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"Uh-oh, they're COMING BACK!"

Annoyed to hear Neptune's shouting out loud what everybody present could obviously see, Ilia groaned outwardly and gripped her Lightning Lash in its whip configuration, swinging it at the first Nevermore that made a dive for her, wrapping it around its left leg and taking herself for a ride into the air. Clenching her teeth as she felt the g-forces, she swung herself up and, shifting her lash into a blade, drove it into the underside of the Nevermore. Twisting the blade, she forced it out of the air where it spun as it crashed into the snow, sending her flying...


...and landing face first into the cold, freezing ground, right in front of a Sabyr. Pulling her head out of the snow, she gasped as she scrambled and rolled over backward. She picked her lash back up and turned to strike the Sabyr when it was suddenly pelted with automatic fire from Blake's pistol, the cat girl landing atop the Grimm and driving her blade into its back.

"Blake!?" Ilia cried in surprise. Blake leapt off its back just before it faded and landed in front of her. Ilia glared at Blake, that contempt for her former friend returning in full force. "I didn't ask for your-"

Blake glared right back at her.

"..." her complexion suddenly went a pale blue as she froze with fear, realizing that, for the sake of her eyeballs, she shouldn't antagonize Blake in any way."


Whipping a Beowolf in half, Sienna landed right beside her.

"H-High Leader!" Ilia cried.

"The west flank just folded in!" Sienna exclaimed. "The humans could use our help." She glared over at Ironwood, "If that isn't a problem with you, general."

Behind that flank was where the civilians were being kept, which didn't go unnoticed by everybody else.

"Taiyang, take your daughters and reinforce that flank!" Ozpin urgently exclaimed. "Keep the Grimm away from the civilians."

Taiyang nodded and turned to Ruby and Yang, "You heard him girls."

Ruby and Yang nodded, following after him as they retreated back to the west flank of Epsilon where the civilians were taken shelter, leaving Ozpin, Ironwood, Team SSSN (minus Sage), and a platoon of Atlesian soldiers to form a bulwark against the Grimm that had resumed their attack with seemingly a hundred times more vitriol.

"Nothing's holding the Grimm back!" Ironwood exclaimed. "Does that mean-?"

'They...they left? And we're still here?' Ozpin thought. 'Does that mean Blazkowicz...? No, no the whole would know if he slew the Brothers. That would mean...' Realization washed over him. 'VEGA.' A small smile spread across his face, and felt like he was close to tears. 'He talked them down. He saved us.'


"The Brothers had left again, yes," Ozpin answered. "The Slayer showed them his might, and VEGA talked them down afterward."

Ironwood looked at the headmaster in disbelief, "How do you know?"

"How else would you imagine it could have played out?"

"..." Ironwood didn't answer.

Instead, he just let that growing resentment he had toward the Slayer fester some more, and that stony, emotionless expression on his face didn't betray how he was feeling at that moment.

(West Flank)


Hiding within one of the prefab armories with many other civilians, Willow barely heard her son as she kept her eyes shut, sitting against the wall in an effort to maintain some dignity by not suffering a breakdown. Instead, she just breathed in and out through her nose, praying that the heavy gunfire outside would keep the Grimm away from herself and her children...Weiss was still outside, fighting with a broken arm, and the lady sitting across from her was staring intently.

With her taser in hand, Catrice was unable to stop herself from 'analyzing' Willow just by looking at the state of her, 'Signs of being on the receiving end of psychological and emotional manipulation.' She sniffed the Deathstalker brandy off her, 'Alcoholic.'

"Mrs. Schnee?"

"...ma'am?" Whitley said, confused about how calm Catrice was addressing his mother.

Willow lifted her head up, "Y-yes?"

"Weiss didn't mean what she said," Catrice pointed at. "At least not where you and your children are concerned."


Whitely swallowed, "Weiss really did end up in Hell?"

Catrice glanced at weirdly oddly, before turning back to Willow and adding, "All she needs is time, and to talk to some people I know-"

"She should have taken Whitley with her."

"Mom?" Whitley turned to her in surprise.

Catrice blinked, before narrowing her eyes, angrily even, "...what?"

Gasps went all around when they heard something slammed into the front of the armory and the gunfire intensified.

"OH FUCK!" they all heard someone out loud curse, right before the doors into the armor were ripped right open by an Alpha Beowolf.

"Oh shit...ARGHH!" Catrice cried when she felt its jaw clamp down on her legs and toss her out of the armory amidst all the other rick folks cries of panic and mercy. Catrice landed in the snow outside, her taser out of reach.

And she realized she was lying right next to a dead Atlesian soldier, riped in half with his entrails spilt all over the snow. Panicking, she looked around for a weapon, and seeing the dead soldier's assault rifle she crawled over toward it as the Beowolf slowly, and menacingly, approached her. It made a lunge for her, and was blasted right in half in midair with literal hail summoned by Weiss.

A Nevemore slammed itself into the the armory...


...hard enough to cause Willow to lose her footing and toppled out, falling into the snow.

"MOTHER!" Whitely exclaimed, leaping after her.

He cried out when he saw that same Nevermore went for him next.

"WHITLEY!" Weiss cried, Myrtenaster pointed at the Nevermore.

Grabbing the rifle off the ground, Catrice aimed and fired up at the Nevermore, hitting it in the chest and head with one burst and bringing it down. She let out another burst that destroyed what was left of its head and it faded away.

"Come on," Catrice reached for Willow. The Schnee graciously accepted it.

"You...saved us," Willow stated the obvious, relief on her face.

The therapist nodded, then, with a tinge of venom in her voice that made Willow pale, added, "For the record, if you're referring to your family situation, it wasn't, and still isn't, up to Weiss to take your son away from Atlas."

"..." Willow looked away, ashamed that she had said that.

"And she doesn't hate you."

Willow's eyes widened, as if with clarity.

"...did I miss something?" Weiss asked.

"Did we miss anything?"

Taiyang and his daughters arrived, all of them visibly impressed to see Catrice with a smoking assault rifle in hand. The sound of a Megoliath trampling toward them garnered their attention, its bellowing reminding the girls of their road trip through Hell and sending the civilians into another panic. It trampled smaller Grimm under its feet as it sped toward them, the firepower of a hundred guns unable to slow it down until it was several yards away from Taiyang...


...the man cracking his knuckles as he intended to hurl himself toward it, grab hold of its left tusk, tear it off and impale it in the skull. Or he would have if a familiar red portal hadn't opened up in front of him, which knocked him down.


The Megoliath reared up on its hind legs in surprise, leaving its underside open for the Masked Swordswoman to quickdraw her odachi and slash it across its stomach. Trumpeting out its death cry it toppled over sideways and fell down onto the snow, bringing plenty of it up before it began to fade away. Taiyang had to blink to make sure he wasn't seeing things, as did Yang.

"Raven?" Taiyang mumbled.

"Ra-?" Yang muttered.

She thought she was suddenly suffering from tunnel vision and the sounds of battle and her friends shouting at her becoming muted as focused solely on the Masked Swordswoman – Raven. Her eyes widened.


"Mom?!" Ruby cried. "Wait...your mom?!"

"..." the masked Huntress stared at the two of them. She extended her hand down to Taiyang, "Up. Now!"

Looking bitterly resigned, Taiyang took it and she pulled him back onto his feet...


Kingdom of Tyrants X:

"Let's name him after someone heroic in your family."
"Mine? How come?"
"His privilege as patriarch be damned, grandfather Mercato doesn't deserve that power over our child."
"Well, there's two heroes in my father. dad was already named after my great-grandpa...'
"Our son will the
third one, then."
"We'd be kind of putting him under one big shadow, wouldn't we?"
"Would you rather he'd be named after a mass-murdering Beastkin scalper?"
"...William Joseph Blazkowicz the Third it is."
- Conversation between Aelia and Stan Blazkowicz,
Secretly recorded by the Sentinel Inquisitors, at the behest of Mercato Ateius


(Outside Epsilon Authority)


Harriet thought that the Incubus' frenzied, crazed laughter coupled with being held back by her team leader was going to drive her insane. Here she was watching Marv Talg and Blazkowicz exchanging blows, the demon so up in the Slayer's face he resorted to fisticuff as they rained punches on one another...


...Marv's fists were hard enough to knock the Slayer back, and the Slayer's were visibly leaving hideous purple bruising all over his arms and chest, indicating bone was being broken with each blow...


...the Incubus lunged at the Slayer, hands gripping both sides of his helm and digging his thumbs into the visor as his legs wrapped around the Slayer's waist like he was trying to crack it open. William responded by grabbing Marv's hands, forcing them away from his visor, and gripping them with all his strength until the demon's bones were crushed. Brief screams of agony from the Incubus quickly devolved into masochistic laughter.

Qrow cringed, "Oh, fuccckkkk..."

The Incubus was silenced as the Slayer slammed his helm into the demon's own mechanical helmet, stunning him long enough for William to untangle Marv's legs from his waist. Gripping the left leg tightly, he slammed the demon into the platform and railing in quick succession before he let go and hurled into the platform's edge. Marv righted himself midair and grabbed hold of the edge with his clawed hand, snarling as his crushed bones reformed themselves.

"...GO!" Slayer exclaimed over his shoulder.

Clover nodded, "Team! Qrow!"

"I hear ya'!"

Qrow and the Ace Ops turned and ran towards Authority, Elm wrapping gauze from a portable first aid kit around her hand to stop the bleeding from her missing fingers whilst Clover dragged Harriet along with him as they all left the Slayer to deal with the Incubus.

"Leggo! I'll kill that prick!" Harriet angrily objected.

'Which one?' Qrow thought.

"Right now, Merlot and Epsilon are our top priority!" Clover shouted, "And we have more of a chance at stopping Blazkowicz from levelling the entire site and us with it if we beat him to the control room."

"Yeah, great...he can kill us in a more enclosed space!" Qrow snarked. "Nothing's goin' to stop him from overloading the thermal plant right underneath her feet."

"Not if we lock the consoles out," Clover replied. "Elm?"

"I'll live!" Elm exclaimed. She tied the bandages around her bloody stumps. "AH...shit!'

They were immediately waylaid by an entire legion of demons that poured out of the front door of Epsilon Authority, Qrow drawing first blood with Harbinger as he took the top half of a lunging Imp's head off. He then ducked out of the way of a Hell Knight's shockwave as it brought its fists down on the ground just as Elm swung Timber and smashed its head in.

All while the Slayer and Incubus were exchanging punches with each other, Marv making sure to keep the Slayer from drawing his weapons. William drew his pistol, but quickly dropped it when Marv made a move to grab it, taking the opportunity to grab Marv's right arm and snap it in half. He followed that up by putting his foot down on the Incubus' left knee and snapping that limb as well. Bellowing, Marv drew his revolver with his good hand and shot the Slayer right in the throat. Though the armor absorbed the shot, it still felt like someone had punched him in the throat and took away his ability to breath for a few seconds, but he fought through the pain and grabbed Marv's good arm, twisting it hard enough to break it.

The Slayer then punched the Incubus in the chest, causing him to double over. Grabbing the demon by the throat, the Slayer proceeded to slam him into the platform, and bring his foot down on his right leg, snapping that right in half too.

Spitting blood, Marv choked back his rage, instead letting out an insane chuckle, "Heh...heh...who didn't see this comin', heh?" Resembling a pretzel more than anything else, Marv looked up at the Slayer and painfully grinned as the Slayer drew his super shotgun. "I...really would've loved to stick my face in between that huge bitch's glorious thighs-"

Most of the blood that splattered upward ended up all over the Slayer's visor. Blood, bone, brain, and steel shot up was sent flying as the Incubus' helm as reduced to scrap. Wiping the blood off his visor, he saw what was left of what was behind the helmet.

A mess of blood-matted bright blonde hair covering the face.


He noticed Marv's fingers twitching.

++Qrow and Ace Ops have entered Epsilon Authority and are encountering heavy resistance.++


He pulled the pin off one of his grenades and dropped it on the rapidly regenerating corpse, sensing the resulting concussion and gore hitting his back as he ran towards Authority. He stepped off the platform and darted past the demons that Qrow and the Ace Ops had slaughtered previously, heading straight for the massive, ominous steel doorway into Authority, fully aware that the Incubus he just splattered would be up momentarily...

(Lobby, Epsilon Authority)


...instead rushing to Qrow, Clover, Harriet, Elm, and Vine's aid as they were swarmed by more hellspawn. He arrived in time to see a Revenant with a totaled jetpack to smash into a desk right in front of him; Clover landing on top of the demon and impaling it through its back with Kingfisher as the Revenant let out a final death rattle before Clover's boot crushed its skull. Gripping Kingfisher, the Ace Ops leader struck it across the head of an Imp that lunged at him, knocking it into a pillar.

The Imp's body was grabbed by Vine's tendrils and hurled into the face of a Hell Knight, stunning it and letting Elm strike its gut with the pommel of Timber before splattering its face. She looked to see a Bruiser hurl itself off the balcony overlooking the lobby and leapt out of the way, shifting her hammer into a rocket launcher and firing away at the cyborg. The Bruiser dodged sideways and fired its cannons, destroying the missiles, before rushing through the flames and right at Elm with all the force of a flaming dump truck.

Elm braced herself against the Bruiser, throwing her hands forward and grabbing the Bruiser by its steel fists, snarling as she twisted its cybernetic hands and ripped them right off its arms. A Dread Knight smashed its way out of the floor behind her and slashed her across the ribs, her Aura taking a massive hit, knocking her down on the ground.

The Dread Knight roared and leapt into the air with intent to bring its laser blades down on her, and was yanked backward by its legs by two Aura tendrils that slammed it into a pillar thanks to Vine, whom immediately leapt to avoid a rampaging Pinky, projecting his tendrils to grab it by the tail. The Pinky let out a bellow of surprise, followed by Vine swinging it against another Hell Knight and splattering the both of them into some stairs leading up to the balcony.

A squad of Possessed SDC security charged into the lobby past the checkpoint leading deeper in Authority, rifles blazing. The Slayer drew his minigun, with the mobile turret mod attached, and the Ace Ops watched as the barrels folded out into three larger barrels and laid out a steady stream of tungsten, Fire Dust infused lead that shredded the zombified Atlesians.

Clover had to stop himself from turning Kingfisher on the Slayer when he saw the way he slaughtered his fellow Atlesians, despite them being deceased and possessed. Stepping over said Atlesians, he headed over towards the large doors past the checkpoint leading toward what he assumed was the command center.

However, said doors were suddenly forcibly opened by the Barons of Hell that stormed the lobby, both of them firing blasts of green Hell Plasma straight at the Ace Ops. Vine turned around just in time to take a blast to the chest that left his Aura shattered in an instant, knocking him straight through the lobby's front desk...


...one of the Barons immediately leapt into the air, rearing its fist back. Vine reached for Thorn, the throwing star he had folded on his back that he never really made use of, to his short-lived regret. His eyes widened in fear...


...and could only make out one word of denial before the Baron's fist made impact with his face, the bone of his skull disintegrating from the energies emanating from the greater demon's fist and splattering the blood, skin, muscle, eyes, brain and the few fragments of bone left all over the ground.

Horrified and looking visibly aghast, Clover shouted, "VINE!"

Elm's mouth gaped as tears welled in her eyes before she grinded her teeth, snarling and letting out an anguished war cry as she threw herself at the Barons. She swung Timber with all her might into the first Baron's side, sending it crashing into the security checkpoint. Raising Timber, she guarded herself against the second Baron as it brought its fist down on her just as the Slayer leapt off the remains of the lobby's desk and threw a right hook at the demon's face, staggering it. The Slayer then grabbed the Baron's right horn with his plasma rifle in his other hand as he fired a stun blast right in its face, leaping off and leaving it convulsing where it stood.

Qrow then leapt up and brought Harbinger's scythe blade down on the Baron's head, decapitating it. The head hadn't even hit the ground when its fellow Baron knocked the still standing corpse away as it charged right at the Slayer, fists burning with Hell energy. In its anger, it failed to see Harriet sprint underneath its field of vision before throwing an uppercut right into its jaw, leaving a trail of electric static behind her.

Harriet then kneed the Baron in its face, following up with a hail of punches to the head, screaming in rage as she threw one final punch, burying her fist in the demon's skull as its brain matter was blasted out of the other end. She jumped off the corpse as it fell...


...and she angrily bellowed and punched a hole through its chest, blood splattering in her face, and mixing with the tears in her eyes. She hung her head, despondent, "...fucker..."

William looked down at Vine's remains.



He was suddenly pushed back by Harriet. Clover quickly grabbed her by the shoulder, but was pushed off as she threw a hook at the Slayer, who easily caught the attack. He then twisted her arm behind her back and pinned her to the ground. She let out another angry cry as she tried to worm her way out, only to feel his hand on the back of her head push her against the ground.

VEGA tried to intervene, ++It is not required that you harm the Ace Ops-++

"That's enough!" Clover pointed Kingfisher at the Slayer's head, just as Elm stood behind him with Timber raised above his head. "Stand down, Slayer."

The Slayer glared, "Or-?"

"...thAt's h-Hot."

And he was cut off by a familiar voice that sounded like it was electronically glitching.

"G-gO oN. P-P-LoW ThAT moHAwk iNTo thE GrOUND. TeAr heR AsS uP!"

Qrow looked absolutely disgusted, and fearful, "Oh...shit..."

Standing in the doorway leading into Epsilon Authority's lobby was Marv - or at least a half-mechanical Incubus skeleton that had most of its flesh torn away, revealing much of his ribcage where most of his vital organs were replaced with visibly damaged biomechanical synthetic ones, all of which were slowly repairing themselves. His regrowing skin was slowly covering his now skeletal looking Atlesian-produced limbs. The skin and muscle was missing from the right side of his head, including his eye, revealing the blazing red mechanical orb behind it. Said orb slowly faded as his eye also began to regenerate.

The chunk of steel where his groin used to be was, thankfully, still intact.

The color of his remaining eye was silver. His burnt scalp healed over, and they could see the early strands of blonde hair begin to grow. The sounds of his inner mechanical functions were horrific to listen to as he slowly limped toward them.

"...fuck," the Slayer muttered, miffed that it didn't take the Incubus long to be up on its feet again.

Fucking cyborg.

The Incubus' eyes blazed red behind his blood-encrusted bangs as his long hair quickly regrew, which reached down to the small of his back, and his razor-sharp smile through his regenerating face was nearly audible.

"ThAnK yOu, kInd sIrs. May I h-h-h-h-h-haVe AnotHer?"

William released Harriet, and she quickly got back with her Fast Knuckles at the ready. Elm was shaking her head in denial, unable to process the walking, regenerating biomechanical half-dead monstrosity approaching them, its entrails hanging out of its stomach. "N-no, NO!"

"YeS, babbeeeeeeeeeeee," Marv giggled, and stuff his guts back inside as the flesh of his stomach reknitted itself. "Y-You thInk you AtlEsian CockSucks cAN kIll me? ME?!" He licked the blood off his lips and smiled widely, "AN'-" His voice suddenly gave out and nothing more came out of his mouth, until it sounded like his mechanical voice box rebooted itself as its self-repair completed itself and he was speaking normally" I've enjoyed every last second of you impotent little turds trying-you gonna eat that?"

The Incubus pointed at the pulped remains of Vine. William opened up with his plasma rifle, hitting Marv, blasting Marv in the chest and forcing him to leap up into the air. Drawing Watt's revolver, he opened fired...


... and hit the Slayer in the shoulder with enough force to knock him sideways. He shot Clover in the forehead, knocking him down with the Ace Ops leader's Aura absorbing the shot. The Incubus then shot Harriet in the knee, shattering her Aura and sending her falling down as she slid across the floor, careening into a wall. Finally, Marv shot Elm in the chest, shattering her Aura and knocking her to the ground. He then lunged towards Qrow, ducking underneath his scythe and delivering a liver punch to his side, knocking the wind out of the Huntsman and making him double over. Marv followed up by grabbing both sides of Qrow's head and slamming his knee into his face, breaking his Aura - and his nose - and knocking him down.

Marv then leapt to avoid the Slayer's thrust with the relic and would have landed right behind the bane of Hell if the armored demon killer didn't spin kick him in the spine hard enough to send him flying into the wall. Peeling himself off the wall, Marv's face had completely regenerated, save for his now broken nose. The Incubus grinned, enveloping himself in an aura of Hell energy and launched himself towards the Slayer...


... ...and was intercepted by Clover wrapping Kingfisher's line around his arms and torso. The Slayer raised the Sword of Destruction and swung down on the Incubus, who countered by leaning back hard enough to hit the ground and raise his hooves, catching the blade between his knees. He twisted his body hard enough to force the holy blade out of the Slayer's hands and launched himself off the ground, body slamming the Slayer. He caught a dozen heavy assault rifle rounds to the chest before he launched himself back and staggered Clover, making him release his hold on Marv.

"Much as I wanna play with you Atlas holes for chopping my arms and legs off, I got beef to settle with the Slayer," the Incubus declared. Untangling himself from Kingfisher's line, he noticed the non-reaction out of William and growled. "For Tachlon Ig, Kusan Gal, Verosika Mayday – and all the other cubi you tore to shreds twenty-three thousand, four hundred and eighty-two point six ago!"

"..." oh right, he remembered spending around a thousand years hunting down and eradicating the Incubi and Succubi cults.

Hard times.

Good times.


Marv suddenly grabbed Timber off the ground...


...surprising Elm before swinging it at her, the bigger woman dodging the now cackling Incubus as he went after her before he slammed the business end of the hammer on the ground, pushing himself up into and delivering a kick to Elm's chest, knocking her into a pillar...


...and swinging Timber straight at her, only managing to take a chunk of the pillar when he missed as the Slayer swung the Relic and striking the hammer. Marv turned his crazed gaze upon the Slayer, and what appeared to be a Fire Dust infused shotgun shells...


...that he threw at the Incubus' feet and blasted with his pistol, igniting it and engulfing the two of them in an explosion that send Elm.

"AH...shit!" Elm exclaimed. Coughing from the smoke, she turned to see Marv staggering about blindly.

"AHH! YOU LITTLE FUCKERS!" Marv exclaimed angrily, Timber in hand and wiping the smoke away from him.

He just barely noticed a silhouette through the smoke. Marv's smile was wide and demented...


...as he leapt up clear of the smoke cloud and brought Timber down on the Slayer's head, and seeing the hammer phase right through the hit and leave a crack in the ground wiped it completely right off his face as the hologram disappeared...


...followed by the air out of his lungs as William lunged out of the smoke and drove his knee right into his chest, doubling him right off, and a subsequent right hook to the side of his face caused him to drop the warhammer and knock him down, causing him to faceplant into the ground.

Marv snarled and glanced up at the Slayer through his blonde bangs as he tossed the hologram device over his shoulder. It briefly morphed into fear when the Slayer reached down and wrapped both his hand around his head, lifting him up where he started to squeeze.

The Incubus started to flail desperately...

"SHE CAN'T HAVE YOU! NONE OF THOSE BITCHES DESERVE YOU!" Marv was screaming wildly now, more out of distress than anger. "YOU'RE MINE, WILLIAM! MINNNEEEEEE-!"



William twisted Marv's head a full one-eighty, the sound of his neck breaking quiet and his body becoming limp as he was reduced to a head on a stick. Sensing the Hell energy that was still inside him had faded away, he went over toward one of the windows and tossed him right out of Authority, sending the Incubus plummeting and rolling down the side of the volcano, all the way down below.


It's a castrated Incubus. Of course, it would act like the most insane thing in the universe.

A. Present tense. If it could survive getting its head pulped and a grenade reducing it to a meaty skeleton, it'll definitely regenerate a broken neck and a tumble down a volcano. He just didn't have the time, or the currents means, to make sure it stayed dead. Turning back toward the hall leading to the command center, right now he had a slightly less insane man of science to kill and a corporate/military complex to bury, along with a remnant of his own civilization and proof that human and Faunus kind on Remnant had come from Argent D'Nur after all.

Harriet spat blood, "Evil motherfucker..."

Elm felt her face redden in both humiliation and rage as she limped over toward Timber and grabbed it off the ground. Gritting her teeth, Elm lifted her weapon up and over her shoulder and angrily shouted, "All that vile, perverted shit he was spewing, what kind of freak says that?"

"You just answered your own question," Clover said. "I'm actually glad Tortuga's not around anymore to see this."


++Withdraw from this place immediately. You are all in no condition to proceed.++

"...say what?" Harriet shot the Slayer a death glare.

"...deaf, are we?" William bitterly snarked.

Harriet got up and stormed over toward him, "You murderous-"

...only to raise her hands to catch what the Slayer just tossed at her.

Her eyes bulged in fear.

Deag Nilox's severed head.


Harriet gave an uncharacteristic frightful scream and stumbled over backward, dropping Nilox's head where the crown rolled off it. She, shivered at the sight of the severed head of the Hell Priest, then glared up at the Slayer.

"..." William glared right back.

Clover's eyes widened. If he could do that to his worst enemy, then. He couldn't keep the fear out of the tone of his voice when he asked, "You'd...really do that to us if we tried to stop you?"

"No," William said. "I'll jus' hurt you. Badly."

Elm looked at the Slayer in disbelief.

"Bullshit, you son of a bitch!" she shouted. Her Semblance suddenly overcharged itself and she made a beeline straight at the Slayer, "No one tells us to-"

She was surprised when the Slayer grabbed her by the scruff of her uniform and slammed her into the floor. Harriet's eyes bulged out in pain...


She saw him raise his foot. She panicked...


...as he brought it down on her right leg...


...breaking it.

"Fuck me, Blazkowicz!" Qrow shouted.

Elm bellowed and raised Timber, and froze completely in fear when the Slayer turned to her. Lowering Timber, she stretched her hand forward placatingly, alternating between the staring at the glare the Slayer was giving her and Harriet screaming in pain, the Slayer's foot pinned her broken leg down. He mercifully lifted his foot up and off her.

Qrow grunted frustration, "Just get the fuck out of here. All of you. Now!"

"..." Clover held his ground. He nodded, defeated, "You win, Blazkowicz. We'll withdraw."

Harriet didn't share the same sentiment, however.

"NO, DON'T DO THIS!" Harriet was screaming now in anguish. "JUST LEAVE ME AND CONTINUE THE MISSION! DON'T DO THIS!"

"Elm, grab Harriet. We're extracting ourselves right now."

Distending her weapon, the Slayer stepped back away from Harriet, allowing Elm to scoop her up, Harriet gritting her teeth with tears in her eyes as she tried to stop herself from screaming any more, desperate to retain some dignity after being laid out by the Slayer.

Elm looked over at Vine's smashed remains, "What about Vine?"

"...leave him," Clover replied, morosely.


Clover looked at the Slayer with pity, "The general isn't going to let this slide, Blazkowicz. Atlas will hunt you down for this."

The Slayer just stared hard at him. Clover shook his head, resigned.

He didn't care.

"We're going."

Elm shot the Slayer one final contemptible scowl before following after Clover, leaving both William and Qrow behind in the lobby, alone with all the corpses.

Qrow shrugged and turned to the Slayer, "Welp, that told em'."


"C'mon, let's go finish this fucking thing," Qrow said, running toward the command center past the lobby. William followed behind, the Relic in hand, where he noticed it was once again shimmering with divine power...

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