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Rated M for Ultraviolence, Foul Language, Sexual References, Nudity, some Intense scenes, References to Heavy Metal Music and Badasses doing Badass things.

She is purity, defiance, righteousness, strength…
They are rage, brutal, without mercy…
But You, You will be worse…
Rip and tear…
Until it is done…


Being a (dog) Faunus who grew up in a human majority city that is Vale, Aiden Hansen never asked for anything at all. During his childhood years, at the height of the Faunus Rights Revolution, he counted himself lucky for the happy, loving family that had surrounded him – two parents, three brothers and one sister, and for being as far away from the violence as they possibly could, having no part in it and being thankful for what they had considering their circumstances. But deep down - he felt that the Revolution wasn't enough to make the necessary change for his kin, and when he learned about the existence of a Faunus rights organization named the White Fang, he immediately joined them.

It didn't bother him one bit when the White Fang turned into a militant extremist organization that took a more... radical approach in terms of the Faunus becoming equals with humans. In fact, he had reveled in the violence the new leadership had plunged all of them headfirst. Especially Adam Taurus' ways of dealing with the 'human problem': Raiding munitions depots belonging to the Atlas military, setting them off and sabotaging the refineries which belong to the Schnee Dust Company and driving his blade into any damned human he could get his hands on – he had never felt so alive while being atop of so many smoking human corpses.

No regrets whatsoever.

At least until now as he finds himself staring fearfully into the narrow, angry, hate-filled eyes of the Kingdom of Atlas military's latest 'acquisition', it's scarred hand gripping his neck, strangling him as it leaned forward out of the pod those human scientists had kept him in as his friends behind him backed away.

"Ai-AIDEN!" the male moose Faunus cried at the sight of a naked human throttling their comrade. With his bare hand. "HOLY SHIT-!"

The shadow cast from the pod door obscured its face, but with the branded, muscled, heavily scarred, six-foot four 'acquisition' he could see its teeth bared as it looked ready to rip Aiden's head right off his shoulders. However, it turned its head, Aiden's face turning white as he glimpsed at the corpses of the civilian scientist he had just massacred once he had broken into the lab. He saw the look on the human's face soften, right before turning back to him. Its expression twisted in pure unadulterated rage.

"…n-no, please…" Aiden whimpered, then screamed over his shoulder. "SHOOT HIM! SHOOT FOR F-!"

The human grabbed him by the scuff of his uniform, jerked its hand backward and slammed his head into the side of the pod. He felt like his nose got pulverized into his brain, his blood splattered all over onto the human's face. The human finally let go of his throat and he crumpled to the ground in a paralyzed heap.

The female cat Faunus was in the process of screaming right until the human launched itself from the pod and threw a left hook so hard that he punched her jaw right off. She pawed uselessly along her jawline, her mouth gurgling her pain, eyes wide with disbelief. Blood and bone fragments splattering the Faunus next to her, shocking him to the core. The moose cried out in fear of having someone else's blood on him for the first time ever and raised his assault rifle. His face cracked as an elbow landed on it, breaking his mask in half and knocking him against a counter in the lab, smashing through the computer equipment and scattering it all over the floor.

The mouse Faunus trembled as he dropped his empty handgun and ripped out a large serrated combat knife. Screaming, he thrust it at the human's side, but the 'acquisition' caught his hand just as the point pricked its skin and twisted his wrist. Bone snapping, terrified scream escaped from the mouse, forcing him onto his knees. It then followed up by slamming its knee right between the Faunus' eyes, the crack of bone in his forehead audible enough to turn the moose Faunus' stomach as he scrambled away on the floor, desperately reaching for the handgun right behind him.

"Oh please…someone-ARGHHH!"

A naked heel came down on his arm as he reached for it, snapping the bone beneath it and bending it. He screamed and looked up to see the human level his comrade's assault rifle at his head with one hand and pull the trigger, taking the top off his head off and splattering the floor with his brains. The human then turned towards the cat Faunus, who was still alive without her jaw as she tried to crawl away towards the exit only for the human to shoot her in the back of the head, the bullet flying out her left eye and putting her out of her misery.

Aiden rolled his eyes up to see the naked human – the Atlas 'acquisition' that they were meant to recover and bring back to Adam, believing it was a weapon of some kind and not a freakish Faunus-slaying-demon-in-human-skin that had just slaughtered his comrades which raised its left foot, ready to bring it down on Aiden's head.


Reawakening I:
A Slayer of Feral Beasts

Take heed, thou with eyes of Argent, touched by the Wraiths themselves. You have been born unto a crucible where you are destined for everlasting war. You and whoever is unfortunate to stand at your side will face eternal torment against horrors beyond comprehension, and they will fall before your unbelievable might. Wherever you go you and your seed will find no peace, and only death, destruction and untold suffering will follow in your wake. The enemies of Argent D'Nur – traitors, beasts and the Slaves of Doom, you will exterminate them all.
- Corrax Entry 1:2


He couldn't care less about the broken fragments of the dog beastman's skull that pricked the sole of his left foot. As to why, it's because he was really pissed off too much to care. That beastman had murdered innocents, and he had wanted to prolong it's suffering but his friends just had to jump in and he had to be quick about disposing of them.


Four things came to his mind that he needed to find out immediately:

Where was his armor? Where was his arsenal? Where was he now? And finally, where is Samuel Hayden? The metal bastard looked determined enough to wipe humanity out, and that was far worse than not having access to the Argent energy siphoned from the Shadow Realms – also known as Hell.

The moniker DOOM Marine was what this earthling Union Aerospace Corporation forced on him. Hellwalker, the Unchained Predator, Doom Slayer - names and titles the forces of the Shadow Realms had labelled him with. And as he lifted his foot from what remained of dog-eared innocent murdering beast he couldn't help but to agree with all of those. His rage towards Samuel Hayden and his robotic determination to destroy their realm the same way the Slayer's realm went made him wanting... no, needing to kill something. But he fought against his rage-fueled bloodlust, long enough to take view of his surroundings which were quite colorful, near translucent-looking (unlike the sterile, purely metallic UAC labs) where he just slaughtered his way through seemingly hours ago.


The Slayer gritted his teeth as he slapped his hand against his own head, grunting in frustration. Where did Hayden send him? Why didn't he kill him when he had the chance to? What was he going to do with the Crucible, his people's own ancestral sword, and how long would it take until the dimension he had fought hard to make sure it wouldn't suffer the same fate as Argent D'Nur? Absorbed by Hell, billions of souls consumed by unimaginable dark powers and reduced to nothing but shambling corpses prowling the darkest pits of Hell.

"Aiden, Kyra, Mitch, Dill, you guys there? You found what Atlas was holding yet?"

"…Hey, respond already! Anyone there, HEY?!"

"Shit, they're taking too long! Send another squad in, Adam's getting impatient!"

Questions for later, he was without his armor and the radio of the half-breeds he had just pulverized was going off. More of them would be coming his way any second. Bending over he searched the dog beastman, ruffling his hand across the sleeveless jacket, black hood and black pants; though he was curious as to why the beastman was wearing a slit-eyed mask. His hands skimmed over the sword sheath and pulled it off the body. The Slayer quickly looked at the thin blade and decided that it would have to do for now.

"…" Taking a moment to breathe the proverbial fire from his lungs, the Slayer studied his newly acquired sword and handgun. His lips pursed as he noted how different it appeared to the weapons of both his people and the dimension from whence the 'UAC' hailed from, but in many ways, similar at the same time. The same went for the sword he now carried.

The Slayer looked down at himself, finally paying attention to how bare he was. He glimpsed at the rune branded onto his left palm, clenched it into a fist with a grimace and walked towards the exit. Sparing the men and women of science in their bloodstained white coats a glance, glaring at the pod they had kept him in before he stepped out the door.

The Slayer had many questions, and no time for answers. Especially when he turned his head to the left to see another beastman with boar tusks protruding out of both sides out of his mouth coming his way with a serrated long sword.

"Hey, you're the-?!"

Taking advantage of the beastman's brief surprise the Slayer reached for both his tusks, pulled his face forward and slammed his knee right into it, smashing it into pulp and knocking him down on the ground, blood spurting up from his shattered nose like a geyser. Dropping the bloodied tusks that were still in his hands, he drew his sword in time to guard against a blade of another Faunus. The Slayer unleashed a right jab to the ram man's throat and rammed the blade through the heart, more blood spraying on his naked body. Looking past the corpse, he saw four more beastmen pointing rifles at him, prompting him to grab the nearest beastman by its ram-like horns, lift him up with one hand and use him as a meat shield as he was fired opened. The ram beastman screamed as his body was pelted by whatever they were firing before being flung aside, the Slayer swinging his sword diagonally with both hands and slicing through three more beastmen, bisecting two of them across the chest and the third one across the head.

As they crumpled to the ground in a splatter of body parts, the Slayer turned his attention to the fourth beastman. Jerking his head to dodge the point-blank shot, he growled while grabbing the beastman's rifle; yanking him forward and knocking him down with a head butt, shattering his mask in half to reveal his pained, fear-stricken face. The beastman wailed in agony as he held his bleeding forehead, opening his eyes just in time to see the Slayer's fist cave his skull with a straight jab to the forehead.


Cracking his left knuckle, he glimpsed over his shoulder at all the beastmen he had just killed, and the dead civilians littering the corridor. Bitter, the Slayer felt reaffirmed that these beasts deserved everything they had just received. He felt his ear perk up at the sound of a woman screaming several doors down.

And what they were still about to receive.

(Specimen Research Lab 4-B)

Trying to stop the tears welling in her amber eyes, Dr. Lucy Catrice nursed the welt on her left cheek as she sat on the floor against the wall. Two of the White Fang grunts tried to break into the secured chamber beyond the security door which housed the more valuable artifact recovered from Specimen DN-SIL – a suit of battle-weathered powered armor which design, mechanical systems and internal power supply were unlike anything the Atlesian military had produced – even for the famed Atlesian Marines Corp. Finding DN-SIL among all those dead Grimm had been like striking gold, even if that gold put six Atlesian soldiers in the infirmary when they approached him…

"Damn it! I can't get the door open!" the vulpine White Fang angrily exclaimed as he gripped his scroll, his various hacking programs unable to crack the door's code. "Atlas really doesn't want anyone in there, eh?" He paused, turning to Catrice with a glare, "Is this all you humans were working on down here?"

Under explicit order to not show any details on the specimen himself, Catrice nodded vigorously, "Y-yes. We were developing the newest line of Atlasian Marine Protective System here-"

A ferret White Fang silenced her as he lifted her up by the neck and shoved her against the wall.

"Try again," the White Fang said behind his all-concealing steel mask, pushing her blonde locks aside away from her eyes. "Atlas wouldn't have splurged on a high-tech secret facility deep in the sticks just for a suit of armor. What else have you got down here?"

Gunfire coming from outside the room perked their ears up.

"Aiden's not done finishing them off yet?" the raccoon White Fang guarding the door grumbled. Checking his watch, he added, "He and his team was supposed to be here and giving us a hand with the door." The door into the lab opened and the raccoon Faunus exclaimed, "About time, thought you were done killing all the humans down here so what's with all the shoot…ing?!"

Everything became silent when the three White Fang saw the naked, blood-soaked man standing in the doorway holding a handgun in his left hand and a sword scabbard tied around his back glaring down at them. The raccoon Faunus staring straight at his bare chest, noting the three massive scars on the right side of it that resembled claw marks, slowly looking up to see the Slayer focus his attention on Catrice sitting against the wall and shivering in fright. The Slayer looked down at the raccoon angrily.

Stupefied the raccoon meekly asked, "W-why aren't you wearing-?!"


The Slayer threw a right hook and the Faunus' teeth was sent flying in the opposite direction as his jaw jutted in the wrong direction, right before the Slayer rammed his knee into the raccoon's gut, the White Fang doubling over painfully, the Slayer following up with an elbow strike to the back and knocking him flat on the ground.

The vulpine White Fang quickly shot at the Slayer, who quickly ducked to the left and returned fire and hitting the vulpine in the neck and chest, the White Fang staggering backwards against the wall. Sliding down whilst choking on his own blood as it poured out of his mouth and wounds. The ferret-eared White Fang screamed out in denial and threw himself at the Slayer, revealing his gauntlets were spiked. The Slayer drew his sword with one hand, dodging the ferret Faunus' frenzied hooks before parrying his gauntlets and slicing upward.

Catrice cried out and shielded her eyes as the sight of the White Fangs severed hands being launched into the air before bouncing off the roof, blood spraying out of the stumps and the ferret screaming his lungs out, eyes bulging out in horror as he stared at where his hands used to be. He wasn't screaming for long though as the Slayer sliced his head off, which rolled across the floor towards the raccoon Faunus.

The raccoon groaned as he forced his eyes open, trying to stave off a concussion. They were like saucers as his friend's severed head came to a rest right in front of his eyes. He cried out when he felt like something was trying to rip his tail off, and he turned to see the Slayer holding him.


"H-hey, w-what are you-ARGHHH!"

Catrice watched as the Slayer walked towards the window of the secured chamber containing his armor, his grip on the White Fang goon's tail tightened enough for the Faunus to gasp in agony before screaming as he was slammed into the window hard enough to crack it, face first. Seeing that the window didn't give way the Slayer grunted in annoyance as he lifted the Faunus back up and swung the Faunus by the tail into the window repeatedly, caking it in his blood, the White Fang alternately screaming in pain and begging for the Slayer to stop.

And the scientist just watched, speechless at this…person's callousness. Right up until she couldn't take it anymore and reached into her coat.

"W-wait, stop!" she exclaimed, the Slayer stopping what he was doing and loosening his hold on the Faunus' tail, allowing him to fall to the ground moaning in pain and coughing blood and teeth. She produced a yellow keycard and extended it towards the 'specimen', her hand shaking in fear. "This'll get you into the secured chamber. Your armor's in there and your weapons and other equipment are in the lab further down the hall, but-"

She averted his annoyed gaze as she explained how the Atlasian military had gotten their hands on his arms and armor.

"…at least a few of them were sent to R&D in Atlas."

The Slayer blinked, processing all that. His eyes narrowed in resignation before gently accepting the card from Catrice. He loosened his hold on the raccoon White Fang's tail when the Faunus coughed and choked out through gritted, missing teeth.

"You...you had a pass the whole time? Y-you let him…he…did all this to us…" the raccoon sobbed before snarling. "You bitch, you evil bit-ARGHHHH-"

The Slayer effectively grinded the bone in his tail to dust as his crushing grip lifted the White Fang right off the ground, Catrice covering her eyes and screaming, traumatized as the Slayer swung the raccoon back into the mirror and shattering it. He flew into the chamber, smacking the Praetor Suit's protective casing, his screams cut off as his head was pulverized on impact, the torn and shattered corpse sliding down to the ground, blood oozing from a shard of glass in his neck.

"...tch…" the Slayer snorted, swiping the keycard through the reader and stepping through into containment and past the Faunus gurgling in his death throes, leaving Catrice to slowly pick herself up off the floor and make a beeline towards the terminal, sweat rolling down her forehead as she frantically typed away.

Contact established with Specimen DN-SIL.
DN-SIL engaging White Fang.
Awaiting further instructions…


Priority One: Appraise DN-SIL of situation
Arm him and instruct him to exit facility
Will be intercepted by Marine Extraction Team

"Oh, easy enough," Catrice groaned sarcastically. She turned towards the chamber to see the Slayer's numerous amount of scar and runes inscribed on his fair skin just above his buttocks, eyes briefly lingering on the large bite marks on his right shoulder muscle as a blush lit up on her face and looked back at her terminal ,biting her lip and shivered as she felt disgusted with herself for ogling. Hearing the Slayer handle each piece of his mechanical suit and attach to his body she kept looking straight at her screen for at least a minute. Listening to heavy footsteps approach her, she inhaled deeply while mentally preparing herself to 'appraise' the Slayer of what he had just woken up to.

She felt her throat go dry when she saw the Slayer in his armor. He was an inch taller with his boots, and she could just faintly see the outlines of his face through his visor as he stared down at her, then at that red colored glyph just above his helmets visor – which resembled a distorted cross surrounded by four tiny runes. As for the Slayer, he felt relieved to be within the confines of the Praetor Suit, so much so that he decided to entertain whatever this woman of science had to say.

"I…I know you must have a lot of questions, sir," Catrice said, rubbing her clammy hands together. "You've been asleep for the past couple of days while we've been…studying you and your armor." The Slayer blinked, and made sure she could make out his frown, prompting her to continue. "W-we had to keep contained because you injured several Atlas soldiers…"


"…when they tried to provide medical attention after you killed all those Grimm…"


"…and we thought you could still be dangerous."

For the life of him he couldn't remember fighting anything called 'Grimm'. Only Demons, for eons it was always the Demons.

Where was he? Not on Mars, that's for certain. And this was not a facility owned by the UAC.

Atlas? Grimm?

And the Beastmen weren't native to only Argent D'Nur after all? Probably not what they referred to on this world.

Again, questions for later. He shoved the woman of science against the wall and shielded her with his armored body when a grenade rolled into the room and exploded. The Slayer gritted is teeth as he felt the concussion, however the fragments did not pierce his armor. Pistol already in hand he turned to see several White Fang grunts carrying larger guns barge into the room. He threw himself at the Faunus, firing away with his pistol as he engaged in close combat and preventing them from filing the room with white hot... whatever their guns fired, which certainly wasn't either lead or energy based.

For a second, he thought that a couple of them were shielded by some kind of barrier or a shield that absorbed his shots but would shatter when the Slayer threw an uppercut that sent one of them flying up into the ceiling and back down with a crunch. Grabbing his sword, he tore it off his back with it in its sheath, slicing through a Faunus, before elbowing another one in the face. The Faunus charged, but his legs cracked under the slayer's assault. He looked down at the Faunus he had struck as he raised his armored boot.

All the while Catrice was curled up against the wall, arms covering her face and eyes closed and listening to the sound of gunshots, cursing and the Grimm Marine beating them all down before drawing steel and finishing them off. Daring to look she saw the Slayer crushing the throat White Fang with his boot. One sickening crunch later the grunt went limp, and the Slayer turned to face Catrice.

Breathing deeply, Catrice managed to somewhat regain her composure, the amount of dead bodies in the room still enough to send her into shock but she was well enough to stand back up and ask, "Are they all gone now?" The Slayer looked out the doorway then back to her, nodding. Catrice sighed with relief, "Ok…you need to take the elevator up towards ground floor and link up with the Atlas-"

She jumped when the Slayer through his sword and gun at her feet. If the Slayer pointing down at the ground was any sign he was telling her to stay put. She blinked, before nodded hurriedly. The Slayer regarded her for a few more seconds before stepping out into the hall, closing the door behind him. His last thought of about her was that symbol resembling a snowflake beneath her ID badge photo and wondered if it was something he would have to be wary of later.

Catrice swallowed and clasped her hand, "I…guess he doesn't want to be told what to do." She shivered lightly, "How's General Ironwood supposed to get him on our side?"

She covered her ears and backed herself right into the corner of the room when gunfire erupted. Screams of agony were followed by bone crunching, then silence. Right before more gunfire, even more gunfire and the wet sounds of a corpse being gibbed and the pieces spreading all over the floor. Footsteps were heard above someone pleading for his life, then a steel boot coming down on his head, repeatedly.

Catrice swallowed, Do we want him on our side?





Ground floor, elevator hallway. Two White Fang turned towards lift number six, the one on the left wiping the blood off the sole of his boot on the floor as he leveled his laser rifle at the door. They heard the shooting over the radios, he screams and not from all the human eggheads they had all gunned down but from all the White Fang sent below to secure the mystery 'weapon' they had been tipped off about.

"Hey, something's coming up!" the White Fang on the right shouted towards the lobby where the rest of the White Fang were holding up. "Guns up!"

So the two White Fang, one goat horned and the second panda-eared, stepped back from the elevator with guns ready as the lift screeched to a halt. The door opened, and there standing was a massive bear Faunus armed with a double-edged battle axe standing there. Goat-horned and panda-eared sighed and lowered their guns, smiles on their faces.

"Ah man, had us worried for a second," the panda Faunus chuckled. "Kept hearing all the shooting down below. Was just about to go down and see if you needed help but looks like you-"

"Did you find Ironwood's pet project?" goat-horned White Fang cut in. "Boss' really getting angsty…"

The bear White Fang suddenly slumped before them, the back of his head missing and smoke rising from where his brain used to be. Panicked, the panda White Fang looked back up in time for the Slayer to level his shotgun at his face one handed and pull the trigger, blasting half his head off. His companion screamed in pain as his ear drums raptured, blood leaking from his ears as he fell to the ground, firing up at the Slayer – now covered in weapons which were magnetized to his armor. A pistol in the holster on his left hip, a large belt-fed assault rifle on right hip, a double-barred shotgun slung over his right shoulder and a massive chainsaw attached to his back.

Seemed fair enough that things shouldn't be too easy for him. He was missing his plasma rifle, Gauss rifle, Chain-gun, rocket launcher and the BFG -9000, remembering that he had exhausted the BFG's its shots – the last one having being used to finish off the Spider Mastermind, aka the Aranea Imperatix, aka Olivia Pierce; the woman who had brought the demonic invasion upon the reality he fought so hard to save for his efforts had been ejected from and who had sought power from what was left of Argent D'Nur.

Still it was an arsenal large enough for a platoon. And their owner rounded on the Faunus as he felt the laser strike him in the chest and... wait... not doing anything to his Praetor Suit. With one hand, he grabbed the Faunus by the face, muffling his screams and his attempt to level his assault rifle at the Slayer proved fruitless as his head was smashed repeatedly against the wall enough to times to shatter it like a grapefruit. Grabbing the twitching corpse by its neck, he charged straight towards the lobby. Kicking the steel door down he stepped into the facility's large, two-story reception hall. More civilian bodies lined the walls, and many more White Fang were present, all of them caught by surprise by a raging Marine covered in weapons with the headless corpse of one of their comrades in his hands.

And they weren't expecting someone that could fight back. It was not possible for the Slayer to be more tranquil about his rage, hurling the corpse at the nearest Faunus and swapping his shotgun for the heavy assault rifle and already lining up headshots through his scope, taking care to conserve ammunition and resist unloading with fully automatic and riddling the man-beast scum with bullets like the animals they were. Two Faunus' head burst apart before they could react, the rest immediately opening up with their laser rifles at the behemoth. The Slayer 'double-jumping' over their volleys (courtesy of the UAC standard issue jump boots he still wore), catching them by surprise…


…and him landing on the White Fang he had hurled the corpse at as he had frantically tried to pull himself out from under his butchered comrade which made him feel utter terror, boots crushing his chest and skull and blood splattering out of his mouth, nose, and ears. Drawing his Super Shotgun, the Slayer dodged another laser volley and countered with a buckshot, two more White Fang exploding in a shower of blood and limbs. One White Fang was screaming in fury as he fired down at the Slayer from the lobby overlook and ducked behind a pillar when the Slayer returned fire. The White Fang smiled as he overcharged his laser rifle, intending to aim for the human brute's head only to hear something bounce off the ceiling and land at his feet. His smile faded when he saw it was a grenade.

"Oh, balls."

More gore rained on the formerly pristine lobby area, the Slayer paying no mind as he backfisted a charging, sword wielding White Fang hard enough to send him flying right over the reception desk, landing right behind two White Fang taking cover. The Slayer charged them next, smashing through the desk and sending them flying into the far wall, their Auras holding. But not for long as the Slayer advanced upon them.

"NO, WAIT-!" one of them pleaded before the Slayer levelled his super shotgun down at him and pulling the trigger, reducing him to a paste on the wall.

The Slayer turned to the second one, who screamed and lunged at the Slayer in desperation, hands reaching for the double-barrel and trying to wrestle it away from the armored killer. Briefly looking over at his shoulder at his dead comrade, he wondered what kind of ammunition could tear through a person's Aura like that. And looking right back at the Slayer he would have wondered how anyone could be able to kill as easily as he did if the Slayer hadn't grabbed him by the head and slammed his armored knee into his face, caving his skull in.


He turned to see half a dozen more White Fang advancing quickly on him – charging him from the ground and leaping down from the balcony above. The Slayer dropped his double-barrel and reached behind for the chainsaw. Pulling the cord, the roar of the blades pieced every eardrum as the blade itself was thrust through the chest of the first White Fang to descend upon the Slayer. Blood spurted out of the Faunus's eyes before he practically exploded in a shower of blood in midair as the Slayer pulled the chainsaw back and bifurcated him it. Another swing of the chainsaw and pieces of the White Fang grunts were flying all over the room as the Slayer hacked away at them.

Appropriate. For the Slayer, it was like being in a slaughterhouse, simply butchering animals.

He heard another distinct sound of the chainsaw and spun around to see a particular large White Fang wearing a different kind of mask with tattoos running up his left arm advancing upon him with what appeared to be a claymore-chainsaw hybrid. Catching the Slayer off guard, the White Fang roared and swung his chainsaw-sword, the Slayer barely dodging his swing; backing away from the brute, he raised his own chainsaw. The Lieutenant threw himself at the Slayer, shoulder charging him and letting out another roar as he swung his chainsaw with enough strength amplified by his Aura to knock the Slayer some feet away into the wall, the sheer force of impact warping the steel.

"I'm guessing you're what we came here for, huh?" the Lieutenant inquired, gripping his chainsaw as he raised it. Looking to his sides at the corpses of all the White Fang, the fact that it was liable to slip on all the spilt blood, the Lieutenant grunted. "There's no way you're leaving here alive, asshole."

Glimpsing at his left gauntlet that the Lieutenant's chainsaw partly damaged, leaving a gash horizontally across the center of his arm - the Slayer narrowed his eyes at how close the Faunus had come to penetrating his Praetor Suit. Pushing himself away from the wall he realized he had dropped his chainsaw which laid right next to the Lieutenant's feet.

The White Fang glimpsed down at the massive chainsaw. "Come and get-," he turned back and up was in the process of daring the Slayer to come get it right as the Slayer was upon him in an instant. Caught off guard by the Slayer's speed, the Lieutenant swung his chainsaw overhead only for the Slayer to grab his wrists and deliver a massive headbutt powerful enough to crack his mask in half. The Slayer delivered an uppercut to the Lieutenant's chest that shattered his Aura and made him double over in pain but was still physically unharmed. At least until the Slayer followed up with another kick to the groin that knocked him down on his ass.

W-WHAT?! H-he shattered my Aura in one punch! the Lieutenant screamed internally as he blinked the blood out of his eyes. He tried to quickly wipe it away as he stood up, turning just in time to see the Slayer come at him with his chainsaw. A chainsaw that looked more like the heavy 'appliance' type, and he had the strength to wield it and stay on the offence even as the Lieutenant blocked his attack and countered with several frenzied strikes that forced the Slayer to back away, right up until the Slayer managed to parry his next strike and the blade sliced across his right shoulder, drawing blood.

The sparks started flying as they crossed chainsaws, pushing against one another as they tried to force the other onto his knees. The Slayer proved stronger and shoved the Lieutenant back, bringing the blade of his sword up from the hip, the Lieutenant gripping his chainsaw with both hands tightly as he blocked it, gritting his teeth as the strength behind the Slayer's chainsaw slowly started inching his own chainsaw towards his hip.

The Lieutenant's eyes widened and was visibly afraid. Who…what the hell is this human?! Suddenly he thought his luck turned once the Slayers chainsaw blades sputtered to a halt as the last of its gas was finally used up, taking advantage of the Slayer momentarily lapse of concentration by countering with his own head butt, grunting in pain as felt like he had slammed his head into a steel wall at the same time as his own chainsaw sliced across his waist, sparks flying. The Slayer staggered back, dropping his now empty chainsaw and the Lieutenant fought through his inevitable concussion long enough to strike the Slayer across the waist, growling in frustration as the blade didn't seem to be penetrating the Praetor Suit's metal and settled to just knock the Slayer down onto the floor...

Down within arm's reach of a White Fang mook's corpse and his broken sword. The Slayer grabbed it as the Lieutenant towered above ready to bring his chainsaw down.

(Ground Level)

The mask-wearing red-headed bull Faunus known as Adam Taurus wasn't very happy.

That woman who nonchalantly came to his camp had 'persuaded' him and his men into joining their causes together, and now here he was standing in an abandoned warehouse deep within Grimm infested territory in the Kingdom of Vale. Two days ago, he had received a tip that Atlas was operating out of a secret lab deep below the said warehouse working on some top-secret weapons project... and he just couldn't pass the opportunity to get a leg up on those Atlesian assholes.

It was Cinder, Adam deduced, who lured him here, as he was already angry as it is. His men were taking far too long. Tired of staring at the formerly camouflaged staircase leading down towards the lab Adam growled, "I'm going down there and finding out what's keeping them." He turned to the White Fang, "Hold the fort."

"You got it, brother…HEY!" the closest White Fang shouted and pointed over Adam's shoulder.

Not even before they heard the first footsteps coming up the ramp Adam's hand went for the hilt of his sword, Wilt, and spun to face the entryway leading down into the bunker, the other White Fang fanatics' guns pointing in the same direction. Behind his mask his eyes widened and his mouth was agape to see the Lieutenant stumbling forward, his hands staunching the bleeding between his legs around the business end of a broken blade.

"Shit!" one of the White Fan mooks exclaimed. "El Tee?"

"H-help me," the Lieutenant stretched a pleading hand towards him. "Atlas…they've…he's a…monster…"

Feeling his strength give out as he bled out he tried to collapse on his side so that the blade wouldn't completely go through him. They heard a chainsaw revving as their eyes bared witness to the tall, blood-soaked armored soldier covered in weapons holding the Lieutenant's chainsaw over his shoulder with his right hand as his left gripped the handle of a smoking double-barreled shotgun. Every White Fang gun was trained on the mysterious armored Atlasian–looking soldier, except Adam who just seemed unimpressed, his hand still on Wilt's handle.

Adam snorted, "And who are you supposed to be, huh? The latest Atlesian Knight model to come rolling off the assembly line?"

"…" the Slayer was ever silent, the White Fang goons slowly starting to become nervous. The moaning Lieutenant who was lying at his feet and trying to crawl away despite having a sword through his genitals didn't exactly help matters.

"Well, say something robot!" Adam exclaimed. "Or did Ironwood forget to give you a voice box?"

"Err…boss," a White Fang said. "I don't think he's a robot. I think that's a guy in a suit."



The Slayer took a step forward; the White Fang all gasping as they took a step back save Adam, who just stood where he was glowering at what he perceived to be the Atlasian military's latest 'acquisition' – the reason why they were assaulting this remote outpost in the first place. The information leak didn't say anything about said acquisition being a 6'5 human man in power armor, and he definitely didn't expect to lose anyone, save nearly all of his men, to this man.

Adam gritted his teeth as the Slayer turned towards one the White Fang he sent down into the facility stumbling up the ramp. The panda Faunus had bullet holes in his arms and chest was missing his left ear and was coughing up blood as he tried raising his laser rifle with one hand; and Adam saw red as the Faunus' head turned to a bloody mist as the Slayer fired from the hip.

Before Adam had the chance to draw Wilt another of the White Fang beside him shouted in fury and charged at him with a large warhammer. The Slayer turning his head and delivering a knee to the Faunus' gut, his Aura shattering in an instant and knocking the wind right of him. Falling to his knees and he would have doubled over in pain on the ground if the Slayer didn't quickly snap his neck and let him drop lifeless instead.

The Slayer turned to Adam just as the White Fang leader leveled Blush at him from the hip, grabbing the warhammer off the ground just in time as Adam fired Wilt. Swinging the warhammer he struck Wilt, deflecting it right back at Adam.

"WHA-?!" Adam was cut off by the blade skimming past his check and impaling the White Fang right behind him through the nose and out the back of his skull, splattering blood all over. Bellowing in fury he reached and drew Wilt right out of the unfortunate mook's skull before he had the chance to hit the ground and charged at the Slayer in a blind fury. The Slayer drew his chainsaw from his back and brought it down at Adam, locking swords in a bind, sparks flying as the chainsaw's teeth chipped away at Wilt. Feeling his knees start to buckle "The hell?!" Adam gritted his teeth, unprepared for the Slayer's strength behind his blade.

He heard the other White Fang shout after him as he felt the Slayer's knee make impact against his chest and send him flying back. His Aura held, however, and he was sent skidding back against the floor as he saw his men charge the Slayer. He blinked, he was used to seeing his White Fang mooks knocked down or sent flying, their Auras keeping them safe from any kind of serious injury. However, he wasn't prepared to see at least six of his White Fang get sliced to ribbons by the Slayer, his chainsaw whirring as it cut through flesh, muscle, bone and even teeth as blood and pieces of Faunus sent flying in all directions, the Slayer smashing through their Auras like they were paper.

The last of the attacking White Fang fell to the ground, his legs now profusely bleeding stumps and a massive slash cut diagonally across his chest. The Slayer stood above him and the White Fang extended his hand forward and the remaining White Fang watched as the Slayer lifted the Faunus by the neck with one hand, his mask gone to show his bleeding, crying and pleading face. The Slayer paid it no heed as he crushed his windpipe, dropping the body right next to still moaning Lieutenant.

The Slayer was now covered head to toe in blood and was surrounded by the corpses of his men, so Adam blinked a couple more times to make sure he wasn't in a sick nightmare. He gritted his teeth when he felt his comrade's blood land on him and several other White Fang as the Slayer swung his chainsaw clean before bringing the point to rest on the ground.

The Slayer smirked as he stared at his new chainsaw. There wasn't anything better than to test a new weapon. It will do nicely in putting down these rabid animals.

Blood?! Adam wiped it off his face and looked at his palm. What the hell is this?! Adam thought enraged as he scrambled back to his feet. No human's this strong! Especially if he doesn't have an Aura- Adam's eyes widened as he hit that realization. He doesn't have an Aura?!

His angered chain of thought was broken when he heard…


It was above the roar of his stolen chainsaw in a voice that sounded guttural as if he hadn't spoken in eons, it was the time Adam Taurus, most feared leader of the White Fang, felt genuinely uncertain, judging from his grimace as the Slayer revved the Lieutenant's blood drenched chainsaw, visibly unnerving the dozen White Fang members, their weapons shaking in their jittery hands.

What the Slayer said next, relieved that he had finally broken his vow of silence after eons of battle, a couple of them thought they had voided their bowels. his voice filled with malice. "I'll…kill...all of you asshole half-beasts..."

Adam gritted his teeth, now more than properly motivated to end this Atlas freak's life. With both hands-on his chokutō's hilt he adopted his fighting stance.

"So, that's how it is, huh? Everyone keep back, this tin can's MINE!"

A/N: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't inspired by DOOM: RWBY by DemonFireX to write this. That fic would have been awesome if he continued writing it.