soaked from all her love juices that continued to spray.

Swooping in, Issei raped Rias' mouth with his tongue, making her submit to him and allow him to fuck her to his heart's content. The role-play long forgotten and the only thing on his mind was ripping this dress off and staining her skin white with his semen. Tearing her veil off, her let one tit go before grabbing her crimson locks and made sure she couldn't leave the intense lip-lock.

Brown and seafoam green stared at one another as they let their bodies dance to the rhythm of their lust. Sweat glistened off their connected bodies as their combined love juices pooled on Rias' desk. 'Fuck! He's…gonna make me pass out…again!' The beauty moaned aloud and internally as she felt all the air being knocked from her stomach. While it would make others nervous, it only aroused the fucked stupid princess.

Lips and tongue mashed together in a fiery dance as lewd slapping sounds from their gushing lips. Issei was grunting harder and harder in the kisses as her walls were tightening hard. She had been cumming on his lower head non-stop and he knew he was reaching his limit by his member twitching wildly along with the familiar churning in his balls.

Wanting to end her pussy pounding with a bang, Issei ended the kiss, making her hazy eyes clear a little, before he put her in a full nelson and moved to the couch, his dick still lodged deep inside her. Each step made the beauty moan and gasp with no coherent words escaping. Letting himself sit down, plunging himself deep into his gasping beauty, he leaned up. "Get ready, bitch. I'm gonna fuck you like a sow." With that huskily whispered promise, he bashed her hips against his own while thrusting up.

Rias' head snapped back with her eyes dilating and acking sounds escaped her wide maw. "FUCK!" After seconds of silence, the bitch screamed to the heavens as she climaxed around her lover's punishing tool that never let up as he brought her lubed hips down with his arms to meet in the middle. Large squirts of their mixed love juices sprayed from her womanhood.

"Cumming!" Roaring, Issei pushed himself deep into his crimson beauties mound and let his firehose explode. His cumming didn't stop him from railing the busty teenager. "Shit! Shit! Can't believe I'm fucking Rias Gremory in a wedding dress!" The brunette groaned, his arms tensing as he held her tight to his chest while banging his prick into her warmth.

Spit flew from the gushing beauty with small gurgle sounds. While she couldn't say anything, she let him know how much she liked being fucked by bringing her doughy thighs back down his shaft, creating a lewd clapping sound. She could feel her breasts hitting her chin with every jump and, wanting to give herself and him even more pleasure, she managed to grab one of them between her lips.

The second Issei saw the moaning beauty catch her tit and began to suck on it was one of the best moments of his life. It was like she was reading his mind and he loved her for it. leaning in close, he licked her sweaty neck and whispered. "I love you. I love how you know just what I want you to do. You're mine forever now." Instead of dark and lust-filled, it held great affection.

Rias' eyes watered and shined in happiness of those sweet words. Like any girl her age, all she wanted was to be loved and she got that in the unexpected form of Issei Hyoudou. "I'm so…happy." The beauty moaned while licking her hard nipple.

Issei gave her a sensual lick to the neck, making her mewl in pleasure. He didn't respond this time as he could completely focus on wreching her pussy even more. The meaty slaps of their hips meeting along with her sensual moans made him growl like the dragon he held. Bashing his hips into hers becoming boring after a few more minutes, he stopped.

The moaning beauty whined the second he stopped fucking. She was still cumming and it made her sad. "I-I-Ise-sama…Why-Why'd you stop? I-I was cumming too…hard!" Rias squirmed in his hold, still leaking out combined love juices leaving a trail down her ass, making her shiver as the liquid chilled her backdoor.

Instead of answering, he slowly lowered her down till her legs reached the ground. Standing with shaky legs, she would have asked what he was up to but was stopped when he pushed her head forward and grabbed her wrists in a firm lock. "Let's try this position." Without warning, he drew himself till only the tip before jamming hammering himself home. "Yeah!" The brunette roared as the warm walls of her twat clung to him like a blanket, only a million times better.

Rias could only enjoy the ride as her master was fucking her like the bitch in heat she was, her once proud personality destroyed as her walls were spread so far and wide by him. The beauty tried to make him feel better by clenching her walls around his tool and was rewarded with a pleased grunt and ass slap. "Iya!" She yelped in joy, her tongue refusing to stay in her mouth while her seafoam green pools dripped tears of passion.

"Guess the rumors are true." Issei began, managing to speak between pants and heavy grunts as his balls slapped into her clit, allowing her juices to make him well lubricated. He could feel the tip of his lower head hit the back of her womb with each thrust and grinned as he heard the weak screams of the young Gremory. "Redheads are wild in the sack!" The teenager ended, pulling her wrists back harder into his thundering pelvis.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! His cock s so hot and big! It's too much for me!' Those were the thoughts of the fuck drunk Rias Gremory as her head rolled down and her eyes crossed from the ecstasy. 'I'll never…get tired of being…fucked by him!' She thought with a happy smile and blush as she continued to squirt her love juice on the floor and both their legs.

"Ain't that right, bitch!?" Since he didn't get an answer from before and how unresponsive she's been since the last few thrusts, he barked out his question. When she still didn't answer, he shot himself so hard into her she leaned back into his chest with her head flung back. That beautiful tongue shook along with her vocal cords.

She heard her master's demand but she couldn't speak. It all came out as gibberish. Just before she could try to speak, her world turned white and everything after that was blank.

"Oh no you don't!" Feeling her go limp in his hold, he brought his hand up and let it catch on fire before bringing it down on her ass. It did the trick.

"FUCKKKKK!" Rias managed to say the first coherent thing since he began to fuck her harder and she let it out in a high-pitched wail as the burning sensation of his hand with his raging dick stuffed up her snatch was too wonderful for the crimson beauty to handle. A massive amount of juices spurted from her maidenhood. "GIVE IT ALL TO ME!" Rias begged with a slutty voice and smile.

Issei didn't expect, well he kind of did, the beauty to cum this hard. Her walls were holding his stationed member like a boa constrictor. They had a mind of their own as they massaged every sensitive spot along his shaft, coaxing him to spill another load. Grunting like a man, he pulled her up his tower before ramming back inside. "Take it all, bitch!" Roaring like a dragon, he shot rope after rope of life giving milk straight past her cervix and painted her most inner places white, once again.

'Milk…Ise-sama's milk~!' Rias muttered in her head as she was drifting off into dream land. A fucked stupid smile sticking to her as she passed out in a heap. Even in her sleep, she moaned in disappointment when the connection was broken.

With his princess now done for the night and his cock still demanding more for him to be done, he remembered his Fallen Angel beauties still in the Church. "It has been a few weeks since our last threesome." Issei mused with a perverted grin at the thought of fucking them at the same time. It made it more awesome seeing as they were already lovers with one another before he came into the picture.


Inside the church were the two Fallen Angel beauties except…they were laying on the pews, passed out drunk, with an unexpected third figure.

"Uga! Damn idiots. How can they get so drunk?" The woman mused as she stared at her friends. Like her friends, she was a beauty that any man would give their life to bed. She had long blonde hair styled in pigtails. For attire, she wore a gothic maid outfit that was a little on the short side, showing off her mature womanly curves, large ass and giant F-cup titties.

"Screw yoush…Mittelt." The barely awake drunk Raynare slurred at the now named Mittelt. "You…just jealous you didn't…come out. You could…now that you're not…using you little form." She continued to slur as her eyes drunkenly opened and closed.

Mittelt didn't say anything and just watched as Raynare passed out, snoring. Letting out a sigh, she relaxed on the pew, thinking about how she usually transformed into a little girl. While she was a Fallen Angel, she didn't like to be leered at by men all the time, so that's why she used her child form. She only let her real body out when she was with girls.

Her thoughts were knocked when someone burst through the doors. Spinning, she saw a brunette teenager. What made her eyes widen a little was the fact it was the one Raynare said she killed. She had always wondered why they were still in town if the mission was over, but Azazel-sama said they should stay and make sure nothing bad happened.

"Ray-chan! Kala-chan! I'm horny and looking to fuck my favorite Fallen Angel pussies!" Issei announced, not noticing the sexy blonde just yet. Said blonde was shocked by what he just said.

'Why would they fuck a human!?' Mittelt thought with wide eyes, not even bothering to hide as she was too shocked. It was when his brown eyes locked with her green that she felt a shiver run down her spine.

Looking around, he didn't see his Fallen Angel sluts but was rewarded with another surprise in the form of a busty blonde that rivaled Kalawarner and Raynare in sex appeal. The teen licked his lips as this must be the third lady Fallen Angel Raynare was talking about. He always wondered why he hadn't seen her. 'They are so going to get it by not introducing me to this woman earlier.' Issei promised himself, shamelessly leering at Mittelt.

"W-Who the hell are you!?" Suppressing her shiver, Mittelt shouted as she stood, a light spear at the ready. "And what do you mean by what you just said?" She added.

Issei let out a confident smirk. "My name is Issei Hyoudou and I don't think it's hard to understand. I fucked Kala-chan and Ray-chan into becoming my slaves/lovers." He said, slowly making his way to the beauty who was blushing hard. 'Thanks again, Ddraig.' He mentally thanked his dragon partner for allowing him to use dragon pheromones which were a good way to make supernatural women easier to fall under his charm.

[Not a problem. Just remember our deal, Ise] There was a light purr at the end that made Issei lightly shiver. 'Trust me, I remember.' He replied, the conversation ending.

Mittelt didn't know why she was getting so hot the closer this boy was getting. She couldn't stop her body and core from quivering being under his gaze that threatened to pierce her soul. 'S-Strong…' The beauty inwardly mused, her knees shaking a little. To her utter shame, she was getting turned on by the stalking brunette.

Issei smirked as he could see his aura had the desired effect on the soon to be claimed Fallen. 'Just need to get that spear out of her hand and around mine.' Mused the teen, eyeing the weapon. "W-Why are you here?" The shaken voice of his prey knocked him from his thoughts.

The beauty didn't know why she asked that. He announced what he was here for, but she was still in shock about it. She could see the amusement in his orbs when she asked. "Didn't I just tell you? Well, for a gorgeous creature like you, I'll repeat myself." Issei mentally hi-fived himself when a large blush was spotted. "A few weeks ago, I claimed Kalawarner and Raynare as mine. They are my lovers. And, seeing as you're a Fallen Angel, you must be this Mittelt they've talked about." He was now a few feet from her when he stopped.

"S-So? What if I am?" She asked, trying to not think of being under this man, getting her pussy wrecked. Before she could even blink, he was now in front of her, his nose inches away from her own. Mittelt barely felt his hand knock away her hand holding the light spear as his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her flush to his chest.

"Because," He whispered, his manly voice sending shivers down her spine. "From what they've said about you, it's made me hunger to fuck this body of yours." Issei didn't give her any time to think as he smashed his lips against hers. Aggressively pushing past her lips, he let his tongue wrap around hers and used his hold to grind his member against her sex, making the busty blonde moan sexily into the lip-lock.

Any possible resistance faded on Mittelt's side the second their lips met. While she has fucked, she's never been kissed. Being kissed by such a handsome man was something she's dreamed about and experiencing it was even better than what she ever thought. Mittelt tried to put up a fight, but couldn't.

Needing air, Issei just teased her a little more by chewing on her bottom lip before bringing his head away. He greatly enjoyed the panting flushed face of his newest lover. "You really are beautiful. Can't believe no one has snatched you up yet." Issei commented idly while rubbing her sides.

She just looked away bashfully but smiled softly at the complement. "Uh~." Her plump lips let out a breathy moan as Issei's hands massaged her booty. Trying to regain her thoughts, seeing as he's a Devil, her enemy, she yelled. "I-I won't give in to you!" Even though she said that, it didn't have an effect as his hands built up the pleasure in her core. "Th-This amazing cock won't break me!" Mittelt blushed brightly when she registered the words.

"Hm. Are you sure? Then, let's test that!" Grabbing her skirt, he ripped it off with a quick tug before taking his cock out just as quickly. Not giving her any time to think and possibly push him away, he speared her womanhood. "Shit!" Issei hissed as his manhood was captured by her soaked cunt. Her tight walls massaged his large shaft. Clenching his teeth, he pulled back, before ramming himself womb deep.

Mittelt threw her head back and had to bite back the scream that was threatening to break the second the biggest cock she's ever seen plugged her hole. Her mind grew a foggy as the head hit the back of her womb with the first, harsh, thrust. 'Holy Fuck!' Mittelt screamed inside her head as his cock stretched her walls further than she ever thought possible. "N-N-No!" She wheezed out, shaking her head back and forth. "Th-This big, beautiful cock…doesn't feel good!" As much as she wanted to deny this, her body didn't match her words.

"Doesn't seem that way to me." Issei said between heavy grunts while she sheathed his sword in and out of its sheath. "Your cunt feels like it's really enjoying my cock!" He groaned hard as her soaked, tight, innards massaged his veiny length.

"F-Fuck you! G-G-Get away from me!" Mittelt hit him as hard as she could, but that only amounted to a slap instead of a fist. It did nothing to stop the thrusting brunette. When she was thrown to the floor, her mind blanked for a second and could only focus on the man rearranging her pussy.

"Feisty. I like that." Silencing her mouth with his, he threw her body down to the floor with his cock still deep into her womanhood. Using his legs as leverage, he strengthened his thrusts. The increase caused the busty Fallen to scream in the lip-lock. Issei's fingers sunk into the shaking bust of his new pet that continued to try and end the pleasure by lightly pushing against his chest.

'I-I have to stop…this! Why aren't those two…awake!?' Mittelt shouted to herself while glancing at the passed out Kalawarner and Raynare. It stupefied her that they hadn't woken up from him entering and her screams. Tears of shameful pleasure rolled down her face. Her shaking legs tried to push him off, but his hands soon left her bosom and held her legs wide, opening her up so he could really make her scream into the kiss. 'Too…strong!'

'I can feel it. She's getting close.' Issei grinned as he could feel her walls constrict tighter around his member as he hit all her hot spots with each pump. 'Hm. Her breasts are going to be next.' Issei planned to fuck those beautiful breasts after filling this tight twat with his seed. His tongue dominated hers as he tasted her sweet flavor that made his junk tingle and shaft twitch erratically, holding off his orgasm.

'No! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum with this powerful human cock!' Mittelt screamed inside her head as her pools began to roll to the back of her skull. The heat of his member pounding her pussy with his powerful tongue dominating hers was such a wonderful feeling. While her previous sex partners made her climax, this guy was making her cum almost every second. If he came inside her…she didn't know how powerful that climax would be. 'N-Need to…know!' The busty blonde shouted to herself, unconsciously bucking her wide hips back.

'Yeah. This bitch is ready.' But Issei knew what she was doing, and he was loving it. Showing his appreciation to the whore, he pulled her legs further apart to spear her even harder. He groaned harder and rougher into the passionate kiss as her walls were milking his pulsing shaft. Ending the kiss, air becoming too much of a need, he growled huskily into her face. "Going to cum. Make sure to take it all." He ordered her.

"N-N-No~!" Still trying to deny the pleasure, she cried while shaking her head back and forth. "I-I don't want it! Don't cum inside! Don't spray my insides with your delicious dick-milk!" Again, she didn't know her words and body were contradicting her. "M-My shirt!" Mittelt screamed as Issei ripped her shirt off, releasing her jugs.

Bringing his head down to those succulent orbs of flesh, he let his tongue flick around the areola before wrapping her mouth around and giving it a harsh suck. His tongue lashed around the sensitive flesh while banging his cock in and out of her tight womanhood. 'Shit!' Groaning to himself, he let out a deep growl as his balls churned and released the load he's been holding.

"NOO!" Eyes widening, Mittelt screamed as loud as she could when the first shot of semen exploded inside her. "Cumming!" It was too hot and pleasing for her to not climax. Her seductive body spasmed into his form, pushing her breasts deeper into his hungry maw. An even greater shock ran down her spine when he gently gnawed on her teat, prolonging her orgasm.

The brunette was loving how responsive the beauty was to his explosion. She was cumming so much that their combined juices stained his legs and ran down her butt-crack, arousing him. 'Later.' Mused the teen, eyeballing the booty. Feeling that it was becoming too much for the girl to take, he took his spurting cock out but was quick to shove it straight down her throat.

Mittelt let out a gurgled scream as her mouth was filled with his milk. It shot straight down her esophagus and into her waiting stomach. To her shame, the Fallen was enjoying the taste like a fine wine. Her throat coaxed his twitching shaft for more, which she received. Her tongue licked around the head, savoring the feeling.

Issei smirked in victory as she seemed to accept him as her master. Groaning a little more, he took his finished spurting dick out of her mouth. A thin trail of semen dripped down her chin. The dazed gleam in her eyes made him feel even more pride for himself. "Huh. Seems you really enjoyed that, Mittelt-chan." The brunette teased the beauty.

"S-Shut up…" Her voice was raspy and soft from the schlong and jizz so suddenly jammed down her throat.

"Seems you still need to learn who's in charge." Issei commented as he took off his shirt, showing his muscular torso to her. He smirked when he saw her drool at the sight. 'Good.' Mused the teen before straddling her abdomen before grabbing her giant cleavage and placed his length between, sandwiching himself tightly between the firm orbs. Slowly sliding his cock in and out of her boob-pussy, he noticed that she hadn't even moved her free arms and legs to stop him. Seemed she was too drunk on watching his cock appear and disappear between her titties. "Man. These tits are pretty good. Not as good as Ray-chan or Kala-chan, but still good." The brunette groaned as he pushed her melons tighter around his slowly rutting prick.

Mittelt, like Issei assumed, was too delirious with pleasure to even think about trying to throw him off and kill him, not that she could. Her hot breath tickled the purple-head getting close to her parted lips. "F-Fuck you…bastard. I-I'll kill you for this." She whispered, orbs still locked onto the member. 'Such a strong…scent.' Mittelt muttered inwardly as she couldn't take her eyes off the pulsing rod.

Issei bent his head down and little and closed his eyes to really enjoy the feeling of having another paizuri from a busty chick. His hands molded her jugs into one another, enveloping his thrusting manhood. "If you want to kill me…do it. I'm not stopping you." Issei told the woman with a manly grin and husky voice.

Mittelt couldn't say anything now. Her eyes were locked onto the dripping pre-jizz that lubed up her breasts. It made the titty-fuck even hotter for the two. 'I-I can't…resist.' The woman thought to herself as she slowly extended her tongue, hitting the engorged head that barely hit her lips.

"Good girl!" When he felt her lips against his head, he knew he won and complemented the woman below him with a grin and pat on the head. "You're finally giving into your master. You deserve a reward." Pushing her wonderous flesh tighter around his cock, he pulled back before slamming right back in, his cock entering her mouth.

"Ghua! Ghkua!" The busty Fallen gurgled around his cock, giving him greater pleasure. Her core was heating up and the familiar coil started to form. 'Delicious. His cock…is so wonderful!' Mittelt thought with unrestrained lust of this cock fucking her mouth and mammaries. Since her master hadn't told her to do anything with her hands, she kept them at her sides, even though she wanted to finger herself. Though, she was getting pleasure out of him pinching her hard nipples and the heat of his prick between her cleavage.

Issei grunted lightly. 'Damn. She's sucking hard. It feels almost as good as Fia-chan's blow-job.' The teen held Grayfia's blow-jobs as the best of his girls and to come close to her skills was enough to almost make him blow his load. His hands continued to massage and knees the soft globs of flesh wrapped around his piston.

'Tasty…Master's cock is tasty.' Mittelt thought as she felt his cock begin to swell. Glancing up, she saw his scrunched face. 'He's going to cum. My master is about to give me more of his cum.' She smiled around the tool.

Picking up his pace, his hips slapping faster against the undersides of her jugs, his pre-cum began to fill her mouth. "Get ready…Mittelt. I'm gonna blow soon." He warned the beauty.

Nodding around his member, she sucked even harder, her tongue swirling around his top like a lollypop. "Cum. Master. Give it all to me." Mittelt gurgled around his cock as she gave him steamy eyes.

Grunting hard, her pressed her tits even harder around his dick before plunging harder and stronger into her mouth. "Fuck! Make sure to swallow it all!" He demanded before he felt the churning in his balls become too much to hold back.

Mittelt's eyes shop open as he gave one last plunge before climaxing hard. His seed powerfully gushed into her waiting lips. 'Wonderful! His cum is filling me so quickly!' Even after cumming so much the first time, it didn't affect his second load one bit. The excess began to dribble out her lips as her head fell back. Still shooting his load, Issei's spilling cock coated her beautiful face in white.

Slowly taking his cock out of her cleavage, he took a pleased sigh at the sight of Mittelt's face covered in his batter. He smiled as she made a show of swallowing the cum that stayed in her mouth. "That's a good bitch. Taste it well." Issei cooed while gently rubbing her stomach.

Mittelt felt shivers go down her form at the soft touch and voice. It made her blush happily and relish in the taste of his milk. Closing her mouth, she swallowed his load before lewdly opening her mouth, showing that she drank it all. "Is that good, Ise-sama? Did you whore please you?" She asked.

"Mittelt was a good girl who did a good job." Issei said with a gentle smile. raising himself a little, he showed that he was still hard. "Now, where do you want my cock next?" He asked.

"My pussy, master. Mittelt wants her slutty pussy filled with her master's powerful cock again." She begged her master. Mittelt watched as Issei took a step back and admired her cum-covered form, making her blush as he liked looking at her. "Iya!" She yelped a little when he raised and spread her legs, giving him full access to her womanhood.

Positioning himself against her hole, he gave her a light tease by gently rubbing his shaft along her outsides, getting her nice and soaked with his jizz. Issei smirked when he saw her annoyed pout. "Don't pout, my dear. I'll stick it in now." Without further ado, the teenager rammed his full length into her tunnel.

"Khyaaaaa!" Mittelt let out a pleasurable moan/howl as Issei's rod shot itself into her body, buried deep inside her core. Shockwaves of ecstasy coursed through her veins as she squirted all over his manhood. Large breasts shook as her back arched in an unusual angle. "Cumming! From just one thrust I'm cumming! Keep going! Fuck this slut's pussy for cumming so quickly!" Mittelt begged, wrapping her arms around his strong back.

"Your wish is my command!" Grunting loudly, he pulled himself out till the tip before shoving his prick back, just as hard as before. Her body quaked from the hip jerk and let out another pleased moan. He felt his cock stretch her tight walls to accept his rampaging tool. "Shit! This pussy is mine, you got that!? No other man will ever be able to fuck you like I can!" Issei shouted, bringing his face close to hers. Emerald eyes burned her soul.

She let out a hiss and moan at the hot way he was talking. It was so dark and sexy. She rutted her hips against his in acceptance. "Yes! Mittelt's pussy belongs to Ise-sama now! Like Ray-chan and Kala-chan, make me your bitch! Mess me up!" The beauty begged in a breathless whisper.

Letting out a pleased smirk and grunt, Issei roughly grabbed her bountiful melons and kneaded them like dough. The added stimulation caused her wall to constrict further around his mammoth of a penis. Swooping down, he captured her parted lips in another sloppy kiss Mittelt easily submitted to.

Issei's tongue battered her tongue away and attacked her mouth like an animal; a dragon. His hips going just as wild in and out of her sopping mound. Taking his hands away from her thighs, which quickly wrapped around his ass, bringing him closer, they soon took their place on her flopping jugs and played with them.

The blonde beauty let out a gleeful squeal at the attention he was giving her. She tightened her grip around his back, trying to bring him closer to her being. Mittelt let her cunt grind into his bashing hips and was rewarded for her actions with a pleased groan by her master.

Glancing to his left, he finally saw Raynare and Kalawarner. Except, they were still asleep. It surprised the hell out of him that they could be asleep through all the screaming. 'Well, more time to fully enjoy this bitch's body.' With that casual thought, he returned to making Mittelt into his woman.

Mittelt was relishing in the feeling of having Issei's strong body holding her down, ruining her pussy for any other man. Her nails dug into his back, leaving little red lines. She mewled louder into the passionate kiss as her lover pounded her sex harder.

The feeling of her nails raking against his back only spurred the teenager onward and picked up his speed. He was now slamming his cock into her cunt full speed. Issei smirked into the kiss as she just gave up and let him do his thing. "That's a good whore. Just enjoy my cock deep inside this slutty pussy." Leaving the kiss, he ordered, between harsh pants, the spasming Fallen as he could feel his member twitch inside her tight hole.

"I-I will! My slutty body is greatly enjoying Ise-sama's big and hard cock!" Mittelt moaned happily as her face was a perfect example of high on wanton pleasure: crossed eyes rolled to the back of her head and her tongue hung out as Issei's man-meat continued to slide into her. "YES!" Her eyes focused a little and lidded when she felt one of his big hands reach around her form and began to tease her puckered asshole. "Going to…cum! Mittelt is about to cum from being fucked so hard!" She screamed, throwing her head into his neck and planting sensual licks and kisses.

"Cum for me, slave." Issei commanded, his hot breath on her own neck making her pussy juices spurt out. "I want this hot, willing, cunt of yours to squirt all over my cock. I want those sweet juices running down my cock as I shoot this massive load deep inside you!" Growling like a beast, he gave one last strong thrust before letting rope after rope of potent jizz coat her womb.

"More! More! More cum!" Mittelt droned out mindlessly with a fucked-stupid grin on her lovely blushing face. She gasped and huffed as her walls were painted with his semen. The beauty whimpered loudly when she felt Issei begin to pull out. "M-Master~! Why-Why are you taking it out?" She cried. Mittelt could still go! She could still take Ise-sama's dick-milk.

Groaning, Issei smirked at his new lover. "Trust me, Mittelt-chan, I'm not even close to being done with you. My cock is still hard, after all." The teen said as he moved his member up a little.

"Sorry, Master! Thank you! Thank you for still being hard for this lowly Fallen slut! Break me more! This Fallen bitch deserves to be fucked harder for assuming her Master couldn't keep fucking!" Mittelt begged with hearts for eyes.

Chuckling lightly, he ran his fingers through her blonde locks, making her murmur in bliss. "You'll get your punishment. Though, I'm done with your pussy for now."

Like he expected, the busty woman gave him an angry pout. "Why~?" She asked with a huff. "Iya!" She yelped when he took his cock out of her and turned her around, breasts pancaked on the stone floor and her ass raised.

Now staring at the last portion of this woman he hadn't claimed, he licked his lips. "This ass seemed pretty tight when I ran my finger along it. Let me stretch that out for you." Issei said as he brought his hard prick along her bottom.

Turning her head, she gave him an excited smile. "Yes! Thank you Ise-sama! Please, go even harder on my ass! I'm actually an anal-whore! I love having my ass filled with powerful cocks and semen! But, now that I have you, you're the only one who can fuck this anal-loving whore!" Mittelt told her lover as she shook her enticing butt for him.

His grin split his face at the declaration. "That's wonderful!" A harsh slap was introduced to her bountiful bottom that shook from the hit. He roughly grabbed her booty and let his cock tease her backdoor. "Then, you won't mind this!" Roaring, he ripped her ass open like a band aid. Issei's mouth flew open, spit flying out, as her posterior walls constricted around his girth.

"Master! Master's cock is now inside my last hole!" Throwing her head back, Mittelt screamed like a bitch in heat as her cum-dripping pussy squirted. "It's so fucking deep! Harder! Faster! Make my stomach bloat!" She begged.

Issei's emerald eyes watched as her reddening bottom swayed erotically to his harsh rutting. "This is how I fuck anal loving sluts like you!" Issei growled huskily as he kept his thrusts brutal, just like she asked for. His hands grabbed her ponytails and used them to hold her in place and continued to ram himself into her while pulling her back when he shoved himself back. "Do you like this, slut? Do you like me fucking your asshole like the slut you are!?"

"YES!" Screaming like a well fucked bitch, Mittelt's eyes crossed at the wonderous pain inflicted on her. "This Fallen skank loves how strong and powerful her master is fucking her! Please, pull my hair harder! Make me squeal like the dirty pig I am!" She begged her lover as the pressure increased and the sensation of her nipples scraping across the cold floor only increased her pussy gushing. Cum was dripping down her thighs.

"Yeah!" Roaring, he pulled her up higher and really railed into her. Switching to let one hand hold both pigtails, he let his now free hand go down to furiously finger her dripping snatch. "You don't think I'd forget this, right!?" He asked huskily when he felt her anal and vaginal muscles tighten around his finger and dick when he inserted his middle and ring finger. Sweat was dripping down their lustful bodies as Issei dipped his head down and bit into her sweet neck.

Mittelt's eyes were now white as she was knocked out from the overload of ecstasy. Gurgle sounds escaped her lips before she let out a loud screech that would wake up an entire city. Her cunt squirted all over his ploughing fingers as she twitched harshly on his powerful erection. "Yes~!" After minutes of screaming, she finally got out coherent words. "Hot! Ise-sama's hot cock is destroying my poor ass!"

Turning her head to him, he silenced her screams with another round of tongue wrestling. Mixed saliva dripped down their hot in lust forms as they continued to slam into the other. Issei groaned and grunted into the kiss. He could feel the familiar churning in his sack and the pulsing of his dick. Jamming his fingers to the knuckle, he shoved the rest of his manhood straight into her butt before firing ropes of white. Growling into the kiss, he humped himself into the spasming beauty.

The second he sprayed her insides with jizz and jammed his fingers deep into her cunt was the last thing she could feel. Her mind blanked as she had the best orgasm of her life. Her screams were barely muffled by the dominating tongue of Ise-sama. Before passing out, she thought. 'Ise-sama…I'm now…his whore.' Like that, her eyes rolled to the back of her skull and slumped into his hold.

Done with his new blonde bitch, he pulled his cock out of her well fucked butt and sighed in disappointment as she was out like a light. "Damn. Gotta get her stamina up to take me longer." He mused as his rod stood tall. "Uga!" A husky grunt escaped his lips as he felt two familiar busts press against his back. "Guess we woke you up after all." Turning, he saw his slutty Fallen Angel beauties giving him sultry smiles.

It was a good thing Issei knew how to cast sound proof barriers or else the whole town would have heard the orgasmic wails of three Fallen Angels that night as they got thoroughly fucked. When the sun came, the Red Dragon Emperor left the church with a satisfied grin as he left behind three busty Fallen Angels covered in his semen.

~Next Day~

Issei was on top of the world as he walked to school with a big smile on his face. After getting home from fucking three beautiful Fallen Angels, he had a nice hot shower before walking down to see his gorgeous Kaa-chan making some food. Now that he's been fucking mature beauty after another, he admired his mother's beauty closer. She had long brown hair that went to the small of her back, a mature face full of natural beauty, brown eyes full of love and a voluptuous figure that perfectly fit her body. Large E-cup bust, small waist, super wide hips and a plump ass. He figured his mother was one of the reasons he was such a pervert. Sometimes Issei wondered if his Kaa-chan had some supernatural blood coursing through her veins with how good she looked at her age.

After giving her a kiss on the cheek and thanks for the breakfast, he made his way to school. He wondered how today would go. Issei knew Rias would make sure his absence would be excused. One factor he was wondering about was his secret girlfriend; Murayama. Issei usually took her out on a date and sex during the weekends. He didn't tell her where he was going nor what he was doing so he knew he'd be getting an ear-full of her. 'Oh, well. She'll get over it when I bend her over a desk.' Issei mused to himself with a perverted smirk.

Murayama, standing in the kendo clubhouse with her kendo uniform on, angrily swung her bokken as she went through her kata. Ise-kun suddenly left for a couple days without saying anything to her and hasn't even called her to tell her sorry or anything. His sudden disappearance worried her but, the student council president said he had some things to take care of and couldn't attend school for a couple days. "Idiot! Pervert! Next time I see him, I'll kill him!" It still pissed her off as she promised herself while swinging her wooden sword extra hard; imagining it was her brunette love's skull.

This was the scene Issei walked in on. He smiled a little as he watched her go through her form with dedication he found attractive. Licking his lips, his nose caught the familiar scene of arousal coming off the beautiful brunette. 'Before school sex sounds appealing.' Issei mused to himself as he stalked to his human lover.

With one more swing, she huffed and puffed as sweat dripped down her head. Breathing deeply, she took one hand off her bokken and whipped the precipitation off. "Iya!" Murayama yelped loudly when she was picked up and spun around. The familiar laugh of her boyfriend reached her ears, stopping her shock. "Put me down, Ise-kun!" She yelled.

Chuckling once more, he slowed and let her down gently. "You're no fun, Mura-chan." Issei pouted as he kept his hands wrapped around her. "Now, before you get angry, let me explain." The teen stated as he pulled her around, so she was staring at him.

Murayama felt her confidence leave her the second his eyes met hers. It angered/pleased her how he could make her anger wash away with just a look. "…Fine. You have two seconds." She grumbled. A large blush erupted when he gave her a quick peck.

"Alright. Well, to sum it up, Rias-senpai came to me one day and asked if I would join her club. Obviously, I said yes without a thought. So, when they left, I went with them. Sorry I didn't tell you. It was a spur of the moment thing." Issei explained with an apologetic smile directed at her shocked face.

Her shock was well-founded. No one has been able to be accepted into the club of the two Onee-sama's. Knowing her boyfriend was a part of the group shocked her to the core. "No, way. How?!" Murayama got her wits back and asked in a loud voice.

Smirking, he answered. "Beats me. But, it was fun when we were away. Sorry I didn't call you. There was no cell service where we were." Issei stated with a lie at the beginning. "But, I can't help but hear that you were mad at me. Are you going to kill me like you said?" He asked with a cheeky grin.

Pouting at him, she got out of his hold and turned away in a huff. "Whatever. Don't get too cocky, Ise-kun. You're still the same pervert you've always been." While it was meant to be a jab, it came out as a complement as her tone was soft.

"Hehe." Chuckling, he walked up to her hand draped his arms around her shoulder, his arms close to touching her bosom. "True. But, I'm your pervert." Issei gave a quick kiss to the cheek. "And, you can't fool me. I know the real reason you're so mad at me." He said softly, as his hands slowly traced up her form.

Murayama wanted to be angry, but she couldn't as his skilled hands ran up and down her body. She cursed him on how well he knew her body's weak spots. "W-What do you mean, Ise-kun?" The beauty tried to act tough but was failing as she let out breathy moans.

"You say I'm a pervert, but you're the real one. I bet you're this angry because I haven't fucked this beautiful body for a couple days." Issei commented as he let one hand lightly squeeze her left tit while his other hand ran down her toned stomach. "Tell me, when I was away, did you masturbate?" He asked, his voice laced with lust.

Moaning, Murayama slowly shook her head. "N-No, Ise-kun. I-I haven't touched myself since…we started to…date." She squeaked out in embarrassment as she talked about this. It was true though as masturbation couldn't compare to sex. The teens only got off when they were together.

"Good girl." Issei complemented with a quick kiss to the cheek. "I bet you've got a lot of juices stored up for me." His hand now at the little flap on her kimono, he slowly opened it up and let his finger lightly pet her soaked panties. "Wow. You really are a pervert for getting so wet after some light teasing." Issei said in deep arousal at how wet she's gotten from just a few minutes of teasing.

Biting her lower lip, she shimmied her butt against his hard cock. "I-Ise-kun…stop! I-I'm all sweaty and dirty! At least…let me take a shower!" Murayama begged with a whine. She sighed in relief, while inwardly moaning in disappointment, when his strong arms left her waist.

"Alright, Mura-chan. Though, we'll take that shower together." He raised a compromise and took off his shirt. Issei smirked when she turned around to say no, but stopped when she saw his bare chest. The teen enjoyed how her orbs roamed up and down his naked chest.

Murayama was growing wetter every second she stared at her lover's bare chest. His strength aroused her to no end. "…F-Fine. But, no funny business!" Again, her tough act was not effective since she had a massive blush and a little blood leaking from her nose.

"Promise." She knew he was lying but she didn't care. The beauty missed her lover and was greatly he showed up when he did. Turning, she began to peel off her top to show her lacy pink bra she got, just for him. Glancing back, she gave him a flirty wink and smirk. "Do you like it?" She asked.

Drool escaped his lips as he watched the thin fabric slowly escape her form and showed her beautiful breasts. "You know I do." Issei groaned out, his pants straining against the erection. He dumbly followed when she waved her finger to follow him. Inside, Ddraig was giggling to herself as her partner was being lead around by his human mate. It amused her to see him act like this whenever he fucks a woman like he usually does.

Issei decided to play along with Murayama as she went into the shower first. Now naked, he was waiting for his human lover to call him in so he could rock her world. Thinking about it, he was amazed at how well the brunette could take him as much as she did. Sure, she was sore afterwards, but she never complained about him being too rough. If what he had planned worked, he was sure this particular session would leave him as satisfied as he does after fucking Grayfia into a coma.

"Ise-kun! You can come in now! The water feels nice!" Murayama's sweet voice knocked him from his thoughts. Smiling, he stood up and opened the drapes to see his naked lover dripping wet from the hot shower. He growled a little at how delicious she looked. "Fufu. Come on in, you bad boy." The kendo captain told her lover with bedroom eyes.

Not one to leave a woman to ask for something twice, other than when he was getting his sadistic carnal flesh desires sedated, Issei closed the drapes and wrapped the beauty in a loving hug. He silenced her moans with his tongue that easily gained access to her beautiful mouth.

Murayama was quick to reciprocate the passionate kiss by wrapping her arms around his neck, bringing him closer. She let her slick body slowly grind against his form. The feeling of his strong body aroused her and it showed by her garden leaking out more juices. Her hands ran through his wet hair, showing her appreciation to how well he was kissing her. In her head, she was worried. Now that he was in the ORC, he might grow tired of her. She knew he loved big breasts and the girl's in the club, other than Koneko, had the biggest breasts. Her worries only grew now that she knows he spent alone time with the beautiful ladies. Wanting to keep her man as her own, she stepped up a little.

Issei groaned a little when her hand ran through his hair. Wrapping his arms tighter around her waist, pulling her closer, he let his hands play and lightly pinch her delicate flesh. Letting one hand go down, he let it sink into the firm flesh of her booty. Her sexy moans only made him play with her flesh more while trying to swallow her tongue. Brown eyes widened a little when he felt the hand of his lover wrap around his pulsing tool and lightly jerk it off.

Ending the kiss, he threw his head back and moaned loudly. "M-Mura-chan! Y-You're hand feels…good." He hissed out in pleasure. Issei was kind of surprised as Murayama usually let him make her cum before she did her thing. He wasn't complaining though, as her hand and blow jobs were damn good.

Smirking, she leaned in close, speeding up her stroking. "Oh, does Ise-kun like that? Does he like my wet hand wrapped around his big cock? Do you want to spray your Mura-chan's hand with your seed?" Murayama was speaking real dirty right now. The beauty enjoyed the pre-cum leaking from his lower head due to her sensual words that got him going.

'Shit!' Issei thought to himself as he growled while his muscles tensed. Murayama was a dirty talker, but she usually got to this level of dirty talk when he was sticking her. "Y-Yeah." Issei finally got out through labored breaths. "W-What's gotten into you…Mura-chan?" He asked thought pleased grunts.

"I think it's what hasn't gotten into me." Murayama shot back with a naughty grin. Stroking him once more, she let the palm of her hand rub his sensitive head. "This not so little guy seems to be full of energy. That's good. More for me and me alone." The possessive tone she possessed turned on the dragon/devil.

Leaning his head back a little more, enjoying the hand-job, he continued to let out pleased groans and growls. Her words soon registered in his mind and looked down with a small smirk. "Are you…jealous?" The question made her stop. It answered the question. Chuckling, he wrapped his arms around his lover and let his head rest on the top of her wet hair. "You don't need to worry, Mura-chan. You've got a special place in my big heart reserved for you and only you." Issei reassured with a soothing voice.

Murayama's eyes welled up a little and she buried her face into his chest. "I really am an idiot, aren't I?" She asked, rhetorically. "Thank you for that, Ise-kun. I needed to hear that." The lover thanked before stepping back and gave him a sexy smile. "As a sorry, you can fuck me as hard as you want. I'm at your mercy." Murayama cooed sexily.

Gulping a little, Issei smirked at his lover before giving her a sweet kiss that she leaned into. As he was making-out, he decided to tell her about the situation he was in and give her a choice of what to do next. So, ending the kiss, he looked straight into her confused eyes. "Murayama." When he said her full name, it was something serious. "I need to tell you something important."

The woman was all ears and just nodded softly. Taking a breath, Issei began to tell her what happened a couple years ago, and lead to the present day. By the time it was over, Murayama had her head down, brown hair shadowing her eyes. "If you don't want to be with me, I understand." Issei assumed she was shocked and he wouldn't be surprised. He was when this all started. While the thought of losing his lover hurt him. And the thought of her getting another guy pissed him off to no end, he would be okay with it, if she was happy.

What she did next shocked him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she gave him the most passionate, love-filled kiss, he's ever received. It literally took his breath away. Staying like this for a couple more minutes, the water raining down their bodies, Murayama leaned back and looked at Issei with the same loving orbs she's always had when looking at him. "I am shocked, Ise-kun, but it kind of explains some things. I always thought something was different with you and I guess I was right. Just didn't expect you to be a Devil and have multiple lovers or the plan you have." Murayama mused as she looked to the side a little before shaking her head. "But, none of that matters. As long as you spend time with me, and love me, I'm alright with this." It did make her jealous that he'd get more lover's, but she knew how big a heart her Ise-kun had.

A great weight was lifted off Issei's shoulders knowing Murayama accepted his plans and the fact of sharing him. "Thank you, Mura-chan. I wouldn't like the thought of you not by my side." He admitted. "And, to make sure of that, can I mark you?" The boy asked.

Tilting her head to the side, she asked. "What do you mean by 'mark'?" She moaned a little when he pulled her closer and let his forehead rest against hers.

"I mean, since I'm a dragon and a Devil, I've got a long life-span. The thought of you dying before me pains me greatly. So, I want to turn you into a half-dragon." Issei explained to the shocked Murayama.

"W-What? You can do that? How?" Murayama rapid fire questioned him.

Smiling, he gave her forehead a kiss. "Well, it works like this; the dragon inside me, remember her?" He got a nod. "Dragons can actually mark another species and make them an honorary member of their race. It marks them as theirs and makes other supernatural beings back off." Issei explained.

This got her to think a little. Being with Issei forever was something she wanted and was the only thing she cared about, right now. "A-Alright. W-Will it hurt?" She asked, nervous about the process.

"Well, I don't know. I've never done this. You'll be the first." Chuckling sheepishly, he hugged her tighter. "But, don't worry. Ddraig told me all I've got to do is bite into your neck and let it happen." Opening his mouth, he showed dragon-like fangs that extended. Seeing her bracing herself, he did a soft nod before going down and sinking his teeth into her flesh.

A new form of ecstasy rushed through their bodies. For Murayama, it felt like all her sweet spots were being touched at the same time. It made the beauty quiver and moan into the strong arms of her lover. Issei was having a hard time controlling his raging erection that threatened to penetrate her womanhood. His dragon side was telling him to fully mark her after the transformation without any restraint. Fucking her as hard and fast as he could.

After some seconds, new strength was coursing through her form and she felt better than ever. When it was done, and he left her neck, she saw his eyes widen when he looked at her. "What's wrong, Ise-kun?" Her own eyes widened when she noticed her voice was different, more mature and womanly.

"Y-You changed." Issei said in shock. [Don't worry, boy. It's all a part of the marking. She's now stronger, faster, and can live longer. Her body rearranged itself to the sudden power faster than I thought.] Ddraig calmed her partner as she stared at her soon-to-be-mate's mate. "Who said that!?" Murayama said as she looked around ion shock.

"W-Wait. You heard Ddraig?" Issei stated in shock. [Oh yeah. Because you mated her, and with you being my host, she can hear me. She also gains a portion of my powers, but not much.] Ddraig stated. "No way!" The male brunette said in shock.

Murayama was in shock as she didn't expect this stuff to happen so fast, but she wasn't upset about this. It only meant she was closer to her lover. Smiling, she gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Let's see how I look." Said the beauty once finding a mirror that was fogged up.

Now looking at herself, she gasped in shock of how she looked. Her hair was the same, except it looked fuller and shiner. Her eyes still held the same shade, but her pupils were now slit, like a cat or dragons. The next thing that shocked her was her body. Her breasts jumped up from D to H with her hips widening. She looked and felt stronger as well. Murayama saw her stomach and form were built for speed and power. "I-I look so different." She whispered in awe as she ran her fingers up and down her new form.

It affected the dragon/devil. Watching his transformed mate run her hands up and down her soaked form made him lick his lips in deep desire. Strong hands reached up to grab hold of the new titties and gave them a nice squeeze, getting her to let out a sexy moan. "Damn. How about we test this new body out?" He suggested as he stared at her through the mirror.

Murayama felt a well of confidence rush through her and smirked at her lover. A soft hand reached up and caressed his cheek lovingly. "Sure. If you think you're able to, that is." She teased with seductive giggle. "I don't want any of that soft shit. I can take your rough stuff. I'm already soaked so I don't need any foreplay. Fuck me hard." Murayama demanded with a strong glare.

Issei felt an odd mixture of fear and arousal at the new side of Murayama. His brown eyes turned to lustful emerald as he stared at his new lover. "You asked for it." Grabbing her thick thighs, growling at how soft and strong they felt, he lifted her so her new dripping twat was right over his not-so-little dragon. "Don't be shouting at me to stop." With that final warning, he plunged his pulsing prick straight into Murayama's cunt. "Gkuha!" Spit flew from his open maw as he let out a roar of pleasure. Her cunt was so much hotter and tighter than before. It was squeezing his hot spots much harder than before.

Murayama threw her head back as her eyes rolled a little. Her new cunt stretched for her lover's prick easier than before. The new pleasure was absolutely mind-numbing. She could feel the veiny manhood of his cock slowly slip in and out of her cunt at a rapid pace that shocked and excited her. "Oh, Fuck! Ise-kun! If I knew you were this wild, I would have begged you to mark me sooner!" Murayama babbled as she grounded her dripping pussy against his thundering prick, adding to their pleasure.

Issei barely heard her voice. What he was focusing on was her deliciously tight pussy walls and the massive mammaries jiggling an inch away from his lips. Swooping in, he captured the hard nipple between his lips and let his tongue lash out against the sensitive nub. Issei groaned harder into the kiss as her walls constricted tighter along his shaft. Grunting with exertion, he put more strength into each pump.

"Fuck!" Arms wrapped around his skull, she arched her back, pushing her boobs deeper into his face and tongue. "That feels so fucking good! Keep going, my mate! Suck me hard while banging this pussy you own!" Murayama screamed in utter pleasure as his hands dug deeper into her ass meat while his thrusts got stronger, making the glass she was resting on crack.

Growling, Issei lightly bit down on her hard nipple, making her walls spasm around his tool. Shaking lightly, he took his head out of her bosom and jammed his face into hers, dominating the screaming woman's mouth with ease. "So, hot…I could fuck you…all day." Issei growled between sloppy kisses. The teen was making to sure familiarize himself with Murayama's new body and all the new hot spots.

"Then…do. I won't…stop you. Hell…I demand you…to." Murayama murmured between the kisses as a possessive gleam appeared. "No other bitch…will have you…today!" The sweaty brunette growled as she began to fight back. Tightening her walls around his shaft, she took advantage of the slight pause and pushed him to the ground. Falling with him, she held herself up by placing her hands on his strong chest. Pleasurable shivers ran through her spine at how hot his body looked under her. Slowly gyrating herself along his cock, she continued to speak. "Those whores got you for an entire week…Now, you're mine." Murayama said with a crazed with lust tone.

Again, that odd mixture of fear and arousal surged through his veins as he watched his sexy half-dragon lover continue to grind along his length. Groaning, he closed his eyes to relish in the feeling of her hot pussy wrapped around him. "Shit, Mura-chan! I'm loving this new side of yours!" Issei stated. When he went to set his hands on her wide hips, he was stopped by Murayama's hands latching onto them and pinning them to his sides.

Emerald stared into slit brown as Murayama gave her mate a seductive smirk. "Oh, no. Ise-kun is going to let me have fun. But, try to put up a fight." She challenged before going back to rolling her luscious hips against him in a circular fashion. Bending over, so her tits were dangerously close to his lips, she playfully leaned back before he could capture them. "Let me enjoy myself, Ise-kun. You've been having fun with my body for the past year." Murayama moaned out as she felt her body getting hotter the longer she fucked herself on his tool. 'Now I see why he likes this position so much. It's so empowering!' The half-dragon beauty was loving being the one in control of the session as she now proceeded to bounce her large booty against his crotch.

While being dominated was a different experience, he'd let his Mura-chan have her fun before he reminded her that he was the alpha. 'Still…' The brunette thought with an audible groan when her hands tweaked at his own nipples. It was a new sensation but not something he didn't like. 'I like the confidence.' He mused to himself as he was getting hotter seeing Murayama take his disco-stick for a joy-ride. Emerald pools locked onto those succulent orbs that tasted even better than before.

Clenching her teeth, she let her hands leave Issei's and allowed them to sensually rub her dripping wet form. She was glad her lover didn't move his hands, doing what she asked for. "Oh, yeah. Get harder for me, Ise-kun." Murayama cooed as she felt the dragon boy's member twitch in her warm flesh. "Let my new pussy take all that seed of yours." The beauty mewled louder when she gave her breasts a harsh squeeze. "Do you like this, Ise-kun?" She asked with a sensual smile. "I know you do. Your cock is going crazy inside me. If you want to cum, just do it. My new pussy wants a taste of the liquid that it'll be drinking forever." Murayama begged her lover while banging her hips down his shaft even harder and quicker than before. The thought of his seed spraying her insides, possibly getting her pregnant, excited and aroused her. Truthfully, it amazed her that she wasn't already pregnant with all the unprotected sex they've had.

Her dirty talk was getting to him and he showed it by slowly bucking his hips, furthering the pleasure for both. She didn't seem to mind it as she just squeaked at the sudden thrust. Lustful sweat was dripping down their bodies and Issei loved the sound of their wet hips making those disturbing sounds when they slammed together. "D-Damn…! I think I'm gonna cum soon!" The brunette warned his aggressive lover as he felt the ever-familiar tightening in his loins. He could tell she was close, since her pussy walls were tingling and milking him harder.

"G-Good!" Throwing her head back, she yelled as more of her juices sprayed on her lover. "Cum inside me! Spray me with all that baby-batter I love so much!" Murayama begged her lover. Bringing her head back to stare at him, she sensually licked her lips while twerking her nipples. "Come on, Ise-kun. After you fill my cunt up, I'll let you fuck these new oppai your eyes haven't left." She grinned stupidly when he grabbed her hips and slammed her down as he thrusted into her. "YES!" Murayama screeched as his head touched her womb.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Roaring, Issei continued to bring them closer to their next climax. The main thing on his mind were fucking those knockers of hers before tapping that bouncing booty. "Shit!" It wasn't long before he felt his pre-cum spurt. "Here it comes!" Growling loudly, he brought her back down and got as deep as he could before spraying his seed hard.

"FUCK!" When the first shot of his cum was released, Murayama climaxed. It was prolonged as more shots were fired straight into her womb. Her face was stuck in the fucked-stupid smile as she rode out the wave of pleasure that was cumming from her lover's massive dong.

Shaking for, who knows how long, Murayama finally lost control of her body and landed on his chest, her big tits squashed against his chest. "So…much." She mumbled with a blissful smile. the beauty gently nuzzled her head into his strong chest, enjoying the warmth he provided.

Issei smiled too and just hugged her for a few seconds before smirking a little. "Alright. My turn." Before she knew it, his still standing prick was out of her stuffed pussy and her body was pressed against the wall with him loaming over her, stopping any escape. Hot eyes locked onto the member inches away from her lips. "Let's test out these new jugs." The teen suggested as he took his cock and slapped it on her nipples.

Murayama moaned hotly at the dick slaps. Her stuffed cunt rained their mixed cum that was slowly going down the drain. "Come on, big boy. Fuck these tits." She cooed, her hot breath stimulating him. Seeing no reason to not say no, Issei grabbed her perfectly formed breasts and squashed them around his dripping member.

"Shit!" Gasped out the Red Dragon Emperor as he was now fucking these massive mammaries at full speed the second he wrapped them around himself. "T-Too fucking good! I-I think…these are my new favorite boobs." Issei groaned out. Even though they weren't the biggest, they just had something about them that made him want to climax instantly.

Knowing that he's screwed multiple women, to hear that he liked her boobs more made her proud as a woman and lover. "Ufufu. Then just enjoy them, my mate. Fuck these titties to your hearts content. I want to taste you." She moaned, letting her soft tongue brush against his pulsing head when it reappeared between her cleavage. Pressing her arms inward, she increased the pressure around her titty-fuck. The pre-cum that leaked from his tool aroused her greatly as more mixed juices ran down her thick thigh.

Issei was breathing hard with a large blush on his face. His legs shook in exertion as he fucked himself in and out of the heavenly cleavage. 'I might…have to get these…once a day!' The brunette mused to himself as his thighs slapped against the underside of her girls. Drool dripped down his sweaty, red, face as she let saliva drip between her cleavage, making the paizuri even dirtier, if possible. "Fuck!" Unable to hold himself, he shot another giant load straight onto her waiting face.

Murayama screamed happily as more white goo sprayed her face, tits, and mouth. Swooping down, she took the spurting head into her mouth, taking the rest of his load. Gulping down with gusto, she moaned a little in disappointment when it ended a minute later. Making lewd slurping sounds, keeping him hard, she took his head off his cock and gave him a slutty smile. "Thanks for the meal, Ise-kun."

Growling, Issei didn't say anything else as he grabbed the bitch by her arms, thrusted her tits into the wet title wall and lined his member against her ass. "Time to make this new body mine." Leaning in, he whispered huskily before driving home. When he bottomed out, he didn't even wait to slam himself back in after leaving only the tip of his lower head inside. He groaned when he heard her sexy moans and whimpers as he savagely fucked her tight asshole. "That's right, you anal whore. I know how much you love it when I fuck this ass of yours. Don't worry, either. With how tight it is now, I'll make it mandatory that I finish by giving you a nice, fat, anal creampie." The feral Red Dragon promised his lover as he nipped at her sweaty neck.

Murayama muttered uncoherent words as her mind went dark the second he brought his cock to her ass. The beauty admitted to her lover that she loved it up the ass when they tried it the first time. It was a couple months into the relationship and when it happened, she had the best climax yet. 'So…good…! Dick so…powerful! Body and mind…going numb!' Murayama shouted in her head. She tried to make her lover know her words, but it only came up gurgles as she was being bashed into the wall. The material scraped against her sensitive nipples, prolonging the orgasms that never secede the second he started.

The new anal walls wrapping around his cock and the pleasant sensations caused him to climax too quickly, like last time. He was angry about that, but he got over it when he saw her loving smile on that beautiful passed out face of hers, after giving her an anal creampie.


In the clubhouse of the Devils sat a grinning Issei. The grin was because of the crimson tresses bobbing along his cock. His hand was running along her beautiful hair. "That's good, Benihime-chan. You're deep throating is getting better every time." He complemented the blushing Onee-sama. "You have everything in order, right?" Asked the teen as he licked his lips at the sight of her free breasts jiggling with each head bob.

Taking his cock out of her mouth with an erotic pop, she looked at her lover with shameless lust. "Hai, Ise-sama. Akeno will arrive as you ordered. She will be yours once she spies your giant cock." Rias proclaimed with a beautiful smile before going back to pleasing her master with her tongue wrapping around his head while taking the shaft deep.

Some days passed since claiming the third Fallen Angel, getting Rias out of her engagement and everything has been great for the Red Dragon Emperor and telling Murayama about what he was and turning her into a half-dragon. The rounds afterwards were the best he's ever had as her new body could take his intense pounding and her stamina took a great leap. He's gotten to know the others of the ORC better and hung out with them whenever he could. Doing this, he was slowly winning them over, Akeno and Yumi being the main. The brunette knew he was getting to them as they acted somewhat shy and flirty when alone with him.

During that time, Rias did as he asked when they were training. She stopped flaunting her body to everyone and reserved that for Issei alone. Rias did admit that she liked the attention on her and was the reason she did some things she did. But, when she stopped, it saddened everyone, not that she cared. If Ise-sama was happy, she was happy.

At nights, he went back to the abandoned Church to train and fuck his three beautiful Fallen Angel sluts. It was going well, as Ray-chan and Kala-chan gained another pair of wings with Mittelt close to getting her own. He rewarded the busty Fallen ladies with another steamy threesome.

Today he decided he'd make his move on the seductress that was Akeno Himejima. Rias had asked if Akeno could come to the clubhouse after school, neglecting to tell her Issei would be here. "Good girl." Issei pet her crimson locks, making her purr around his large tool. The brunette leaned his head against the couch as she took him deep and just held it their and moved her head around while her tongue licked around the slit. "Make sure to lick it all up." He groaned with scrunched up eyes.

"Yes, master." Even though the words were gargled, Issei understood what she meant and just smirked in happiness. Knowing how the school viewed them only made this whole thing better for the perverted teen. 'Oh…I'm so wet.' Rias thought as she felt her juices flowing out of her. No doubt she had a large dark spot staining her panties as she sucked him off. While she wanted to gain her own pleasure, Ise-sama's pleasure came before her own. 'His dicks scent…is driving me crazy!' The beauty thought as more juices leaked from her garden.

Plunging her head down to the hilt, her nose firmly pressed against his pubic hair, she massaged her throat muscles around his rod. She smirked around it as Issei's hands took a stronger hold on her hair. 'Come on; fuck my throat! I know you want to!' She inwardly begged her lover to be as rough as he wanted with her body.

Issei had to hold himself back when she deep-throated him. Her hot and skilled mouth were hitting all the right spots, milking him for his cum. He'd give it to her but not before something else. Taking her head off his cock with a lewd popping sound, he glared at her teary eyes. "Titty-fuck. I want to watch my cock squeezed between those massive breasts as I paint them white." Issei demanded.

Smiling sexily, she groped the undersides of her gigantic breasts and pressed them around his twitching tool. "It would be my pleasure, Ise-sama. Let my giant I-cup please this massive cock." Rias sensually whispered as she began to bounce her mammaries up and down his man-meat. She kept her face close to his pre-cum leaking head, her hot breath making him growl in desire. "Just watch as your loyal cum-dump squeeze out all that life giving liquid, Ise-sama." The heiress begged her lover in a breathy voice.

Gritting his teeth, his hands slammed onto the sofa, his nails digging into the material. Rias was really getting his motor running. The way her large orbs of flesh shimmied up and down his cock was wonderful while her mouth teased his head by giving it light licks. She was getting better every time they did this. "Shit! It feels so good! If you keep going like this…!" He trailed off as saliva dripped down his mouth when Rias engulfed the portion of his prick that wasn't being pleased by her amazing paizuri.

Rias answered her lover's need by suckling his phallus and squeezing his shaft with her soft bosom. Her nipples scraped against his lower half, sending tingles down their spines. 'If I don't get his cum soon…!' The heiress was losing herself as she was doing all she could to make him burst. Going a little rougher, she pushed inward. Her eyes lit up when the head expanded. "Gkuha!" Without warning, her master stood up and began to fuck her mouth-pussy.

Issei, getting tired of just staying still, decided to give his redhaired bitch what she wants. His cum. Ramming himself in and out of her mouth at the speed he does pussy, he was seconds away from blasting his load. "Take it!" Roaring, he shoved his whole length to the back of her throat and ejaculated.

As rope after rope was fired, the busty teenager swallowed it all without a second thought. She sucked hard, coaxing more seed to shoot down to her belly. When the load finished, Rias kept her position, still nose deep, enjoying the feeling of his hot cum resting in her stomach.

Sighing, Issei groaned a little when he felt his gorgeous redhead slowly take her hot mouth and boobs away from his dick. Looking down, he smiled when she opened her mouth, showing his cum. "Swallow it slowly." He commanded softly.

Nodding her head, she slowly closed her mouth and let his jizz slip down her throat. Her throat muscles budged as the white goo traveled. Her beautiful orbs were closed; savoring the taste. Once done, she lewdly opened her mouth to show she gobbled it all.

Emerald and sea-foam green stared at one another. Rias looked at her master with utter devotion and love while Issei looked at her with some affection. While she wasn't number one in his heart, she was still one of his mates. "Come." Reaching out a hand, the beauty took it and was brought up before turning her around, so her ass was brushing against his leaking prick. "Last night, you passed out before I could have some fun with this beautiful ass of yours." The teen stated as he played with the firm rump.

"I-I am sorry…Ise-sama." Rias apologized with a stutter. Her face and body matching her hair as she was turned on from his manly scent and strong rod threatening to pierce her butt. "Pl-Please punish me however you…wish." She whispered before letting out a soft moan as his rough hands palmed her breasts.

Cupping her chin, he made her turn, so she could see his smirk. "Trust me, my dear. I indent to." Silencing her with a powerful, sloppy, kiss, Issei lifted her above his prick before slamming her right back. Her muffled scream only made him lose control and focus on fucking this ridiculously fat, tight, booty. Letting his hands leave her bosom, he got her in a Full Nelson, he twerked her booty up and down his shaft without restraint. She said it was okay, after all.

"FUCK!" Rias screamed as her pussy juices squirted all over the once clean carpet. Her head shook up and down with each thrust and lustful drool rolling down her once proud face. Their clashing flesh created a lewd slapping sound that aroused the two. "Harder! Harder, Ise-sama! Teach this bitch a lesson for passing out on her unsatisfied master!" She begged with glossed over orbs.

Grinning like an animal, he began to pump his arms up and down faster, bringing that beautiful booty down harder against his raising hips. All the sweaty beauty could do in this position was claw at his forearms, showing him how much ecstasy she was feeling while getting butt-fucked. "Almost forgot how wonderful this ass felt wrapped around my cock!" Issei growled while bathing her neck in saliva.

"Thank you, Ise-sama! I make sure everything is tight for your upmost pleasure!" The beauty rasped out between heavy panting and loud squeaks of wonderous pleasure/pain. Rias tightened her muscles around his tool, making him tense a little before putting more strength into pulling her down. "Yes~! Fuck me! Fuck me stupid, Master~!" She begged as she threw her head up.

Issei's eyes were drawn to her jiggling orbs that were still stained with a mixture of his cum and their sweat. Her sharp nails hurt his arms a little, but it was nothing his strong body couldn't handle as he thundered his hips in and out of the sexy princess. While this position was hot, he was growing tired of it. "Brace yourself." Issei warned his lover before standing straight.

"I-Ise-sama?" Weakly glancing back, she gave him a pout at the sudden stop of the rough ass fucking. "Why'd you stop? I…was so close." She whispered with a large blush. 'So cute!' Issei thought with a large blush and smile at seeing this side of Rias. The beauty yelped in surprise when she was thrown onto the coffee table, still connected to her lover though.

"Now this is a much better sight." Issei teased with a large smirk while admiring how red her ass was from his constant hip smashing. Lowering himself so his cock shifted in her butt, making her mewl at the change, he kissed her cheek to gain her attention. "Come on, baby. Don't you want to be a complete mess when Akeno comes by?" The teen wondered as he began to slowly jack himself off with her derriere.

"I do, Ise-sama. Make a mess of me to show her what she's about to go through." Rias said softly while bucking her large ass back to meet his, soft but, deep thrusts. The thought of having her best-friend see her in such a position was, actually, a turn-on for the slutty Gremory. "M-Master, please, give me a nice anal creampie." She begged her love.

Smiling softly, he brought his chest off her back and grabbed her arms. "My pleasure." When he slowly exited her tight backdoor, he thrusted in while bringing her arms back to meet him. Her lustful body jerked from the sudden harsh thrust and her breasts bounced erotically in the air, her hard nipples tracing a pattern as he continued to jam himself in and out at the same intensity. Issei growled huskily as he felt the woman quake with each punishing thrust. It saddened him that he couldn't see those succulent orbs bounce, but he was, somewhat, satisfied by watching her ass flesh ripple with his banging.

"So, powerful!" Rias whispered with a dopey smile. When Ise-sama fucked her deep, she lost all control of coherent thoughts and body movements, other than pleasing his dick. The beauty let out loud yelps of pain and pleasure when one hand let one arm go and slap her soft, but firm, bottom. "Oh, fuck, that's good! Slap this dirty ass, Master! Teach my sinful body a lesson!" Rias begged while glancing back to show him her fucked-stupid smile.

Issei smirked at his lover's expression and did as commanded. Strong swats were delivered as his cock slammed just as strongly into the tight hole. As he watched her shake and moan under his thrusts, he decided to make her really scream. Releasing the other arm, he let his hand slide down her back. He licked his lips as her back was arched perfectly and sweat was dripping off her. Shaking the thoughts of licking her flesh again, he continued until his hand found its way between her thick thighs.

"I-Ise-sama!?" Rias let out a surprised moan and yelp when she felt his fingers begin to caress her womanhood. "If-If you do that…I'll cum too soon!" The beauties protests were unheard by the Red Dragon Emperor.

Picking up his pace, he stopped lightly tracing the wet folds and let them slip into the tight canal while he continued to pummel her bowels that caressed his mass with each brutal hump. Issei grinned as he felt his Benihime's folds squirt out more of her juices with each firm pump of his two fingers. The teen smirked when he saw her legs quake as they were straining to keep the beauty up straight.

"Ahh…ahhh…so, amazing!" Rias panted and moaned with each thrust of pleasure that rocked through her system. His pole continued to stretch her asshole while his fingers played with her dripping twat and his other hand continued to slap her jiggling booty. Her face was flushed with arousal as he played with her body. Since her hands were free, she began to fondle her shaking bosom. "Ise-sama~. I'm playing with my boobs. The breasts you love so much." She whispered with a sultry smile she let him see as she twisted her head to the side. The beauty enjoyed the blushing and heavy breathing of her lover/master. It gave her great pride as a woman.

Scrunching his face, the familiar sensation in his balls flaring to life, Issei leaned his head to her shoulder and watched her fondle her bosom. "Damn. This is fucking hot." His hot breath made her skin prickle.

Giving him a smile, she licked his cheek. "Thank you, Ise-sama." Rias thanked her lover with a sensual smile. After regaining some skills to move, as his thrusts lightened for a second, she gyrated her hips around his tower. "Ah! Your cock is stirring my ass up so hard! I don't think I'll be able to sit right after this!" Rias moaned. Her sexy voice was muffled as Issei's tongue shoved it back into her mouth and raped it to submission.

He knew she was getting a little cocky and decided to rectify those thoughts of hers. Now raping her mouth, he stopped slapping that bountiful ass and brought it to palm one of her breast and push her closer to him. It got the affect he wanted as his cock was now hilt dep. He then let another finger join in on her pussy. 'That's right, moan you fucking whore.' Issei thought darkly to himself as she squealed into the sloppy kiss.

Seafoam green eyes widened as the beauty was quickly losing breath. Issei was fucking the air out of her and it seemed he wanted her to pass out. She couldn't move her hands as Issei grabbed her other hand fondling her breast, stopping the thought of trying to push his head back. 'Can't breathe…! But…' She trailed off in her head as the dizziness she was feeling was becoming another stimulation. Orbs soon rolled to the back of her skull as she came hard on his rutting fingers while her anal walls constricted tighter around the massive prick. Any scream possible of being released was swallowed.

Even as her pussy drenched his fingers and ass tightened around him to almost hurt, Issei wasn't slowing down. He wanted to wreck this ass like he wanted to last night. Sure, the three Fallen Angels satisfied him last night, but he always liked to fuck everything a girl had before calling it a night. And, thanks to his dragon stamina, it took a lot of rounds to possibly make him tire. 'Damn! Getting close.' Issei groaned into the kiss, the feeling from before drastically increasing with each thrust.

Rias barely registered how Issei took his fingers out of her squirting cunt, spun her around, pushed her into the couch, and proceeded to bang her asshole pile-driver style; all while keeping the lip-lock. Sinful seafoam and emerald stared at the other. They knew what was about to happen. The beauty tightened her anal muscles around his dick the second he shoved every, pussy/anal/mouth/titty-ruining, inch back down.

Moaning into the kiss, Issei shot another massive load straight into her lower cheeks without any hesitation. His hips bucking slightly to make sure none would flow out, even though he knew it would. Rias almost blacked out the second his semen entered her ass. She could have sworn she saw stars as the feeling of him shooting his jizz and her breath taken away caused a mind-numbing orgasm to rip through her body.

As Issei destroyed Rias Gremory's pussy, Akeno Himejima was walking to the clubhouse with her usual smile. She could finally unwind from the stressful day of being watched by everyone. The beauty couldn't wait to tease Rias about her infatuation with the only [Pawn] of the group. The half-breed suspected her friend to be in love with him as she had been watching him since he went out with that Fallen who disappeared without a trace after the date. It raised some questions, but they didn't really care, as long as they were gone.

Thinking about the boy, Akeno couldn't help but blush a little. Ever since she saw him utterly destroy Riser Phoenix, who was said to be invisible, thus saving her friend from a marriage with that asshole, she had been getting to know him a little better. She found out she was growing to like him romantically as well. Behind that perversion, he was kind, loyal, determined and had a heart of gold. "Plus, stealing him from Rias sounds fun, Fufu." She mused aloud with her signature giggle at the end.

Entering the building, she walked up the stairs and was confused when she heard something from the clubroom. It sounded like moaning. Concern filling her, she quickly ran to the door and flung it open. What she saw caused her panties to moisten, eyes go wide, and a large blush form on her lovely face.

Before her was her naked [King] dripping in semen with a fucked-stupid smile on her face. Behind her was the newest servant, also naked, with his large, cum dripping, tool standing tall. Violet eyes dipped down in lust at the sight. "Ara, ara. What's going on in here?" She asked rhetorically as she shut the door behind her and locked it.

'Ha! This is better than I expected!' Issei mused to himself as he could see and smell the arousal washing out from the [Queen]. Smiling, he spoke. "Nothing much. Rias and I were having some quality time together. That's what lovers do." Issei let his hand run through her crimson locks, making her murmur in bliss.

"Fufu. I knew I was right. Rias would obviously fall for a man like you." Akeno giggled and purred as she soon walked a little closer, her eyes taking in his muscular built. "But, Ise-kun, it's very rude to not include the [Queen] in bonding with others. Don't you like my company?" She asked with a fake hurt voice.

Smirking, he played along. "I do, Akeno. But, Rias needed some alone time. I honestly didn't expect you to come and see us like this." Now that she took in the situation, the beauty knew he was lying.

"Well, you can make it up to me my letting me join in on the fun." Akeno stated as she began to unwrap herself for the perverted teenager. Lustful emerald orbs were locked onto the shirt that held the largest pair of tits in school. "Just thinking of stealing you from Rias as she watched gets me wet." She moaned hotly at the fact she was about to be fucked by this stud. The aura surrounding him, one of domination, was making her want to submit to him and be reduced to his play-thing.

"I don't mind at all. As you can see, Rias is unable to continue, and I'm still rock hard. Could you finish what Rias started before joining me in fucking her?" Issei asked, smirk never leaving.

Licking her lips, she let sexily let her shirt fall to the floor, leaving her breasts barely contained by her lacy pink bra. "It would be my pleasure, Ise-sama." She batted her eyelashes at him. The seductive beauty got the reaction she wanted; his pulsing tool twitched alive at her sultry voice and action. The feeling of wanting to submit to him was hitting her hard and compelled her to use the master suffix with him from now on.

Wanting to tease him more, she pushed her arms together, pushing up her melons. "Fufu. You really do love breasts." Akeno giggled as his eyes followed them. Cupping the undersides of them, she offered her bust to him. "Come on then. They're all yours~." She purred.

Crossing the floor easily, he ripped her bra off without hesitation and took a second to stare at the massive titties. Her pink nipples were jutting out of her chest, begging to be played with. Licking his dry lips, he dipped down and began to slobber the heavenly orb like he always does.

One hand came to grope her other breast, giving it a nice squeeze and rubbing, his other hand wrapped around her waist to pull her closer to his suckling lips. He smirked around her nipple when she let out a shocked gasp. The reason was his dick was pressed against her tummy.

"I-Ise-sama~! You-You're sucking my boobs too hard~! I've never…felt like this before!" Akeno moaned as she leaned her head back. This was the first time she's ever let a man touch her and was surprised by the pleasure it brought.

"Good. Then this body is mine now." Issei muffled out while he gorged himself on the breasts of Akeno while thrusting his member up and down her smooth skin. By far, she had the smoothest skin of all his lovers. He couldn't wait to paint it red. The thought of fucking his virgin beauty, marking her as his own, aroused him even more than before. He showed it by rubbing his cock harder against her while sucking and lightly biting her nipple and let his other hand gently pinch her hard teat.

Akeno blushed hard at his possessive words and clenched her eyes shut to enjoy the pleasure of having her sensitive breasts played with by her crush. 'I-It's so, big! Will it even…fit?' The beauty was a little afraid of having the huge dick plunge through her maidenhood. But, the thought of the pain it would cause also excited her. "Iya!" She yelped/moaned when he gave her nipple another hard bite while squeezing her other orb tighter. "H-Harder! Be rougher with my dirty body, Ise-sama! I want to bleed!" Akeno begged her master as she let her stomach grind against his hard-on.

'This is too good to be true!' Issei thanked his lucky stars at how ready and willing she was to take his rougher ministrations. Giving her what she obviously wanted, Issei stopped suckling her orbs, making her mewl in disappointment, before he surprised her by roughly pushing her to the floor. Not wanting her to say anything else, he stole her first kiss while still kneading her large bosom. His hard prick still rubbed gently against her panty-clad core.

Akeno's violet eyes widened in shock at having her first kiss stolen in such an aggressive manner, not that she minded. In fact, she loved the treatment and let her lover know it by moaning into the passionate lip-lock that was taking her breath away.

'Yup. First kiss.' The brunette thought to himself as she was clumsy about reciprocating the kiss but was doing better than Rias and Murayama did. He groaned into the heavy kiss when she grounded her gushing garden into his prick while arching her back, pressing those wonderous pillows into his pawing hands. 'Oh, yeah.' Remembering what he wanted to do before anything else, he took his mouth away from hers. He smirked when he looked down to see her glossy eyes and red puffy lips.

"I-Ise-sama?" Regaining her breath, she wondered why her master ended the kissing. "Why'd you stop?" Asked the beauty as she propped herself up on her arms. Her violet orbs locked onto his member.

Akeno smiled softly when his hand gently caressed her blushing cheek. "Before I fuck this tight twat, there is something I've wanted you to do to me ever since I saw you." Issei said as he stopped his petting and let his other hand grab onto her melons. Giving them a squeeze, he enjoyed her pleasurable moans. "I want you to take these massive jugs and jerk off my rod." Issei commanded with a dark voice.

Shivering with lust, Akeno nodded softly. "Hai, Ise-sama. I'll do anything to please you." She said submissively. The beauty found herself wanting to make him as happy as possible. With her master now on his ass, she crawled up to his manhood that stood tall and proud. Now close to it, she realized how big he really was. The pictures from the magazines she's read didn't compare.

Groaning a little, Issei smiled at his new Devil bitch who seemed hesitant on licking him. He found it amusing since she didn't seem like the type to be hesitant on anything. "Don't worry, baby. Take your time. This is your first time, after all." The Red Dragon Emperor cooed out while letting his fingers run through her silken raven hair. The smooth texture reminded him of Raynare's. He also knew she was a Fallen Angel, seeing as he's fucked three of them. Akeno obviously had some issues with her blood and he'd soon fix that.

Blushing under his caring side, she nodded before letting one of her soft hands reach up and wrap around his length. Her blush and breath increased when she felt it pulsing. "W-Wow. A man's penis can get this big." Akeno muttered with a large blush.

"Well, I'm just special. I doubt any other guy can reach my size." Issei said with a cocky grin and tone. For all they knew, his statement was correct. Reaching out, he lightly pulled her head till her lips gently pressed against his length.

Getting the message, she slowly opened her mouth and let her tongue gently touch his penis before slowly making its way up. Her eyes glazed over in lust as the taste of her new master was making her wetter than before. Head now over his prick, she let her tongue swirl around it before letting her head drop, taking only three inches. Akeno mentally frowned as he didn't even let out a moan. Wanting to do something about that, she did what those porn-stars she's seen. The beauty began to pump the shaft with one hand while sliding her tongue up and down the dick she's eating.

'Hm. Not bad.' Issei mused with a light groan escaping his lips. He guessed it came in handy from her past lesbian experiences with Rias. The beauty had told him about her and her [Queen] experimenting a few times when they had an itch. Issei couldn't wait to make Akeno eat out Rias while ploughing her voluptuous form. A louder moan was released when she took two more inches, now five inches lodged into her hot mouth.

Akeno was proud of herself when he released a louder moan but she knew he wasn't even close to climaxing as his tool wasn't even leaking pre-cum. Taking a calming breath, she repressed her gag-reflex and slammed her head to his pubic hair. Her violet eyes widened when she took him all. He tasted even better than Rias. Akeno felt her panties becoming damper than before. She smiled around his prick when his hands framed her face.

'Alright. Seems she can take this now.' Again, Issei was impressed by how slutty his bitch was. "Now, now. I'm gonna fuck these tits first." He chastised/reminded the beauty before taking her head up till she was just licking his soaked head. She took the sign and pressed her massive J-cup around his cock. "Oh, Fuck!" The brunette yelled with a giant grin. "I've wait so long for this!" He stated as he began to ram his cock in and out of her cleavage. Whenever the head came out from her massive titty-flesh, she was quick to lather it with saliva. Emerald eyes rolled a little as he relished in the warm feeling of these soft titties swallowing his member.

'This is hotter than I thought.' Akeno mused happily as she pleased her master for all her worth. She hoped Rias would wake up to see this and join, after she got fucked first. The way Issei was using her aroused her and she knew he could smell her arousal dripping down her thighs as one hand reached out to slap her bottom. The added stimulation made her let out a throaty moan. "Yes. Please, Ise-sama. Spank this naughty Onee-sama. Teach her a lesson for giving her junior a titty-fuck." Akeno begged the teen with lustful violet robs.

Growling, he brought his hand back before slapping that jiggling ass even harder. His smirk grew when he saw her whole body shook; getting off on the pain. Rutting his cock back into her mouth, he grunted as the pleasing vibrations of her throat. "That's a good whore. Keep moaning around my cock. I can't wait to paint this slutty body of your white and red." Issei said with a dark grin and husky voice as he leered at the sinful miko.

She did as told, and moaned harder around his cock while bouncing her breasts along his powerful shaft. "Anything you desire, Ise-sama." Akeno said with a seductive leer and smile. thinking for a second, her smile grew as an idea popped into her devious head.

Issei was groaning loudly as his new bitch flicked his head while jerking him off with those humongous tits of hers. He was getting closer to cumming and he couldn't wait to see her covered in white. Growling, he was just about to shoot his load when Akeno stopped for a second. Emerald eyes snapped open in feral anger of not letting loose. Just as he was about to yell at her, something amazing happened. Throwing his head back, he let out a pleased roar as electricity impacted his form. Jerking around a little, he found he couldn't fuck her titties any more.

Akeno smiled at hearing the roar. "Do you enjoy this, Ise-sama. Do you like my lightning covered tits jerking you off?" She asked while moving her breasts up and down his member, giving him a sly smirk that he was loving to see. "Are you going to spray your naughty bitch with cum? Are you going to spray my boobs and face in your hot, sticky, man-milk?" Akeno asked as she let her electrified tongue lash out around his engorged head. She wasn't given a warning as his white seed shot out of his lower head, spraying her lovely face and breasts in semen.

Letting her breasts leave her master's cock, she moaned happily at the heat covering her. "Oh, what a mess you've made, Ise-sama." Akeno cooed sultry as her tongue slowly wrapped around his head, getting the leftover jizz. Once done, she slowly rubbed his cum into her skin. Lustful violet orbs never left his intense gaze. "Thank you for the gift, Ise-sama~." She purred while batting her eyelashes.

Licking his lips at the dirty whore, he grabbed her delicious body, picked her up by the thighs and let her rest over his pulsing cock. "Since you like pain, you won't mind me fucking you until you can't think of anything other than my cock." Issei growled huskily, his face inches from her lips.

Shuttering, she let out a shaky breath before smiling at him. "Not at all, Ise-sama. Take me however you wish. Use my slutty body to get yourself off." Akeno begged her lover. Anticipation rang through her core as she was slowly lowered to his manhood.

Giving her what she wanted, he bashed her hips down on his while thrusting up. Her shrieks of pain and pleasure would have been heard though the entire town if Issei hadn't silenced her with a lustful kiss. Her slender arms wrapped around his shoulders to keep herself from falling off his battering ram of a cock that ruin her womb. Issei wasn't merciful on her poor cunt and she was loving it.

Knowing she could handle it, Issei didn't even stop when she was crying in pain, nor the blood that leaked down his tool when he destroyed her hymen. The sexy miko wanted to get the fucking of her life and he was the man to do it. He growled huskily into the passionate spit swapping as her bountiful breasts squished into his thumping chest. Issei could feel her heart beating faster and faster with each hump. Strong hands dug into her thick flesh. The male was making sure to familiarize himself with the bodacious body he's planning to have a taste of once a day.

Akeno was a whimpering mess as she was being fucked like a wild animal. Her squeals of pleasure were known to Issei and she was rewarded by him ploughing her harder in the air. She felt the air being knocked out of her with each bumble. The beauty was glad she learned to breath through her nose as she knew she'd be out like a light by now. Akeno did all she could to make sure Ise-sama was being pleased. She tightened her wall around his rampaging dick while rubbing her hard nipples up and down his chest as he brought her body up and down. "M-Master~!" She mewled in disappointment when he suddenly ended the kissing.

Issei smirked upon seeing the lustful orbs Akeno leveled him with. Her succulent lips were red from the kissing and her face was painted red. Groping her legs harder, he pulled her closer so his head was buried into her neck. His long tongue licked her flesh while biting it. The brunette wanted to make sure she knew who he belonged to whenever she looked herself in the mirror. "That's a good bitch. Keep moaning and squirting on my cock." Issei growled as more of her juices stained the ground and his legs.

Emerald eyes glanced up and smirked into the licking as he saw his crimson-haired bitch now awake, getting off to the session in front of her. The sudden audience caused Issei to twitch in arousal while fucking Akeno's delicious twat.

When Rias had woken up, she heard the familiar sounds of Akeno's moans. Sea-foam green eyes rested on the lustful fucking of Ise-sama and Akeno. She licked her lips in desire as she watched his big cock destroy her [Queen's] delicious cunt without mercy. One hand now played with her large breast while the other dipped south. Her fingers played with her soaked labia, smearing the left-over cum all over her garden. Rias shivered when those emerald eyes she loved so much landed on her.

Ending his licking, he brought his head back to Akeno and smirked. "We have an audience." Issei stated before spinning her around on his tool. The rotation made him grin in pleasure. His grin grew when her walls constricted around his hammering tool. "That's right. Get off on having your best-friend watching you as your cunt gets stretched by your master. The master who claimed the red-haired whore." Issei whispered into her ear as he continued his conquest on Akeno.

"R-Rias!" The beauty shouted as her head flung in the air, her breasts doing the same as sweat dripped off the orbs. "W-Watch as-yes! Hit that spot again! – our master fucks me!" Akeno begged her friend as she bucked her large hips down on his member. Her lidded eyes stared at the masturbating heiress.

Her sexy voice was music to both teenager's ears. Rias' fingers speed up their fondling of her pussy and breasts. Issei, reluctantly, let go of her thick thighs. On shaky legs, Akeno moaned happily as his hands were now pressing against her jiggling breasts. She could feel her ass becoming a little sore from the serious pounding and it excited her. The beauty couldn't wait for that part to be claimed.

Grunting harshly, Issei continued to fuck and beat himself against his new whore. With each thrust he could feel himself growing to his climax and loved the fact that she hadn't stopped squirting since he first entered. "Fucking bitch!" Issei growled before bending her over the table. "Eat out your whore master while I fuck you!" He commanded, banging himself deeper into her. The trust caused Akeno's face to greet Rias' snatch.

Mind numb of the pleasure, Akeno did as commanded. Taking her lesbian's lover's fingers out of her dripping hole, she replaced it with her skilled tongue. She went to work on playing with the hole she's known intimately for a couple years.

"Yes~!" Rias screamed with a dopey smile. "Eat me! Eat me out while getting fucked like you've always wanted!" The beauty begged as she let one hand press into Akeno's head, making sure she stayed, while her other hand ravaged her breasts.

The Red Dragon Emperor knew any man would kill to be in his spot right now. Issei was fucking the two hottest pieces of ass in the school. They were now his slaves for the rest of their lives and they couldn't be happier to please him. Emerald locked onto that bouncing ass that rippled with each harsh pump. Grinning, brought his hand back before letting it rain upon her bottom. He groaned with each slap as her twat tightened around him. "Oh, yeah! That's right, bitch! This body is mine now! Say it! Tell who you belong to!" Issei commanded as he grabbed that long, sweaty, ponytail of hers.

While disappointed of losing her meal, the beauty shouted to the world. "ISE-SAMA! ISE-SAMA IS MY MASTER! ONLY HIS COCK CAN SATISFY ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER, MASTER! I WANT TO BE SORE FOR DAYS AFTER THIS!" Akeno wailed to the heavens as she had one climax after another at the brutal cock rearranging her insides. Her mind was completely submerged in the ecstasy of being fucked by someone younger than her while having Rias watch her being used like a common street whore.

Moaning, Rias threw her head back and screamed. Juices sprayed all over Akeno's dripping body. Her words were too enticing for the beauty to not climax all over her. Shaking like a possessed woman, her head rolled to the side as she locked gaze with her master. Rias gave him a lustful smile.

Grinning, Issei raised his other hand towards Rias. "Get over her. Now!" He watched the heiress stand on shaky legs, which did wonders to those delicious sweaty breasts of hers, before slowly making her way to him. When she was within his range, he pulled her into him and planted a nasty kiss that rocked her world. Rias leaned into the kiss and moaned like the mindless whore she was. Her large bosom pressed into his arm and she enjoyed how he growled in her mouth.

Akeno mewled in jealousy as Rias was being kissed by Ise-sama and not her. "Iya!" She yelped in painful pleasure as his strong hand came upon her red left cheek. "Yes! Spank me harder, Ise-sama!" The beauty begged with a fucked-stupid smile as her tongue fell helplessly out of her gaping mouth.

Issei's other hand now rested on the bountiful ass that belonged to Rias Gremory. His hand groped and pinched the doughy flesh. She squeaked in pleasure with every action, arousing the three. He groaned into the kiss as Akeno was getting wilder with her bucking back. The male responded the same way; bucking himself even harder into the stretching cavers of the half-breed slut. The other hand kept slapping the raven-haired beauty's bottom, optimizing her pleasure. The hand on Rias found her backdoor and began to slowly trace up and down, teasing the whimpering red-head.

"Yes~." After the kiss was broken, the flushed Rias whispered as she felt her master play with her backdoor. She grinded herself against the hand, wanting it to be inside her. "Come on, Ise-sama. Finger-fuck my ass while I watch you fuck my [Queen]. I want to see her filled with cum before you fuck my dirty asshole." The beauty begged, relinquishing any form of pride she possibly had.

"Damn. Keep saying shit like that and I'll make sure you won't be able to stand for a while." Issei grinned manly while his finger now reached in and began to stretch her anal walls, getting it ready for the fucking. His emerald eyes moved to Akeno's quaking body. The sight of her shaking form, sexy moans, and sultry violet eyes were making his ball begin to churn. That feeling increased as Rias grinded her delicious body into his sweaty form. The combined scent of Akeno and Rias' sweat/cum-drenched bodies were doing a number on his senses.

"M-M-M-Master!" Akeno managed to get out after several attempts to speak. Her voice was high with pleasure. "Ple-Please…cum inside me! I…need it!" She begged with desperate eyes. Her body arched into the table as each thrust made her body heave. All she wanted was to have her insides coated in his semen. Was that too much to ask!?

Seeing the pleasurable pain his new bitch was in, he decided to take some pity on her. So, grabbing her hair and using it as a leach, he brought her flush to his chest and landed on her slender shoulder. "Since you've been such a responsive whore, alright. Get ready." Issei warned the beauty before ramping up his pounding. He literally fucked her off the ground and he kept her standing by the sweat-caked hair he kept hold of. "Alright…here it comes!" Grunting harshly, he pulled her head back, initiating another sloppy kiss, before giving one more powerful thrust into her womb.

Passing her cervix, he let the massive load that he's stored for Akeno loose. Moaning in the kiss, he kept humping in and out of her deliciously shaking body. The teen wanted to make sure she remembered the feeling of her being cream-pied.

When the first blast of semen erupted, Akeno thought she had died and gone to heaven. White and black spots littered her vision. She lost the will to fight against his victorious tongue that ravaged her mouth as more of his jizz piled inside her. The beauty mewled into the kiss as she felt some of his seed escape her stuffed cunt.

Rias was quick to catch the dripping cum. Dropping to the ground, she opened her mouth wide to eat the pouring mixed cum. She closed her eyes and moaned happily as the combined taste of her lovers was divine. It caused her to let loose a mini-orgasm that made her sigh in bliss.

A few shaky thrusts later, Issei stopped cumming and let the sexy raven-haired beauty go. She fell to the ground like a puppet being cut from its strings. "So much…delicious cum." Akeno muttered with teary eyes and a happy smile. "I love…Ise-sama's cock." She whispered with devotion shining in those beautiful eyes of hers.

Smiling a little, he smoothed her red bottom, making her coo in bliss. "That's a good girl, Akeno. Rest for now. After I'm done with Rias, your ass is going to be mine." Issei promised with a gentle voice. "I can't…wait." The happy miko whispered as she relaxed into the table. Honestly, she was happy for the break as she was very close to breaking herself.

With the seductress taking a break, Issei's attention was now on Rias. Smirking at her, he brought her closer. "Get on all fours. Make sure she's ready for what's next." Issei commanded.

"Hai." Whispered the blushing beauty as she got on all fours and brought her hungry mouth to Akeno's bottom. Spreading it a little, she licked her lips before diving in. her skilled tongue slowly jammed in and out of the hole, making sure it was prepared for Ise-sama's massive dick. "Ahhh!" Rias' screams were muffled by the asshole when Issei shoved his entire prick into the crimson-haired sluts taut booty once more.

"Yeah! Shake this beautiful ass of yours while eating your friend!" Issei was in utter bliss seeing Rias eating out Akeno while he ploughed her tiny dark pucker like an animal. He was a little sad of not using those awesome breasts as holders, but he settled for opening her butt-cheeks with his hand to get deeper into the tight door.

Akeno's head snapped back as soon as she felt a familiar tongue enter her bottom. "R-R-Rias! N-No! I-I-I'm tired! L-Let me rest!" She begged piteously. Her pleas were denied as the princess just dug her face deeper into the delicious form. Moaning, she gave into the licking and slowly bounced her ass up and down. "Yeah. Let Ise-sama watch you lick me out. I want him nice and hard when he fucks my ass." The slutty [Queen] whispered with a mindless smile.

The teen honestly wished he had a camera right now. He wanted to document the scene of the two Onee-sama's drunk on his cock. 'For another time.' Issei planned to record another one of these sessions for his pleasure. Sawing his long manhood in and out of Rias' taught bottom, he continued to watch his two seniors whimper and shout in pleasure.

Since he was still high on cumming earlier, he didn't last that long and filled the princess with another load of semen. Rias moaned into the stretched ass of Akeno as she had another powerful anal climax. Weak, Rias fell in a heap, muttering how full she was and how she couldn't take any more.

That was fine by him. Issei was occupied by the sexy Akeno. She was now facing him, spread eagle, and spread her ass wide for him to see it waiting for him. "Come, Ise-sama. Take your prize." She whispered with a sexy come hither finger wave.

Prick still standing, he lined himself against her unclaimed lower hole. Teasing her for a few seconds, loving the miserable moans, he stopped before grabbing her lush hips and thrashed himself deep into her depths. "AHHHH!" Screaming as loud as she could, Akeno squirted over her master.

It did nothing to halt him from taking this deliciously tight ass as his own. Issei pulled out before shoving right back in. Repeating the action multiple times, his emerald orbs found themselves landing on the beautiful breasts. lowering himself, he grabbed one tit in a strong hold while his other hand grabbed the other and his tongue and lips descended on the diamond hard nipple.

"Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Suck me! Suck me hard, Ise-sama!" Akeno continued to scream as she rocked her body into her lover. "Mark my body as yours and yours alone! I'm your cock-sleeve! Use me whenever you desire! I'll gladly open any hole you wish to fuck!" The beauty easily gave him the right to do anything to her, no matter what it was. And, the sinful mind of Akeno didn't hold back on the imagination of her lover taking her in multiple kinky ways.


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