All Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Forced Journey

"Well, well, well… what have we here? Little Bella finally stepped out without her furry protectors?" Victoria cackled gleefully as she stared at Bella standing in the tree line along the La Push cliffs. Bella began to realize that the rising waves due to the incoming storm were not the only reason she could be labeled a fool to not wait on Jacob to take her cliff diving. Since HE had left her, she had become increasingly more desperate in her attempts to hear HIS voice. Jacob had promised to take her for the cliff diving experience that was bound to induce Edward hallucinations after his patrol duties today. However, Bella's patience wore thin and she made her way to the cliffs on her own, only to find Victoria awaiting her. The one vampire who was actively trying to kill her. "Oh I'm going to enjoy this, you little bitch!" And with that Victoria lunged across the distance for Bella.